View Full Version : 2000 point list for league play

01-12-2005, 07:07
Heavy Armour
Weeping Blade
Enchanted Shield

Plague Priest
Bands of Power

Warlock Engineer
Warp Blades
Storm Daemon

Warlock Engineer
Warp Blades
Warp Scroll

20 Clan Rats
Full Command
Ratling Gun

25 Stormvermin
Full Command
Warpfire Thrower

10 Globadiers

6 Jezzails

4 Rat Swarms

21 Plague Monks
Full Command
2nd Weapon
Banner of Burning Hatred
Total 218

10 Censer Bearers

11 Night Runners
Additional Hand Weapons
Throwing Stars

Seems like a solid list to me. A few solid blocks of troops, some of which can even fight, quite a few skirmishing elements (always seems to bug people, so it can't be a bad thing for me) A fairly respectable shooting phase, and only one of my characters isn't a Wizard, so I may not own many magic phases, but at least I should be able to get away with one or two here and there, and hold my own in the enemies turn.

What do you think?

01-12-2005, 11:00
I think, personally, that the warlord will do better with the Blade of Black Fury than the Weeping Blade, as this will, if cards played correctly, give im 6 S8 attacks. That's a nasty surprise to bring on your opponent! Also, you might want to consider giving him the cheap 4+ ward save, as he'll need that when in combat.

The Banner of Burning Hatred would fit nice on the unit of plague monks, considering as they alredy are frenzied...

The night runners would do better if divided into 2 smaller groups of 7/8 (5+ in each unit right?). This way you can divide your screen, as well as you have to fail 2 panic tests to have them all fleeing.

Otherwise a solid list. Good Luck!

01-12-2005, 17:29
you only have 121 models in a 2k skaven army... minimum is 2k plz.
ive never seen anyone play with only 1 clanrat unit, althogh i only use two.
where are your slaves?? if you insisnt on playing with only one clanrat unit, take a large unit of 30 slaves...

and you tactic of dropping an accumulator and taking a liber is clever. this way youre actually using the pd generated by the priest for the warlock, in addition to an extra dispel dice. this is the only good use i can think of for the liber.

i would drop the magic weapon on your general, he will be fine with a hw+sh in cc
your censer unit is too large and expensive, same goes for globadiers

and id drop the poison on the rat swarms, and use it to by 2 giant rat packs... or 30 slaves