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Count Demandred
24-01-2009, 05:16
Hey guys,

I'm just wondering how people are equipping each type of their Greater Daemon for tounaments, I'm new to Daemons and wanted to find out what's working for most people out there.

I'm thinking:

[635] Lord of Change - 450, lvl 4 - 85, Twin Heads - 75, Dark Magister - 25.

(A great mage, the +2 to casts is fantastic, especially since I fight VC a bit with Corpsecarts)

[525] Keeper of Secrets - 450, Allure of Slaanesh - 25, Siren Song - 25, Soul Hunger - 25.

(not over the top, he's meant to be in combat a bit so no real need to be a high level mage, on another note - does Spirit Swallower work well? - I'm thiking its a bit of a gamble but does it pay off?)

[545] Bloodthirster - 450, Dark Insanity - 55, Armour of Khorne - 15, Immortal Fury - 25.

(pretty kick **** in close combat, I don't think Killing Blow is that important because no one in their right mind will rush a lord/hero into this guy)

I haven't got a clue about the GUO.

Please let me know whats working for you guys,


24-01-2009, 06:26
Ive been play testing that Bloodthirster variant and its lethal. Absolutely good way to go if you need a killer killer.

Im quite pleased with great unclean one version like this.

- 4th lvl
- trappings of nurgle
- Stream of Bile
- Noxious Vapours

alone this guys is good 4+/5+/4+ regeneration makes it quite resilent to damage not to mention the massive 10 wounds he has. Stream of pile lets you out of those pesky skirmishers around you and noxious vapours makes knight charge useless hence they strike last and you are able to smash them to bits with your flail (so kindly given by Mat Ward) so STR 8 basicly first strike 4 poisoned attacks ... well low WS but what goes around comes around. if you are able to cast nurgle spell no: 1 your opponent has ws 1 so not that big of a problem. he is a bit more expencive than that LOC if given lvl 4

24-01-2009, 12:02
Round where I come from, almost every single WoC army uses a puppet. For this reason, avoiding miscasts is almost a necessity.

Lord of Change - 450, Lvl 4 - 85, Tzeentch's Will - 70, Power Vortex - 30


Thirster works well with obsidian armour, immortal fury and firestorm blade. More reliable (considering my dice rolls), and great at taking everything except high elven dragon armour.

24-01-2009, 12:39
My personal favorite are the bloodthirster with Awesome strength and Immortal fury.
He has never ever failed me. :) There are so few characters with magical weapons actually able to hurt my greater demon so the obsidian armor is kind of waste I think. And i will enver ever go into a tournament with a BT with flaming attacks. As the mainpurpose for a bloodthirster in my army is to kill monsters. Then that really nasty Stardragon or chaos dragons or whatever will survive, and damage me back unless i have S10. (and they will probably survive even S10, but in the 2nd round of combat they will die for sure.) The same with steamtank. I want it dead. and S7 is not good enough for me :) S7 will nly be 3+ on most of the bigges badguys there is. And nothing is better to kill another GD than your S10 monster!

24-01-2009, 18:41
i like the keeper with soul drinker and make him lvl 4. i leave him in the open to absorb shooting. when he's down some wounds i charge something and get them back!

Diaketh Soulreaver
25-01-2009, 18:59
Hey LaevusLevusXIII, if the puppet is turning up, take Dark Magister - 25pts (ignore first miscast) - chances are the puppet will be used before you really do miscast and you can nullify it for just 25pts, allowing you to take the twin head and kick more ass in the magic phase

25-01-2009, 20:29
Lord of change i like to run;

Lvl 3,twin heads. for pts.

Blood thirster its gotta be;

Dark insaity, immortal fury, rmour of khorne. for me at least.

25-01-2009, 22:51
i like thriister - obsidian armor, immortal fury, firestorm blade/scroll

25-01-2009, 22:56
WHY oh why do people like obsidian armour?

it really bugs me... imo its a 100% worthless gift. If your blood thirster is fighting lords or exceptionly hard heros with magic weapons your not using him correctly.

26-01-2009, 00:00
i like it because now i can use my thrister to kill enemy characters or units with enemy characters.

Its more of a insurance policy i suppose, but i will agree in most games i have played armor of khorne would of been equally useful, its just those couples games where is has won me that has kept it in my standard list ( i dont list tailor.)

26-01-2009, 08:55
Why do I not see any mention of Slime Trail on the GUO?

Any build of the GUO should feature the Slime Trail - it defends him against the greatest Greater Daemon liability - the threat of side/rear flank attack - this means you automatically defend against static combat resolution that all daemons should fear, and therefore make the GUO the best tarpit ever. :)


26-01-2009, 13:02
I'm gonna agree with w0lf on the Obsidian Armor. Heralds never leave home without it, but the BT can avoid characters like that easily.

level 3, Tzeentch's Will, Power Vortex

Relatively cheap, plenty of power dice, and the almighty re-roll

Immortal Fury, Firestorm Blade, Armor of Khorne, (optional) Spellbreaker

Hitty, very hitty. Spellbreaker is there in case I need extra magic protection.

level 4, Allure, Torment Blade, Siren Song

Mr. Mindrape at your service. Siren Song brings food to the table, and Allure/Torment Blade keep them from even hitting the Kipper. Tempator and Spirit Swallower are interesting gifts, but I find them too expensive.

level 4, Trappings, Noxious Vapors, Slime Trail

Unkillable, and anything dumb enough to charge him is dead.

Actually, I need to make a correction on ==My== favorite LoC build.

Kairos :p

26-01-2009, 13:32
Why kill enemy lords with a BT?

Fantasy is all about ignoring mr 1+/4+ T5 and killing the RnF to generate CR to run the lord into the ground.

26-01-2009, 14:50
I've always been a fan of the "Big-Thing Hunting" GUO: Noxious Vapours & Balesword.

Lord Inquisitor
26-01-2009, 15:15
[525] Keeper of Secrets - 450, Allure of Slaanesh - 25, Siren Song - 25, Soul Hunger - 25.

(not over the top, he's meant to be in combat a bit so no real need to be a high level mage, on another note - does Spirit Swallower work well? - I'm thiking its a bit of a gamble but does it pay off?)

That's pretty much the optimum config in my opinion. I tried Spirit Swallower for a while (looks fantastic on paper), but in reality its of limited use. With ASF and I10 you ARE going first, so Spirit Swallower isn't going to help you out in combat. It's okay if you face very shooty armies that are likely to take wounds off before you get there - but that's not very frequent in my opinion. Siren is far more powerful (to the point of being broken).

Add the Torment Blade to that lot and you've got a winner.

Personally I would go the whole hog and get the upgraded magic. Slaaneshi magic is powerful but you need a Level 3 or 4 sorcerer to get it to work.

27-01-2009, 00:58
well obsidian armor is nice for when i play my friends empire and he takes karl franz on dragon, who literally walks through almost any units in my army (flamers and hounds stand no chance, actually only my nurgle units hold their own) and if for some unknown reason mr franz makes it to a thrister without OBsidian it will be bad. In addition a thrister with obsidian is sgreat vs vampire counts, as i can effective kill their general and cause them to crumble

27-01-2009, 01:24
Ah, but usually a Herald or Skulltaker can do that job for a lot cheaper (Jugger, Obsidian = win) while the BT is off breaking units.

27-01-2009, 06:26
but by all means i could just kill most enemy units with flesh hounds and a herald and more efficently then the thrister could.

27-01-2009, 10:25
reinforce your strengths 10 W not your weaknesses 4A so...

lvl 4
trappings of nurgle

27-01-2009, 11:08
No the thirster is used to threaten flanks/rear and force your opponentto respond to you, allowing you to dictate movement options.

I see why people think BTs are fine.. they dont have the idea of how they influence the whole battle

27-01-2009, 11:20
For the GUO just take the Balesword and then Noxious Vapours, making him a level 3 mage might help too.

Enemy runs into him, he challenges.
4 attacks, that auto-wound with a -5 modifier and then they'll do D6 wounds, and he'll be fighting first.
Sure he's only ws4 but that's 2 hits vs prettymuch any other lord easily enough, which is then 2 wounds.
With a 0+ save thats a 5+ save they get, 1+ re-rollables become 6+ re-rollables.
Unless fighting a guy with the pendant your quite likely to kill the thing.

Plus it's such an expensive weapon most people will happily throw a unit champion at him thinking he'll do next to no damage with his 4 ws4 attacks, and instead he'll generate the full +5 overkill easily enough assuming you dont fluff your attacks.

Bloodthirster, Awesome Strength, Immortal fury.
You dont need flaming attacks when your running around with 7 attacks at st10 where you re-roll to hit.
-7 modifier to armour saves as well.
Lizardmen oldblood with a -1+ save? it's now a 6+ save and he'll likely be taking 6-7 of them.

27-01-2009, 13:05
No the thirster is used to threaten flanks/rear and force your opponentto respond to you, allowing you to dictate movement options.

I see why people think BTs are fine.. they dont have the idea of how they influence the whole battle

actually in alot of my games my thrister as done all of the things you have mentioned and still killed a big pricey character on a dragon :P its called playing to your strengths. Not every game does my thrister go character hunting in fact against most armies i will admit its worthless, but in you typical 2250 list containing a blood thrister, he will probably be the only way to deal with other Fast strong characters that can put a extreme hurting on your army (star dragons which will eat your line, karl franz etc) Now putting my thrister somewhere they will likely keep their lord away from him in fear of actually fighting him giving units near my thrister kind of a blanket of safety.

and like i said before vs vampire countssure having that thrister in the flank of that unit will help them crumble faster ( 6 wounds flank = 7 cr roughly they prob got banner outnumber at the very least some units may have warbanner and bsb so a addition 3-5 wounds) that only amounts to 10 or so models a turn assuming you dont get sucked into a challenge. Vampire counts lost games when their characters die and when i vs them, i know what my thristers job is, to deal with things i cant normally deal with
1: blood knights
2 Vampire lords
3: regen bsb

all huge point investments for my enemy and have absolutely no shot at surviving the thristers offensive.

27-01-2009, 13:11
theunwantedbeing- agree with you on bloodthirster

however the GUO you put forward would get hammered on combat res in second rounds of combat
and lets face it whenever he rolls that 0 or 1 hit in the first round.

If you want combat res take a bloodthirster if you want the best army support Greater daemon go for a Great Unclean Tank and stick him next to a beefy unit of lesser daemons.

27-01-2009, 13:17
Hammered in the second round eh? He just won the previous combat by 1(or more)
Also, the second round is in his turn..so he can then be supported so he doesnt lose.

I think a lot of people forget about this.