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23-01-2009, 17:20
Lord with mark of nurgle, diabolic splendor, manticor, eye of tzeench, chaos rune shield, and favour of the gods
points 545

hero with mark of nurgle, great weapons, bsb with doom totem
points 242

2 wizards at lvl 2, mark of nurgle, 2 dispel scrolls each
points 190 each

9 chosen with great weapons, mark of nurgle, full command, blasted banner, death's head
points 320

3x 12 man warrior units, shields, mark of nurgle, full command
points 252 each

total points 2,243

should i give my lord necrotic phylactery to use up the excess points and is the rune shield better or get the crown and use the spare points for a regular shield

i can exchange a unit of warriors and 2 scrolls for a unit of
5 knights, enscolled weapons, mark of nurgle, full command, rapturous standard

the lord will be the terror sword on one side with either a an anvil of warriors on one side or mace of knights

the chosen will form a solid core with mages providing magical support
its a big point sink in the lord (1/4 my army)

24-01-2009, 03:53
Diabolic Splendor isn't worth itt on a Manticore, because you may becoem frenzied for a turn and charge in at the wrong moment, instead of being able to fly where you like, cause terror, and then charge.

I personally would just get a Lord on a barded steed to provide leadership and character kill, since you are doing an infantry force that will be too slow to support your lord if he loses control and charges ahead of the army, or just charges ahead.

Is your army's theme Nurgle? If so, then:

Lord of Chaos: MoN, Axe of Khorne, favour of the gods, chaos runeshield, barded chaos steed, Word of Agony.

It's cheaper and better.

At this points level it's not worth taking a BSB, especially not for chaos. You are better off taking a third sorceror so you can have magic dominance.

Among your sorcs, you will want an infernal puppet and a spell familiar on a Tzeentch sorceror, and then a skull of katam on another, with a power familiar and a scroll on the third.

You have got to have wwarhounds to be able to control your opponent's movement and stop him from controlling your own. Also, I would drop one unit of warriors for 2 squads of marauders of Slaanesh with hand weapon, shield, and light armor. Not Nurgle, I say, as Slaanesh marauders are invaluable because they take fewer leadership checks. then, buff up your Chosen to 14 guys, and the warrior regiments to 15 each. Drop the blasted standard and death's head, and take the banner of rage and Mark of Tzeentch, as I have found the MoN to not be very useful on Chosen. Also take shields so they can protect themselves from incoming fire.

That's all.

24-01-2009, 06:16
Hmm the problem with ur army is mostily it's mobility...i don't think the knights will do u much gud since at the end of the day they'll take up at least 230pts and charge off ahead of ur warriors so ur opponent can deal with them easily with a simple bait and flank.

So wat u need is more units basically stops ur opponents from getting behind ur army with ease....so i'll go with the same advice as above and take marauders since their inexpensive and with mark of slaanesh very very stable...just take units of ten with the mark and it'll cost u around 50pts base - therefore u could have about 5 units of marauders for just one unit of chaos warriors... but u won't need that many...

Hounds are also a gud investment...gives ur opponent reason's to split fire so ur warriors and chosen don't have to take that extra beating before u get into combat....however ur are mark of nurgle so deaths will be minimal but against ranked up units with on a standard against there 3 ranks + number + standard ....u might just not break them first term so better to keep ur units intact.

Ur chosen are quite pricy but i don't think the blasted standard + death head + full command is really worth it for 9 models especially when u only have a 4+ save in close combat....take a charge from any heavy cav and thats a pricy unit well finished.

24-01-2009, 06:59
way to go here as I see it is that you make that Chaos lord on manticore a Chaos Sorcerer Lord on manticore, give it blashemous amulet warrior familiar and enchanted shield and claive of putrefecation and favor of gods and diabolic splendour. or other equalent equipment would be enchanted shield, warrior familiar, chaos runesword, favor of gods.

then the Ld deducter hero and scroll caddy ... but just one caddy ... two sorcs with 2 scrolls is way over shoot.

Chaos sorcerer lord
- manticore
- Mark of Nurgle
- Diabolic Splendour
- Enchanted Shield, Chaos Runesword, warrior familiar, favor of gods

Exalted Hero
- Bsb - Banner of doom
- Mounted on chaos steed, chaos armor shield

Chaos Sorcerer
- Dispel Scroll
- Book of Secret
- 2nd lvl
- MoN

2x5 marauder horsemen
flails MoS

14 warriors
- MoN full command shield

10 Chosen (IŽd prefer knights though)
Full command blastered standard MoT

5 Knights
- MoN, musician

5 Knights
- Mon, musician

Warshrine (tzeentch) or hell cannon

Not sure of a points ... no time to calculate but something like that would work better if you ask me. You can even leave knights unmarked ... they work that way as well as with the mark