View Full Version : What do you guys think of this new model?

23-01-2009, 02:42
evening lads,

after a few beers and a few laughs, the wife and I decided to draw up a nice idea for a rankfiller model. (i needed something to make my unit of night goblins 30 strong instead of 18 ;) )

so on the base-size of 12 night goblins, i made this for a marker :)


tell me what you guys think of the concept. granted, it isn't painted completely to my wishes yet (bracelets still need to be done, etc.)


(incase its not clear: 1 night goblin pierces the back of an Orc from behind, the 2nd night goblin has a whip, and lashes the 2nd Orc.)

23-01-2009, 02:49
I like it. I would have thought about something else along the lines of a troll or squigs. It just goes to show that you can not trust those gits!

23-01-2009, 03:10
That's quite possibly the best use for those clunky arrer boy miniatures i've ever seen. Mind if I copy you?

23-01-2009, 03:26
very very brave goblins indeed...!! :)

23-01-2009, 03:31
Pretty cool, and that's from a longstanding Greenskin Warboss. :)

23-01-2009, 05:37
Fun idea - well done.

23-01-2009, 08:52
Ghehe, stuffburger got it right on the money!,

i detested the arrer boyz since day one. so i used them as my bitz chop-shop.
thanks for the positive feedback folks!


23-01-2009, 09:41
Most of my Arrer Boys became Slugga or Shoota Boys. The quivers were filled with the plastic knife hilts from the 40K Sprues, and I had plenty of arms left over from each box of Boys I got.

Good looking filler. Definitely adds character.

23-01-2009, 09:44
Hmm... Only thing that comes up in my mind is that it doesn't have enough models on it... Now I now that's whole point of it, but personally I'd rather see my orc and gobbo units crowded, rather with more models then the amount of bases then less.

But that's just my opinion...

23-01-2009, 09:56
Nice idea buddy.

I went for something more poetic: http://fulgrim.com/minis/o&g/dragon_slayer.jpg

My goblin archers have killed an Elf Lord on dragon twice :)

23-01-2009, 10:17
aye Braad,

you're probably right, it needs a 3rd maybe even a 4th gobbo, to slightly enhance the density of the group in which it stands. good advice!

and taerij: awesome idea! im gonna steal that from ya :P


23-01-2009, 11:50
Ghehe, stuffburger got it right on the money!,

i detested the arrer boyz since day one. so i used them as my bitz chop-shop.

I just cut their arms and gave them other arms from my bitz box :p