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25-01-2009, 16:56
Hey all,

I would like to start this thread by yelling "HELP!!!" to all of you.

now why would i do this you ask? I face a dilemma at the moment. You see, I am almost done painting my ~8k Witch Hunters army (have a couple of squads and some armour to paint, should take me no more than a couple of months), and I now feel the urge to start another army. Now this normally wouldn't be a problem, my issue is that i suddenly feel the urge to start something that i have never wanted to do in my life (before now obviously), start an Ultramarines army.

I don't know what it is, but I think that after all of these years of playing (possibly) the most obscure and un-played army out there, i feel the need to hop on a bandwagon and play the generic of the generics. It might also be that the Calgar and the FW UM Ven Dred are some of the coolest models out there (imo).

Either way, i would like to get your (the warseer community as a whole) opinion on this radical and sudden change of heart on my part, and weather you guys think that i should start this army (and if i did, it would probably end up being all blinged out w/ FW stuff) or not (and please give actual reasons, not "Smurfs are teh suxorz!!1!" or some such).

Thank you in advance for your input

25-01-2009, 17:17
... Why do you care? will you ever play anyone on here? regularly?

If you want to start an army, then start it. Marines are Marines, regardless of how you paint them now. Do whatever you want, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks here or anywhere else. I'm surprised you aren't going with the more synergistic Salamanders army, honestly.

Go for it, if you need the approval of opinionated jerkoffs on the internet then you just got it. (and now is the best time to get FW, the dollar is strong vs the GBP)

Lord Caldera
25-01-2009, 17:23
Well despite being the most overplayed and overhyped and generally veteran-hated army there is, done RIGHT Ultramarines can be a very cool and attractive force. Of course the new codex helps them out quite a bit. In the end it's up to you but with the excellent FW pieces there are and, I agree, the fantastic Marneus and Honor Guard figures you can have a (dare I say it?) unique Ultramarines army. There are quite a few awesome Ultramarine armies on a lot of forums so I can't wait ot see yours. Good luck!

Oh, and Smurfs are teh suxorz!!1! ;)

25-01-2009, 17:39
Marines are Marines, regardless of how you paint them now.

Not true. There are 5 different SM codicies. So they are not all the same. Marines are Marines is not a fair thing to say. Espically with the new SM codex. It's a sore topic for some people to just say that.

Any ways, I say go for it. It sounds like your hear is in it. That is all that matters. If you want to go UM, go for it. Who cares if I call the Smurfs or if other people do. People say my DA are SM in drag. It's all in good fun.

It sounds like you will have a blast in collecting, and modelling and painting them Ultramarines, so go for it. Who cares what other people say.

25-01-2009, 18:37
Well, they all shoot well and generally wear power armour, so from that view, Marines are pretty much Marines. I'll freely admit that in many cases, that's where the similarities end though.

Seriously though Blargag, while Ultramarines are the standard picture for most folks when they think about Marines, they certainly don't have to be uninspired or generic. Figure out a Codex angle and go from there. Do your units up with nice banners and battle honours and the like and go from there. You should do the army you want to do. Just because you're doing smurfs doesn't mean that they have to be a cookie cutter army. You can definitely make a Marine army which is unique and fun to play.

25-01-2009, 18:44
why not? ultramarines can look pretty damn dynamic. Besides, like you said, MARNEUS CALGAR :D.

Pinball wizard!
25-01-2009, 19:04
(and now is the best time to get FW, the dollar is strong vs the GBP)


I think that this thread is a bit pointless, sorry to sound like a ****** but YOU can do what you want like what Takitron said you don't need other people saying not to start an army because its a generic army.

Lord Merlin
25-01-2009, 21:47
Number one. Stop yelling in my face number tow. Play the ultramarines. In my experience no one actually plays ultramarines. Everyone knows that everyone hates them so most people play as their own chapter or one of the others. I've only met one person who actually plays ultramarines. It'd be nice to see more.

25-01-2009, 21:56
I point you to Apologist's amazing project log: http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146205

Ultramarines can look awesome. One thing I'd do if I was to collect them would be have them from a different company, I just think the yellow trim looks way too bright.