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24-01-2009, 12:52
Hi all, have been trolling around these boards for years and decided to start posting.

I was considering taking this daemon army to Dogcon this year, however I was unable to get them done in time and have Instead taken my Warriors. That being said, I am hoping to finish them soon and trial run them at the next available tournament Downunder.

The List:

Obsidian Armour
Immortal Fury
Firestorm Blade

3x (Heralds of Tzeentch with Power Vortex)

6x (10x Horrors)

3x (5x Flesh Hounds)

Total = 2230

PD = 17
DD= 11

Your advice on how it would perform, comp and anything else that relates to it would be much appreciated.


24-01-2009, 14:06
Eh, it could be a lot better.

The lore of Tzeentch is not friendly to level 2 wizards. The good spells have a stupidly high casting value, Glean Magic is too situational, Boon isn't very handy, Flickering Fire and Gift are ok though. I prefer Master of Sorcery for the flexibility it offers. Winged Horror isn't a bad upgrade either.

Horrors are nice for dispel dice, but all those units are just overkill. A good ranked up unit of fighty Daemons would fit a lot better here.

Hounds are nice, but just them and your BT cannot carry the army.

I'd say go back to the drawing board on this one tbh. You'll definitely need some ranked up units, other fighty units, and better magic offense.

I'd suggest a nice block of PBs with a Herald. 16 with a full command group and the Icon of Eternal Virulence with a Palanquin Herald with noxious vapors and slime trail is a great anvil unit that provides you some much needed CR while the BT runs amok killing people. After that, 2 Tzeentch Heralds with Master of Sorcery and Winged Horror and 2 units of 10 Horrors can provide some good magic. Flesh Hounds fit in as your hammer, and any leftover points can go towards the Standard of Sundering on your Nurgle Herald if you want more magic defense or some support units like Furies, Flamers, or Screamers.

24-01-2009, 18:35
i agree with me. beef up the units and it should be ok. take a BSB as well. check out my 2250 tournament list, similiar to yours but with a bit more staying power.

24-01-2009, 23:04
Thanks all

Nurgle and Slaanesh are out of the question. Rullswise I would take them, but I don't like them fluffwise.

As for the lore of Tzeentch. Yes, the high level spells are not that good, but 9 chances of casting flickering fire are awesome. I prefer power vortex over Master of Sorcery, the extra dice for the pool really help overall. So far I have found that short of a vampire horde, the small units of 10 horrors do fairly well as most people get distracted by the hounds and Thirster or else they have been whittled down too much before they hit combat.

What about bloodcrushers? I have trialled small units of two and a herald which has been working for me, but is that herald really necessary?

25-01-2009, 05:33
Hmm i quite like the whole tzeentch and khorne mix since i've seen it in action nd it does well so it's a good Dogcon army. However if u intend to win Dogcon i think u'll need a better army composition since ur rewarded with more point's and plus if u kick everyone's **** people tend to give u low sportsmenship points...just sorta my tournament experince....

Army wise i'd drop the bloodthirster since it's just an overkill...any way too many points....like for that u could have, skulltaker on juggernaut, and like 25 blood letters wif full command and icon of endless war....which is death....literally...

Personally i would either do two of the following builds....take out the bloodthirster and a unit of horrors for Skulltaker on Jugger + 2 units of 10 bloodletters + 2 Blood Crushers since 8 flickering fire's is more than enough nd 10 dispell dice is again more than enough....

Second build would be to take out only the Bloodthirster but add in about 6 Blood Crushers like 2 units of 3 both with Icon of Endless war (d6 extra charge) so 14+d6 possible 20 inch charge....and take an additonal Herald of Tzeentch with 2 Scrolls...since u need scrolls in 2000+ points....even if ur tzeentch...because sometimes u can't risk rolling...to dispell....or the double 6 comes up....