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25-01-2009, 10:00
Hi i've been thinking of buying the KR multicse but im unsure on what trays to get, also how many trays can you fit in the standard aluminium case?

Plastic Parody
25-01-2009, 10:09
eh what army do you have?

I bought the following:

N range - 40 compartment, maybe a tad small but comparable to the GW trays
F range - 36 compartment, ideal models with large/long guns or 2 ccw (these fit my tau firewarriors better along with my stealth suits)

hope that helps

25-01-2009, 10:59
Im an ork player

Ive been iether thinking of getting the figures in comfort midi or the KR standard what is better?

25-01-2009, 11:14
I play ork too and I own a KR multicase. For orks, the F range is mandatory, in 33mm height. Height of the case is 10 cm, so you can fit 3 layer of 33mm trays (or 4x25mm)

Standard choppa/slugga boyz fit well, but it's still too small for nobz.


25-01-2009, 11:30
WHat do you believe is better Kr Alaminium Double or the Figure in comfort midi, the FIC is more expensive but has more pockets and greater customisability but the KR is cheaper.

Also if you desired could you have the entire case filled with pick and pluck for n extra charge? Wouldnt this mean that i could recieve it and then see where it fits best?

25-01-2009, 11:48
The KR is better IMO, foam is softer, even the card case is better and the aluminium is perfect.

I've used both and KR customer service is far superior.

To answer your question, you can get 1,2,3 or 4(5,6,7 or 8)trays in the standard aluminium case depending on what you order!

25-01-2009, 12:25
might be worth looking at the battlehive cases too. Especially if you want to carry dreadnoughts and tanks etc too

25-01-2009, 13:34
A few questions-

do battle hive deliver to the Uk

Also will i be able to get away with the 40 storage compartments for my orks?

Another question is what is the best depth foam the 1/3 or the 1/4 of a case

FInal (i think) what type of pick and pluck is best for an ork army that's mostly orky boys, deffkoptas and larger models like nobs/manz

26-01-2009, 16:51
Can someone please answer my questions before i spend 50 on this

26-01-2009, 17:01
Email Daryl at KR and chat to him, he couldn't be more helpful.


26-01-2009, 21:04
Due the size of Ork Boyz I think your best bet would be to buy the 32mm foam trays. They can each hold 36 models.
If you have any trukks you will probably need some 70mm pick and pluck (if not the 110mm, measure the height first).
Deffkoptas, not sure how tall they are off the base but my guess would be you will need a 51 or a 70mm tray (pick and pluck).

I have four of the cardboard KR cases and they are a good buy.
Each case only costs 20 flat rate and you can pick either of the prefilled cases or ask them to use specific trays at no extra cost.

In terms of what can go in each standard case it can fit about 110mm of foam, this equates to 1 110mm tray, 2 52mm trays, 3 32mm trays or 1 32mm and 1 70mm tray. If you choose half trays (like I did) then you can mix and match.

For instance I have one case full of infantry and light vehicles, as such I have 2 half size 52mm trays and 3 half size figure trays allowing me to carry 4 piranhas and 54 fire warriors and kroot.

If you are planning on spending 50 then I assume you are going for the double size aluminium case, in which case you should be able to fit ~220mm of foam in there.

27-01-2009, 00:44
Ordered the 40 compartment standard case for my Orks today, if it's not right of them, i'll just use it for my marines, and get another ones (the 36 compartment one) for them instead.

27-01-2009, 19:29
Is the 23mm depth trays not deep enough?

If this is case i think im going for (im not putting the tanks in this case)
70mm p&p with 32mm p&p for odd shape models and the rest 32mm 36 trays.

WHat do you think? ALso what p&p shall i get?

Plastic Parody
27-01-2009, 20:45
As rev said email them directly and they will advise you on what is best.

27-01-2009, 20:55
I'm assuming at least a few of you here have KR cases already...
I have umpteen standard and double size GW cases, and have decided i dont need anymore. (expensive plastic ones anyways)

What size KR foam fits in the standard GW case?
(my plan is keep the cardboard ones in the house as storage and use the hardcase GW ones for transporting to games.


27-01-2009, 23:06
Got my confirmation of dispatch today, so should arrive either Today or Thursday

29-01-2009, 18:02
WHat is your views on them?

04-02-2009, 10:09
Came in good time and i'm very impressed, 20 well spent in my view

04-02-2009, 14:37
KR multicases are very good. I got the foam for my existing case and it fits nicely. Abit of a tip though, if your measuring up a existing case you have for just foam, the depth they provide is only the compartment depth. To get the true depth of the foam(from the top of the foam to the bottom of the foam bases) you have the comparment depth and add about 5ish mm exrta ontop :).