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Dr Cuddles
25-01-2009, 00:38
My friend is looking to go from WHFB to WH40k, and was offered this trade from a guy online.

Online guys..

Master of The Forge
Space Marine On Bike - Master Of The Forge
28 Tactical marines with bolters Heavy weapons , 2-w/missle launcher 1-w/lascannon , 1 w/plasma cannon .3 marines with flamers .
1 w.plasma gun . and melta gun.
6-Termies 1 w/the cyclone missile launcher and the 1w/the assault cannon . and Sgt with power weapon .
1-Predator tank w/twin-linked lascannon turret and auto cannon turret. with heavy bolters on the side.
6-scouts 4 w/sniper rifles 1 w/heavy bolter and Sergeant Telion .
7 Vanguard Veterans with no jump packs , have power weapons and 3 with plasma pistols.
1-Vindicator tank old style model .
1-land speeder with Mulit melta option . missing flight base .
1 Sabot carrying case


10x pistoliers/outriders (NOS except for a few horses assembled/unpainted)
10x Flaggelants (NIB)
1 cannon and 1 mortar each with 3 crew (assembled), + Bits
1 box Empire soldiers (6th edition, 19 models including command, either halberdiers or swordsmen- unassembled)
1 box Empire Detachment (7th edition, 20x spearmen OR swordsmen OR halberdiers (unassembled), plus 10 crossbowmen (assembled)
2 boxes Empire Militia (total 40 militia OR up to 20 crossbowmen and 20 Archers, unassembled)
2 boxes Empire Knights (16 models, horses assembled, riders unassembled)
20x teutogen guard (assembled, unpainted)

characters (unassembled except the grand master):
1x white wolves grand master
3 wizards (6th edition, 1 mounted 2 on foot)
2 warrior priests of ulric (one mounted)
1 ar-ulric (ulric's equivalent of the arch lector)
1 Special edition middenheim/ulric BSB
1 Mounted elector count

Do you think its worth it? If so, for which person?

25-01-2009, 03:04
Other factors
how badly does your friend want an marine (opps) army
do they like this particular list
painting quality of any models involved
knowledge/accountability of person with whom trade is taking place

Given much of the empire is unassembled (sprues?) it would be easy to price, as well as break up and sell individually.
I'm guessing (would have to add up though) the original retail of the SM list is higher (depending on how much is starter set stuff) but don't have good knowledge of the middenheim stuff.

25-01-2009, 12:37
if the price for what both armies would come to is similar and he likes the models then its not a badi idea. if they have a dodgy paint job just soak them in break fluid for a few hours/days and it'll be sw00et.

25-01-2009, 13:11
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The Warseer Inquisition

25-01-2009, 15:27
Well I don't know nothing about fantasy so I can't say. If you friend wants to know if it's a good deal, what is his version of a good deal?

Is it his cost of army compared to the other cost of the army? To do that, go to the GW online store, and check each army and how much each costs. Are they roughly the same? Is one more than the other? Even say his costs $500 and the other one is one $250. Just because he will be giving up twice as much it can still be a good deal for your friend.

When your friend played Fantasy, did he use his mini's alot? Was it money well spent? Will he be playing Fantasy anymore? If not then all the money he spent on it, will just be sitting on the shelf or what not collecting dust.

Anthour thing, does he want to go through painting and modelling SM mini's? If no then it will be a good deal. If yes, then not so much of a good deal. Does he want to start playing right away? These are things that a money value can't be put on.

25-01-2009, 16:32
Bear in mind that there is currently no official Master of the Forge models, either mounted or on foot, so those will be conversions of some sort.

Creeping Dementia
25-01-2009, 19:36
If your friend has already decided that he wants to switch from fantasy to 40k then I would personally say that it looks like a fair trade for both parties involved. Both will get complete armies that will still have some flexability. Both sets have some models they could really be added for a more rounded packages (Empire package could use another cannon or two and some handgunners, the Marine package could use some Rhinos and assault marines), but I'd say it equals out. I'd say go for it, it's a good trade unless the models are in poor condition.

25-01-2009, 20:11
Just compare the value of things, and if it is roughly equitable then it is a fair trade. I'd definitley recommend exchanging *very good* pictures of things so that both parties know exactly what they will be getting. Neither party wants to end up saying "Yay! I got Space Marines/Empire with 8 layers of paint on them! Woohoo!...er.. dang!" or something similar.

26-01-2009, 01:12
Neither party wants to end up saying "Yay! I got Space Marines/Empire with 8 layers of paint on them! Woohoo!...er.. dang!" or something similar.

8 layers of paint comes off in about 3 days of good break fluid soakage :D

(i should know, in my younger days i painted my new plastic cadian models about 5 times... in the end it looked like a blob with a lasgun, then i wised up to break fluid :D)