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24-01-2009, 14:48
Hi all,
I fancied doing something diffrent for a tale of gamers that is happening at my local club and thought I would revisit vampire counts. My first proper Fantasy army was Undead back in 4th ed and I moved on to Vamps in 6th ed with a raising/magic heavy army.

I wanted to put my vamp out there and tried to avoid too many cheesy things but wanted to go with a lord on dragon. (I know, I said I wanted to avoid cheese things.)
As I wanted the lord on dragon I thought I would have to put a lot of consessions in the list but first off here is the list;

Vampire Lord @ 620 Pts
Zombie Dragon
The Balefire Spike
The Flayed Hauberk
Wristbands of Black Gold
Red Fury
Infinite Hatred

Vampire Battle Standard Bearer @ 175 Pts
Dread Knight
Walking Death

Necromancer @ 180 Pts
Corpse Cart
Dispel Scroll
Invocation of Nehek

5 Dire Wolves @ 40 Pts

5 Dire Wolves @ 40 Pts

10 Crypt Ghouls @ 80 Pts

20 Skeleton Warriors @ 176 Pts
Full Command, Light Armour, Shield

20 Zombie Horde @ 88 Pts

5 Black Knights @ 180 Pts
Full Command

5 Blood Knights @ 360 Pts
Full Command
Royal Standard of Strigos

3 Fell Bats @ 60 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1999

Ok so to try to counter the Lord on dragon cheese I have made what I see as the following consessions;
No Dreadlance on the lord
Not a lot of magic
No book of arkan
No weapon skill hat
No regen banner
Paid for zombies
Every unit that can have one has a standard to be captured
Have taken Blood Knights
No +1 to cast on any unit type

So what do you all think? Have I done enough or is it still a cheese list or have I gone too far even?

Any other points that arn't taking it over board but will improve the list would be welcome.


24-01-2009, 16:59
ok my view of this is that you need more basic troops, you dont have much in the way of spells either so you cant get alot more men, against a standard dwarf gunline your cav is gonna get shot to hell, i would recommend either dropping the dragon or the blood knights to get either another vamp with more magic or another unit of skelitons or ghouls depending on preferance, once you have more men you can do alotof nasty things with the wolves, bats and BK,
Please note this is just my opinion if it works for you go for it

24-01-2009, 19:59
I would drop the fell bats and then beef up the zombie regiment a bit more.

24-01-2009, 20:01
I would drop the fell bats and then beef up the zombie regiment a bit more.

Why, care to explain?