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25-01-2009, 06:08
Let begin with a short preface: This battle was originally slated as WoC vs. Wood Elves. I am just starting WE and this was my frineds first game with his shiny new Warriors. I am a dumb@$$ however, and forgot my models. I brought the wrong box and so ended up having to play Skaven. I did not ant to play them as at 1500, and with my experience vs. his inexeperience with the army I was worried of a massacre.

I had to pretty much play with what i brought, which ended up being my core skaven army:

Chieftan Creep Bloodpaw, LA, Cautious Shield, Warpstone Amulet - basic plan with him as always, get him against general or hero, challenge, go all defensive. Negate 2 attacks with shield, if he gets hit or wounded hope my armor or ward negates it. I don't try to wound or get points with him, just negate the opponents hero and let my ranked rats win on static cr.
Stikit Claw, Fully Geared Engineer, Storm Demon, Dispel Scroll
Skittermeep, Fully Geared Engineer, Warpstone Charm, Dispel Scroll

3 x 25 Clanrats, full Command
3 x Ratling Guns (I wanted a Warpfire but couldnt afford it)

2 x 20 Slaves

1 x 15 Monks, FC

5 x Jezzails

3 x 2 Globadiers

5 x Plague Censer Bearers

His army:
20 Chaos Warrior, command, with hero, not sure what gear he had
2 x 25 Maruaders, no command
1 x 7 Chaos Knights, no command, hero with some fancy armor
2 x 6 Chaos Hounds, poisoned claws
1 Lord on some beasty horse, amulet of making me make a toughness test

SO I was a little suprosed at the size. I expected a bit more smaller units, harder hitters. I also expected some marks somewhere, and at leats 1 caster. I wasn't complaining, mind you... but I was a bit nervous about the big blocks. Till I started shooting and realized they arent that tough at least. :)

Board was 4 x 6 and terrain went like this:
His deployment zone had from my left to right:
.....Multilevel hill.............................................. ................Rocks
.................................................. ........................................Tree
............House....House.....Tower.............. ...............................Hill
..............Tree........wall.................... .................................................
.................................................. ................................................
............Tree.................................. .............................Multilevel hill...

I had forgotten everything and so had to buy new dice. He won dice off to set terrain but i won to who deploys first, he won first move. I was actually a little worried, I am very superstitious about my dice.

He deployed listed as follows, starting just in front of the hill in his zone:
Knights, Hounds, Maruaders, Warriors, Marauders, Hounds

I went:

Globadiers, Globadiers, GLobadiers (hello knights! :>) , slaves 1, Clanrat 1 just behind the center house, ratling gun to their right, clanrat 2 with general opposite his warriors, then clanrat 3, all ratling guns are lined up to hit the warriors as soon as they are in range. on my hill I put the jezzails, in front of it and opposite his second maruaders my other slaves, then PCB, followed by the monks on the far right, angling to side charge the marauders or plow through the hounds. I put Stikit Claw between the clanrat 1 and slaves, behind house 2 and Skittermeep between clanrat 1 and 2. Both in rnage of the general, just in case.

Turn 1

Chaos: He went and moved up. No magic, No shooting. General moved up to come between the houses, next to the maruaders. Knights came staright at the Globadiers. He had no idea what they could do. I didn't realize that or would have warned him... hounds came at my slaves.

Skaven: PCB were just in range and charged the hounds. No other charges. Monks and slaves on the right moved up. Clanrats stood still, Stikitclaw moved to the right a bit to catch the Chaos general in the nice shooting alley he had set up for me.

Magic went well. First Stikitclaw fired the second level Lightning at the genral with a 10. He rolled an 8 with the dispel. I only hit maybe 5 times, did a wound. He was feeling good. Then I busted out the trusty Stormdemon and opened a can. 6 hits, 4 wounds I think. Toasted general. He was starting to get that feeling now. And I was liking my dice. Skittermeep calle dlightning down upon the warriors but choked on the warp and missed by just a couple, rolling a 7 or 8 I think. Oh well.

On to shooting, jezzails killed 1 warrior. All 3 globadiers had moved to within range of the knights, leaving 1 unit directly in front and the other 2 to the side of the oncoming knights. A fairly succesful round saw 2 knights die. Ratling gun attached to Clanrat 1 had just a bare sighting of the hounds in front of the slaves just between the houses and riddled 5 of them. Usually i just roll 2 dice right away. but with such a small unit I only rolled 1, and got a lucky 6. I was rolling very well. They panicked, but after a quick reminder of Will of Chaos the last hound decided to stay anyway. That is a heck of a nice ability.

In combat the censer bearers swung what they brung and poisoned all the hounds to death, but killed 3 of their own 5. They overran 11" (holy horned rat!) into the maruaders.

Turn 2:
Chaos : Knights charged Globadiers unit 2, who ran and were cut down. One nearby gloabdier unit, on the left flank saw this and decided they'd head home early. the others scoffed and drew out more globes... it was then that my opponent realized they carried more then one and could throw each turn... and his knights were now trapped in a corner with a couple globadiers and an engineer with a very devastating arsenal and direct LOS. But they had killed 40 points worth of Skaven so far! Everything that could moved up, maruaders near center moved to avoid the alley between the hosues and come around to support the warriors in the center. The last hound charged the slaves, who were happy to actually have some fresh meat. Hound died.

In close combat the censer bearers killed 2 marauders... and each other. The griping about how BS and overpowered they were stopped about now.

Skaven Turn 2:

SLaves and Monks charged the maruaders. Globadiers followed the knights. Clanrat 1 turned to face the inevitable charge of the knights from the left flank. Slaves began their sneaky apporach of the rear of the maruders. That wa sit for movement, as my clanrats pretty much just shifted a bit.

So going to magic I threw the big lightning at the knights, killing 1. I got like 6 wounds but the armor saves were just to much. Stormdemon did nothing to them, but again did not fizzle. I've actually only had it burn out once on me. And I got slaughtered that game, by the same player, go figure... lol. Anyway Skittermeep unleashed hell on the warriors and killed 5.

Shooting saw the jezzails take out 2 warriors, and then the ratling guns just unloaded. By the end he had 7 or 8warriors and the hero (bsb - which I hadn't known till now). They did not panic though. I think my ratling guns rolled 9, 6 and 5 hits respectively. I rolled 2 dice with each of them. At this point I didn't mind a malfunction chance.everythign was going almost perfect and I was feeling a bit bad.

In close combat my monks wounded 4 times, hitting 7 out of 16 swings, wounding 4 of those 7. But 2 armor saves meant he was gettign swings back. Slaves didn't do anythign except add to my numbers... Maruaders killed 1 monk in return, lost by 4 and broke. He ran 11, I pursued 3 and 2 for the slaves then the monks. That was about it for turn 2. I think is was here when my opponent, who was being very sporting said he was getting that "sick feeling" in his stomach.

Turn 3:

Chaos: Knights turned to face my flank. They could charge next round and they would decimate me, if they got there that is. Warriors and maruaders came up again. Panicked marauders marauded their skanky behinds back home. He was effectively march blocked pretty much everywhere and just couldn't get to me.

Skaven: Moved slaves again behind the maruders, would catch them next turn hopefully. Slaves 2 and Monks turned around to the flank of the warriors. I now had the knights threatening my left flnk, in my deplyment zone and 4 warriros and bsb and 25 marauders ocming down the center. The center was pinched between slaves behind them and monks to their left (my right). They also had 3 ratlign guns, a jezzail, and if necessary an engineer to "soften them up some more". The knights had 2 globadiers still hounding them and were facing a full clanrat unit and a very happy Engineer Stikit Claw.

On to magic, Stikit claw failed to cast warp lightning, but with the Warpstone Charm I rerolled and got a 15. I did 7 wounds and killed the remaining 4 knights, doing 1 to the hero. Here I messed up, I had rolled a 6 and a 1, and forgot to put that 1 towards my Engineer. With Stormdemon I finished him off, another 5 hits and 2 or 3 wounds. I was rolling very, very well. Skittermeep charred some more warriors, leaving 4 and the hero.

IN shooting he only had 1 more hero, who was in a unit of only 4 so I turned the jezzails on him. 5 shots at short range, -1 for targeting a single model, rolled 1, 2, 5,5,6. The 1 failed to wound himself (go go gadget reliable!) but the 3 hits turned into a 1 and 2 6's. A -4 armor save meant another dead hero. At this point he conceded, understandably.

So some thoughts... this really wan't a fair battle. This was MY army versus his trial army. I didn't think of it, and don't as a SAD but, dang... I suually dont bring the censer bearers but have 2 ratlings and 1 WFT, or some gutter runners for more march blocking. I wanted those censer bearers to hit the knoghts soooo bad though. Again I am no longer that impressed with them I guess they did what they could, but they just kill themselves so dang easy.

most valuable piece: Globadiers. They effectively elminated and baited the knights, only giving away 40 points. It's been a long time since they've done anythign for me. And it's too easy to give it to engineers and gins that were just running off unopposed.
least valuable: ratling guns. they just weren't much fun. super effective, but just demoralizing and kind of killed the game. I expect him to have an answer for them next game though.
Overall my plan was really to shoot the crap out of the warriors and knights and swarm the marauders. simple and effective.

thoughts on Warriors: Not bad. Some scary things, but I barely saw the tip of the iceberg. i think once he gets rollign with them they will be mean. He was hampered with a terrain set up tha gave me LOS, elevations and shooting lanes while I could use buildings to block any charges and since i was faster move aorund to march block him. More hounds might help, as once i took them out I just was able to easily move anywhere. Marauders at 4 points at first I thoguht was pretty gross, but they really didn't do much. They were easy to kill and a little shooting took out any ranks. i will have to reserve judgement until i see more and have some magical opposition.

25-01-2009, 11:52
Ouch, a tough cookie for Woc. hound screens and marauder horsemen helps alot. Of course knowing what your opponents units are capable off also help a bit (globadiers?)

25-01-2009, 17:38
good report but did you say one of you warlocks cast warped lightning on the higher difficulty? i didn't know they could do that.. though it's been awhile since i have played as skaven

26-01-2009, 00:58
Warpblades allow the Engineer to cast the spell, it doesnt specify a level in the book, howver as at level 1 theyd normally only have one di (plus pool) then obviously you wont be casting the higher level with any frequency or reliability. The condenser lets him cast with 1 extra di, which allows him to use 3 and achieve the necessary 9, well pretty easily. And the accumulator adds yet another di to the power pool. Ya know I thnk about all that and think, well it is only one spell they are casting... it's not that nasty. but then seeing it in action, and with good rolling and it's easy to see how devastating it can be. It is easy to be doing all that for under 100 pts.

26-01-2009, 05:47
Did you say you picked a single target out of the unit with Jezzails? I might not be extremely exprienced with the rats, but I am pretty sure you cannot do that. But, I have been wrong before...

Right occasionally,
K (Evii)

26-01-2009, 12:39
Normally uou cannot. But if a unit housing a character is under us5 then you can single out that character. His warriors were down to 4. It was maybe mean of me, but it was tat or just ratling gun the unit and probably take out the hero with it, and that unit even at 5 would probably have decimated me.