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22-01-2009, 21:29
Hello all,

I have at the moment 19 Daemonettes (10 new, 9 old), 3 homemade Heralds of Slaanesh, and The Masque that are already primed black and need to be painted but Im at a loss to decide how I want to paint them. Thats where you all come in! I have 10 Daemonettes already painted but I want to vary it up for this next batch. 3 different color schemes would be cool too.

FYI, this is the method Ive used for my Fiends, and the previously mentioned

-spray Chaos Black
-basecoat of Codex Grey on the skin, and Liche Purple on the hair, claws, feet, etc.
-heavy purple inking on the areas painted liche purple
-light purple inking on the grey skin areas
-light drybrushing of codex grey/skull white mix over the grey areas
-any corsets/clothing/jewelry are painted chaos black with shining gold and/or mythril silver trim
-two coats of gloss varnish over everything

There are some examples in the new Daemon books of a color scheme that looks similar to this one.

Thanks everyone! I look forward to your ideas!

22-01-2009, 22:08
My own colour scheme is based on laziness on my part, as I found it very simple.

-Start with a white undercoat.
-Paint the cloth and armour (plus any detail like earings etc) in black.
-Paint the armour and details chainmail (or some light metal) and then once dry, give it a black wash (optional).
-Paint the hair Liche Purple
-This next bit is important. Tidy up all overspills with Skull White (basically, any flesh areas).
-Once dry, go over the entire model (even armour) with the Red Wash. You will notice that on a clean white, it dries pink, with perfect shading and highlighting.
-After this, use the Purple Wash on the arms/claws and legs, taking it up to the elbows/knees. This will require 2 coats, but on the second one, do not go all the way up and this helps the two colours seem blended.

In summary...Black clothes/Silver Armour/White Skin....Then paint over a Red Wash followed by Purple Wash. Done in a few hours (base how you like :P )

22-01-2009, 23:00
I'm more partial to human looking skin tones and browned leather instead of black for my daemonettes, with the occasional white leather outfit than the version in the book. I have a Masque done using bleached bone and flesh wash for the exposed skin, and various shades of blue and grey for the clothes and hair which turned out nicely. Also, I've found that daemonettes look nice with a medium or dark Mediterranean skin tone if you don't want to do the Smurf skin tones shown in the codex.

22-01-2009, 23:17
I know a guy that had his daemonettes painted with skull white skin and red hair. they were the old ones though, not sure how that would look on the ***** new models though

22-01-2009, 23:58
When the washes were released they showed a really awesome looking daemonite using IIRC only washes, maybe some skull white.

It was base coat white.
Body had 2 or 3 layers of blue wash.
Claws had 2 or 3 layers of red wash.
The forearm area was a bit over lap to blend into a bit of a purple from the red and blue.
The eyes were picked out with skull white I think.

The overall result was very daemon like IMO, almost glowing from the warp feel. I liked that idea so much, that I got some CSM and DG FW upgrades, and once the warm weather comes back I will be assembling those and testing brown and green wash to get a similar feeling for a CSM Nurgle army.

Found it: Take a look:

23-01-2009, 07:15
Just finished mine (including the masque)

Basecoat black

Skin - 1:1 hormagunt purple and astrominicon grey > foundation purple wash to recesses > then :1 hormagunt purple and astrominicon grey with increasing amounts of white for highlights.

Armour/claws - 1:1 liche puruple black mis > badab black to recesses > liche purple lining to armour

Cloth - As above but softer highlights

Hair - Astrominicon grey > Astrominicon grey ice blue highlights > Two layers of asurman blue wash all over.

Metal - chainmail >asurman blue.

IF i find my camera I'll post a pic

23-01-2009, 08:26
I did how it's done on this vid:
Although the 'toes' I didnt make bleach bone but same color as the claws.