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24-01-2009, 12:40
This list doesn't really have a theme, and i more just stuff i want to try or samples. I am just starting WE and this will be my 4th game, maybe. More like third I think.

Anyway it is designed seminally with Warriors of Chaos in mind as that is who I will be facing.

Wood Elf 1500
vs. Warriors of Chaos

Noble 75
Bsb - Banner of Zenith 40
Great Weapon 4
Great Eagle 50
169 169

Noble 75
Wardancer Kindred 30
Blades of Loec 35
140 140

Spellsinger 90
Level 2 35

Dispel Scroll 25
150 150

Glade Guard x 12 144
Glade Guard x 12 144
Glade Guard x 12 144

Dryads x 8 96

Wardancers x 7 126

Treekin x 3 195

Waywatchers x 8 192


I've been going heavy on Eternal Guard, a sniper noble and a twilight spear noble and it's worked so far. I am trying to go more mobile, shooting and killing blow on this. I had Ranus Hearthstone on the noble, but dropped it and added another wardancer as I was over 2 points... dang it. Normally we play with a leeway of 5, but I figured if I could make an exact match I might as well. We'll see, i think ranu's would have been more succesful, but that would have felt more like cheating, going over just to make your army better.
Feel free with comment, questions and complaints! :)

24-01-2009, 15:28
one thing iv found works really well is a noble with briarsheath (6+ save, -1 to hit) and hail of doom arrow (3d6 S4 hits)

he can take down 1 unit n hopefully cause some panic! and coz hes a single model n has -1 to hit, most things will hit him on 6s or 7s at long range so has survivability. espesh in a wood!

24-01-2009, 15:31
also try wild riders, for 2 points more than glade riders, they cause fear, have forest spirit rules, get higher S, I, n WS, and get 2 attacks on the turn they dont charge!! worth takin 5 4 130pts

24-01-2009, 17:23
Yeah, the wild riders could be especially useful against Chaos units, which tend to be small enough they might actually be able to cause an autobreak by fear. That, and they won't be throwing out much in the way of ranged attacks. Also would be useful unit or countering the Chaos fast units (marauder horsemen, spawn, chariots even.)

I find it interesting that the Eternal Guard performed well for you against Chaos, becuase my experience with my High elf spearmen has been that no matter how many ASF S3 spears attacks I make, they are not going to make much of an impression on T4 troops with a 2+ armor save.

Against a low shooting, low-speed army, Glade Riders for flank charges or a treeman for general purpose slugging matches could also be useful (although the Treekin themselves actully seem to be effective in this context for a change.)

What I'd be most worried about are Chaos Knights; their magic weapons will negate forest spirit saves, the 1+ armor is hard to dent with ranged attacks (a unit of waywatchers or glade guard at short range will kill maybe on with a volley) and melee attacks. One unit might be manageable, two would be pretty scary (especially if they get the charge.)

24-01-2009, 19:55
I would susgest you get rid of the treemen and spend the points on a wild riders unit as i have never had much luck with treemen^^

29-01-2009, 19:58
one thing i noticed is that a treeman or two is always good in a wood elf army. Get them close and you can crush opponents by moving them to the flank and using their ranged attack, then flank them on the next turn (or just stop them in front of units about 5 to 6 inches away and use your ranged attack, then prepare to stand and shoot for more maximum damage...) Ive only ever had my treeman fail me once and that was because i rolled all ones and twos to hit a vargulf and he managed to miraculously cause two wounds that got through my 3+ armour (5+ after modified) and 5+ ward save. Of course then i failed my break test and got over ran...

The Red Scourge
29-01-2009, 20:56
Dump characters and spend points on troops :)

There are three great things you can use characters for against WoC. Killing Blow, S6 (hero with great weapon) and/or treesinging.

Wardancers can use KB, and a unit of dancers has more wounds and more attacks than a WD hero. So the WD hero can only bring Ld 9 to the table top.

S6 is great and more reliable than killing blow, normally I'd recommend an Alter with HoDA and HoTH, but WoC has few soft targets for the arrow. And the S6 can be abandoned in favor of more KB, if you're fighting a monster low WoC army.

Treesinging is the most versatile and fantastic weapon you've got and in less than 2K a single level 2 can get quite annoying, but I doubt she'll be worth the points.

BSB – you have no troops other than the treekin to function as an anvil, so that effect won't give you much. March blocking is nice, but not worth much against a cavalry horde, and WoC infantry can easily be evaded by M5 skirmishers.