View Full Version : General army combat types classifications?

24-01-2009, 21:14
I have been wondering what the general classifications for armies combat types are, for example tyranids are 'horde' 'fast' 'CC' but lack 'blank' (as I don't play tyranids myself I don't know what drawbacks they have).

So what I'm looking for are the actual names and rough definition for said classification types. And if any one knows what a particular armies advantages and drawbacks are I'd be keen to see those too, my tyranid example is wrong I'm sure.

Lets see I already know.

Horde- Cheap units allowing for large numbers of multiple model units.

Fast- good 'In' many speed based USR's

I have a good idea of some others but I would like to see others take or the common agreed upon take. Sorry if this has been hashed over before but searches turned up nil.

24-01-2009, 22:55
This isn't really going to work out, because the mutability of each army list. For example, while nids can be 'horde - fast - cc' you can make just as viable a list going 'TMC - slow - shooty.'

It's even possible to make a decently effective space marine horde list, fielding a massive number of scouts and tac marines. Space marines being space marines, the list will probably always be shooty, but just about everything else would be up in the air.

25-01-2009, 09:54