View Full Version : Lizardmen, 2000 pts, new book

24-01-2009, 00:59
Lone Slann: +1dice, regen., plaque of protection, plaque of tepok, scroll, BSB: 420

SCV (JSoD): GW, LA, S, JagCharm, +6 ward, VotFF: 149
SCV (Turtle): CO Hide, S, GW: 144
Priest: level 2, Scroll, diadem: 150

10 S. Skirmishers: J+S: 80
10 S. Skirmishers: BP: 70
10 Cohort: Mus, Brave: 64

4 Terradons: 120
5 CO Riders: FC: 225
10 Cham. Skinks: Brave: 126

3 Razerdon Pack: 225
3 Salamander Pack: 225

total: 1998pts

PD: 8-13
DD: 5-7, 2 scrolls

what do you think about my list? lacking hitting power? should i take another razerdon unit instead of the salamaders? cube?
(I was mostly thinking about lose of beasts and lore of shadow.)

24-01-2009, 06:42
Find room for a BSB on your slann. Best 25pts you can spend really.

Get a magic weapon on one of your Scar vets. Etherial units will own your army.

Where do your foot scarvets go anyway? I would put one of them on a cold one with a magic weapon and add him to your cold one unit to give them some punch.

24-01-2009, 09:43
added BSB and magical attacks for the JSoD

I didn't want to put my heros in a unit as I planned to use steed of shadows on the Turtle or Bear's Anger on one of them.

24-01-2009, 09:51
Drop the command on the cohort, they won't kill anything anyway.

Also your list has no anvil, if the enemy if gets close you are in trouble.
Even Ogres could give you a hard time, all it takes is one unit of bulls getting to your Slann and game over.