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24-01-2009, 07:02
OK all, here's a list for an upcoming tournament, 2250 points, tell me what you think:


Vampire Lord
- +1 magic level
- red fury
- dread knight
- Lord of the Dead
- dreadlance

- Battle Standard Bearer
- dread knight
- Drakkenhoff Banner

- dark acolyte
- avatar of death
- enchanted shield
- Book of Arkhan

- dark acolyte
- flayed hauberk


14 Skeleton Warriors
- full command

14 Skeleton Warriors
- full command

20 Zombie Horde

5 Dire Wolves


4 Fell Bats

17 Grave Guard
- champion/standard
- Banner of the Barrows


5 Knights of the Blood Keep
- Full Command
- Royal Standard of Strigos

1 Varghulf

10 pd/6 dd

The basic setup is, 3 vampire heroes (2 lvl 2s, a lvl 1) and the lvl 3 lord, the BSB and the lord are mounted, the other two are on foot. Every one has a 2+ armor save (dread knight for the lord and BSB, flayed hauberk for one vampire, Heavy armor, enchanted shield, hand weapon for the other).

Basic deployment would be roughly as such:

VA = vargulf
Z = zombie
S = skeletons
G = grave guard
L = lord
k = kotbk
D = Dire wolves

_____zzzzz ssvss gglgg ssvss______ddddd
_____zzzzz sssss gglgg sssss___kkBkk
__VA zzzzz sssss gglgg sssss
_____zzzzz _____ggggg

The zombies would sit and protect the left flank against flank charges. The varghulf will either advance to war machine hunt, or hang back, allowing the zombies to march (if too far away from the vampire to their right) as well as provide a flank counter charge for anything that hits the zombie block. Also, if the flank is more or less protected, he can do some war machine or mage hunting, or go after march blocking fast cav.

The skeletons to the left and right of the grave guard unit are your standard anvil. The lord in the middle with lord of the dead will spend the first turn or two trying to raise their size a bit (hopefully if it's not a shooting army, a few good casts should pop at least one of them over 20 in no time.

one of the vampire heroes (probably the one on the right) will have the book of arkhan, for spot manipulation of the grave guard or Kotbk.

The combat lord in the middle, with his red fury/dreadlance oh so popular build, creates a nice wide "do not enter here" killzone, and will keep a few of the low model count, elite units away from the center of the board, lest he pop out all by his lonesome on his horse and hit like a bulldozer (seriously, this guy takes down units of chaos knights by himself).

The grave guard with always obvious banner of the barrows also makes a formidable iron block to ride him with, which will hit ALMOST everything in the world on a 3+. this unit basically becomes the main anvil, with a bit of slice-o-matic craziness added to it. The champion in the unit serves to protect my lord from the lone greater demon/dragon lord that charges at me.

The skeletons backed by armored vampires add a bit more resilience as well, hopefully bolstered by the lord, as I said.

then of course on the right we have the main hammer (and what a hammer it is), the KOTBK. Off to their side we find the dire wolves, whose main purpose is to hang out and block the KOTBK from freaking out and charging whatever pops in front of them. Then, when the moment is right, and the enemy is largely engaged in the center, the wolves make a sacrifice charge across the table, allowing the KOTBK to sweep out, across the side, and do...well, what they do best.

The regen banner allows them to survive that long, and the royal banner of strigos gives them, and the BSB, and the mounts, all hatred. That makes for essentially 19 attacks at WS 5, s7 and 11 attacks at WS3 s4 all rerolling misses. Sure, it only lasts the first turn of combat, but if anything survives that first turn, something went horribly, horribly wrong.

The bats (not pictured) just go where ever they work best, and go war machine/lone mage hunting, or, if not applicable, just harass march blocking fast cav, or help keep my KOTBK from freaking out. Alternatively, the bats and wolves switch places, with the bats providing screening, and the wolves off to the side

Some variations I had in mind:

1) swap the varghulf for 2 wraiths and a banshee. Same points cost. Wouldn't have the long range tactical support, but can also become a good flank guard. Anyone trying to roll up that flank has to spend at least 2 turns eating up the roadblock of zombies, while the banshee goes AAAAAAHHHHHHHH at them.

2) the astute of you notice that paying for a magic upgrade is 20 points more expensive than just purchasing dark acolyte. However doing so would not allow me to purchase dread knight. I would instead have to drop to avatar of death, and purchase a steed. This would free up 10 points, but worsten a point of armor save on the lord, from 2+ to 3+ (no barding). I'm not entirely sure what I could do with the 10 points, the list is pretty tight as it is.

3) convert the 17 graveguard into 17 skeletons with full command and the war banner. Won't pack QUITE the oompf, but will free up 56 points. With that I could buy a dispel scroll, and add another fell bat or two more dire wolves and two more skeletons.

4) exchange the 4 fellbats for 9 wolves. Total is now 14, break into 2x7 blocks. One to block the kotbk, one to go hunting. Makes it a tad harder to kill off the KOTBK guards, but takes away the mobility of the bats.

So, that's what I have in mind...I know it's a long post, but feedback would be greatly appreciated.

24-01-2009, 15:57
anyone? Bueler? Bueler?

24-01-2009, 16:55
totally different o my vc list, i use 4 wraiths + banshee and i find them very hit and miss... in a tournament setting it may be worth giving them a miss..

The blood knights are very good but with frenzy they will get led on a merry dance... id trade them in for 10 black knights, more survivability and if they have a vamp with them can still hit pretty hard