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23-01-2009, 20:24
I picked up my Dark Elf army book today. I was going to go for a theme of lots of Magic and classical Monsters (I really like classics, I've a Greek-theme High Elf force, and fancied getting some of the 'Greek Baddies' as it were).

Obviously I've no idea whether this will work or not, hence would like some opinions:


Dreadlord: Soul Render, Shield, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Sea Dragon Cloak & Talisman of Protection. Manticore.
Ok save, shot-in-the-dark Ward and Regenerate should make the rider tough. Pity about the lack of protection for the mount. Originally I wanted to use a mundane Master, but due to the wierd rule about Manticores taking up an additional Hero choice for a Master, but not a Dreadlord, I gotta go for the more expensive option.


Sorceress 1: Level 2, Dispel Scroll & Dark Pegasus.

Sorceress 2: Level 2, Dispel Scroll & Dark Pegasus.

Sorceress 3: Level 2, Darkstar Cloak & Dark Steed.

Core Dark Elf Warriors

20 Warriors: Spears, Shields, Full Command.

20 Warriors: Spears, Shields, Full Command.

10 Repeater Crossbowmen: Repeater Crossbows & Shields.
I like the look of the models with shields.

6 Harpies.


5 Cold One Knights: Standard Bearer.
Standard Bearer to give me even more of a combat boost


War Hydra 1

War Hydra 2

1999 1
65 models
2 Monster Teams

Hydra pair takes one flank.
Lord and Harpies take another flank.

In the centre, I have a line of the Spearmen-Crossbows-Spearmen. The Horse Sorceress joins the Crossbows. The Knights are held back to counter-attack anything approaching the line.

The Pegasus Sorceresses either support the main line (hiding behind it if needs be), or advance with the Lord (screened by the Harpies) so that he doesn't get ganged up on (after several Steal Soul/Bladewind the Manticore+Lord should be able to win against a block).

So, fairly basic plan. I hope it's not viewed as "cheesey" simply because I took 2 Hydras - I just want 'classical monsters' which happens to include Hydras (and Manticores, Pegasi and Harpies as it happens).

Do you think this could work as an army? As mentioned, I've not played with this force yet, and I've only had the book a few hours. Any thoughts appreciated.

26-01-2009, 23:51
Done a bit of thinking, and have altered the list a little. How does this look, and what should I take to use up the last 150 points?


Dreadlord: Sword of Ruin, Shield, Blood Armour, Seadragon Cloak & Potion of Strength. Mounted on a Manticore.
The theory behind this guy is that I can attack some weak RnF unit to boost my Armour Save, then go hunting a Character or problematic unit - for one turn I can jump to Str7 and deny saves all the time, so I didn't think him too shabby, but I guess it's an expensive combo. I really only took a Lord as I wanted a Manticore and all 3 Hero slots free.


Sorceress: Level 2, Biting Blade & Tome of Furion. Mounted on a Dark Pegasus.
Good chance of getting something nasty like Souleater, and a magic weapon in case any Ethereals are sent after her (and I expect her to get close-ish to enemy units, so it's a little cheap maybe-it'll-help item). Would use Dark Magic & make use of Pegasus' mobility to get nasty spells where needed. Plus Pegasi are mythical creatures, so fit the theme!

Sorceress: Level 2, Hand Weapon & Darkstar Cloak. Mounted on a Dark Pegasus.
Lots of power dice available. Would use Dark Magic & make use of Pegasus' mobility to get nasty spells where needed. Plus Pegasi are mythical creatures, so fit the theme!

Sorceress: Level 2, Hand Weapon & The Hydra's Teeth. Mounted on a Dark Steed.
Hides in a block of Crossbows. Will use either Dark Magic or Lore of Metal, depending on foe. Can ride out and unleash a hail of Hydra's Teeth for surprise attacks against War Machines, or to give anything attacking the Crossbows a nasty surprise - it may not be the best combo, but I really like it


15 Dark Elf Warriors: Shields, Musician & Standard Bearer.
Not sure on the point of Unit Champions - I see them as a liability against enemy characters, since T3 and low armour means the enemy can get large Overkill bonuses

15 Dark Elf Warriors: Shields, Musician & Standard Bearer.
see above

10 Dark Elf Repeater Crossbowmen: Shields.
The Repeater Crossbows look nasty, and I've little shooting in my HE so I thought they'd be a nice change. Wanted the Shields so my entire line would look like a shield wall - it's all about style when playing with the Elves IMO.

5 Harpies.
Classical monsters - what's not to like? Seem useful in-game for acting as a screen (not literally, I know) for the Manticore/(literally for) Pegasus and for hunting War Machines

5 Harpies.
More is better!


War Hydra.
Ah, another mythical monster. And seems powerful too, so I know that for once my theme might actually be beneficial to my army!

War Hydra.
What? I like monsters!

1850 (150 left to spend)

Ok, the current plan is the same as detailed above, just with a few more tricks (better gear on the Mages, and more Harpies, a more powerful lord - but it's been mentioned to me he might not be that great as for the most part he'll be limited to striking at Str4, which even without enemy saves only kills 1-2 T4 enemies).

Ok, my force is currently light on numbers - but I've another 150 points to spend yet! What should I spend these points on? Below is a breakdown on the units I was thinking of, listed in order of: Similarity to High Elf army (ie, I'd prefer something different but if these units are really effective I guess I can stand some repetition across the forces) -> a little different -> different but don't help with the numbers -> different and boost numbers -> more of the same stuff already taken.

~8 Shades with Great Weapons
I use Shadow Warriors in my HE, not sure if I want a simliar unit or not
~6 Dark Riders with RXBs
I use Ellyrion Reavers in my HE, not sure if I want a simliar unit or not
~12 Executioners
I anchor my Spears with White Lions in my HE, and again that seems like a similar role for the Executioners

~11 Black Guard
See my worries about the Executioners above - though I guess the BG aren't quite the same as GW-wielding blocks...

~5 Cold One Knights
Pack a punch and would make good counter-chargers for my lines - but don't really boost my numbers.
Assassin + Cloak of Shadows + 30pts of gear
A nice surprise, and very Druchii, but I think I'd be better off with more bodies in one form or another

~15 Witch Elves
~15 Corsairs
Both seem like handy fighters, and could both make good screens for my Hydras (ie, ranging ahead and diverting units) or guarding the flank of my Spearmen/Xbow line. Which unit of the two, I'm not sure - Corsairs seem more durable to shooting, but might be a little same-y to White Lions, so I'd lean more towards the Witch Elves - is this a good move?

~13 Xbow/Harpies
A little bland, but I guess more isn't the end of the world as the units are quite useful
~21 Warriors
Again, bland and perhaps not the best troops, but would boost my numbers (perhaps another 5 to the existing units and another unit of 10), if not my hitting/sticking powers

Any thoughts appreciated.

27-01-2009, 14:26
I really think that mages flying around is very very risky. If your opponent gets any shots or magic off on that T3 2W mage she's done for. And even if it hits and kills the pegasus she's still screwed. I'd just put them in your units and give one of them the dagger to boost your magic phase.

With the extra points I'd fill in the spearmen units. 20-25 would be best.

27-01-2009, 19:18
If u want to make one of your mages safer i would recomend the familier magic item.