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22-01-2009, 20:47
Howdy? i am new to the tournament scene and have really only participated in local tournaments. 5 Tournaments to be exact. Adepticon team tournament twice, I have been playing 40k for 8 years or so.

Now however, I am attending a much larger tournament, some here may be attending. Adepticon2009 , i will be playing in the gladiator and the 40k Championships.
On the larger scale tournament scene i am concerned that my newness will make my opponents irritable.

Does anyone have suggestions to me, that would help get me familiar with the bigger badder tourney scene? I just want to make a good impression, have fun and really -- obliterate my opponents.

Thanks for your imput.

22-01-2009, 20:55
If you have copies of your army list which are legible and legal, easy to identify units (for your opponent to compare to the list during the game), all relevant rules (rulebook, codecies, and FAQs), all of your supplies (dice, templates, ruler), knowledge of the rules (and I don't mean House Rules), and a good attitude, you should be fine. Big tournaments are like small tournaments, just with more players. They tend to draw the same kinds of players that smaller competative tournaments will. So, you will have friendly easy-going players, and some who will almost break the rules to get them to bend in their favour.

Lord Cook
22-01-2009, 23:00
The experience is really very similar, as Culven said. You need to make an effort to make sure you know where you need to be and which table you're playing at, and with very big venues that can be a bit trickier than a small local affair with only a dozen players. But if you have all the essentials, and you're a good sport, you won't have any problem. Some players might not be very nice, but from what I've seen the great majority of people there just want to play some 40k. If the tournament was expensive then some players will want to win more to 'justify' their expense, but that's about it.

Pink Horror
22-01-2009, 23:43
If the tournament was expensive then some players will want to win more to 'justify' their expense, but that's about it.

I'd pay double to avoid those guys!

23-01-2009, 00:56
Expect opponents to be more interested in winning than having a blast. Not that all of them are like that, but if you expect it, the few that are will get you down a bit less.

Don't necessarily think of such behaviour as negative either, you are expected to try to win. In the context of a tournament, some level of competitiveness is the norm.

Lord of ???
23-01-2009, 05:29
Don't expect many people to have Fluffy army lists. Expect to see lists geared at winning and usually geared at taking down marines (or their equivalents).

23-01-2009, 05:46
Know the rules. Know the rules. Know the rules. For Adepticon, unfortunately, this also includes their "house rules" aka the much-adored Adepticon FAQs.

If you know the rules, and play by them perfectly, it will cut down on rules arguments and disagreements that can often sour matches that would otherwise be very fun.

Some people will call this "rules lawyering" but this could not be further from the truth. If both players have in-depth knowledge of the rules, and play by them precisely (precise movement is extremely important, you'd be surprised how much that 6" reaction move can change the game if a player is sloppy about it) then you don't have to worry about arguing about some of the more common rules mistakes (in this edition the "intervening models" rules seem to be poorly understood by most players.

In my last tournament, my most fun game, I would say even one of my best games of 40k ever, was against another player who was very careful about knowing and playing by the rules. Since I wasn't worried about having to remind my opponent of rules "mistakes" we were both able to enjoy the game a lot more.

23-01-2009, 08:28
Bring a long wooden box. Big enough to hold you, your army, and your pride. The level of cheese at the major tournaments is mind-blowing. My first big one, I went 1-1-3. The one I won was because my opponent deepstruck 720 points worth of chosen Ksons terminators (the one-wound variety) in LOS of all three of my plasma cannons (two on tactical squads, one on my lone dreadnaught), an all three hit. Not to mention the special weapons. And about 30 boltgun shots.

I did much better (average!) in subsequent majors, but I wasn't ready for the army comp the first time I went to one. I only ran into a few WAAC rules-lawyers, but list building at the biguns is WAACed out! So don't hesitate to bring a list that would shame you at your FLGS. Flying circus, nidzilla, multiple monoliths, nob bikers, 3 pie-plates and 30 lascannons...three ravagers....you'll see it all, so bring some of your own cheese.

23-01-2009, 09:02
Cut down one of the plastic whippy things that GW provides in its boxes to precisely 6 and 12 inch lengths. Use them for movement. If you have opponents with rubber tape measures, make them use them too.