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25-01-2009, 17:23
Hello everyone I'm an ollllld WFB player who has returned to the game after a (very) long absence, stopped in 5th edition. I've made a few posts here and there but finally it appears I will be ready to both play and write up battle reports. There's a small circle of us that have started playing and between us we have a few smallish armies. With time, we will expand and get painting done :)

The four gamers
Selone- orcs and goblins
Redben- demons of chaos
Dirty G- brettonians
Crazydu- high elves

Painting track
Points painted so far- 2000

Quick Links to my Battles Note you will miss my 'brilliant' background and army lists if you jump straight to the BR's ;)

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Sir Maurice deGales and his knights

25-01-2009, 21:25
Well then, looking forward to hearing from you.


25-01-2009, 21:25
Nork Sharptooth and the Ladz weren't happy. Not because of the torrential rain which had turned the pass over the black mountains into a muddy nightmare but because of the lack of fightin'. One of the goblin runts had reported seeing dwarves in the distance and post haste Nork's warband had ran, well more like trudged, towards them leaving the 2 chukka's hopelessly stuck in the mud left behind.

Upon getting close to where the dwarves had been spotted some remants of what had been a dwarven camp were seen but upon reaching the camp any sign of where the dwarves had gone or what had happened to them were nowhere to be seen, the rain washing away any tracks there might have been.

Angry and frustrated Nork bade his warband move west (the spearchukka's catching up) in search of a fight leaving the mountains behind him and crossing into the lands of the empire, Wissenland to be exact. Not that whichever weak skinned hoomie ruled bothered Nork, just it had been over a weak without a scrap and his warband was either going to tear itself apart or melt into nothingness.

Pfeilfdorf lay to the west and with it the promise of a lot of humies and as such a proper fight but before that lay a small town called Sollendorf to be plundered, Nork thinking it be easy pickings to feed the ladz and get some practice in before a bigger hoomie army showed up. Unbeknownst to Nork the people of Sollendorf had wavered in their devotion to Sigmar and had turned to worship the elder gods. As Nork's troops rampaged towards the small town the pitiful fools led by their corrupt elder started forbidden rituals to bring eldritch daemons into this plane of existence. Much blood was spilled before Nork even got there. Nork was going to get his big scrap much sooner than he'd expected.

26-01-2009, 17:48
Do you guys plan to up the battle size any time soon, or do you plan to stay at 1000 for a while?

26-01-2009, 18:49
I believe the plan is to add 100 points to the totals each week. Then at 2K have a few games and see what we'll do, I don't think the Demon player enarmoured with the DoC reputation. Another pal is going to be collecting Brettonians when he can sneak it past his missus ;)

Anyways onto the armylists- I welcome discussion both of our current armies and what we might add as we collect but please bear in mind that we're playing with what we own (generally speaking) hence the lack of rank and file metal units on both sides (no plaguebearers for him, no savage orcs for me). You likely can make more competitive lists than we will be using.

Nork Sharptooth's Waagh

Nork sharptooth. Orc bigboss, light armour, shield, boar. 3+ save 90 points
Gobblit of Dark mountain. Nightgoblin level 2 shaman 85 points
Darksnit LightFeara. Goblin bigboss, amulet of protectyness, army standard 85 points

255 points

Lazyeye Stabba's 30 night goblins, full command, 3 fanatics 185 points
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician, 67 points.
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician, 67 points.
Nork's BigLadz 25 orcs, shields, full command 180 points
Nork's Arrer boyz 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.

570 points

2 spearchukka's
70 points

1 troll
40 points

Total- 1000

Redbe's Daemon Of chaos Summoning

Herald of khorne on Juggernaut

18 bloodletter's
+standard, skull totem
+Herald of khorne

9 daemonettes
+ standard, siren standard
+Herald of slaanesh +lvl 1 wizard

3 screamers
3 flamers

26-01-2009, 18:59
As far as your list goes I don't think magic is worth it at 1000 and a goblin BSB is really going to dictate the way your army goes. You might want to get an orc one so you can take the spirit totem in larger games.

As far as the DoC list goes... anyone who takes a special character in 1000 points deserves a slap.

26-01-2009, 19:00
Looking forward to the rep, your build and play way seems like a nice way to get armies finished (I take it the +250 has to be painted?), a bit like the various tale-of-gamers

26-01-2009, 20:28
Aye Malorian I'll switch to a Black orc BSB at around 1250-1750 when Nork manages to find one and I buy the model ;) Magic may not be too good at 1000 but I have the model and I at least want to use the model once before he goes on a hiatus until about 1500 where he might return. As far as special characters go well it kinda sucks that orcs missed the special chars as heros not just as lords current trend, not that Orc and G lords are that good either, ho hum.
Thanks Seven whilst none of my army will be totally unpainted alas I'm very busy atm at work (isn't everyone?) for a few week's so don't expect anything more than a base coat at best (actually I could do with guide to painting orcs) however nork is finished which is very fitting as the big boss should get the best, first :)

27-01-2009, 17:34
Looking forward to watching the progress. I did this when I was getting into Confrontation and it really helped build a sense of unity and charater for my army. Go Redmountain!

27-01-2009, 19:22
If I knew how to paint Orcs, I'd have an Orc army by now...
(A sensible Orcy shade of green...)

I think giving your characters magic items is a good idea, even at 1kpts. Orcs can be rather "Guardlike" when it comes to dealing out damage so having a consistent character can help.

The Staff of Sneaky Stealin is great at low point games...If Orc & Gobbos no longer have this item I do apologise but no one around here plays Orks anymore. :(

27-01-2009, 23:17
The battle is fought and done with ! It was a very close battle. His armylist was slightly different to the one I posted I'll put that up later today (weds) and a battle report soon after.

Question to you warseers- would you prefer a battle report with no photo's, slightly wobbly photo's of only my painted model's looking moody or full photos showing off a lot of spraypainted chaos black goblins and shamefully unpainted demons (yet showing at least where things were)?

Thanks for the comment Feefait. Draconian the items still exists, I likely won't use it untill we up the points a bit and I believe I'll face more than one wizard. I do intend to utilise some more magic items as we up the points-Nork bless him could probably use the boost.

28-01-2009, 02:40
Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Even a single photo of both armies after deployment can help readers get a grasp of where things ended up and what they fought, etc.

In essence they(we) see the picture and then play out a game in their(our) mind. Don't worry about the quality of the paintjob or the photo, consider that those of us who follow battle reports are probably more gaming-orientated so an army under development is no real deterent to follow a thread such as this one.


28-01-2009, 20:29
A slight mist hung over the now damned town of Sollendorf, what folk didn't flee or were sacrificed in the name of the ancient god's were torn apart by the demons when they arrived on this plane of existence. The town's elder had promised them prolonged life and beauty but the demon's judging them lacking had dispatched them with contempt. A few survived hiding here and there but mostly they were like vermin to the demon, killed when seen otherwise the demons had for more entertaining pursuits to indulge in or in the case of khorne far more challenging opponents to slay.

They didn't have to wait long for Nork's band were to blunder into them just on the outskirts of the town surrendering high ground to the demons and allowing the demons to seek the initiative as the demons supernatural senses saw Nork's band well before the goblin scouts saw them.
(i lost the roll for the table edge, daemons moved first, apologies in addvance for any blurry/too much lighting in pics and any non warhammer type things in pics)

Orc deployment
Nork is in the unit of boyz, BSB in night goblin unit, shaman was in no unit. Thats the spider riders near the wood, way far in the distance

Demon deployment
Note the herald of khorne on juggernaut falling apart, was this to be some omen?

The beginning- turn 1

The demon summoning moved forwards anxious to close pace with the green skins the screamers crossing from behind one wood to in front of a hill. Grush'nak head-stealer rapidly moved on Nork's band with his formidable mount.

Some goblins had managed to find some weapons left by deserting militia and had managed to loot most of them, the bows however were commandeered by nork who gave them to 10 of the best shotz in his ladz- they had been told to shoot the enemy up before gettin' stuck in. Sadly they figured to do the sticking in before the shootin' and decided to show the rest of nork's warband how it's done by moving at the demons recklessly. Not wanting to look like softies the lazyeye stabba's advanced too ignoring nork's cunning plan of 'shooting them and then bashing the rest'. On the far right flank the spider riders squabbled over the loot going nowhere. The troll however in a rare moment of lucity moved forwards into the trees getting in prime march blocking territory.
The mist made it difficult for Nork's 'band to see much and the various projectiles that were unleashed had little success except for a keen sighted arrer boy felling a bloodletter.

Magic was pretty much a non event for both forces and I won't mention it further, partially as we had both 3dd, partially because we both had pap spells and partially because my shaman was positioned horribly


Closing in - Turn 2

With a horrible wailing sound screamers sped over the ground to behind the forest ready to cause disruption amongst the greenskins. Grush'nak moved to where he could urge on his juggernaut to rush into the redmountain stikka's imminentlyand horrible weird flaming tzeentch things moved to draw a bead on the poor troll in the trees. Meanwhile the bloodletters had marched so close to Lazy Eye stabba's their boss gave the order and outcame the fanatics, one of them made it to the target and sent 3 bloodletters back to the warp before being trampled underfoot.
(I rolled 8 hits a less than welcome 4 one's giving 4 wound's, one of which he saved)
The flamers turned their limbs towards the troll and a massive burst of flame engulfed the trees in cinerating some poor farmers apple trees but the troll stood there unaffected except for a slight warm sensation.
(He hit 6 times out of his 12 shots at a -2 to hit but managed to roll no wounds at all)

Now that the demon's were much more apparent Nork's band lost track of any oneupmanship or petty squabbles and all behaved more or less as had been told. The troll however confused by what had just happened (and probably amazed to be alive and uninjured) ambled forwards in a daze. The spider riders sorted out the loot and scampered off the flanks with the arrer boyz moving to get closer to the 'letters.
Alas it appeared that the mist still was proving to still affect the sight of the greenie's as only one bloodletter fell to a multitude of arrows. Grush'nak appeared to be heading back to the warp as a bolt struck him but the power of Chaos saved him from the bolt.


Combat ! Turn 3

With bloodcurdling cries to Khorne both the bloodletters and Grush'nak charged. The lazy eye stabba's believing strength in numbers really did work perhaps somewhat foolishly stood the bloodletters charge whilst the Red mountain stikka's far more sensibly fled the massive demonkilling machine mounted on the err massive demon killing machine causing Grush'nak be stranded in the open as the 'stikka's fled the field.
Alas poor stupid troll was not to be so lucky this time and he was well and truly barbecued by the tzeentchian's.
In hand to hand the unlucky goblin boss found himself literally pushed into a challenge issued by one very angry, very large herald of khorne.He didn't live long enough to even protest. The rest of the combat wasn't as much of a massacre as it could have been, a few goblins dying and Darksnit's amulet saving him from a bloodletters blade. The 'stabbas lost only a tiny amount of ground to the bloodletters but fleed and were brutally ran down, the letters just stopping in front of the spear chukka.
(I counted myself a little unfortunate here as I lost by 1 and needed to get 7 or less, with a reroll rolling 8 both times and then typically a 7 for the resulting run)

Nork could see big khorne thing in front and fighting behind him so there was only one possible thing to do. WAAAGH ! Fortunately no one squabbled but the arrer boyz decided to show the rest of the army how to do it again and of course Nork and his boyz did so too charging into Grush'nak.
The left hand spear chukka seeing the demons right in front of them finally hit something and killed a bloodletter piercing a rank only for it to stick in a bloodletters arm to no great effect except to make an angry demon almost within touching distance more angry.
Grush'nak issued a challenge to the puny greenskins (what language can demons speak anyway?) and the boss of the unit not wanting to lose face in front of his big boss took it. Grush'nak had got his name for a reason and easily managed to steal another head from its body, the former boss of the unit's body that is. Nevertheless the sheer overwhelming presence of the orcs and perhaps khorne's displeasure at Grush'naks so far lack of killing saw the demon banished back to the warp to jubilant cries of hes scared from the 'Ladz. They overran but were a few scant inches from reaching the daemonetets.

Daemons enter the fray- turn 4

The bloodletters who had amply demonstrated their moniker charged the bolt thrower whose crew still celebrating the kill forgot to run and stood still whilst the daemonettes danced into combat with Nork's ladz. Skimming effortlessly the screamers raked the redmountain gits, a single goblin landing without much of a torso left. Flamers turned their appendages towards the right bolt thrower after moving towards it slightly.
A terrific roar of flame streaked out towards the bolt thrower and its crew but the goblins who had to push their chukka through all that mud were still caked in mud and the mud insulated them against the flames leaving them unharmed.
(he rolled a corking 16 dice to hit, of the 8 hits 3 hit the crew and 5 the bolt thrower, none wounded)
The bloodletters predictably followed the goblins off the field, in a crucial combat despite wounding Nork and killing a few boyz the daemonettes still lost by 1 however slaanesh clearly was pleased and none vanished.


With the bloodletters having pursued off behind them the goblins moved as far as they could which was not far at all being march blocked. The arrerboyz moved as far as they could towards the daemonettes but the screamers proximity made them advance cautiously and the spider riders moved to threaten the daemonettes flank.
The remaining bolt thrower that had been given a relaxing warm mud pack by the flamers fired back hitting and forcing the flamer back to the warp.
Down to the big fight between the ladz and the daemonettes and bad news as the herald knocked Nork off his boar and onto the ground knocking him out and removing him from action. A few more boyz died but again had a narrow advantage and this time a daemonette vanished back to the warp.

Turn 5- the bloodletters return

The bloodletters now covered in even more blood moved on perilously close to the 'Gits with useless Goblit in whilst the screamers flew over the arrer boyz one taking a minute or so to realise his legs were seperated from his body and keel over. They flew inbetween the flank of the daemonettes and the arrer boyz whilst in a similar attempt to protect the daemonettes the flamers moved to shoot at the spider riders.
The flamers having moved and trying to flame fast moving spiders up trees unsuprisingly had little success killing only one.
(As all orc generals know this was the perfect result as it meant no panic test or no animosity test in my turn as they were now less than 5 models.)
To combat I again won ever so slightly to no 'vanishing' daemonettes, the Ladz clearly disheartened by their Big boss's departure failed to hit again (in the entire game they only hit once and that failed to wound) losing a few and continuing to be whittled down.

Needing to move quickly to avoid the bloodletters right behind them the Redmountain gits did the most goblin thing to do and squabbled about which way to run away going nowhere. To add insult to the injury the last remaining fanatic whirled through them and killed 3. The arrer boyz charged the screamers with the spider riders pleasingly managing to gain the courage to charge the daemonettes in the flank.
The right bolthrower were to busy celebrating their previous shot to aim properly and missed terribly.
The arrer boyz dropping their bows for their choppas managed to chop up 2 screamers having managed to get a blade on the elusive creatures, the remaining one returning to the warp and the arrer boyz over running into the daemonettes. The daemonettes were busy killing more ladz and rapidly reducing their ranks (I had about 11-12 left now) however the spider riders showed how to do it, killed 2 and together with the flank charge managed to win the combat by enough to reduce the unit to 2 models- the herald and the standard bearer.

The finale- turn 6

This was it all or nothing as all demon units that were left charged. The gits decided to flee to escape the bloodletter's but alas discovered they couldn't outrun them and were butchered.
In the massive brawl in the middle Nork's greenskins managed to beat the chaos demons by enough so that they all dissipated.
They'd just all dissipated I'd won by 3 or something, in my turn I shot at the bloodletters killing a couple

And that was it a very narrow win (minor victory) for Nork's band, he now has to patch up his followers as he did lose a lot of greenies. Still they were mostly goblins ;)

Easily my men of the match

28-01-2009, 20:39
I'm confused by this:

"Meanwhile the bloodletters had marched so close to Lazy Eye stabba's their boss gave the order and outcame the fanatics, one of them made it to the target and sent 3 bloodletters back to the warp before being trampled underfoot."

When fanatics hit they pop out the other side of the unit. The fanatic only gets 'trampled' if the unit it self moves onto a fanatic that was already there.

28-01-2009, 21:11
(I counted myself a little unfortunate here as I lost by 1 and needed to get 7 or less, with a reroll rolling 8 both times and then typically a 7 for the resulting run)

That reminds me...

Welcome to the frustrating game that is Warhammer Fantasy battle!

Very impressive for your first report, look forward to seeing more games/painted mini's.

Malorian is correct about fanatics, they only die when they hit difficult terrain or an enemy unit moves onto them, otherwise they pop out the other side and continue randomly moving next turn.

28-01-2009, 21:45
I'm confused by this:

"Meanwhile the bloodletters had marched so close to Lazy Eye stabba's their boss gave the order and outcame the fanatics, one of them made it to the target and sent 3 bloodletters back to the warp before being trampled underfoot."

When fanatics hit they pop out the other side of the unit. The fanatic only gets 'trampled' if the unit it self moves onto a fanatic that was already there.

We'd read from the Out of control bit in the orc and goblin army book mid battle (p25 published by GW)

any unit finishes its move over the fanatic. the unit takes d6 strength 5 hits for moving onto the fanatic, and a further extra d6 S5 hits in the Fanatic's death throes

I see what you're using as basis for that when I read the book now (again p25) if a fanatic move ended in the middle of a unit then he automatically bounces 1" beyond the unit. I'd rolled exactly an 8 and the unit stopped marching exactly 8" away we thought the blood letters would finish their move on the fanatic not he moved through the unit but its splitting hairs really. I guess reading Avian's guide to fanatics should probably have waited until after our first game :)

Of course the 'letters shouldn't have stopped at 8" anyway as they had the skull totem but nevermind eh ;)

That reminds me...

Welcome to the frustrating game that is Warhammer Fantasy battle!

Very impressive for your first report, look forward to seeing more games/painted mini's.

Malorian is correct about fanatics, they only die when they hit difficult terrain or an enemy unit moves onto them, otherwise they pop out the other side and continue randomly moving next turn.

Thank you :) To be honest I think the luck averaged itself out overall we both had good and bad luck and what LD tests I failed that I 'shouldn't have' I passed ones I 'shouldn't'. It was a very close game that lasted way longer than I'd expected. I'll try to do some painting over the week :)

28-01-2009, 22:37
As far as the DoC list goes... anyone who takes a special character in 1000 points deserves a slap.

Should I be passing through Alberta feel free to give me the slap.

Yes, I am the aforementioned DoC player. Kudos to the Orcs & Goblins but mark my words, I shall have my revenge. Or something like that.

28-01-2009, 23:25
In fairness Malorian the Masque isn't one of those "undercosted" "Haha-you can't kill me style" characters, it has weaknesses.

02-02-2009, 21:27
Nork's boyz were busy lootin' Sollendorf, drinkin' all the mead they could find rejoicing in their mighty victory when an almighty wail was heard. Nork wandered over to where his Ladz were drinking and eating toasted livestock by a well.
"Sorry boss, Gobblit fell down the well" said the biggest of his Ladz pointing towards the well. "Shame, replied Nork, I was going to chop his useless hide up!"

As the night grew on and more drink was drunk by the greenskins singing and fighting all around as usual for a victorous waagh, Nork by now worse for the wear stumbled over to where the goblins were as a tall black orc snatched the standard from Darksnit causing Darksnit to fall on the floor. "I'm Norglor and I'm your new waagh banner carrier" said the black orc to a rapidly backing off bunch of cowardly grots. "If I still breathe in the morning you are" replied Nork in a fit of orcish cunning trying to ensure that the powerful black orc would watch his back, too drunk to realise that trusting someone that had appeared out of the night might be unwise.

Speaking of appearing out the night strange shapes flickered into being in Sollendorf as Nork's troops antics were unwittingly restoring rituals of summoning and the daemonic horde was coming back into existence.

So we're fighting another battle at 1.1 K on tuesday as the dwarf player isn't ready for action. Sadly I haven't had time to make any purchases or paint hence the very small increase in game points size. My army list can be found here and redben's list is to come.

Nork sharptooth. Orc bigboss, light armour, shield, boar. Talisman of protection, martog's best basha 120 points
Norglor. Blackorc bigboss,army standard, amulet of protectyness 135 points.
Darksnit LightFeara. Night Goblin bigboss, lightarmour, shield, secret magic item 59 points

309 points

Lazyeye Stabba's 30 night goblins, full command, netters, 145 points.
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician, 67 points.
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician, 67 points.
Nork's BigLadz 25 orcs, shields, full command 180 points
Nork's Arrer boyz 10 arrer boyz, musician 66 pts
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, bows, musician 76 points.
3 fanatics

611 points

2 spearchukka's
70 points

1 troll
40 points

Total- 1100

03-02-2009, 00:32
And here it is -


19 Bloodletters
- 1 Standard Bearer w/ magic banner
- 1 Musician
271 points

19 Daemonettes
- 1 Standard Bearer w/ magic banner
- 1 Musician
271 points


5 Flamers
175 points


Herald of Khorne (General)
- Soul Hunger
125 points

Herald of Slaanesh
- Battle Standard w/ magic banner
165 points

90 points

1097 points

05-02-2009, 22:09
The mist had all but gone as twilight had not quite yet begun to fall on Sollendorf. A couple of night goblins had managed to fashion some nets from various discarded rope and cloth and were showing off a captured entangled farmer to nork.
"Yeah yeah very good but how about nettin' one of them" gestured Nork as he pointed to some daemonettes in the distance scampering through the town.
The night goblins jumped and looked to be making with the running but one look from Nork with his new choppa changed their minds.
"Stupid grots being scared off puny women-demon things" said Nork to a nod from Norglor who yelled "Grots form up, time for some fightin"

For my deployment I tried to lure Redbe into commiting his forces to attack my hill as I planned to stick my 2 combat units well away shoot them up and hit the survivors when they'd been thinned out, as ever my plan with the flamers was simply put to throw cheap targets at them.
The secret magic item was brimstone bauble, whereas for redbe his BsB had the +d3 combat res standard, his bloodletter's the always march banner and the daemonettes the no charge reactions banner

Expert photographer Crazydu drew this map so I feel obliged to show off her paint skills
and heres the photo version of that (look 1 or 2 more models are painted, not bad for a week, right, right?)

We'll show 'em ! Turn 1

Seizing the initiative Nork's band moved with the arror boyz champions of last encounter deciding to show up the rest of them by speeding forwards with the gits moving slightly so that the spearchukka's could see better. Darksnit sprinted off towards the wood outdistancing the troll who ambled forwards in a stupor.
(he really needs a name, any suggestions?)
On the rightflank the widow makers scuttled through the woods full tilt whilst the big infantry blocks repositioned.
The spearchukka's were getting settled in and so both missed but missing isn't in the arrer boyz vocabulary (mind you not much is) as they felled 2 bloodletters.
(hitting on 6's no less!)

Grush'nak (without his juggernaut that khorne had taken off him, displeased as he was at grush'nak) sounded the advance or well shouted at the demonic legion to kill all that was alive. The entirety of the demonic legion moved forwards in a sea of fangs, claws and blades. The masque did a dance (I have no idea what exactly, think it slowed my goblin hero down?)
The burning horrors pointed their limbs at the 'Stikka's and 2 burned to a nice texture, the survivors laughing at the 2 unlucky one's fate.

You can just see the arrer boyz if you look closely !

Flamin' Stupid- Turn 2

A lot of greenskin's with bows where now in range of/staring down demons so frustratingly for Nork every single unit with a (short)bow decided not to follow the plan. The stikka's and arrer boyz both decided to show up the rest of the army charging towards the demons whilst the Redmountain Gitz debated the eternal question of should we stay or go so vigorously they did neither, instead squabbling.

(it cost me 20 shots and a further 20 shots were at an additional -1 to hit on what I'd hoped they'd have been- D'oh)

This shocked the troll into action and he shook off the effects of stupidity whilst Nork's band maneouvred on the right flank.
(I moved the arrer boyz 2" back so I could get a stand and shoot reaction at the 'nettes, not realising about the standard they carried.)
Making up for the appaling unruly behaviour of the bow armed greenskins the spearchukka's found their aim and killed 3 daemonettes and 2 of khorne's chosen.

Grush'nak and his chosen moved virtually within touching distance of Redmountain Gits whilst the young of slaanesh danced into the arrer boyz.
(In a bit of alltime greatness I tried to declare a flee reaction after remembering the daemonettes standard stopped you stand and shooting to be told you couldn't choose to flee either. The arrer boyz then rolled a nine and fled anyways escaping the 'nettes and causing a failed charge. Result)
Alas making up for their previous lacklustre round of shooting the flamers incinerated the Widow makers leaving none alive.

Observe Darksnit's location

Darksnit enters the fray- Turn 3

The redmountain stikka's seeing what had happened to the widow maker's had a big argument about what to do next, this forced Nork to wonder what to do next as the Boyz close behind them.
(reminder to myself do not shield units with animosity suffering unit's!) Stupid troll is stupid whilst Darksnit in a uncharacteristically brave move charged the bloodletters (I planned the angle so they'd pursue him into the woods if he didn't get killing blowed and die) as the arrer boyz kept running and moved virtually off the battlefield. (thankfully as if they'd rallied the 'nettes would have charged them)
2 more daemonettes die to well aimed spears as gobblit cut down a bloodletter like a champ realising however there were much more left he ran away and the embarassed bloodletters ran straight after him although he lost them in the woods (Darksnit did basically nothing else, eventually rallying and then being miles away from anything- still he'd misdirected the bloodletters)

Grush'nak gave up on catching the little goblin and turned his troops round to once again bear down on the hill whilst the flamers turned towards Nork's Ladz and the daemonettes ran towards the Stabba's and out came the fanatics ! 4 young ones of slaanesh would be seeing slaanesh most imminently as they returned to the warp.
The masque wove a distracting dance on the redmountain gits causing their already low courage to sink even lower (by 3 to a total of 2 as it happens) accompanied by a great PHOOSH! as the flamers turned their attention to the 'Ladz flambéing 4 of them.

Hey look a movement tray, we're becoming expert GW modellers!


Seeing an opportunity to wipe out the demons Nork called the waagh although only his loyal Ladz took advantage of it. The Lazy eye stabba's tried to decide how best to acknowledge the waagh and started to squabble but Norglor was having none of it and bam! 8 dead gobbo's whilst in a similar vein the Stikka's squabbled but having no big black orc boss they only lost 3 to gork and mork's wrath.
The arrer boyz infused by the waagh rallied short of running off altogether whilst Nork and his Ladz charged the daemonettes narrowly avoiding the spinning fanatics of one which expired his heart giving out.
The redmountain gits determined to outdo their rivals the Stikka's shoot down 4 bloodletters whilst the spearchukka's kill the masque! Her dancing cut short by a spear to the head.
In the whirling maelstrom of hand to hand, one orc dies and one daemonette is choppa'd causing 2 daemonettes vanish to instability.

Grush'nak finally gets to taste blood as the Gits decide to shoot at them rather than run, to no real gain as they all miss or their arrows fail to find purchase. Unsuprisingly the Gits get mullered 6 getting limbs lopped off fatally and they rather late than never leg it, the bloodletters over-running into the right hand spear chukka whose crew flees.
The flamers unleash a terrible close range firestorm on the Stikka's flambéing 7 but the survivors are too busy squabbling to panic and stay there.
One of Nork's ladz dies and one daemonette dies but their standard saves them and the combat is a draw.

One banner is = 15 orcs

Keep on running- turn 5

The spearchukka crew and redmountain gits flee the battlefield whilst the stikka's still squabble. Clearly put off by this the remaining spearchukka fails to hit and continues to miss for the rest of the game.
The swirling melee goes badly for Nork's ladz and they run off and through the Stabba's who seem totally unimpressed and even hold the daemonettes flank charge.
(Thanks to that cursed banner a combat I was winning by 2 turned into a loss of 1, making break test's on 7 with rerolls is beyond me and of went my Boyz.)

Grush'nak wheels his bloodletters inescapably close to the arrer boyz whilst the thrice damned flamers burn the remaints of the stikka's to their deaths. No doubt in gork and mork heaven they're still squabbling.
Onto the mis-match that is daemonettes charging goblins in the flank. No one has told the 'Stabbas this and even more scared of Morglor than the creatures of chaos they win the combat causing the scant few daemonettes left except their standard bearer to be banished to the warp.

Goblins > Orcs in hand to hand combat, true fact. Also note there was a couple more bloodletters but hills > tricky falling over bloodletters.

Grab those points-Turn 6

Arrer boyz reformed to face the blood soaked 'Letters whilst the mass of teeming goblins was too much for the last daemonette vanishing, leaving just the herald left alone and no doubt shocked. Nork and his Ladz kept on running...

Grush'nak charged the few bloodletters left into the arrer boyz whose shooting was ineffective and the flamers charged the Lazyeye's flank. Their last gasp charge wasn't enough to stop the lazy eye stabba's from winning again and causing the herald and two flamers to go to the warp again in ignomy.
The bloodletters hacked down 4 arrer boyz to the loss of 1 but the arrer boyz despite being outnumbered, despite having no standard, no hero and no rank stood firm in an act of insane courage.

Counting up the victory points it was a minor victory to the orcs and goblins :) it was a very close game and whilst the first few turns went well for me redben very nearly pulled it out of the bag with Nork's Ladz running away and then failing to rally.
Next week I am hopefully playing Ogre's at 1250.
Thanks for reading.

05-02-2009, 22:23
Expert photographer Crazydu drew this map so I feel obliged to show off her paint skills

It was only a very quick effort (the map), will try be a bit more accurate next time :) And any tips on taking better photos appreciated (will also help when I have finished reading the rule book and actually know what's going on!)

Golden Lion
06-02-2009, 10:36
Cool reports! Thanks. Really funny to see the goblins holding out against the daemonettes and flamers. Winning stuff!

Looking forward to more.

Gabacho Mk.II
06-02-2009, 11:25
Well done mate!

Go Orcs!!!!!!! :p

06-02-2009, 18:36
I can't believe you move all those orcs without movement trays :)

Anyway good report and nice to see another orc win.

06-02-2009, 20:22
Thanks for the comments :)
You're not wrong mal ! Thankfully Crazydu kindly bought me some movement trays for my birthday :) Looks like this tuesday it will be a 2 v2 with Redben against ogres and dwarfs.

11-02-2009, 12:16
Nork's troops were celebrating their latest victory although their celebrations were not quite as raucous as they could have been as alas daemons don't make good snacks and they don't have supply trains to loot and pillage. Norglor and darksnit had both come down with nasty stomach upsets which of course had nothing to do with the fact Gobblit had managed to climb out of the well eager for revenge having 'found a staff on the bottom' which he'd took from its long dead owner.

Meanwhilst a dwarf expedition led by Thane Boragrim on the trail of the demons who had wiped out a small scouting party of thunderers and miners unexpectedly bumped into the warband of an ogre tyrant, wary of a fight the dwarfs made ready for battle line but were suprised to find that the Ogre's had been bought by the elector count of the region to defend the town. Too late to save the town the Ogre's still fancied a fight and figured they'd still get paid if they fought the demons. They were only too happy to ally with the dwarves as the dwarves had many, many cases of ale and the dwarves for their part were grateful for unexpected help.

In the warp khorne was pleased with the bloodshed in the town of Sollendorf, so much bloodshed for such a worthless town. Lifes both orc and human had been taken and it looked like much mnore blood was to flow. khorne was impressed by the orc's lust for battle but similarly Mrth'languid a herald of slaanesh was worried about the approaching dwarf's runesmith whose magic could threaten to destroy the summoning circles which Nork's forces had blindly left to be thus causing any 'slain' demons to be rebirthed in an hour or two. It would be unlikely that the few demons that existed in Sollendorf would be able to repel both a dwarf expedition and a Orge warband. With the help of Orcs however thay may be able to do so, Mrth'languid was as clever and devious any demon of Slaanesh and knew whilst Orcs are very unlikely to ally with anyone, let alone them if someone were to say question whether Gork and Mork or Khorne was the more able at slaughter then a temporary truce could be arranged.

And thus it was that Nork keen to show those demon boyz a thing or two (oblivious to the fact that he'd already done that by taking on and beating them twice already) temporary had a truce with the demons who acted all suprised when the first cracks of gunfire and stench of Ogres wafted through the town announcing the arrival of the two 'defenders of sollendorf'. Nork had little choice but to join the demons in a bit of stunty and fattie bashin' who anyways he far prefered fightin'.

We'd expected to play a 2,500 battle on each side (1250 each) using the rules for a 2K + force i.e 4 characters between the 2 one of which may be a lord. We'd constructed a combined army to that extent (I took the lord and defensive shaman, him the BSB and masque) Upon our opponent's arrival it transpired they could only manage 1 K each so we had to cut some points, I cut the most. The game was slightly prelonged as the Ogre player was new to Ogres, the Dwarf player to the game and me and my partner were still thinking we used 5th edition rules for some things heh :)

Our army lists

Nork Sharptooth. Orc Warboss, lightarmour, enchanted shield, boar. Ulag's akkrit axe, warboss um's best boss 'at, bigged's kickin boots.
Tooled up to be able to take damage and to do it both with and without an unit
Gobblit of dark mountain. Night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealing.
Purely there to thwart their magic phase, I suspected most strongly beforehand they'd have a butcher. Gobblit tried to cast a spell once and thereafter we used our power dice to try to dispell RIP spells.

Redmountain gits 21 nightgoblins, musician 67 pts
Nork's Big ladz 25 orcs, shields, full command 180 points
Nork's arrer boyz 10 arrer boyz 60 points
Widow makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points
Funnel Spiders. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points

2 spear chukka's 70 points

Unfortunately I had to cut the squig hopper's

15 Bloodletters with Skull Totem
15 Daemonettes with Banner of Ecstasy
14 Bloodletters & Herald with Great Icon of Despair
6 Flamers

Defenders of Sollendorf

Please note that this is done off memory as I don't have access to their army lists

Organ Gun
10 thunderers
19 hammerers, full command
12 rangers (warriors) throwing axes
Thane, runeweapon rune of cleaving, rune of fury
Runesmith master rune of blance, rune of spellbreaking

Tyrant Great weapon, extra hand weapons AND brace of handguns ...Alledgedly a magic weapon as well but he never used it. Wyrdstone necklace, jade lion and mawseeker.
He only ever tested 2 times for stupidity, forgetting it the rest of the times, he failed once but rerolled it. I was and still am baffled by his equipment choice.
Butcher. Bangstick.
This butcher did fantastically well partially because our dispelling sucked both of his casts (and especially the RIP stuff which I rolled two 1's on 3 times) and partially because he never took any strength tests for bullgorger, any s4 hits for boncruncher, any s6 hits for toothcracker nor any automatic wounds for trollguts.

3 bulls. Lightarmour, ironfists. Full command.
3 ironguts. Full command.
1 maneater, heavy armour, brace of handguns.
BTW what S does a man eater using a brace of handguns have in close combat? Is it 4 for the handgun or 5 for his strength?

11-02-2009, 13:59
5 S5 for 2 close combat weapons as it is a brace. Cant use pistols in close combat anymore Im affraid, unless your a Slayer Pirate who have their very own rules about it.

Enjoying the thread so far!

12-02-2009, 13:32
The report
No photo's this report as I cleverly left the camera I lent at home, annoying since I've been doing some painting. Deployment picture done by crazydu which is not bad considering she did it after a pint and 3 glasses of wine ;) I'd also appreciate some feedback with rules issues after you've read this report if you don't mind


Ogres seize the initiative- Turn 1
With a tremendous roar the ogre's roared forward whilst the dwarfs stayed still with the spider riders scuttling forwards full speed and the flamers too no shooting was really of note with a wound being done on the bulls by the arrer boyz whilst the bolt throwers bounced off the bulls.
(Two rolls of a 1 to wound, d'oh)
Gobblit tried to cast gork'll fix it but the sheer overwhelming presence of the dwarves meant that it was dispelled And Gobblit never tried again.
(We had 4 power dice as they 'stole 1' and they had 7+1 dispell dice so it was never going to happen)

Face off - Turn 2

The Irongut's rushed to close in front of Nork and his ladz whilst the tyrant and man eater moved fearfully close to the redmountain git's with the bulls facing off the flamer's who had previously given one of them slightly warm feet. The dwarves were still out of range (the organ gun was positioned poorly and only ever shot once to no real gain) so there wasn't anything to say for superior dwarven gunsmithing. The butcher made up for this for casting a whole bucket load of magics.
(I have to say here that neither me nor my ally really understood gut magic, though neither did the Ogre player as he never took any wounds or characteristic checks. That combined with appaling dispelling- all 3 times I tried to dispell trollguts in our magic phase i got a double 1 amongst the other dice meant that he generally had 1-2 spells in play at any one time.)

There was some maneuvring from the forces of disorder but nothing dramatic with Nork's ladz typically on cue squabbling right before the irongut's. Shooting saw a wound done on the ironguts and the flamers reap a fair wind on the scout's halving their rangers.

Who smells worse orc banner wavers or ogre irongut's- Turn 3

Witha tremendous shaking of the ground as seven foot monsters impacted on the orc and demon battleline, the irongut's charged Nork's Lads, the tyrant and maneater the 'Gits and the Bulls the flamers. However the flamers just pointed their hideous appendages at the 'bulls and with a Speeeww of flame killed all but 1 wounded bull who wisely turned tail and fled never reaching the horrifying tzeentchian's.
This finally galvanised the dwarves, the hammers marched forwards whilst the rangers who had been ineffictively throwing axe's at the Masque moved to face the spider rider's.The thunderers were finally in range of something and peppered the Widow makers killing 3 and sending the other 2 scurrying for cover.
The irongut's with a tremendous roar impacted upon the orc's (and ironically forgot their impact hits) killing3. However nork with his nice shiny axe killed one back and they fled just getting away by a hair's breadth right in front of the hammerers. The tyrant wasn't having much luck as combined with the man eater managed to only kill 3 gits and the press of the sheer mass of goblins defending a hill threatened to overwhelm them although the sheer embarassment of running from the Gits meant they stood firm.

Nork was pretty happy and infused with the green skinned tide so charged out of his unit into the fleeing ironguts butchering them standing right in front of a lot of hammerers dripping with hatred ! The left side bloodletter's took on flanking positions of the hammerers whilst on the right the daemonettes wheeled to face the tyrant and the bloodletters the butcher, although they were some distance off. The masque sprang into action swooping on the fleeing bull and after playing with the bull disembowelling him.
The tyrant and maneater spurred into greater effort by the mocking taunts of the gits butchered 5 and the gits fled to be literally eaten alive and the tyrant to overrun into a bolt thrower whose crew seeing what had happened legged it.

Thane versus War Boss a scene of legend- Turn 4

With a chance to cross off a grudge Thane Boragrim and his hammerers charged Nork who was on his lonesome who stood fast full of the power of gork, mork and possibly even khorne! The tyrant moved behind the orc's whilst the man eater moved to face off the right most spear chukka.
Nork challenged Boragrim and cut him down though being wounded slightly himself and amazingly standing firm.
(all boragrims attacks hit not needing hatred reroll though thankfully toughness and armour saved all but 1 and I did a mighty 5 wounds back, him saving one claiming the +1 armour save for shield and hand weapon, even if the hand weapon was runic. I actually wanted Nork to run away and the hammerers to run into the ladz and the bloodletters hit them from the side.)

The left side bloodletters charged into the hammer's flank whilst the funnel spider's rashly charged into the rangers, the widow maker's moving in front of the tyrant.
Shooting saw mixed fortune's as whilst the flamers burped out tiny gouts of flame leaving the butcher unharmed however the remaining spear chukka took the Maneater's head straight off after a few arrows had pierced his hide.
Combat saw bloodletter's do amazingly badly and totally fail to connect with the skilled dwarves who killed a couple back. Thankfully Nork was amped killing 5 of the stunties and causing the hammerers to take a step back but stubborn as they are they refused to flee. Predictably the Funnel Spider's ran off the field after losing a couple with the rangers following them straight off.
(whilst I expected to lose frustratingly I did a whopping 5 wounds on them making me think I had a chance at a heroic upset but their pesky armour saved all but 1)

The Tyrant Of Sollendorf- Turn 5

The ogres were down to just 2 'bellies and had hardly covered themslves in glory, thought the Tyrant sought to redress it by charging the spider riders and following up into the Ladz with the rangers rejoining the field of battle. A barrage of missiles both magic and mundane rained down on the Masque but she survived if a little hurt. (ben making up for previous bad luck with a slew of ward saves for her throughout the game)
Combat saw the tyrant adding spider leg and loin of goblin to his menu and overrun straight into the swirling melee where he smashed apart a few bloodletters in their flank.
(not used to 7th edition rules I didn't think he could both overrun and fight again straight away giving me a nasty suprise)
Nork heroically killed 5 stunties although catching a hammer to the face whilst khorne's chosen and the stubborn hammerers swopped casualties. The end result being that Nork and the 'letters lost slightly with Nork running for the hills even despite the presence of the demonic battle standard who ahd advanced on them with its unit.
(I have continued my trend of never passing a rerollable break test, also the tyrant was supposedly US5 thus constituting a flank charge)

Nork continued to run straight past his ladz however this spurred on the Ladz even more and with now the way to the stunties clear they charged in.
The flamers again spat at the butcher but this time their previous small burp of flame became a tremendous belch of fire seriously wounding the butcher and leaving him close to death. Typically, climatically, the spear chukka took careful aim and harpooned the fat bloater finally ridding Nork of the nuisance.
Combat saw the tyrant kill a couple of Orcs who for themsleves killed a stunty, whilst another hammerer and orc died. Neither side was willing to give ground and refused to budge.
The positioning of the combat was a weird one I charged the hammerers with the orcs, getting in as the RuleBook says as much combatants in from both sides but with a (very) small gap between the tyrant and Orcs. However our opponents stated that the orcs would have to base to base with the tyrant too which I didn't understand as I didn't read you had to exactly form them up just get as many people in base to base but we relented.

Turn 6

Our dwarf player had to go so we finished up not doing turn 6 just allowing Nork a rally or die test which thankfully he passed :) With only one ogre model left alive, the hammers down to 10 models and about to be hit by another unit of bloodletters and daemonettes, the rangers about to be flamered and the demon army virtually untouched it was a massacre to the orcs and demons !


Finally some looting and pillaging for the orc's who drank themselves giddy on dwarven ale and gorged themself on ogre meat. Alas for Nork even then the demons were moving to turn on their 'allies' and their celebrations were to be short lived.

Well it was a pretty fun game and a learning experience for sure, the over eagerness of the Ogres probably sealing their fate early on. Although the tyrant and Butcher very nearly 2 manned my army! I must say this game showed Ben and I how much things had changed since 5th edition rules wise, whether it be pursuit wise, over-run's or the much reduced effect of panic.
Ben is now on 2-2 and I'll probably face him one last time before hopefully our Brettonian/dwarf player(s) are ready to play to give me a break from nasty demons.

A few questions if you guy's dont mind answering :)

In an allied game how much PD and DD do you generate? Is it the pd and dd for each side put together?
We had the ogres and dwarves on 6 power dice 2 (dwarves) +2 (ogres) +butcher= 6 and them on 7 dispell dice 2 (ogres) 4 (dwarves) + butcher = 7.

Do you get +1 armour 'parry bonus' save for hand weapon and shield if its a runic weapon?

How can an ogre tyrant be US 5? I know theres a big name that does it but he already had one.

Hatred is reroll all misses on the first turn of combat but is that your first turn of combat or theirs? E.G hammerers charge Nork and hammers+ thane who challenged can reroll misses. Next turns they can not. However a few turns later ork boyz charge hammerers. Can they reroll misses? It's not the hammerers first turn of combat in that combat but it is their first turn of combat versus the Orcs.

12-02-2009, 13:39
PD/DD for an allied poll is something you need to work out yourselves. Typically you only get the base two dice, 3 if one player is a dwarf, and 4 if both players are dwarfs, but as I said you really need to decide that as a group.

Dwarven weapons still count as handweapons and thus do get the +1 parry bonus.

There is a magical armor (bullgut I think it's called) that makes you US6 on the charge.

Anyway keep the reports coming :)

12-02-2009, 13:54
Thanks mal,

I think the way you put it possibly makes more sense PD/DD wise as we had a fantastic amount of dice on the field for a game with one level 1 shaman and a butcher.

That makes dwarven characters even harder to kill! We did play it that way (although it seemed whacky to me) and luckily I killed him on the turn I had S6 attacks :)

Okeis re: the armour.

Any idea on the hatred thing, think I edited it in after you posted.

12-02-2009, 14:18
Yup, dwarf characters can get pretty crazy.

Hatred is the first round of combat. Doesn't matter whos turn it is.

12-02-2009, 15:08
But if a unit with Hatred is already engaged in combat which has gone past the first round and they are charged by another unit, do they get re-rolls on the new enemy for the first round of combat with them?

A much simpler question here as I know virtually nothing of the Dwarf army book. Do the Hammerers retain their rank bonus even when charged in the flank or rear?

12-02-2009, 15:12
If a unit that has hatred is locked in combat, and another unit joins in it is not a new combat for them and thus they do not get hatred rerolls.

If a unit that has hatred charges into an on going combat then it is the start of a combat for them and they would get the hatred reroll.

Hammers are stubborn... that's it. There is nothing stopping them from losing ranks unless there is a thane in the unit that drops an oathstone.

12-02-2009, 15:17
But if a unit with Hatred is already engaged in combat which has gone past the first round and they are charged by another unit, do they get re-rolls on the new enemy for the first round of combat with them?

A much simpler question here as I know virtually nothing of the Dwarf army book. Do the Hammerers retain their rank bonus even when charged in the flank or rear?

If a new unit of orcs charge a dwarf unit already in combat, the dwarfs fighting those orcs will get hatred re-rolls (since it is the first round of combat w/them, like you said).

No dwarf units retain ranks bonus even when flanked or reared, unless there is a character with an Oath stone who activates the powers of the Oath stone (that is, the unit no longer counts as having flanks or rears, so flanking/rearing opponents neither get combat bonuses nor rank negation).

edit: seems there's some differences w/what I've posted and what Malorian's posted...I interpreted a new enemy to represent another "first turn of a combat", but maybe someone can clear up why I may be mistaken.

12-02-2009, 15:18
In the battle mentioned above with the Hammerers and the Orc Lord, the Hammerers were charged in the side by the Bloodletters and I'm sure they counted their rank bonus for CR. It made the difference between winning and losing the combat.

12-02-2009, 15:23
No dwarf units retain ranks bonus even when flanked or reared, unless there is a character with an Oath stone who activates the powers of the Oath stone (that is, the unit no longer counts as having flanks or rears, so flanking/rearing opponents neither get combat bonuses nor rank negation).

edit: seems there's some differences w/what I've posted and what Malorian's posted...I interpreted a new enemy to represent another "first turn of a combat", but maybe someone can clear up why I may be mistaken.

I believe there was some discussion of the Dwarf player forgetting to use an Oath Stone which went way over my head.

12-02-2009, 15:23
Maybe there were less than 5 bloodletters charging the flank? Could be your opponent is new to the game and didn't remember to lose rank bonus?

12-02-2009, 15:24
Yeah afaik the hammerers counted their rank bonus and were charged by what 14 bloodletters was it? Nork had killed the thane BEFORE he dropped the oath stone, I'd hope to trick him into using the oathstone early, out of position, but he just didn't use it and only mentioned it AFTER I'd killed him. I don't think it was the dwarf players fault more his 'forgetful' Ogre ally who was adding their sides CR. :)

12-02-2009, 15:28
Maybe there were less than 5 bloodletters charging the flank? Could be your opponent is new to the game and didn't remember to lose rank bonus?

There were 14 Bloodletters charging into combat IIRC. The Dwarf player most defintely is new to the game and I doubt did know that he lost his rank bonus. That said, the Ogre player certainly isn't new. As has been pointed out, we're adjusting from 5th to 7th ed and I only clarified the rule for myself afterwards.

Golden Lion
13-02-2009, 10:14
At least you learned some things eh? Thanks for the battle report, though I found it a little hard to follow which unit was where at times (pictures help of course:)).

Did Nork cause 5 wounds in three consecutive combat rounds? Sweet!

15-02-2009, 12:42
As for your Tyrant Unit Strength Question:

Tyrants have 5 wounds and US of a Base Ogre is 3, who have 3 wounds, So perhaps Tyrants would have US of 5.

Personally I thought all Ogre's were US 3, but maybe I'm wrong.

Can someone clarify this?

15-02-2009, 15:38
An Ogre with 5 wounds is no more US5 than a human with 5 wounds (assuming there is nothing in the OK army book to contradict this). The rules as given in the rulebook are a model on foot 'up to Ogre size' on a 40 or 50 mm base is US3. A monster is 'larger than Ogre size' and has a US equivalent to its wounds.

18-02-2009, 18:24
The troubled town of Sollendorf yet again echo'd to the sounds of orc wardums though this was joined now by dwarven warhorns. The dwarfs who had succesfully came out of the earlier pitched battle with most of their forces intact (unlike the Ogre's who had pretty much been wiped out to the gut) were eager to settle some grudges with Nork's boyz, though Nork hadn't really fought against the stunties until recently. Norglor made a reappearence his explosive flatulence finally lessening at about the same time Gobblit made a quick disappearence, perhaps wisely. News of Nork's waagh had started to spread and a band of orc boyz eschewing shields for 'more choppa's to bash some headz in' joined Nork's warband whilst the Lazy eye stabba's had tried to train some wild squigs they'd found foraging in the woods. How they got there isn't exactly certain but what is certain is several of the 'Stabba's met a quick end and became squig food before the rest of the 'Stabba's managed to overhwelm the squig's and recklessly get some extremely bad tempered mounts. The red mountain stikka's turned up again having constructed a doomdiver catapult which they reckoned would kill a great many stunties, sadly devious Gobblit had sabotaged it; in an attempt to kill Norglor he'd cast a simple spell on it in an attempt to cause it to break it apart when Norglor inspected it, alas Gobblit's inepitude struck again and nothing bar a bad smell eminated from the catapult when Norglor inspected it.

Hello everyone and welcome to my 4th battle this time against a dwarf player at 1250 points. He's a great guy and newish to the hobby only having played a handful of games. He's a great guy even if hes getting the hang of things, the dwarf armylist especially (though it is a confusing book) and as I found out during turn 6 seemed to be under the impression that a battle lasted until total destruction. I hope to play him again next week when we're both a bit wiser. I really was not looking forward to playing a dwarf army as my army does have a bit of shooting in it and dwarves aren't half bad at shooting ;) I managed to get a bit of painting done and pullitzer prize winning journalist crazydu was on hand to take some pictures.

Our armylists


Nork Sharptooth, Orc Bigboss boar, light armour, martogs best basha, enchanted shield, talisman of protection 133 points
Darksnit Lightfeara, N Goblin hero. Wollopa's one hit wunda, brimstone bauble, shield 72 points
Norglor, B Orc big boss, battle standard- Nogg's banner of butchery, heavy armour 139 points


Nork's BigLadz. 23 orcs, shields, full command 168 points
Sollenork choppa boyz. 24 orcs, 2 choppa's, full command 198
Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.

681 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
5 squighoppers 75 points

1 doomdiver 80

Total 1250

Dwarf 1250 list

Thane. Pistol, handgun, shield, oathstone rune weapon- flaming weapon, fury. runic armour-resistance 157
Giant slayer- master rune of blackhammer 125
Giant slayer- master rune of blackhammer 125


Thunderers, shields, full command 175


10 giant slayers, musician, standard 278
Cannon, engineer -handgun, brace of pistols 115
20 hammerers- full command 270


Organ gun 120

1305 points

18-02-2009, 18:50

Unfortunately the local GW store was full of sweaty Warhammer 40 K players so we had to play on the small 4 foot by 4 foot table. This table was too small for my first 1 K game and we're now at 1250...


I plonked all my warmachines on my hill with some arrer boyz and I kept as much of my army away from his beastly unit of 20 hammerers. I basically had to deploy my forces movement tray to movement tray as I simply didn't have enough space for anything fancy other than avoid the hammerers with my combat units strategy.

Here's the overall deployment photo- (note I am painting my army guys just very slowly)

and heres my right flank which I hope illustrates the point- (note kamikaze standard bearer as I had no more blue tac :D)

Turn 1- Dwarf resolve

Neither of the 2 ancient foes forces moved much both uneager to advance within each other's missile troop's firing range. Boragor using his races tried and tested strategy held firm waiting for the teeming horde of hated greenie's to deplete themselves on the gunpowder weaponry and the remnants to be mopped up by slayers and hammerers. However Nork was no ordinary orc and had a cunnin' plan which was to shoot the stunties up and then kill the survivors and not move either! Alas with his warband his 'planz' don't always work out.

Dwarf turn 1 was entirely uneventful with no movement and the only thing in range the cannon sent its cannonball sailing over Nork's ladz heads.

My turn was supposed to have no movement bar the squighopper's but the Widowmaker's and Stikkas both showed me up by rushing forwards uncontrollably. Sollenork choppa boyz squabbled but as they were supposed to stand still that was no bad thing. Shooting saw both the doomdiver and a bolt thrower cause 2 casualties each on the thunderers and this was the result of the panic test


Turn 2- the dwarves advance!

Realising that the foul greenskin's were unwilling to make much of a move first Boragor sounded the advance and his proud combat warriors all moved forwards, along with a sweating organ gun crew who moved to get a bead on the orcs. Nork hardly able to contain himself gave the order to advance too wanting to get a better position to fight some stunties.

The thunderers rallied which was expected although I'd have loved it if they'd ran off the board, his cannon this time killed 2 orcs and hit the bolt thrower, wounded it but thankfully only did a wound and meant I still just about had artillery advantage.

Animosity saw the squig hoppers bounce an impressive 4d6 in front of my arerr boyz.

The arrer boyz also let their willingness to chop get the better of them and move down the hill triggering a what happens if a unit moves into another of yours debate (answers appreciated)
I repositioned my forces to get better positioning and most moved with the spider riders moving into the forest. Shooting was fairly inconsequential although I managed to kill another 2 thunderers with a bolt thrower shot who held, embarassment making them unlikely to flee again.

Turn 3- Slaying the slayers

Boragor's mighty force as hard to stop marching as to stop the changing of the seasons continued to march forwards whilst Nork despite leading his Ladz forwards shouted for his shooty boyz to kill the slayers as they were going to give his Boyz real troubles.

The leftmost dragonslayer moved out of LOS of my spider rider's whilst the slayers sped onwards and the hammerers moved closer with the rock screening them. Despicably the cannon aims for my BSB and hits him bang on, a look out sir roll saving my blushes as an orc is thrown in front of the cannonball. the organ gun meanwhilst warming up blasts 3 of Nork's lads to smithereens.

A surge of we'll show them sweeps through my army as no less than 3 units get a 6 which was unwanted. The redmountain gits move up whilst the arrer boyz moved through the squig hoppers and well off the hill (I didn't think this made that much sense but was happy to go with the flow) with Nork's Ladz ambling forward a little.
The widow makers moved out of the woods into a position to charge the side of the organ gun

Whilst the rest of my army move.

Shooting sees the combined power of my shooting killing 4 slayers (everything fired at them) with a misfire for my doomdiver.

Turn 4 - I don't like organ music either.

Boragor seeing the 2 weapon armed foul orcs advance in the middle of the field ordered concentrated fire on them and the whole dwarf line opened up in an impressive belch of gunpowder and smoke. For their part the Widow makers had managed to get close to the organ gun and were prepared to close with it into melee range taking advantage of the order to annihilate the Sollenork choppa boyz.

The hammerers seeing the full force of the orc artilery moved behinds the rock whilst the dragon slayers moved towards the orcs and the unit of slayers turned to face the choppa boyz.

Shooting saw an almighty barrage aimed at the choppa boyz whilst the cannon landed just short and the cannonball stuck in the mud the organ gun was to have much better success and got a mighty 10 hits, bam ! 7 orcs were cut to ribbons and combined with 3 dying to the thunderers caused the panicked orcs to turn tail and run for it. Adding insult to injury Boragor aimed his handgun and felled another (which having thought about it he couldn't have !)

My turn saw the stikka's showing 'em and unleashing the fanatic who just missed the slayers

Whilst the widow makers charged the organ gun who held (I actually planned just to tie it up for a few turns)

The squighoppers bounced behind the rock (I'd spent most of the game bouncing them behind my units waiting for the opportunity to bounce into combat without being organ gun'd) thankfully the choppa boyz rallied
My entire bout of shooting of 3 warmachines, 40 bow armed models whether due to bad positioning, 2nd ranks not being able to fire as they'd animosity'd off the hill, suffering penalties for their moving or just plain bad luck killed nothing. Nada, zero, null, zip. To add insult to injury the doom diver blew apart (no doubt due to Gobblit) meaning I'd done myself more harm in shooting than my opponent, oh dear.

The widow makers made up for this in no small part though killing 2 crew for the loss of 1 causing them to take a test on -2 (we forgot about gunners pride) he rolled an eleven though to settle the doubt and continuing with his high rolls sped off eleven inches ! (double 6). I didn't catch speedy gonzales but I did spike the gun which was the main thing.

Turn 5- Unleash the hoppers

It was make or break time for the dwarves however Boragor's forces were still far away and he reckoned his slayers could easy take the now depleted choppa boyz so rather than move futilely Boragor gave the order to hold. Meanwhilst Norglor had a suprise for the slayers as he had a new fighty banner that he was keen to unleash on the unarmoured stunties.

My opponent reasoned rather than move into the sight of a lot of missile fire the hammerers would stay out of line of sight, they were a bit away anyways. The giant slayers moved forwards irrestisably close to the choppa boyz whilst the dragon slayers moved back from Nork's ladz. His shooting was as good as my last turn (although with less shots) as the cannon misfired but to no further effect and his 4 thunderers failed to wound an orc.


Animosity saw both units of night goblins squabble annoyingly and the squig hoppers to bounce towards the slayers (does it make sense for itP troops to suffer animosity? I dunno) This movement saw the squighoppers charge the slayers flank whilst the choppa boyz charged the front. The arrer boyz moved slightly, as did Nork's ladz whilst the Spider riders tried to get away from the lone crewman.


Shooting saw a single thunderer fall pierced by an arrow. Combat however was far more decisive using my banner I gave all the orcs an extra attack which combined with using 2 choppas and the squig hoppers meant it was a total wipe out ! the squig hoppers over ran but the choppa boyz chose not to over run right in front of the hammers unsuprisingly.


Turn 6- Double trouble

The two dragon slayers seeing that the hour of their doom was nigh decided to sell their lives dearly by charging Nork and trying to bring the hated boss down. Nork for his part prepared to charge the slayers and get some stuntie beards for his boss pole.

We measured range for the dragon slayers and it was so close for one of them we diced off, my opponent having the better roll so they both got to charge.

It's a good news day for one of my squighoppers as he has won the night goblin national lottery.

Shooting saw the fanatic felled, as well as 1 of the choppa boyz by a handgun and the cannon ball just hit the last model in Nor's ladz (now when I last played you randomized shots into combat if you managed to hit the unit, however we could find nothing about it in the rulebook bar template weapons so I accepted 1 orc would be hit and duly was killed, irritatingly taking me down to 19 models.)
Combat caused a fair bit of discussion- my opponent had given both the dragon slayers the same master runed weapon which isn't that hard a mistake to make but still we were at a loss what to do. In the end he rebought an item. I wondered whether I could avoid fighting the one with the rune of skalf blackhammer in a challenge with Nork whilst still challenging (I should just have challenged with a champion) as my opponent wasn't challenging. In the end Nork ended up issuing a challenge which the one with the master rune accepted. Cue more discussion about whether dragon slayers with rune axes got an extra attack for AHW I didn't think so but redben (who was watching with the rulebook but not the dwarf amybook) did, in the end eager to play on I relented and sure enough he got all 4 hits, 3 wounds, I made one armour save and failed my 2 wards saves causing a dead Nork, d'oh ! I just won combat, thankfully as the other dragon slayer did nothing.

For my turn animosity saw the squigs again go an extra d6 towards the dragon slayers with the the 'gits rushing forwards too. The squig hoppers charged into the dragon slayers was about all the moves I would do apart from moving the gits and stikka's to get range on the thunderers.
A hail of doom landed on the thunderers (40 bow shots) and they all perished with the 2 remaining bolt throwers unable or incapable of doing anything.
Combat saw 4 dead orcs and a wound to a dragon slayer, allowing me to win the combat.


Counting the cost- victory points

DwarfDoomdiver 80, Nork 133, Half of choppa boyz (just :p) 99
+1 table quarter 100
+enemy general killed 100

Orc Organ gun 120, 10 giant slayers 278, Thunderers 175, Giant slayer to half wound 63
+3 table quarters 300
+1 standard (slayers) 100

Solid victory to the orcs !


Well it was a very enjoyable game despite rules mistakes on our behalf (I am eager to know what happens when units bump into each other- the only rule we could find to do with that is stupidity) and bad deployment of the hammerers. I'm due to play redben on friday if I'm feeling well where Nork's boyz are going to try to put an end to the demon summoning circle in Sollendorf once and for all and do a rematch against the dwarfs on tuesday all being well.

Thanks very much for reading, comments welcome and let me know what you think of the slightly different format of reporting style.

Gabacho Mk.II
18-02-2009, 20:23
Very nicely done.

Looking forward to the batrep!!!


18-02-2009, 21:30
Why did the dwarf player have only 1 core? Is that just all he had or did he mess up his list?

Anyway nice battle and good to see the green skins swarm the field.

18-02-2009, 21:35
The funny thing is his 1 K list of the previous week was legal, as he revised his list on the day I can only imagine he took out the warriors to put more stuff in and forgot about it.

18-02-2009, 21:47
Also you can only have one of each master rune, and no two items can have the same rune combination. So those giant slayers are double illegal ;)

Doesn't really matter as far as this battle goes. Just remind him for next time.

18-02-2009, 21:50
Good battle report, you can't beat reading about a good solid orc victory

Both fairly unlucky with your shooting

Unusal seeing a whole unit of champions, never seen one before. Made me smile

You were debating on turn 6 whether the dragon slayer can use a rune axe and the additional hand weapon. Unless there's a special slayer rule i'm not aware of he can't do that. If it comes up again, here's a page reference... BRB pg 121 "a character that has a magic close combat weapon cannot use any other close combat weapons"
Hope that helps :)

I like the way you've reported the battle, it's nice and easy to read and fast. I might try something similar, i go into too much detail and make it long winded in my battle reports. Yours flows easier

19-02-2009, 08:51
nice rep and helpful pictures, nice all in all.
As to what happens when friendly units collide", they stop. Might be a way to "guide" the hoppers ;)

19-02-2009, 11:38
Whereabouts in the rules does it say they stop? I've looked through them a few times but can't find it anywhere. The only guidance is around compulsory movements into friendly units through Stupidity and Fleeing and they each do two different things.

19-02-2009, 12:16
Hmm that is an interesting question I know that the unit behind the squig hoppers would stop but i'm not sure if they would stop the squig hoppers from moving. I know that when the squig hoppers move the 'boing' rule says they ignore terrain and friendlies.

regardless nice report i can't wait to start playing with my orcs in 2 weeks!

19-02-2009, 12:24
It says nothing about the squig hoppers "boiiing" move ignoring terrain or other models.

The reason they ignore terrain is because they are skirmishers

If you want to keep your squig hoppers in a wood, use them with spider riders to keep them inside. Just run into the back of the spider riders. :) Good luck with your new orcs killer, they're great fun.

19-02-2009, 12:51
Squig hoppers used to boing over things back in my days (the era of black and white TV ;) ) whilst I think it makes sense for them to do so, sadly the rules now don't support that. The special rule boing just refers to their 3d6 compulsory move whereas as nuada says the reason they ignore terrain is because they're skirmishers not because of their boing rule.
It's a pity because it makes the units slightly less characterful IMO, but thats the way it is.

Again I'd say that the archers would have stopped upon hitting the hoppers but we couldn't find any rule on that in the rulebook (is it FAQ'D?) neither a cannon ball hitting a melee so we just assumed that it hit the model it hit.

That's a good tip btw Nuada, I was having to boing them from side to side like a loony.

20-02-2009, 22:04
Army lists for the 1250 pt game we fought on friday based on the saving of sollendorf !

Pictures (taken by redben) to follow as is the BR.


Nork Sharptooth, ulag's akrit axe, amulet of protectyness 120 points
Darksnit Lightfeara, N Goblin hero, l.armour, shield 34 points
Norglor, B Orc big boss, battle standard- Nogg's banner of butchery, heavy armour, boar 155 points


Nork's BigLadz. 24 orcs, shields, full command 174 points
Sollenork choppa boyz. 20 savage orcs, 2 choppa's, full command 230
Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Redmountain gits. 20 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 89 points
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.

719 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
5 squighoppers 75 points

1 doomdiver 80

Total 1250


Herald of khorne
-BSB w/banner of unholy victory

Herald of Tzeentch
-Winged horror
-Flames of Tzeentch

12 daemonettes
-standard bearer

12 bloodletters
-standard bearer

13 bloodletters
-standard bearer w/ skull totem

5 screamers

6 flamers


23-02-2009, 21:13
The town of sollendorf was starting to suffer from the impact of the demon infestation and summoning circles. Walls started to become less solid and the walls of the inner part of the town were starting to drip blood. The sky was starting to become pastel coloured and you could smell the air, almost taste it, a heavy cloying musky smell. It was obvious even to Nork's eyes something was very wrong and needed to be done else Nork and his boyz would be sucked into the realm of the chaos along with the town of Sollendorf! His boyz started to get even more feral and the Choppa boyz threw off what armour they had embracing the primal fury of Gork and Mork.
In a fevered dream given to him By Gork, Nork saw that the demons were climbing out of a circle in the large town house used by the now very dead ex burgomeister of Sollendorf. Nork had to destroy the house to save his boyz and to allow them to do the proper business of fightin' thsoe they could plunder!
As Nork's warband moved on the town the forces of demons were already streaming out of the walls of the town to meet them.

Hello everyone and welcome to my fifth game in 7th edition. I'm still learning and I'd like to think our playgroup is improving. We fought this battle on the outskirts of the town of Sollendorf and used some walls on the extreme of a table edge. Redben took some pictures however he's not managed to upload them yet so I decided to post up the BR without pictures, they will come just be patient please :)

This map is nearly but not not quite 100 % accurate but will do until we get the photo's uploaded.


I tried to deploy chaff on my right flank to try to get Redben to match them. As it was he deployed his combat units pretty much in the middle, whilst I deployed my strength on my left hand table half. He deployed his flamers and screamers very aggresively. Redben won the roll and chose to go first, his herald got flickering fire of tzeentch and gift of chaos.

The flames of tzeentch- turn 1

Nork wasn't used to the sheer amounts of tzeentch things that had just sped out of the warp, they seemed to be closing fast too ! Seeing these strange things advancing fast as greased squigs he called for a mighty Waagh!

The demons moved very fast towards the greenskins- the screamers zoomed a full 20" right in front of Norks ladz with the flamers bounding straight at Nork's ladz too so far the herald of tzeentch just failed to join them, everything else moved as fast as it could at the Orc line.
Between the heralds magics and his flamer-like bursts of flame 2 of norks ladz perished and 1 choppa boy.

With the screamers right in front of the Ladz a waagh was called, I needed a 4 or more to hit them straight off typically getting a 3. Oh well I could still make a normal charge, right. The stikka's waaghed an impressive 5" forwards but the squighoppers squabbled and 4 died due to gork's displeasure. Moevment saw Nork's ladz do nothing as I failed my fear test whilst the widow makers sped round the flamers moving right behind them, but on the edge of the forest. The stikka's moved forwards again whilst Norglor joined the choppa boyz.

Shooting saw a grand total of 1 screamer die to an arrer boy whilst everything else missed or failed to wound.

I'd killed one screamer to the loss of 4 squig hoppers and the flamers were now in range, I did not feel optimistic.

Asbestos coated skin- Turn 2

Seeing great gouts of flame coming at his Ladz Nork yelled the charge calling on all that could do to charge the weirdly shaped tzeentchians.

The flamers moved to get better shots and triggered the release of a fanatic (he missed sped around eventually went through the choppa boyz doing nothing and sped off the board). The bloodletters with the herald in advance on the stikka's whilst the middle ones move towards the choppa boyz and the daemonettes have dates with Darksnit and his Gits advancing on them although the gits aren't too happy with that. The screamers zoom over the arrer boyz (killing 1) and Norks ladz (killing 2)
The heralds magic wasn't succesful this turn with gift of chaos being failed to cast and flickering fire of tzeentch dispelled.
Redben then picked up a bucket load of dice for his shooting all in all rolling a fear in me causing 25 shots, thankfully the burning horrors only killed a single Orc. (6 hits only, 2 wounds, 1 save)

Nork ladz and stikkas get a lets show em again, stikkas get a 5 and charge into combat with the flamers, ladz get a low roll and are still more than 4" away. Squighopper bounces behind a forest whilst Norks ladz and the the widow makers both pass their LD tests and charge into combat triggering a rules discussion, now (ignoring completely the stikka's charging in first and not allowing a stand and shoot which we missed completly) do you move all chargers at once or one by one. I thought I'd read a FAQ which suggested that you moved them one at a time (when determining skirmishers 'front' and 'rear') so I could move the spider riders first and avoid the stand and shoot but couldn't be sure so I went to go online to check but was thwarted so asked GW staff member ray 'comic genius' who said its all done at once (although he did point out you resolve animosity first) so the long and short of it is that the flamers shot at Nork's ladz and killed 2.

Shooting saw 1 bloodletter from the herald's unit die to a doomdiver shot and 2 daemonettes die to pesky gobbo bowfire whilst the boltthrowers clearly making up for previous games did nothing.
Combat saw Nork challenge and kill the herald who couldn't refuse and another 3 wounds were done from the spider riders and boyz to the loss of 2 spider riders. Instability saw all but 1 flamer perish and the stikka's get out of combat.

A much better turn getting rid of the unit that really did worry me.

Frenzied orcs, hating demons, oh my- turn 3

As the herald's unit thundered into action sweeping all before them like an unstoppable wave, Nork just out of the corner of his eye saw Norglor get carried along with a seething tide of choppa boyz, he just hoped the choppa boyz could chop up the smaller unit before the herald destroyed the gobbo's.

Theloodletter with herald unit charges the stikka's after a long bit of deliberation (they were very likely to get caught if they fled) I decided to flee irregardless, they were caught and the blood letters moved perilously close to the choppa boyz. The other bloodletter unit moved in front of the choppa boyz whilst the daemonettes charged the redmountain gits who stood and shot to no effect however the fanatic killed 3. Screamers kill one of my right most bolt thrower crew.
Combat sees the daemonettes kill 7 ! and I therefore lose by 6 bringing me into insane courage territory, and lo and behold snake eyes, hoho.

My squig hopper bounces into the daemonettes and I have to declare a charge with the choppa boyz knowing that if I dont wipe out whichever bloodletter unit I charge the other will hit me in the side and kill me. I see if I can charge the smaller, non heralded unit (it was very touch and go) and I just can reach them so i charge away!
Shooting sees a screamer cop it and another bloodletter from the herald's unit die.
Combat sees the squig hopper kill a daemonette whilst the daemonettes kill 5 and darksnit killed 1 leaving me losing by 3 and both units fleeing, red mountain gits almost reaching the table edge and the now un-rallyable squig hopper bounced off like a loon followed by the daemonettes. The pivotal combat of choppa boyz versus bloodletters saw nogg's banner activated. Despite rolling an impressive 21 atatcks a combination of bloodletter martial prowess and demonic ward saves sees only 5 die, thankfully the remaining 1 can't hit the mad orcs and it comes down to the all important break test. I'd won by 9 and thus ben needed to get less than a 6 to have any survive and thus hold me up for a fatal flank charge. he gets a 7, rerolled to 6 for BSB and poof! go the 'letters. The choppa boyz utilise the forced over-run to get out of charge arc of the herald's unit.

I was VERY thankful about the way the combats went one less casualty or one less roll and I'd have taken a flank charge in the side- that would have been very painful.

Dating daemonettes- Turn 4

Nork seeing the bloodletters clsoe in and mindful of the extensive amounts of times he'd been knocked out or forced to run by their hands wisely and cunningly shouted at the boyz to reform whilst he scarpered into the woods.

Screamers move over all of my warmachines and kill 1 of each bolt thrower crew but don't kill any doomdiver crew. The daemonettes charge the 'hopper and it bounces off leaving the hopper just in front of the choppa boyz and the 'nettes within their charge arc. The blood letters do a world record continous wheel of 10" to face off Nork's ladz flank.

Redben hopes for a passed 'hopper rally test but I realise you can't rally with less than a quarter and so Sollenork's finest Choppa boyz charge the goblin blood covered demonettes and wipe them out overrunning as they must (and getting close to claiming a table quarter!). What shooting I have picks off a bloodletter. Meanwhilst Nork has moved into a nice, cosy, safe bloodletter free forest where he's making a good living cutting trees for the new Sollenorc lumbermill.

This turn pretty much meant if I didn't do anything stupid I would gain a good sized victory, as it was Norks unit didn't squabble (which would have been fatal and Nork could run into the wood's)

Warmachine crew needed good rate of pay - Turn 5

Nork was savouring the woodlife you could sample outside a demon infested town, mutated cow's, two headed birds and horned rats- the works. Meanwhilst Nork's ladz were getting to grips with a load of angry demons cheated of Nork's head.

BL charge Nork's Ladz beating them handly in melee causing them to flee escaping the letters by a few scant milimetres, screamer moves over both bolt throwers and arrer boyz kills 1 crew of each bolt thrower (leaving the right bolt thrower uncrewed) and 1 arrer boy.

Night goblin archers rally as do Nork's ladz. Choppa boyz move to claim quarter. Doomdiver misfires to no lasting effect and I kill a screamer with the arrer boyz to reduce them to under half strength.

Thankfully Nork passed his panic test for seeing the Ladz ran off- it doesn't happen much and is always worthy cause for celebration.

Securing the field- Turn 6

Nork decided to venture further into the forest where he saw a hut recently abandoned by a forestor, lying down on the bed he fell asleep blisfully content in the knowledge the battle was pretty much over.

BL charge Nork's Ladz again soundly beating the ladz again, thsi time catching them witht he screamers charging uncrewed bolt thrower and destroying it.

Choppa boyz claim quarter, nothing else moves and what little shooting I had kills enough bloodletters to reduce them to 1/2 strength.

Game over


The bloodletters had vanished, Nork claiming he'd bravely hacked them down and none could gainsay them as his ladz were all dead/scattered (and nork was the biggest, choppiest). No other demon could be seen and the clouds of perfumed musk were clearing up, being replaced by the smell of burning as Nork's warband put the town to torch and therefore closing the demon gate. Unwittingly Nork had saved the town from eternal damnation and the taint had been wiped out quick enough to prevent a second Praag.

My first ever massacre in a game that swung a fair amount but was decided in the first 3 turns, really. I hope you all enjoyed, photo's to come and perhaps after a few more games I can do a what I've learnt type post.

Thanks for reading :)

24-02-2009, 06:39
The order chargers are moved in preventing stand and shoot proved to be a red herring as irregardless of the order they move even one unit too close means no stand and shoot.

Slowly learning the rules one game at a time.

Golden Lion
24-02-2009, 09:11
A good read! Good to see orcs winning (sorry Redben;)). A really nice move to have the flamers cornered and destroyed so early. I learned the hard way that you can't let them stumble about spitting here an there.

Congrats, thanks for putting it up.

24-02-2009, 10:30
Nice battle reports, me likes reading them!
One thing though. It seems you measure if you are in charge range before you declare the charge. I am pretty sure that is not allowed.

But still a great read! Almost dont need the pictures

Golden Lion
24-02-2009, 11:42
As for the charge-order question. This is cited from the 2008 Rulebook FAQ:

"Q. If a skirmishing unit is charged by two or more enemy
units from different directions, how do I determine
which enemy hits them in the flank/rear as they have
none when the charges are declared?
A. In the Move Chargers part of the Movement phase, the
player controlling the chargers must decide which unit
goes in first against the skirmishers and move it in.
The skirmishers are then immediately formed up
normally against the first charger. At this point the
skirmishers have a front/flank/rear zone, and any other
charging enemy must treats the situation just like a
charge against a fight that was there from a previous turn."

Although it is about a different subject, it should clarify your issue as well, am I right?

Hope it helps.

24-02-2009, 11:43
Thanks golden and tony :)

@ Tonyflow You can't measure before you charge however if you are referring to when the choppa boyz measured, they are frenzied troops.

P52 WFRB "after the charges of all non-frenzied troops have been declared measure to see if any enemies are within charge range of any frenzied troops if so the frenzied troops must declare a charge against the enemy. If there are several eligible units within the charge range of the frenzied unit, the controlling player may decide what unit to charge"

@ Goldenlion yeah it does golden, thanks a bunch for finding that for me :)

24-02-2009, 11:53
As for the charge-order question. This is cited from the 2008 Rulebook FAQ:

"Q. If a skirmishing unit is charged by two or more enemy
units from different directions, how do I determine
which enemy hits them in the flank/rear as they have
none when the charges are declared?
A. In the Move Chargers part of the Movement phase, the
player controlling the chargers must decide which unit
goes in first against the skirmishers and move it in.
The skirmishers are then immediately formed up
normally against the first charger. At this point the
skirmishers have a front/flank/rear zone, and any other
charging enemy must treats the situation just like a
charge against a fight that was there from a previous turn."

Although it is about a different subject, it should clarify your issue as well, am I right?

Hope it helps.

Not for the S&S issue it doesn't (for me anyway) but it does open up a whole new area of the rules for me so thanks for that :). It never occured to me at the time that the Flamers had a 360 LoS and therefore no front or rear to be charged so it never occured that you could force them into a flank or rear charge from a unit of your choice by determining the order you moved your chargers. I just had them moving forward across the battlefield so lined them up that way.

In fact, I believe that had either of us realised this it would have meant Selone could have charged the Spider Riders first, forcing the Flamers to turn to face them, then charged the Orcs to their rear and gained the CR bonus for a rear attack the Spider Riders' didn't have because their US wasn't 5 by the end of the round of combat. That in turn, I think, would have ended that combat a round earlier because the extra 2 CR would have been enough to see off the last Flamer with Daemonic Instability.

Very interesting.

24-02-2009, 12:14
I did for the record try and charge with the spider riders first because I'd read that Faq entry but couldn't quite remember nor explain it well. When ray jumped in and said it's simultaneous I was like whatever :)
With 7th ed it does seem its one thing to know the rules and another to be able to find them :D

24-02-2009, 12:32
Or even explain them lol.

None of the flanking/rear stuff came up at the time. Just the S&S stuff. Don't hold back in future, give me teh rulez!

Golden Lion
24-02-2009, 13:28
hehe, I think it's exactly as you describe redben, so be sure next time to declare charges in a strict order, and solve/move them in the same.

24-02-2009, 18:17
nice report, Selone, I look forward to the pictures.

The rules question round here clarifies the weakness of skirmishers (well one of them), with the "free wheel" you can nearly always ensure you get a flank charge when charging skirmishers with 2+ units.

24-02-2009, 18:30
The 'free wheel', is this the alignment you get in addition to your normal movement once the first model has come into b2b contact with the defending unit as per figure 22.1?

If both charging units are side-by-side at the start of their charge then as I understand it the skirmishers will rank up directly facing both units once the first unit has charged. How does the second unit get in at the flank instead of the front?

As far as I'm aware, once the skirmishers are ranked up from the first charge and are arranged like a regular rank and file unit, unless the second unit's 90 arc is mainly to the flank of the skirmishers they would have to charge the front.

Not saying it's wrong, just trying to figure it out in my head so I understand it.

24-02-2009, 18:48
The free wheel is the aligning one, yes. Even whitout it you're allowed one wheel during a charge, and as the skirmishers rank up to your front you can basicly choose their facing (I believe this tactical wheeling is covered in the BRB FAQ), and thusly charge their flank with the other unit.

24-02-2009, 18:53
Still not getting it (though I'll dig out the FAQ). The second unit's charge begins when the first unit engages the skirmishes and ranks them up? At that point does the second unit not have to stick to charging whichever front or flank is most in their 90 degree charge arc. Even if they could charge forward and then wheel to the flank is this not illegal because the flank wasn't in their arc when they began their charge?

Like I say, if its clearly explained in the FAQ don't bother replying. I'll dig it out from there :)

24-02-2009, 21:08
the first units' wheel makes the skirmishers rank up with charger #2 in their flank arc (since they rank up to the front of the charger).

well that didn't make much sense, I should draw a diagram ;)

24-02-2009, 22:59
Stop engaging ben in discussion and instead persuade him to get those pictures uploaded ! :)
j/k (but still pm redben upload pictures :D)
A diagram would probably help :)

25-02-2009, 04:46
I think I have it now. It actually leads onto another question that very nearly came up in the game. If you are charging a single model on a 20/25mm base rather than a skirmishing unit of them, can you wheel to engage them at a different angle or do you align to their base when you reach them?

Essentially can you do the same wheel to create a better angle of attack on a single model that you can on a skirmishing unit?

26-02-2009, 15:20
Armylists for a 1288 battle I had against the dwarf player- Note it was supposed to be 1250 but he informed me (at least beforehand this time) that his list was over-pointed :rolleyes: I'm due to start upping the points this week :)
Because of this observant spotters will be able to note 2 pretendy squighoppers.

Orc I added 2 squighoppers and lightarmour to Darksnit

Nork Sharptooth, Orc Bigboss boar, light armour, martogs best basha, enchanted shield, talisman of protection 133 points
Darksnit Lightfeara, N Goblin hero. Wollopa's one hit wunda, brimstone bauble, shield 72 points
Norglor, B Orc big boss, battle standard- Nogg's banner of butchery, heavy armour 139 points


Nork's BigLadz. 23 orcs, shields, full command 168 points
Sollenork choppa boyz. 24 orcs, 2 choppa's, full command 198
Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.

681 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
5 squighoppers 75 points

1 doomdiver 80

Total 1250

Dwarf This time at least he had the minimum core choice, you get a prize if you can spot the other mistakes

Thane, shield, 75 pts items
2 dragon slayers x rune fo fury

10 thunderers, shields, standard
12 warriors, full command, rangers

8 miners, musician, standard, blasting charges
20 hammerers, full command
10 slayers standard, musician

Organ gun

26-02-2009, 15:43
Torrential rain pured down on the town of Sollendorf now renamed Sollenorc by Nork and his boyz. The rain quickly put out the fires set by the Orc's although not soon enough to prevent the corrupt Burgomeister's town house from collapsing into ruins covered with orc dung daubed insults. Nork's ladz were busy sheltering in the woods so often a feature of the bits of bother Nork's warband found themselves in.
Nork was in his hut now called da boss hut busy explaining to a confused looking Darksnit the benefits of lumbering for a warband. His long winded rambling was cut short by the blare of warhorns. Instantly Nork knew who it was.
"Stunties are comin' boyz, he yelled, only they would be mad enough to fight in this weather"

Hello everyone and welcome to my 6th battle, this will be my last at 1250 before I move up to 1400-1550ish. My opponent is Jon the bonkers dwarf player who is a lot of fun and slowly learning. We started a little later but due to deployment the game went pretty quickly. I must warn readers that this report is a fairly cagey game on my behalf as I tried to pick off units and avoid his 2 big combat blocks. If you want 5 turns of massive fighting this may not be the report for you, if you want lots of ork cunnin', squighopper action, organ gun playing and lots of casualties due to animosity, this is your report. Pictures and notes taken by the ever journalist crazydu.

Jon won the dice roll and decided to choose the side without the hill on but with more cover on. Because of the fact he was deploying first, I have more units and he had 2 units that don't deploy normally I was very much able to set up my army away from his apart from the ever reliable (to die) redmountain git's. My doomdiver was set up with a wood in the way of it and his cannon as Jon's guessing is almost perfect.

My deployment

Dwarf deployment

Start of battle

Squabblin' in the rain-Turn 1

To the sound of warhorns blown for centuries the dwarf expedition marched forwards, no rain able to stop their march or dampen their spirits. Nork's boyz meanwhile were arguing about who got to use the supplies of human wet weather clothes they'd appropriated and a mass melee broke out amongst the boyz.

The Hammerers, slayers, dragonslayers and rangers all moved fowards (marching except for the rangers who shuffled out the woods under atatck from various woodland creatures) as did the organ gun. I make sure never ever to start off within 27" of that thing where possible.
The cannon shoots at bolt thrower and as ever was perfectly on target causing 1 wound on the cannon and killing 1 crewman and giving a taste of what was to come. Still my spider riders were set up to take it out....

In a mass bout of animosity no less than 3 of my units squabble - the stikkas and both orc units!
Squigs and spiders head towards the cover of the wood planning to take out the cannon in 1 or 2 turns.
A spectacularly unspectacular turn of shooting saw the doomdiver take aim at the thane's unit, distance guess being slightly short but misfiring-thankfully not blowing up, which would have just about capped off my turn.
No one else was in range apart from the 2 spear chukka's who due to the torrential rain both missed spectacularly.

He did it! No it was him! Bish Bosh aargh-Turn 2

Just surfacing from only a few feet away from Nork's band were the miner's who got a bit closer than even they anticipated this combined with the 'git's reporting they could see stunties coming out the woods too Nork thought there were stunties everywhere, spotting the miners himself he cried a mighty WAAGH!

The miners appeared on the edge of board and moved up next to doomdiver. (right next to!) whilst everything else bar the cannon moved forward.


The cannon destroyed the spearchukka with another perfect guess and killing another crew member. This also at last created the situation redben always wanted to see - a skirmishing unit of goblin crewmen.

The miners were very close to me-
but to an angle so I couldn't charge them, noticing that the result of we'll show em allows you to turn and therefore set home up for a charge, I declared a waagh! I actually got a 6 for the distance so they even managed to get into combat and avoid the blasting charges hitting him in the flank.

Not all animosity was to be so good though, the choppas (who had been joined by Norglor in turn 1) squabbled. Between the hits for norglor cracking skulls and the power of the waagh itself I lost 5 choppa boyz and still had the squig hoppers and spider riders to test. To my relief the squig hoppers didnt squabble but the spider rider's acted up after 1 of the spiders had taken a bite out of Nork's hut squabbling over whose fault it was. 3 died to Gork's displeasure and the last 2 legged it off the battlefield fearful of the wrath of Nork.
5 dead choppa boyz, 5 lost spider rider's, my head hurt!

Elsewhere the Squigs moved into the wood, eager to get away from all the fighting and the Choppa boyz moved forward.

Shooting was again poor with the doomdiver guess spot on but scattering, and both the Stikkas and gits out of range, the Arrer boyz arrows bouncing off the tough slayers' (3 hits, no wounds) although at least the Spearchukka managed to kill two.

Combat was a lot better- Nork and his ladz killed 6 miners, the 2 remaining running off the field, Norks boys contained their excitement and didn't follow (too busy distracted by the bloodshed in the choppa boyz).

They shoot, they score...or not -Turn 3

The dwarves were getting within range of their gunpowder weapons now and Nork had lost his spider riders, it was all down to the bouncing mad hoppers to rid Nork of th dwarf right flank now.

The orrgan Gun moves forward finally getting into range, Slayers and Hammerers wheel and move forwards, dragonslayers move forward, and the rangers finally move out of the wood.

Cannon shoots at Arrer boyz but just grazes the tops of their heads, however the hunderers are now in range and with an impressive bellow of smoke kill 4 stikka's.

Animosity - Choppa boys charge forward (pent up energy from the aggro last turn!) whilst everything else is fine thankfully.
The Squigs boing over to and in to the cannon with an impressive 15" move, the Choppa boyz march towards the thunderers and Nork and boyz follow trying to keep up.

Shooting is again less than great with another perfect guess of the doomdiver being spoilt by a misfire. As cosmic justice I clumsily knock it off the table and the top comes off! The arrer boyz, gits and spearchukka all miss/fail to wound with the Stikkas left to kill 2.

The super squigs kill the cannon and crew and are forced to overrun in their hatred and excitement.

Thank god for squigs!

I need a hero!-Turn 4

Seeing the hated dwarves move ever closer small hooded gobbo's stop sittign on mad as a hatter fanatics amongst their number. With a quick helpful push they speed on ever faster towards the waiting dwarfs.

Mighty dragonslayers move towards gits - fanatic comes out but stops short and the slayers move towards the hill - fanatic comes out of stikkas and kills 2.
The rangers move although its by now evident they're going to do nothing and the Organ gun also moves as it may just be out of range/have loS issues.
With his cannon dead his shooting is pretty watered down as the thunderers shoot at stikkas and kill 2.

Animosity sees the stikkas squabble just as they're getting into short range annoyingly...
For my moves the Squigs boing over into the rear of the Thunderers, Darksnit charges a Dragonslayer, with the Choppa Boys wheeling and moving towards the centre of board, still followed by Nork and his Ladz.

The doomdiver's sight is blocked (just as well as it would probably have misfired ;)) although my last Spearchukka hits the Hammerers and kills 2 before it passes out the unit. The gits had 8 shots on Dragonslayer but to no effect (I was being optimistic here) although the Arrer boyz kill a slayer.

Darksnit activates his wollopa with a battlecry of 'do I have to do everything myself?' and kills a dragonslayer, over-running into the other one, but sustains 1 wound in the next combat.
The not so super squigs despite having hatred and 2 attacks apiece manage 7 hits and a less than stellar 2 dead. The thunderers attack back and 2 squigs die, I win combat by one and the thunderers go nowhere.

I was very close to a tied combat and then I'd have lost due to the musician and no one likes taking break tests with goblins :D

Turn 5 Get stuck in boyz!

Nork was beginning to curse the resilience of these stunties whilst he'd got rid of the miners there were still stunties refusing to give in and some were even closing in on his shooty boyz! Actions needed to be taken!

The remants of the slayers charged the stikkas who chose to stand and shoot - successfully killing 2 slayers and reducing them to 1! In support the Hammerers and Rangers move forwards.
finally able to shoot the Organ Gun shot choppa boyz and kills 7 (hence why I try to avoid it he has a pretty good amount of '10' hits) who with their boss right behind them don't panic.
Combat sees the surviving Dragonslayer kills Darksnit and I gleefuly declare the brimstone bauble and explain he takes d6 strength 6 hits ! Of course I get 1 hit and a one to wound and start muttering under my breath. Hoppers versus squigs results in 4 dead Thunderers but they refuse to give ground.
Slayers vs Stikkas has the slayer missing twice (despite hatred) but the stikkas cant wound their hated foe.

Animosity saw nothing happening, Fanatics didn't cause any damage (nor did they in the remaining turn) The Choppas charged Thunderers with Norks boyz advancing in support.
Shooting was to see something unexpected- the Doomdiver shot at the Hammerers but scattered onto the dragon slayer and did an impressive 4 wounds on him, not all could go well as everything else missed.
In combat the Slayer went on a rampage killing 2 but still not winning combat and the Choppa boys killed all the remaining Thunderers!

All I had to do now is avoid the hammerers and organ gun to get a pretty good result.

One for you, one for me- Turn 6

It was starting to get dark and there would soon be a lull in the fighting so both sides tried to preserve their forces and pick off any easy target that presented themself.

The dwarf turn saw a bit of movement, Jon trying to get in my face with the hammerers whilst the organ gun chose to shoot at Norks Ladz but was out of range. The stikka's managed to kill the last slayer.

My turn saw the Stikkas get excited and charge off the hill towards the Hammerers but thankfully be too far away. I moved to claim quarters and tried vainly to do a lot of dmage on the hammerers to reduce them to half strength, needless to say I killed a mighty 2. There was no combat so it was the end!


Afetr counting victory points it was a massacre to the Orcs ! Mainly due to table quarters and standards mind. it was a fun game but deployment was again crucial as it always be with my orcs versus dwarves before 2 K points.

As night fell the dwarfs fell back to farm a defensive half circle with the organ gun and Nork's boyz slank off into the shadows not wanting to press on until they'd regrouped. Some night goblins were dispatched to harass the dwarves however, as Norks warband got in a post and pre battle feast in.

26-02-2009, 18:53
It was quite a good battle to watch (and I'm finally starting to understand some of what is going on!) but will anyone ever beat Nork and his ladz?

26-02-2009, 19:25
Great battle and good to see another win.

One note on your deployment, you had the spiders and the hoppers in front of a block of orcs. Had either one of them squabbled the orcs would have been trapped. As it turned out it was the orcs that squabbles, but just something to kind in mind in the future.

26-02-2009, 20:23
you get a prize if you can spot the other mistakes
Was it too many dwarf special choices? :p

You turned when you got a We'll show 'em result for your orcs. For future reference I don't think you can do that, it says you have to move to someone within LoS, and if you have noone in LoS you move directly forward. Something good for your orcs.....Those dwarf miners have to appear on the table with all their rear ranks touching the table edge

Great report again selone, you had some unlucky shooting that game. Good to see orcs beating dwarfs. Go Orcs!! :) Keep up the good work

27-02-2009, 00:17
Thanks for the replies guys/gals :)

Good to see you're learning crazydu and I'm sure the dastardly, villanous redben will soon!

Thats a fair point malorian and something I've done before. It has been the case before I simply hoped they wouldn't fail their animosity (which is a bad premise) whereas this time it was more important for me to keep my boyz away from the dwarfs and I figured I could live with them not being able to move for 1 or even 2 turns.

Nuada yes it was- he also had the same rune weapon again. Next tuesday I'm going to preside over him playing our new brettonian player and the modeller of our group. I'm hopefully going to give them both a hand with their lists.
Fair point regarding the Waagh, I just (perhaps wrongly) assumed since the unit could see. Of course you measure charge arc and line of sight from the front of the unit and not the back so wouldn't be. My bad. It never even entered my mind. On reflection it seems pretty weird that a unit with an enemy unit so close to it that the back rank could see would instead surge forward and away from them but them's the rules! Although it is balanced out by the miners coming on the table wrongly, hehe.

27-02-2009, 16:04
Yeah there's very few (if any) situations where you'll turn during a Waaagh! ( :D that sounds like Uncle Albert from only fools ..."during the waaagh!" )

Yes totally agree does seem weird they surge forward when an enemy is next to them.

01-03-2009, 13:24
Army lists for a 1400 game V Demons

Nork's Band- I decided to add an orc shammy to give me a magic phase and hopefully put the hurt on the tzeentch herald redben had brought last week and I felt sure he would this week. Little did I know he would bring that and more!

Nork Sharptooth, ulag's akrit axe, amulet of protectyness 120 points
Badorc Orc shaman lvl 2, boar, nibblas 'itty ring 136
Norglor, Black Orc big boss, battle standard- Nogg's banner of butchery, heavy armour, boar 155 points

Nork's BigLadz. 24 orcs, shields, full command 174 points
Sollenork choppa boyz. 20 savage orcs, 2 choppa's, full command 240
Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz, musician 65 pts
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician +1 fanatic 92 points
Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.

2 spearchukka's 70 points
7 squighoppers 105 points

1 doomdiver 80

Total 1400

Redben's Summoning- whilst us poor joe's are struggling with the credit crunch not so Redben who had been paid a hefty bonus ! Whilst he was showing off a new pair of glasses I couldn't but help notice that he had also purchased and brought along some fleshounds and horrors!

Herald Of Tzeentch -145
-Power Vortex

Herald of Khorne -225
-BSB w/ Banner of unholy victory

12 daemonettes 144

18 Bloodletters 259
-Standard w/ skull totem

15 Pink horrors 204
-1 iridescent horror

6 Flesh hounds 210

6 flamers 210

1397 points

02-03-2009, 10:10
And how I wish I hadn't :(

02-03-2009, 10:35
But I am looking forward to seeing new things!

02-03-2009, 14:20
Me and Tzeentch daemons, we don't get on.

04-03-2009, 11:03
Nork's warband still hadn't left Sollendorf as there was still a supply of livestock and Nork was busy cutting down the trees as part of his new lumber industry. The wood would also be used for making more warmachines which nork reckoned he'd need soon as his warband was growing and soon he'd be fighting bigger, better enemies!
An orc shaman had joined Nork's 'band who the ladz had started calling BadOrc as he was a bad orc to cross if you didn't want your head to explode. It was he who spotted the demons returning although this demonic host looked very different to the host they normally faced although the demonic juggernaut riding herald was a familiar face, must have got himself some new demon fighty boyz, Nork thought.

Hello everyone and welcome to my seventh game of WFB under 7th edition. This time I would be facing redben who had invested in some new models which was a 'nice' suprise. Redben was taking pictures with a digital camera, he is no crazydu mind but Redben's pictures are (just about) better than nothing :D I decided to add in an orc shaman to counter what I presumed to be a lvl 2 wizard though I didn't reckon on ben having 7PD !


I won the roll and chose to deploy first claiming the side with the two tiered hill. Very much like my last game (and observant spotters will notice the terrain was virtually identical to my last game) with my combat units on my far left and disposable troops on my right. Ben put the main thrust of his forces in the middle with his flamers trying to screen his bloodletters and his fleshounds guarding his left flank.

Spells were-
Bolt of change, flickerin fire of tzeentch for herald.
Gaze of mork, headbutt for me.

Ben won the dice off with a 6 and had me go first. I don't talk about the fanatics in the BR as they did nothing; missing and then dying into woods eventually.

You're the one that I want, you are the one I want- Turn one

Unused to taking the initiative thanks to an eagled eye badorc Nork shouted at the Stikaks to move forwards, where they were joined by Badorc to give him some protection and allow to him to do some castin'

My squighoppers bounced into the forest with the spider riders moving up as fast as they could, to distract the fleshhounds. The stikkas moved a few inches forward to be joined by badorc so he could be in range for his spells.
Magic saw both my spells dispelled but nibblas 'itty ring went off on the tzeentch herald. Redben looked worried but he needn't have been as a one was rolled to wound.
Shooting saw the doomdiver hit the fleshhounds bang on (I was fairly good with the guesses this game) and again ben looked worried, I rolled a one for the number of hits and you guessed it a one to wound. Both my bolt throwers hit one actually managed to kill a bloodletter but the other got a one to wound. I didn't use that dice again ;)

Ben's forces as to be expected rushed forwards with the fleshhounds getting right under the noses of the Widow makers.
Magic saw ben pick up his 7 power dice but between range, failed casting rolls and a 3 dice dispell nothing got cast.
Shooting gave ben 17 shots with his flamers on the Stikkas which was less than impressive and 8 hits of which 5 wounded. One less than needed to take a panic test.

Not a great first turn for me with many ones stopping a bit of damage. Slightly counterbalanced by ben's magic and shooting phase.

It's a kind of magic - turn 2

In the woods that they had frequented so many times before the Squighoppers smelt the scent of daemonettes, throwing all caution to the wind they bounced through the woods and onto the startled daemonettes

Animosity saw both the Choppa boyz and 'stikka's squabble annoyingly, Squigs boiing into combat with the daemonettes, spider riders turn and put a little distance between themselves and flesh hounds to try to give me a chance of escaping the flesh hounds charge.
I tried to cast in the magic phase not realising I couldn't, however karmaic justice prevailed and everything was dispelled.
Surely my shooting phase would be better? Well first the Doom diver misfires and cant fire this or next turn and the rest of my combined shooting sees 1 horror killed (and therefore reduce their magic level) so err not really.
Combat surely would be better? A juicy 14 S5 attacks for me sees my squigs do a fairly average 7 wounds, however redben 'I cant make a wardsave' in fact saves 4 of them. He attacks back killing 2 winning combat by 1 and the squig hoppers bounce off. D'oh D'oh D'oh.
He elected not to pursue and didn't take a LD test.

Redben's forces advance with the demonettes backing up the bloodletter's. The fleshhounds charge the spider riders who need a decent roll to escape and get one fleeing 15 inches into the woods.

Magic sees ben fail to cast gift of chaos on 3 dice (not that suprising) and I dispell everything else.
The flamers splutter out 14 shots again at the stikka's and kill 4 of them, again 1 short of the amount needed to cause a panic test hoho.

A poor turn for me, with the forces about in charge range I've killed a couple of models and had my squigs ran off.

Live by magic, die by magic- Turn 3

Nork was doing some deliberatin' should he shout a mighty waagh now or in a few minutes when the demon boyz were closer. In the end he thought he'd wait a bit and let his boyz whittle them down first before waaghing it!

I had think long and hard whether to waagh or not, working out distance and probabilities.

In the end I didn't and both Squig hoppers and spider riders rally.
Savage orcs get a lets show em, which whilst ben groaned, on reflection was bad as it means they have to charge unsupported by my orc boyz. Big, big amount of thought goes into whether to charge the bloodletters do damage on them and have the daemonettes hit me in the flank or charge the horrors do damage on them and get the bloodletters in the flank, as it is I charge the bloodletters.
Magic is fairly good finally and sees 3 dead horrors to gaze of mork and headbutt do a wound on the herald! Nibblas 'itty ring was dispelled.
3 horrors die to my shooting which whilst it was still pretty poor was better than my first 2 turns combined!
Combat sees the cowardly herald refuse a challenge and go to the back rank (where he still provided the effects of his demon standard which was wrong) some slightly bad dice rolling and good ward saving meant I only killed 5 bloodletters (I had an impressive 21 Strength 4-5 attacks) and of course the one attacking back killed an orc. Redben rolls big on his dice and 7 bloodletters die to instability.

Daemonettes charge the choppa boy flanks, fleshounds wheel around
Magic sees 1 archer die to a flickering fire of tzeentch ben then rolls 4 dice for bolt of change (1 dice more than allowed) gets a miscast, gets a strength 8 hit fail his ward save AND DIES !
Flamers get 16 shots and do a mighty 2 wounds on the gits.
Combat sees me lose by 5 (I killed one blood letter only despite a fair few attacks back)and I can't make the 3 or less on a reroll so flee and am run down by the bloodletters.

A mixed turn though there is a lot of VP'S in the choppa boyz it now sets me up for a counter charge, as soon as redben rolled the miscast we knew he'd fail his ward save.


The time was right, gork and mork was with them, the demon boyz were right in front of him, WAAAGGGGGH !

I call a waagh !
Arrerboyz and Nork's ladz are inflicted by the we'll show 'em. Spider riders squabble (not for the first time) and lose 3 but pass their panic test.
Ladz waagh into the bloodletters, squigs boing into it. Gits pass their LD test and charge the flank of the flesh-hounds after I realized I literally couldn't lose the combat.
Magic sees 2 dead horrors to gaze of mork
Doomdiver kills a flamer, archers kill 2 horrors and a bolt thrower kills a daemonette. At last a half decent shooting phase!

Stepping up to the plate Nork challenges the herald and this time redben can't cowardly chicken out again, Nork then kills the herald in single combat, result! The squighoppers and ladz kill the rest of the unit.

There's not much redben can do, his daemonettes and horrors shuffle away a little, whilst the Flamers charge the gits to rescue them from being stuck in a combat with a teeming mass of Gitz!
Unsuprisingly the flamers murder the goblins and the fleshounds pursue and kill them.

A pretty good turn for me and the bulk of redben's army was gone.

Wipe 'em out- Turn 5

Seeing the enemy general get struck down by another demon and personally slaying the herald Nork was full of waagh energy, he spurred his troops on to settle things.

Stikka's squabble, I play try to catch redben's retreating forces on my left flank.
With a lot less dispell dice against me I can run rampant and indeed magic sees the last of the horror's die.
Doom diver misfires (again) but can shoot next turn, shooting sees a fleshound die to a spear chukka but the other hit is saved. Arrow boyz have nothing to shoot at !

Daemonettes move away from ladz, fleshhounds turn and claim table quarter.
Flamers shoot at and kill the last 2 spider riders.

The game was a win to me that was fairly clear but the margin of victory was still all to play for.

Never rely on an uncontrollable troop- Turn 6

The demon boyz were proving most elusive with Nork goading the LAdz on but try as they might they couldn't quite reach the demon boyz, Nork bellowed at the squig hoppers to come back as if he couldn't 'ave any fun, why should they?

I decided to play it safe and not charge the 5 hoppers into the 'nettes instead moving them towards the forest. That was the plan anyways, of course they only moved 6 inches and didnt reach the forest, I tried to move the Ladz up to protect them but they couldn't quite obstruct the imminent charge. I chose not to move my arrer boyz with badorc in as whilst the battle was winding down, so too was my brain clearly.
Magic saw a when do you decide to dispell to discussion between me and ben, before you measure said I, after you measure sez Ben. We diced off, I lost and the flamers were slightly OOR of the 'itty ring. I threw 3 dice at gaze of mork which resulted in 3 wounds on fleshounds due too a comical ben dispell roll.
Doom diver scattered off the fleshounds, archers were out of line of sight and both BT's missed as I tried to get 50 % casualties on the fleshounds needing a single wound on them but alas not getting it.

Redben had a chance to get some valuable VP's back and whilst not change the result of the game affect the margin so the daemonettes charged the squig hoppers.

Flamers had 18 shots that killed 6 archers and finally forced a panic test that I duly failed making them run away with no chance to rally.
Combat saw the daemonttes hit 8 times and then roll one wound, hoho, allowing the Squig hoppers to kil 2 back for the 50 % Vp's on them and tie the combat.


Nork's ladz packed up the remaining provisions from Sollendorf and put as much lumber and metal on very rickety carts as they could manage. Sollendorf down the rest of Wissenland to go!

It was a solid victory in the end, which I'm quite pleased with. Each army redben makes gets tougher and it wont be long until I see 2 units of plaguebearers, 2 units of fleshounds and 2 units of flamers !

Thanks for reading all

04-03-2009, 20:13
Another great report selone!! You were unlucky with your squig hoppers and your shooting. (i'm biased towards O&G of course) :)

I completely sympathise with redben, those photos look just like the ones i take for my battle reports :D

Thanks for the report though

04-03-2009, 21:02
Hurray! Orcs win again!

Looks like you have the same luck as me with doomdivers ;)

05-03-2009, 15:57
Nuada my shooting was truly awful in the first 2 turns and I really thought I was going to perish under a Tzeentch onslaught.
Yeah tell me about it Malorian in the 4 or 5 games I've used it its never made its points back though it's got close in a few.

Anyways our 2 new players (brett's and dwarves) played on tuesday and the luck was like nothing myself or redben had ever seen. One roll was described by redben as the worst he'd ever seen in 5 years of gaming! I won't say more because the Brett player is threatening to do a Battle report of his own.

I've stolen an idea of Malorian and started putting direct links to my BR's up on the first page but you'll need to look at the post before for the army lists.

Comments are as always welcome and appreciated :)

10-03-2009, 00:57
Nork's warband

Nork Sharptooth, ulag's akrit axe, amulet of protectyness 120 points
BadOrc orc shaman lvl 2, boar, nibblas 'itty ring 136
NorglorBannabasha, B Orc big boss, battle standard- Nogg's banner of butchery, heavy armour, boar 155 points

Nork's BigLadz. 23 orcs, shields, full command 168 points
Sollenork choppa boyz. 20 orcs, 2 choppa's, full command 170

Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz, musician 65 pts
Redmountain stikka's. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician, 67 points
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician 67 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Howlin' Snarlers. 5 wolf riders, sbows, musician 71 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
2 spearchukka's 70 points
6 squighoppers 90


1 doomdiver 80

Total 1400

Redben's list


10 Chaos Warhounds – 60 points
10 Chaos Marauders - 40 points
10 Chaos Marauders – 40 points
5 Marauder Horsemen w/ Mark of Slaanesh & Throwing Axes – 91 points


12 Chosen w/ additional hand weapons, Mark of Khorne & Rapturous Standard – 298 points
5 Chaos Knights w/ Mark of Nurgle & Banner of Wrath– 295 points


Wulfrik the Wanderer – 185 points
The Troll King Throgg – 175 points
LVL 2 Chaos Sorcerer w/ Mark of Tzeentch, Daemonic Steed + Gifts of Chaos and Magic Items – 216 points (Conjoined Homonculus, a Spell Familiar and the Golden Eye of Tzeentch)

1400 points

10-03-2009, 07:46
Nice reports, small games can be surprisingly interesting. I predict a win in your next battle! Why no fanatics btw as a chaos player they scare the holy bejeezus out of me ;)

10-03-2009, 13:52
I see an easy win against chaos. Your warmachines are going to rip his chosen and knights apart and the rest can't stand against your blocks.

Also odd that he took the troll king but no trolls...

10-03-2009, 19:20
I'll let you in on the secret of army choice strategy. I'm sure it will help you in many future battles. Essentially it comes down to asking one question, what models do I have? ;)

10-03-2009, 19:32
Hmmm that always makes for interesting army lists :)

How long have you guys been playing now?

10-03-2009, 19:46
I believe I bought my first models for my DoC army in early December and played my first game with them in early January. With that army I'm probably able to field 1500 points with some variations.

I've put the WoC army together in the last two weeks just for some variation from our usual DoC vs. O&G games. That is maxed out in the list above. There is little point in jumping my DoC army any further as none of my potential opponents could match it right now.

10-03-2009, 19:54
That's too bad.

Hopefully you guys can get up to 2000 soon.

10-03-2009, 20:00
kerill- cheers no fanatics was simple, keep ben guessing :D

Malorian- I'm a bit behind of ben but I could do a 1500 army if I had more carry cases ;) and probably get to 1750 with everything I had type of thing, the Brett player is at 1250 and the dwarf 1400 so we're getting there. For me I add 100 points about every fortnight, Ben's demon army is pretty varied now and can field a few varieties of list. I had to lend redben the troll for the troll king and there was one great proxy used but yeah our gaming group pretty much play with a WYSIWYG ethos.

Added magic tems now

Golden Lion
11-03-2009, 21:02
Good more variety! Bring on the battles boys!

12-03-2009, 19:19
Hello there...Dirty G here! The Undefeated Bretonnian Player :evilgrin: (at the moment) - 1st Post :)

It's for CRAZY people!

12-03-2009, 22:04
You will fit right in then ;)

13-03-2009, 04:39
Great battle reps look forward to seeing you play the bretonians. Do you guys all post in this forum or do you have your own threads for when you play each other and selone isent there. Not that i tire of reading your posts selone but haveing all of you post here would be pretty awesome and would make for a really intresting Battle Group log.

13-03-2009, 10:44
I've only had one game that didn't involve Selone.

13-03-2009, 21:55
Great battle reps look forward to seeing you play the bretonians. Do you guys all post in this forum or do you have your own threads for when you play each other and selone isent there. Not that i tire of reading your posts selone but haveing all of you post here would be pretty awesome and would make for a really intresting Battle Group log.

Heya deadboytat2 it's an interesting idea and one I'll give some thought to. For now I think I'll probably just link to other people's BR thread's from my first page. Also because I can't change my topic title without pestering the good folk at warseer's modship it wouldn't be as good. Maybe we could make a new thread which linked to all of our threads/blogs maybe?

Anyways some of the folks prefer reading/writing BR's more than others. The brett player likes writing them as do I but we likely won't see redben penning anything other than essays for his degree ! :) I did consider writing other people's BR's up if we did a tale of 4 gamers type of thing but either mrG or I would have to be there most likely. Maybe I could put them on my website.

I've typed my WoC notes and am just waiting for the photos to be uploaded to be able to get cracking on the BR :)

14-03-2009, 03:47
Quite cool i like all of those ideas alot. if you were to write them and link them to your site i wouldent mind going there to read the others side of the tale. And so far you guys are beating the tale of four gamers in my mind because the battle reps are full lol. And unlike GW you guys explain when you make a mistake not just misprint something and move on like nuthing happened. Keep up the good work!

14-03-2009, 04:26
Great little series of reps and comments here, and it seems all the people you play with as well.

16-03-2009, 00:30
Nork's band were moving quickly west now along the grey mountains, having left Wissenland, they marched along a road leading to Wissenburg a town in the province of Reikland. Strangely no sentries were spotted nor regiments of humies blocked their path. BadOrc had forseen much plunder to the lands of the 'umie realm called Brat-hernia in fevered squig-beer induced visions so that's were Nork's 'band were going, he had not seen, however, that a chaos raiding party driven out of loren forest by vengeful wood elves would be forced northwards towards the easier pickings of Wissenburg. Nork's band lay in their way and the Tzeentch sorceror foresaw no gret problems in crushing the pitiful upsstarts!

Hello everyone and welcome to my eight battle using Nork's Orc and goblin warband. This time I face mr chaos himself redben with his new WoC Force in a 1400 game. This army is virtually brand new out of the battalion box with some bits added on. I decided to utilise my 3rd special shot but apart from that my army was much unchanged from my typical list.
I'd got a little bit of painting done and this time myself and reben shared the picture taking duties, if I'm honest one or 2 of my shots are awful as clearly the nerve wracking tension of it all caused the camera to shake ;)
For the battle I planned to envelop his numberically fewer forces and march block where possible his forces to give those artillery pieces enough time to cause damage.

Redben got the following spells(after switching infernal gateway out) Flickering fire of tzeentch, baleful transmorgification, treason of tzeentch
I got the following spells(after switching waagh out) gaze of mork, eadbutt
The Chosen got +1 A (for a jaw dropping 30 attacks for his front rank) and Wulfrik got his bonus to nork, Ben generously allowed me the choice of sides and won the diceroll to determine who went first, and chose to go first.

http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010575.jpg

Tzeentch is a fickle master- Turn 1

Nork looked ahead of him seeing a bunch of humies, "dese dont like empire boyz" he adroitly spotted. Norglor nodded "dose be spiky boyz, boss". Nork bellowed at his warband to form up battle lines before the spiky boyz were on them. Pointing at the chaos knights with the sorceror he bellowed, again, "kill dose spiky boyz first grots!"

Wulfrik didn't come on, however the warriors of chaos made some super moves towards me taking advantage of no march blocking with the horseman especially getting very close.
Magic saw ben roll two dice for baleful transmogification and get a double 1 ! Yes for the second game in a row (our groups played) the very first spell is a double 1. The miscast saw him take a s8 hit and lose a magic level plus the spell though he luckily made his ward save. I dispelled flickering of fire of tzeentch but then ben activated his bound item and killed 4 of the redmountain gits.
His marauders were just out of range.
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010576.jpg


Wolfriders, norks ladz and the squighoppers all got lets show 'em whereas the arrer boyz irritatingly squabbled.
Spider riders charge the marauder horseman who run off an impressive 15 ", Nork's Ladz move up whilst the wolf riders zip round the flank of the marauders, norglor and badorc join the choppa boyz.
Magic sees 4 warhounds die to gaze of mork, eadbutt is failed to cast and I opt not to use my 'itty ring (as he had 3 dispell dice and I was trying to psyche him out)
Doomdiver is spot on the knights and I get 5 hits, with the opportunity of an early wipe out! Sadly only 2 rolls to wound and a passed panic test. All my bt's miss, and the shortbows are OOR however the wolf riders kill 2 marauders.

High noon ! Nice to have a first turn where I kill something :)
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010577.jpg

Keep on running- Turn 2

With a shout of triumph wulfrik appeared right behind a spear chukka on the right of the hill behind the Redmountain gits. Nork was determined to bash in whichever red mountain sentry was supposed to watch their rear as he was miles away from bashin' in the new arrivals, so he'd have to bash in the spiky boyz in front instead.


Wulfrik and his marauders come on the table behind my bolt thrower, whilst the Horsemen rallied and rushed back across the table, redben's other units moved as close as they could but the marauders and knights were march blocked by super fast Howlin' Snarlers.
Magic saw flickering fire of tzeentch kill one choppa boy and treason of tzeentch saw 3 more choppa boys die
Ben gets a shooting phase and the maruder horsemen kill a spider rider with their axes.

http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010578.jpg


Animosity sees The choppa boyz squabble and NorglorBannabasha kills 2 of them restoring order, the squighoppers boing into combat with a lets show 'em setting up a bizarre turn of events. As we look at the orc book it turns out you can chooses to flee from a lets show em (yet not stand and shoot), thus making it disadvantageous to waagh into combat as your enemy is likelier to be able to escape. Sure enough the horsemen flee off and then the squighoppers with their compulsory movement charge them again and they flee again ! Thankfully the horsemen flee into one of my units and are destroyed and the slightly farsical turn of events is over.

Magic sees me throw a few spells at the chaos knights/his sorceror hoping to get a wound on his sorceror, of course gaze of mork doesn't do any unsaved wounds 5 s4 hits gave 2 wounds one on sorceror, one on a knight, which were both saved (I was operating under the impresion redbens sorceror had a 5+ armour save and 6 + wardsave not realising they came with chaos armour and unknowing of his extra wardsave, but he got two 6's anyways so the deception went on :D). Gaze of mork was dispelled again as was 'itty ring.

Shooting was a mixed bag the doomdiver was again spot on and achieved 4 hits on the unit of knights- 2 knights died and the chaos sorceror took a wound, whereas all 3 bolt throwers that could see missed. Howlin' Snarlers paying for their excellent first turn of shooting made no wounds, whilst the combined volley of bow armed greenie's on the hills shot 4 marauders dead who didn't panic. All of ben's units passed all of their panic tests on the first occasion (except for one later occasion)

Apologies for the pic, clearly I should stick to letting crazydu take 'em ! I felt fairly happy so far and I'd almost finished off the knights, he still had a lot of points left and he was now in charge range!
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010579.jpg

Triple play ! Turn 3

Nork saw the spiky boyz bearing down on his boyz but they were in the main too far away to be chopp'd up. This big troll was pretty imminent though and nork directed his 'ladz towards him.


Its a trio of charges as Troll king charges squighoppers who have to hold curse their ItP, last knight plus sorceror charge my left bolt thrower on the hill and wulfrik with his wanderers charge my other bolt thrower on the hill.
There's no magic from Ben as he's in combat.
Combat saw the troll king eat 3 hoppers and them boing off with the troll failing to catch them and ending up just in front of the redmountain stikka's, wulfrik and his marauders do in the gobbo crew, overrun and the redmountain gits flee away. Scary sorceror and knight just manage to kill my 3 crewmen and don't overrun.


Squig's rally, gits do not and dash into the wood. Nork ladz move to flank troll king and the 'Stikka's change formation into a one with more ranks wary about the troll king.
Magic sees a spectaculary unspectacular one hound die. There was a LOS debate, ie do you need LoS to cast MM and after we'd talked a bit it was decided I could only see the hounds.
Shooting saw the doomdiver kill a chosen, and a bolthrower kill 2. Something was wrong with the tension of Nork's 'bands bows and not a single one did a wound.

Please note the 'Gits are actually in the wood they just wouldn't fit. That turn could have gone better.
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010580.jpg

Turnus horribilius- Turn 4

The troll king was right in front of them, the spiky boy general just off the choppa boyz. Time to get stuck in boyz nothing to fear from a piddly little troll was there !


Ben was very thoughtful here considering his options for a few minutes, eventually moving his hounds and troll king back as his chosen continued to crawl across the battlefield
Magic saw flickering fire kill 2 choppa boyz and 4 stikka's dead from the banner of wrath.

http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010581.jpg


'Stikka's squabble, gitz rally.
I declare a charge with Nork's ladz on the troll, however frustratingly they fail their test to charge a fear causing enemy and go nowhere. Badorc moves out of his unit to get LoS on the chaos general, and the doomdiver moves back to the table edge to avoid the charge arc of the knight and sorceror. The squig hoppers boing off to the side of the knights.
Magic sees ben use a dispell dice to stop nibbla's 'itty ring, I then decide to use 3 dice to cast and of course get a 1, 1, 2 on the dice. As sure as summer follows spring so would I get at a low roll the miscast table and I did Badorc being removed as a casaulty (though thankfully there was no one in base to base with him)
As my Doom diver has moved and I'm down to 2 BT's and 15 bow shots shooting won't be great and sure enough I manage to kill a grand total of 1 marauder, triggering a panic test as they had 4 models to start the phase with. They fail and fail their reroll and in a great bit of maths inepitude we take them off the board because we reckon they're fleeing with less than a quarter of their original unit strength.

What an awful, awful turn.

We'll show the rules boyz!- Turn 5

Frustrated by his cowarldly ladz and the just as cowardly troll king Nork spurred his ladz on, determined to get his choppa wet. The chosen didn't look so tough after all.


Chosen crawl to within possible charge range, wulfrik and marauders turn and move on the arrer boyz.
Magic sees 4 dead choppa boyz and a passed panic test.


In a bizarre turn of events Nork's ladz we'll show em into a troll they couldnt see. The troll king was just by a fraction outside of their line of sight and they could see the chosen who were in front and to the left. So they moved towards the chosen by the shortest possible route wheeling and then moving but contacted the troll king instead. The choppa boyz squabble again and Norglor again bashes 3 of them in causing a (thankfully) passed panic test. The arrer boyz leg it behind the hill to get out of sight of the marauders with wulfrik in. A massive mass charge sees the chaoshounds charged by no less than 3 of my units.

Shooting sees the doomdiver miss for the first time this game scattering away from the chosen. The few hits I get with bows don't wound.

Combat goes much better, my 3 ferocious squigs direct their attacks on bens general. Now bearing I mind I thought he was a 5+ armour save, I reckoned I'd do 3 hits and 2 wounds on him, with only a 6+ ward save. As it was I did 3 hits and 2 wounds but then I read the armybook and indeed found out chaos sorcerors have chaos armour and that would be a 4+ save after modification. Redben duly saves 1 to armour and rolls for his ward save, failing (though it wouldn't have suprised me if he passed) and falling from his horse with a squig clamped onto his head. The remaining knight kills 1 back and ben declares the combat drawn, which in hindsight isn't right.
Switching to Nork's ladz V troll king finds me weighing up the pros and cons of fighting with Nork versus a champion/not challenging its clear that if nork fights the troll king I'll win the combat by more than if he doesn't though Nork has a fair chance of dying especially as my defensive item is useless against a creature with regenerate and no armour/ward save. I bite the bullet and Nork fights the troll king in a challenge, I do 2 wounds to Throgg and redben has this mad glint in his eyes as an EotG roll beckons. Sure enough he regenerates both wounds and redben shouts in triumph though he looks less pleased when he realises he's been granted magic resistance by tzeentch a fickle master indeed. Throgg hits back with an impressive 5 attacks makes 2 hits which both fail to wound. He's rather handily beaten and flees before being cut down by Nork's ladz.
Unsuprisingly all the hounds are eliminated though I can't over-run as my models are in the way of each other.

Having killed 2 of his chars in one combat round I felt a lot more relaxed than I had been.

Troubles with chosen - fast cavalry is the solution Turn 6

The battle almost over Nork had already set his sights on the post match celebrations. he had a few grots to bash and much fungus beer to drink!


The chosen charge the redmountain stikka's who flee and get away.
The chaos knight kills the last 2 squighoppers


I have a possible long ranged shot with the doomdiver at the marauders but reckon its not worth risking shooting at the marauders as I need to kill 5 to reduce them to half stength and get a measly 20 VP's balanced by the very real chance (with bens dice) of blowing up!
Spider riders bravely charge the chosens rear, do rather impressively well killing 3 chosen and not giving the chosen any attacks back! I win the combat by 5 but ben has a trick up a sleeve and with his rapturous standard they pass their break test.

I couldn't resist charging the chosen with my spider riders whilst I was lucky to get 3 kills that meant I won combat by 5 so was disappointed not to see them fleeing to their deaths into nork ladz !
http://i460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1400 Orcs V WoC/P1010583.jpg


Nork's 'band rummaged through the Chaos raiding parties posessions finding some several trinkets and some slightly warped cheese which was given to the recently recovered badorc to clear up his 'eadache. And then it was back on their travels to fight some horsey boyz!

A thoroughly enjoyable game and a refreshing change to fighting demons. It also was unlike my recent games where I start off doing appalingly and get better in the middle, this time I started well and did bad in the middle recovering in the end. This game was always going to be tough on ben and if hadn't been for my awful bolt thrower's it could have been a lot tougher. We spoke about it and discussed the merits of taking another sorc/exalted BSB instead of the SC's which I think would make his list more competitive.
Ben's dice are legendarily awful btw, we've had 5 miscasts in 3 games now and this is with level 1-2 wizards.

Thanks for reading, next up Mr G's brett's !

16-03-2009, 03:11
If im not mistakin you said your hoppers got bashem ladz in to a unit and the unit fled if they then boiing into the same unit i think they just die i dont think they get another charge reation cause they are already fleeing

16-03-2009, 09:55
Hey, nice report, shame I missed that battle, I want a rematch sometime when I can come and watch!

16-03-2009, 19:27
nice one, and better luck to redben on your next match up (and make him paint some models, that'll change his luck, Tzeentch does not favor gray)

16-03-2009, 20:57
I'm painting my way through my DoC. The WoC together was thrown together quickly about of a Battalion and a box of Marauder Horsemen.

16-03-2009, 21:29
Great report Selone :) Another good victory for the orcs, good to see the doom diver is improving a little bit

(I thought you had a power cut in the first pic, very dark)

18-03-2009, 00:07
Army lists for 1400 V Dirty G's unbeaten Brettonian's, in an atempt to find out who will win the battle of the undefeated players?

Nork Sharptooth, ulag's akrit axe, amulet of protectyness 120 points
Gobblit, night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealin 100
NorglorBannabasha, B Orc big boss, battle standard, heavy armour, boar 130 points

Nork's BigLadz. 24 orcs, shields, full command 174 points
Wisenhorde Ladz. 23 orcs, shields, full command 168

Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Lazyeye stabbas. 25 nightgoblins, musician, 129 points (2 fanatics)
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician 67 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Howlin' Snarlers. 5 wolf riders, sbows, musician 71 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
2 spearchukka's 70 points
6 squighoppers 90


1 doomdiver 80

Total 1400

Le Hob's Brettonian farce

Sir Maurice Degale (General) Paladin, lance, orcbane shield (swopped for enchanted shield), royal pegasus, virtue of the joust. 154
Sir Phillip Foubert Battle Standard Bearer, barded warhorse, banner of chalons, virtue of noble disdain 104
Lady Monique Aquiena Damsel lvl 2, warhorse, potion sacre, dispell scroll 150

20 Men at arms FC 127
16 archers, FC, braziers 121
12 Knights of the realm, FC 312
10 knights of the realm, FC 264


3 Pegasus knights 165

total 1400

20-03-2009, 05:07
I look forward to reading this. I love orc's and gobbos but i have a big love for the bretts so dont know who to vote for.

20-03-2009, 13:40
fun and entertaining report series, and very inspiring as a grot general.

20-03-2009, 14:20
I love this reports, they got me inspired to dust off my NG waaagh and throw fanatics at people again.

24-03-2009, 01:14
Badorc's head was still far too sore (and still mostly hanging off) for him to fight so sadly the job of magikin' fell to Gobblit who whilst irritating to Nork was a shaman. Nork hadn't quite 'bashed him in' yet as Nork was a clever orc who realised he could 'magik up somefing' so he'd only bashed him in a little bit. This was to prove prudent as the warhorns of a brettonian army sounded in the distance alerting the ever astute Nork he wasn't in the empire anymore.

Hello everyone and welcome to my ninth battle in 7th edition this time against the brettonian playing dirty G ! He came into this game with a 100% record, as did I, so something had to give. He hasn't had a chance to do any painting yet however his camera skills are comparable to mine (perhaps even worse!) so apologies in advance for the photo's :D
My battle plan was simple- stay away from the lances, kill what I can and only fight knights mid-game when hopefully they've been whittled down.

Deployment saw the shady G place his knights in cowardly places, one unit to the right of a forest and the other with the BSB and damsel on my right behind his hill (his general was behind the hill too). His pegasus knights were behind the forest, his men at arms in the centre and his archers on his hill.
As I had many more unit's I controlled the deployment phase, one frustrating thing was the way the board was set up whilst his units were out of the way I could not march block any of them without being liable to a charge that I wouldn't want to flee from (ie I'd go off the board). So I put my orc blocks in the middle to face off his men at arms and pegasus knights, my left flank had my wolf riders on and the lazy eye stabba's (gobbos with h.weapons)who were trying to work fanatic angles on one of his unit of knights, with the squig hoppers ready to boing into the forest. My right flank had the widow makers ready to skitter into the forest. The arrer boyz and red mountain gobbo's were on the hill.

Shady guy, shady picture

Spells were- Howler wind, mistress of the marsh for shady G and Gaze of gork for myself. I chose to go first.

Open fire-Turn 1

In the distance horsie boyz were forming up in some strange formation that Nork had never seen. Attempts to copy it with the Ladz failed and a big squabble broke out over who should be in the middle and who got to fight at the sides, so Nork decided to crush some 'men in harms' then try the lance later.

Nork's ladz squabble but no other animosity.
The widow makers crawled into my right hand forest whilst the squig hoppers boing into and almost out of the other forest, howlin' snarlers go forward a few inches The lazy eye stabbas move up a little, as do the arrer boyz to get in range for some shootin'.
Magic is dispelled, I'm using 2PD v 3 dd so I don't get anything off in the game and won't mention it again except to say no miscast :D
My shooting sees the doomdiver land bang on the left knights, alas I only get 2 hits and he makes one of his ward saves.The arrer boyz kill a bowmen whilst all 4 BT's miss.

His left knights move up towards the howlin' snarlers. His knights with the BSB hiding behind the hill move round it to the far off side of the forest.
Being as how I'm 4 DD to his 3 PD he doesn't get a spell off and doesn't manage to all game.
His shooting is less than his usual impressive amount and he scores only one wound on the arrer boyz that I peskily save on a six.

I could really have done with more than 1 dead knight

WAAGH- Turn 2

Nork saw the flying horsie things right in front of him and knew the time was again right for a proper waaaagh! He of course could not know that yet again the widow makers were up to no good in a forest

I call a WAAGH!
True to form the widow makers squabble, 3 die and they flee towards the table edge. Both orc blocks get a lets show em and advance forwards. The howlin' snarlers go round the flanks of the left knights peskily and the lazy eye stabbas move a tiny bit. My squig hoppers boing into combat with the pegasus knights and the Wissenhorde ladz supporting charge.
Shooting sees the doom diver scatter off, 2 BT's miss, and one hits the unit of knights on my left, I kill one then Mr G makes his second ward save. The last bolt thrower hits Sir Maurice Degale's pegasus and I comically roll a one to wound. Sensing their imminent demise in the form of the pegasus the arrer boyz get one last volley off but hurried as they are they do no wounds.
Combat sees me do 3 wounds to his pegasus knights and him kill 2 squig hoppers back, gah, and he flees getting away right in front of the men at arms as I chase after.

His pegasus knights rally right in front of the men at arms blocking them off.
Sir Maurice Degale charges the arrer boyz who hold as I reckoned I had a decent chance at holding the charge. His unit of knights with BSB move to the side of the woods on my right flank, threatening to charge the fleeing spider riders. His other unit of knights made a slight wheel wheel then moved forwards and triggered the 2 fanatics. One of the fanatic hits and kills a knight. It's not as easy as I expected to kill Brett knights with fanatics, two times 5+ saves is not good!
His archers do no damage being as they are out of range
Sir Maurice Degale kills three winning combat by but a single point however the arrer boyz leg it and are run down.

What is it with my spider riders and squabbling to the death on a waagh?

Trivial Pursuit Turn 3

Nork saw the flying horsie boyz fly backwards and forwards killing squigs. He stopped to think how good it would to be nork in the air before he had to clobber one of his ladz for trying to run off and join the wissenork lot!

Widow makers rally and move infront of the BSB knights to stop them charging the extreme right spear chukka.
Squigs boing into combat with pegasus knights, I move my orc blocks up to support and I move the lazy eye stabbas so that if his knights on my left move forwards 8" or fail their charge on the spear chukka (which I reckoned was about 17" off) they'll hit the knights in the flank. The howlin' snarlers move behind the knights again. Norglor banna basha joins the Wissenhorde Ladz.
My doom diver is spot on the 12 knights but again I get 2 hits, 2 wounds and he makes a ward save, frustrating!
All three of the the BT's that could see Sir Maurice Degale shot at him and one hit the pegasus killing it it straight off !
Combat sees the squigs causing a wound, biting the head off the wounded pegasus knight with the champion killing a squig and he stays firm.

His left knights do an about turn suprising me, whilst his knights with the BSB charge the widow makers and Sir Maurice Degale charges the spearchukka on the right of the hill.
Two of Nork's Ladz die to a rain of bowfire.
The BSB knights kill the spider riders and overrun to just in front of the spearchukka and alas Sir Maurice Degale kills 2 crew members, catching the surviving grot. So close to a glorious won combat!
His pegasus knight champion kills all 3 squigs (having passed a ward save he shouldn't have taken) and overruns into Wissenhorde Ladz, where he irritatingly challenges and I'm forced to I accept with champion (not wanting to risk Norglor) kills it, loses combat and flies off behind men at arms with me pursuing into his men at arms.

Does anyone like the over-run rules?

The green tide- Turn 4
Norglor was full of pride and self belief as his unit had bashed in the flying horsie hoomies and had more hoomies ahead of them ! He knew how to find a good fight which was more than could be said for Nork whose boyz were huffing and puffing as they tried to follow the scenes of destruction.

As ever the snarlin' howlers peskily dance around the left knights (they'd been shooting when I bothered too, to no effect) whilst Nork's ladz move in support of the Wissenhorde ladz and the lazy eye stabbas wheeled after the left knights. The redmountain gits seeing their advantage in numbers charge Sir Maurice Degale !
The doomdiver kills 3 peasents and a spear chukka kills another. For some reason unbeknownst to anyone they don't take a panic test.
Combat sees the 'gits do no wounds, but only lose 1 and they chase off Sir Maurice Degale who gets away (just) curse him. Meanwhilst the Wissenhorde ladz handily win combat, cut down the men at arms and pursue into the pegasus knight forcing it to flee of the board

Sir Maurice Degale rallies.
His BSB knights charge my far right spear chukka, the left knights do more pesky moving, as in they wheel a bit.
The panic proof peasent bowmen kill 2 more of Nork's ladz.
His BSB knights massacre the spear chukka's crew and thanks to his comedy virtue have to overrun, though not off the board regretably.

I really could have done with the knights fleeing off the board but alas they rolled short.

A massive punch up!- Turn 5
Half of nork's band were no where near the enemy and the other half were avoiding fightin' knights who were within dung throwin' distance. Only one possible result could happen- with no fighting of the enemy the greenskin's decided to fight each other and they exploded into an almighty punch up.

It became apparent to me that I wasn't going to catch either of his two units of knights out and that I could probably guarantee that he wouldn't catch me out. So already I was looking at gathering VP's by various means one of which was contesting/claiming quarters.
Of course of my five testable unit's - four 'fail' their animosity, three squabbling and the 'Gits lets show'd em into combat. Typically the one unit to pass was the one unit with a black orc hoho. I had a very horrified look on my face as now not only was I not going to be able to contest the quarters I'd planned and yet worse still the Howlin' Snarlers were within his left unit knights charge arc with a very tempting over/run pursuit path into the Lazyeye Stabba's.
I prayed to Gork and Mork to do some damage in the shooting phase but alas they too were too busy fighting as my Doom diver missed, whilst of my 2 BT's left, one hit the peasent bowmen killing two (no panic test needed) and the other one hit a knight and DirtyG makes his ward save with a smug look.
Combat sees The 'gits only lose 1 git and beat Sir Maurice Degale convincingly who flees (having failed his re-test which I pointed out he should have) and is ran down! The 'gits pursue into the flank of his BSB knights.

His left knights as expected charge the squabblin' howlin' snarlers who need to flee or get shish-kabobed, so they flee and get away but it appears the knights can charge the lazy eye stabba's instead so I have to flee them too.
His peasent bowmen shoot one of Norks ladz down.
The combat between 'Gits and BSB knights is suprisingly a draw as I see just how ineffective the lance is if it isn't rampaging through an army.

What a hilarously bad turn of events. Crazydu popped in about the start of my turn 5 and so took by the game's turns of events I could only mumble a greeting, muttering to myself I'm in trouble here, I'm in trouble here :D

Bowmen fear nothing!-Turn 6

Nork shouted at the top of the voice for the grot's to come back or he would give them such a beatin'! Alas the lazy eye stabba's were just out of earshot...

Normally by turn 6 it's evident who will win, or at least who is likely to win. Not so in this game but I reckoned I wasn't ahead by enough to win for sure. I hoped to knock 2 off his left hand unit of knights for the 50 % casualty vp's and kill a few bowmen reducing them to half strength at least , and hopefully panicking them denying him a table quarter and giving me full vp's if he failed to rally.
First though there was the matter of taking some rally tests to stop giving away VP's. The howlin' snarlers rallied and took advantage of their feigned flight to get the knights out of charge arc whilst not suprising, but still annoying, the lazy eye stabbas failed to rally and threw victory point's at dirty G !
His knights sailed through my phases unscratched as I'd probably expected with his pesky ward saves and my 1's the two deaths I needed to materialise, didn't. I caused enough casualties on the bowmen to cause a panic test and reduce them below strength, yet with a wry smile on his face he passes with troops even more cowardly than my goblins.
A small glimmer of hope saw the 'gits draw combat again.

Theres not much he can do except move his BSB into a fighting position. He does that and duly mullers the gits who run and are chased down.

We have no idea who the victor (if any) is and I get to counting victory points with me studying army lists (as shown)

The result
After counting up victory points and double checking it turns out its a draw ! Dirty G had a very slight advantage due to points of units he'd killed. We both had +200 VP's to the points we got due to troop casualties (myself +general kill and 1 table quarter, dirty G 2 table quarters) So our unbeaten records stand yet both our perfect records go.

It was a very enjoyable game yet frustrating at the same time, there were so many things that went wrong in the last two turns, so many if's and maybe's. From the mass squablng which stopped me contesting a table quarter and allowing him to charge, to a failed rally test from me, a passed panic test on LD5 for him, baneblade armoured knights and the 'Gits fleeing and getting ran down on the last turn, agh :D I felt I did quite well to keep the big lances out of my hair so that was positive at least :)
Dirty G on his behalf played very cleverly and cautiously and always meant it was going to be hard for me to get a substantial victory. I challenged the wily general and his cowardy custard knights to a rematch at 1500 :)

Thanks for reading all and stay tuned for my rematch,

Nork's warband perked up, as although they had beeen driven back they had managed to get the best scrap in they'd had so far in Nork's warband. Who'd have thought horsie boyz could be more fightingier than demon things or spikey boyz? They looked forward to the following day's battle with not fear as a human might but with relish.

24-03-2009, 01:51
suspence i want the part 2 nows!!!

24-03-2009, 02:44
It's up now :)

24-03-2009, 08:14
Great report selone, it's nice to see a battle go to six turns.

I used to take short bows with wolf riders, but not any more, they miss all the time. I thought you'd had it in turn 3, some very good ward save rolling there. :)

24-03-2009, 08:42
nerve wracking game, with the result in the balance all the way (and a draw as it turned out)
Looking forward to your rematch!

24-03-2009, 20:43
close game sounds like it would have been alot of fun. I think you need to update your signature now though = P.

Keep the reports coming and can i ask what happened to the dwarf and ogar players it would be nice to see a few games with them again.

24-03-2009, 20:50
He actually tried taking the orcbane shield against you? Glad he changed it. Race specific gear is a real low blow.

Anyway, nice battle and too bad you couldn't pull out the win. A rematch is needed for sure :)

27-03-2009, 15:46
Thanks for the comments all

Nuada, I love wolfriders with shortbow's. With an 18" march they can likely (whilst marchblocking) get some short range shots in on turn 1 even if going first. They normally kill a couple of models that is if they can shoot at t3 infantry/ t4 unarmoured's. However they fact that they were facing off against a 2+ save, 6+ ward save coupled with the fact that I neglected to fire with them on one occasion rendered their shooting useless. Conversely I've found shortbows on spider riders are a lot less good. Dirty G is Mr ward save indeed ;)

Sevensins, I'm due to play dirty g again on tuesday if he's well enough so wish me luck for then :)

Deadboytat2, The dwarf player is writing a book (he's a fellow at an university near here) so likely will be out of action for weeks if not months. I'm unlikely to play the ogre player again, alas as I don't think he works in town anymore. So for now I'm likely to be facing brett's and chaos though there are rumours crazydu is reading the high elf book ;)

Malorian, you don't know the half of it. A legacy of playing CCG's has ruined these guys idea's of fairplay! I've faced the masque in my first game and someone trying to use orcbane against me! And this is my friends let alone who I'd face if I played GW regulars :o

As a cheap plug I've made an Orcs v Bretts tactics thread on the tactics forum, if you have any advice that would be great :)

29-03-2009, 05:40
Good close game, and I'm glad it was a draw, keeps the suspense up for next time.

Shortbows on wolves is definitely a good idea, the number of chaos knights I've lost to their infernal plinking is beyong count (I've now phased out saying the words "anything but a 1" when playing warhammer).

I think taking the orcbane shield isn't that bad to be honest, when else is he every going to use that item.

TBH your army looks pretty solid for going up against brets, can't really think of any real changes although shaggas tends to be pretty good against brets since they tend to have plenty of characters. Level 2 for your shaman might be handy as well, fanatics get a lot better when you can move them around in your magic phase.

29-03-2009, 08:41
I've now phased out saying the words "anything but a 1" when playing warhammer

:D That made me laugh, i used to do that alot as well.

Whenever my NG Shaman eats a magic mushroom, or i declare the Waaagh! i'd always say "the phrase that can't be mentioned" and blow up.

30-03-2009, 19:54
Nice Report Selone, except you make me out to be the bad guy :mad:

Everyone likes me, I'm a nice guy ;)

Thanks for the little credit you awarded me, as only my 3rd game it was a bit intimidating lining up against an army that outnumbered me by so much and to complain about my pesky manouvering so much is such a...ohhh...what the word...

...all i can say is...fast cavalry :eek:

I must say though, I think I took a lot out of the game with regards to tactics and I should be better prepared for the re-match tomorrow!

01-04-2009, 18:56
When will the new bret report be up?

02-04-2009, 20:40
Army lists

Nork's warband 1500

NorglorBannabasha B Orc big boss, heavy armour, guzzla's battle brew, warboss um's best boss 'at 134
Nork Sharptooth. Orc big boss, light armour, boar, enchanted shield, talisman of protection, collar of zorga, martog's best basha 138
Darksnit Lightfeara Night goblin boss, bsb, pipes of doom, sneaky skewerer 100


Nork's BigLadz. 24 orcs, shields, full command 174 points
Wisenhorde Ladz. 21 orcs, shields, full command 156

Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz, musician 60 pts
Lazyeye stabbas. 25 nightgoblins, musician, nets 189 points (3 fanatics)
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician 67 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Howlin' Snarlers. 5 wolf riders, sbows, musician 71 points

2 spearchukka's 70 points
2 spearchukka's 70 points
7 squighoppers 105


1 doomdiver 80

Total 1500

Bretonnian Army 16 - 03 - 09

Paladin BSB, Barded Warhorse, Banner of chalons, Virtue Off Discipline 99
Paladin General, Lance and shield, lance of artois, royal pegasus, Virtue Of the Joust 176
Damsel, Level 2, Warhorse, Potion sacre, dispell scroll 150

20 Men at Arms, spears, FC 127
16 Archers 16, champion, brazier 106
9 Knights FC 240
10 Knights FC 264

3 Pegasus knight's, champion 165

4 Grail Knights, standard bearer


02-04-2009, 20:44
Lol that bret guy is doomed :)

My bets:

-Grails knights are doomdiver food
-At least one of the lances is totally shot to peices before it gets to charge
-Pegasus paladin is shot out of the sky (remember he can't join units)
-Men at arms do NOTHING
-Ending in a solid victory for the orcs

03-04-2009, 17:05
4 spearchukkas at 1500 points is a bit nasty, there will be knight kebabs all over the place. Pegasus/Grail knights are his main hope for the army (depending on which one survives long enough for combat).

Its weird to see a battle where brets have magic supremacy, if he gets wolf hunts or even beast cowers could be an interesting battle. The potion can be surprisingly nasty for brets, I had an IF wolf hunts in a battle a while back from a level 2 damsel because of it, didn't see it coming either.

04-04-2009, 13:17
no game this week? hmmm...
i thought we were having horse-burgers :(

guess i'll just have to fry up some more grots...

06-04-2009, 18:39
"Boss, Boss dem stabba's have gone bonkers," squeaked a robed goblin gesticulating wildly and pointing at the Lazy eye stabbas. Nork clambered up the small hill where the lazy eye stabbas were now all sprawled out round a clump of mushroom's. Gobblit was in the middle of them many mushroom stalks covering his body, whilst a lesser amount was around the 'Stabbas. Their unfocused eyes looked into space and not even Nork's wrath moved them out of their stupors. "Zoggin' 'Ell" shouted Nork " gets some water here and try to get these gits into action, before them Brat-townie-'uns are gettin' back!!

Hello everyone and welcome to my tenth game of warhammer fantasy battle under 7th edition. This game is a rematch of the one I played against Le dirty G this time at 1500 points. I didn't really change my army other than to add a fanatic and a squighopper but the characters have changed. Before the game I asked for advice from warseers and the one thing that was clear was I could either go very magic heavy or leave magic at home. There's no place in a lvl 1 scroll caddy in this battle! Up until the night before I'd planned on going magic heavy (and I may do in future games) but I had a last minute re-think (23.00 the night before) and dropped all magic planning instead for my characters to absorb and dish out punishment to carry the day.

Before I go into the details any further I'd like to point out that Dirty G cleverly managed to take no photo's after turn 3 (the tension was just that high) and still hasn't had the time to upload the few one's he has so this report will be pictureless for the time being at least. He is planning to do his own report though on this which should be interesting for you guys and may contain photo's.

Da boss plan
My plan was to defend my hill and let the brett's come to me, taking the first turn to marchblock and goad him into foolish charges, ideally trying to prevent one lance ever getting combat whilst shooting the s**t out of the other one and other targets of opportunity where present.

Le Brettonians plan
For his part he was testing out some grail knight's (I recalled they had slight similaraties to chaos knights) and as usual no doubt he would be intending to get behind my lines with flying beasties.

Terrain and deployment
There were two woods and 2 hills (we really need new terrain ;) ) with a hill in each deployment zone, my hill was in the middle of my deployment zone whereas his was on his right (my left) there was a wood touching the edge of the left of the board (assume left=my left) and a wood on my right in the middle of that table half.

From left to right I deployed the Widow makers (spider riders) on my far left in front of the wood, the redmountain gits in a 4x5 formation so that they could move forwards and have the wood guard their left flank from the grail knight's. Nork's Ladz were next pretty much with a straight line to his peasent bowmen with the Lazy eye stabbas (including Darksnit) very close to them to their right ready to support any of the 2 orc units with spinnin' l'oonie's. The wissenhorde Ladz were next just to their right. There was a fairly big gap to the Squig hoppers positioned behind the other forest and on the far right the Snarlin' Howlers facing off his BSB lance.
On my hill were the arrer boyz and 2 arrer chukka's with 2 more chukka's on my right flank and the doom diver on my left.

He had his grailknights far on the left with the LOS for all my warmachines blocked (mainly by the forest) his pesky bowmen on his hill and his lance with 9 knights in and men at arms in the middle of the field invitingly ready to be shot up. His general and pegasus knights as usual set up behind terrain whilst his BIG lance with his BSB and damsel set up on the way far right.

Onto the battle and let's see how many of Malorian's predictions come true!

-Grails knights are doomdiver food
-At least one of the lances is totally shot to peices before it gets to charge
-Pegasus paladin is shot out of the sky (remember he can't join units)
-Men at arms do NOTHING
-Ending in a solid victory for the orcs

Orcs – None
Bretonnian Damsel – Mistress of the Marsh & Howler Wind

For the battle brew I got hatred which I was pleased about and I choose to go first as Le Bretonnian’s kneel and pray.

06-04-2009, 19:09
Simply Irrestible- Turn 1

The frantic attempts to get the lazy eye stabba's awake had just about worked though Nork and Morglor didn't quite have time to join the Ladz pre-battle so spent the first few moment's frantically runnin' after them as a doomdiver sailed majestically over their heads before plummeting right into the knights in the distance.

Lazy eye stabba's and arrer boyz both squabbled
The widow makers and Snarlin' Howlers both zoomed up the spider riders just on the edge of the forest on his side. Squighoppers boinged dead ahead and the git's moved up a little. Norglor joined the Lazy eye stabba's and Nork moved up to the gits but did not join them.
Shooting saw me shoot my Doom Diver first as required and the guess was a good un and the shot didn't deviate. However the obligatory 1 hit was rolled (after I moaned about normally getting 2 hits) which wounded but Dirty G made his ward save. I looked at him saying nothing as he laughed, the Bolt throwers would spare my blushes to some extent as 2 hit and killed 2 however he made both the wardsaves for the second ranks and that was all the damage my shooting did.

He declared one charge of his BSB knights on the snarlin' howlers, everything else bar his archers moved forwards with his general moving right up in front of the widow makers, the grail knights moving round the edge of the left forest, his men at arms and now diminished lance marching straight forwards with his pegasus knights skimming the right table edge setting up a charge on my right most spear chukka.
It was a failed charge against the wolf riders as I sensibly chose to flee and got away by a fair margin.
Magic see unstoppable force cast on Howlers wind (3 6’s on 3 Dice). In the 10 games I've played and the couple of games I've watched we've seen 6 miscasts (bear in mind a lot of the earlier games featured no wizards) and never an irresistable force, of course if any man can be relied on making 6's when he needs them that man is dirty G. Pity it was on such a useless spell ;)
His bowmen chose to shoot at the Widow makers but the wood and range was too much for them and they got no hits.

2 bolt thrower hits and a direct doom diver hit killing only 2 knights was a little disapointing but the 1 for hits on the doomdiver was all too

Only a fool dares to charge- Turn 2

Nork bellowed at Norglor to join Nork's Ladz who were starting to get angsty now they'd run out of fungus beer "de bannar you've dropped it one of the gits has got it, get in there and get 'im out that mob". Norglor said nothing biding his time and joined the Ladz after persuadin' Darksnit to join him too'

Both orc blocks squabble, lazy eye stabba's squabble and Norglor bashes 3 of their heads in thankfully nothing else suffers animosity.
Squigs charge his BSB knights in the flank, widow makers retreat further into the woods to escape the paladin on pegasus's attention whilst the rallied snarlin' howlers get in the way of the men at arms. Nork joins his ladz as do Norglor and darksnit.
Shooting sees the doom diver lands spot on again and I remark well I can't get worse than 1 hit and I manage to get 5 hits, wahey, after ward saves 3 knights fall, a panic test is taken and duly passed. I shoot 3 spear chukka's at the same unit and am rewarded with 1 more dead knight with the other spear chukka shooting at the pegasus knights right in front of them. It hits, wounds and ... another ward save.
Combat see’s me roll a bucketful of dice for the squig's attacks yet get 6 hits, then 5 wounds. 5 saves for dirty G and as a suprise to none of us 5 saves made... He killls 2 back and the squigs boing off, with the knights making their restrain test to not pursue (and get stuck in the woods). Not what I'd intended.

He declares one charges- his depleted unit of knights tried to charge the wissenhorde ladz, I held seeing easy VP's but alas he was out of range (just) His general flew over the wood's settign up a few possible charges whilst his grail knights moved at speed round the wood's and his big unit of knights of the realm who weren't march blocked marched round the wood's and into the middle of the right half of the board.
Archers pepper and kill 4 goblins but thanks to my devious unit size of 21 need no panic test.

What an eventful turn, my shooting was average for once and I fairly obliterated that unit. I guess reader's are probably thinking why on earth did he charge with squighopper's. Simple I knew lances were vunerable to flank charges and figured the squighoppers could pump out a few kills (14 attacks is on average 2 dead knights) and even if I lost he'd pursue into the wood's. I was just so used to troops hating mine I assumed he'd pursue into the woods, of course that wasn't the case and he passed the test and had no one march blocking him and I look foolish in hindsight.


Seeing lots of horsie boyz in range, there was no time for thinking or planning it was time to WAAGGHH

I declare the waagh
In an all time first not one of my unit's squabbles during the waagh and I don't have to take the ludicrous d6 wounds penalty. A full 4 unit's waagh it up- the redmountain gits, Nork's ladz, Wisenhorde ladz and the Snarlin' Howlers. Squigs fail to rally
Nork charges the grail knights as does the lazy eye stabba's who hold, wizenhorde ladz charge the dimished knights who flee and get away. Snarlin' Howlers move up in front of the BSB knights. Nork's ladz march up towards his bowmen. Lazy eye stabbas turn and move towards my left table edge.
The doomdiver uncharacteristically missed his men at arms scattering miles away on a bad guess.
My spear chukka's pepper his general, getting one hit on the beast itself and doing 2 wounds to it but (just) not killing it, my arrer boyz are finally loosened up and shoot down 3 men at arms.
In combat I challenge and he accepts, his grail knights kill 3 goblins, Nork fluffs his attacks and saves a return wound. I pass my break test feeling rather foolish.

His BSB knights charge the howlin' snarlers at an angle and trigger a which way do they run debate and where will he end up if he fails his charge, eventually we come to an agreement, they flee and get away. His general charges my doomdiver who holds, whilst his pegasus knights charge a spear chukka who also holds.
He failed to rally fleeing knights which was very annoying as they ran out of charge range doing so.
Bowmen kills 2 of Nork's Ladz.
Pegasus knights contemptously dispatch the crew and spike the machine, choosing not to overrun. General just kills the 3 crewmen and pursues forward a little.
Grail Knights win the combat mowing down SIX gobbos but I kill one to a challenge, Gits are overrun and destroyed however Nork escapes on a triple six, praise the lord. The overrun releases fantics who I push into the grail knights path killing them all which I felt very happy about.

Whilst malorian will probably feel vindicated by my lack of offensive output on Nork it was still probably pretty 'brave' to charge them with 17 goblins and one boss. Losing the doomdiver was a pain but the gits and a spear chukka were acceptable losses. The fanatics wiping out the grail knights was pure gold though.

Rally squad! - Turn 4

As the waagh energy sunsided Nork came to his senses, why was his boar running away from the battle?! He gave it a hefty kick in the ribs and turned it round bellowin' at his boyz to stand firm and chop up dem horsie humiez.

Wizenhorde ladz annoyingly squabble, whilst the lazy eye stabba's lets show em into Nork coming to a halt.
Everything rallies (Wolf riders, Squig hoppers & Hero) which was nice and saved the 'hoppers from a sharp exit.
The widow makers screen Nork from his general.
I finally dispell his remain in play spell having been trying every turn.
Shooting sees a less than impressive turn partially due to casualties amongst my forces. I do get 2 hits on his fleeing knights right on the edge of the board. Now because they've fled they have no ward save and bolt thrower's ignore all armour saves. I just need one casualty to remove his ability to rally. Of course I roll two one's to wound and I despite normally being a mild mannered individual swear loudly, sorry!

He declares two charges- his general on a spear chukka (who hold) and his big unit of knights on the wissenhorke (who flee away)
Of course his knights rally just on the edge of his table and far away from my boyz! his pegasus Knights reposition
The bowmen seeing Nork's ladz bearing down on em panic and shoot ineffectively causing no casualties.
In a suprise to no-one his general wins combat (one goblin actually survived) and pursues into the arrer boyz.

I really was cursing my luck with the spear chukka's but the turn wasn't so bad on balance.

Kill da birdy- Turn 5

Nork sees sir general ahead of him and drives his boar on towards him at the same time as Norglor is driving the ladz on to the puny humies on the hill.

Animosity sees the squig hoppers squabble (squabbling, barely controllable squigs does that make sense?) and Nork's ladz. However norglor gets in on the act and bashes a mighty 4 Ladz to their deaths. Lazy eye stabbas lets show em forward.
Wizenhorde ladz rally
Norks ladz move straight forwards so close to the peasents they could smell the garlic! Nork moves to where he can charge the brett general or the pegasus knights if they show their faces. The snarlin' howlers go round the flank of the men at arms whilst the widow makers move towards the middle of the left table edge.
Finally the snarlin' howlers pesky bowfire kills something- a men at arms.
Combat sees the general have his royal pegasus chopped down and he loses combat but he refuses to budge and doesnt flee.

He declares two charges- his BSB lance of knights into the wissenhorde ladz and his pegasus knights into the rear of the arrer boyz. The wissenhorde ladz flee an impressive eleven inches away and go through the widow makers causing them to flee too.
The pressure's getting to dirty G and he forgets to move his smaller unit of knights and men at arms
In his likely last ever shooting phase the archers do better than last turn and kill 2 orcs
Combat sees the orc archers lose combat fairly convincingly and die as they are overrun by Pegasus Knights who fly past Nork (who thankfully past his panic test) and his general overruns into a spear chukka.

I was fairly happy with this turn and fairly happy with how the battle was going, though it could be better I was due to get off 2 good charges and with a rally test or two, claiming/contesting quarters I reckon I might squeek a win.

Now just don't do anything stupid- turn 6

Nork drew out his shiny basha and swung it at Sir General, thanks to his enchantments on the basha Nork was actually more skillful and drove the unmounted paladin back with a flurry of sweeps. It could only be a matter of time before the paladin missed a block!

Snarlin' howlers waagh into the flank of the men at arms most annoyingly as I'd planned for them to contest another table edge, though getting a flank charge off against men at arms could be good.
Rallying sees the widow makers rally but the wissenhorde ork failed with an impressively high roll and were removed from the table for anyone of 3 reasons ! (last turn so no chance to rally, fled off the board, enemy of US5+ in their way) drat drat and double drat!
Norks Ladz charge archers who were too close to shoot at them, whilst Nork charged Sir Ganeral.
There's no shooting casualties and we go straight to combat.
Norks ladz veritably mueller the peasent bowmen who (not even dirtyg can pass their break test on a minus 6) flee off the board followed by the ladz who don't quite go off the board. The snarlin' howlers do a few wounds and actually win the combat by two but the men at arms emboldened by the nearby knights hold. Nork challenges Sir General and does an impressive no wounds whilst sir general does nothing back either. I win combat by one but Sir general holds.

His pegasus knights charge the lazy eye stabba's who hold.
Combat is pretty disastrous for me as the snarlin' howlers cause no casualties and in return lose one of their own losing the combat and fleeing into the big unit of knights who take them off the battle. Nork again charges Sir general and this time actually causes a wound which causes me to win combat by two, no suprises as Dirty G makes his break test. The pegasus knights get entangled in lazzy eye stabba nets, doing only a few wounds and they just lose combat. They too resolutely hold.

Ugh, that turn was a real let down of a turn- time to count up the VP's and see who if any won won the battle of the undefeateds!

Lets see how many of malorian's predictions came true
-Grails knights are doomdiver food fanatic food :)
-At least one of the lances is totally shot to peices before it gets to charge Yep one of his lances never quite made combat and were forced off.
-Pegasus paladin is shot out of the sky (remember he can't join units)
Gain a half mark? He wasnt quite shot out of the sky (almost, one wound left)
-Men at arms do NOTHING I'm prepared to give a mark for this as they did do nothing themselves and if only for my awful luck they managed to drive off the wolf riders on the every last turn.
-Ending in a solid victory for the orcs Is alas no marks !

After totalling up the VP's it was another draw ! I strongly feel like I could have had that game but the last few turns were against me, the last turn especially turned what could have been a minor victory into a draw.
Dirty g even said to me after turn 3 he felt he'd lost it and was just hoping for some things to go right for him.

After battle comment's

I felt a little frustrated at the result, I must be honest. I thought i had a fairly strong set up and plan to beat him, but some luck and if I'm honest one or two decisions made that not happen. To his credit DirtyG played well with what he had and his very good use of cover and positioning gave me ample opportunity to mess up. I don't think I made a massive mistake except I was probably too cautious with some unit's (my hero's blocks of boyz) and too aggressive with the squig hoppers. Whilst their flank charge wasn't that terrible (certainly in theory) I should have used them more defensively and used them to go for his flying gribblies behind my lines.
A certain well known poster suggested that I go more aggressive on magic item selection and less defensive and whilst I don't think this made the decisive difference this game, I likely will change things up for next game if I play Dirty G again and be more agressive in item selection.

Anyways, it's been a pleasure doing these reports for you guys/gals, hope you've enjoyed them as I make it to 10 games. I appreciate your comments as ever. Perhaps if you're unlucky I'll do a what I've learnt with my orcs post on my website or on here :)
This week sees me assist crazydu in using a small elf force against everyone's favourite anti-hero redben!

Thanks for reading all,

06-04-2009, 21:36
That sucked. You had some pretty bad luck there between your animosity, his wards and break tests. When you waaaghed I thought he was done for.

I wouldn't say flank charging the knights was foolish. The odds were ok and even if you lost there wasn't a good chance he would run after you. The main thing was to kill more knights.

Well hopefully things go better for you next time.

06-04-2009, 21:46
That sucked. You had some pretty bad luck there between your animosity, his wards and break tests. When you waaaghed I thought he was done for.

I wouldn't say flank charging the knights was foolish. The odds were ok and even if you lost there wasn't a good chance he would run after you. The main thing was to kill more knights.

So lets see how I did:

-Grails knights are doomdiver food: nope...
-At least one of the lances is totally shot to peices before it gets to charge: yup
-Pegasus paladin is shot out of the sky (remember he can't join units): close but not quite
-Men at arms do NOTHING: check
-Ending in a solid victory for the orcs: nope...

Well hopefully things go better for you next time.

I gave you half marks for number 3 ;)

06-04-2009, 21:52
I deleted my summary once I saw you did one :)

So is this it? Stopping at 10? Or does the log go on?

In was looking forward to your reports at the 2k mark.

06-04-2009, 21:59
I won't stop at 10 don't worry, I'm too stubborn plus have spent too much money ;) I like the character and history of my army and the armybook. There's a lot of variety with the army and a few different ways to play it just perhaps not quite as well as others do it, but thats a topic for others to squabble over.
I just fancy one or two games without animosity before I get back on the push to 2000 :)

07-04-2009, 12:50
another draw, but a close fought one. Looking forward to more, and really looking forward to battles @2000

07-04-2009, 16:13
Keep it up Selone, I like reading your reports. Its fun to see the lads having a go. Especially with an 8-0-2 record.

08-04-2009, 13:23
I just came and read your battle reports, huzzah for the orcs ! I'll be reading this thread when it continues !

09-04-2009, 09:13
Selone kindly took a week off this week to help me learn the rules of the game playing some nasty dark elves against Redbens WoC but should be back next week!

09-04-2009, 12:33
Thanks for the kind words, I have received some stuff in the post so I should be able to rouse myself into another On'G game soon :) I have a lot of painting I still need to do mind you.
Anyways last tuesday saw crazydu's dark elfs achieve a solid victory over redben's WoC and take a 100% win record in a very enjoyable, battle of the battalion boxes game. (some hilarous proxies included)

14-04-2009, 04:09
Crack on with the painting then, the sooner more reports are up the better, when will you guys be hitting the 2000 point mark?

19-04-2009, 13:25
Thanks, got my spider riders done (although I tried a few different colour schemes on them) and spear chukka crewmen, am attempting to drybrush speed paint the gobbo archers.

As for reaching 2K points I intend to play a couple more games at 1500 then up the points, speaking of which I should be playing dastardly dirty G this tuesday (again) with crazydu taking pictures so you can see how my armies getting on.

28-04-2009, 07:29
Good luck to the crazy Orcs :D

28-04-2009, 23:48
And the army lists- place your bets now

Nork's warband 1500

Nork Sharptooth. Orc big boss, light armour, shield, boar, bigged's kickin boots, collar of zorga, martog's best basha 130
NorglorBannabasha, B Orc big boss, heavy armour, guzzla's battle brew, iron gnasha's, bsb 159
Darksnit, n.goblin boss, sneaky skewerer, tricksy trinket, l.armour, shield 69

Nork's Ladz. 24 orcs, shields, full command 174 points
Wisenhorde Ladz. 22 orcs, shields, full command 162

Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz 60 pts
Lazyeye stabbas. 25 nightgoblins, musician, standard, nets 189 points (3 fanatics)
Redmountain gits. 21 nightgoblins, bows, musician 67 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Snarlin' Howlers. 5 wolf riders, sbows, musician 71 points


2 spearchukka's 70 points
2 spearchukka's 70 points
7 squighoppers 105


1 doomdiver 80

Total 1500

Le Hob's errantry brigade

Paladin (general) Lance, shield, virtue of the joust 141
Paladin (BSB) barded warhorse, banner of chalons, virtue of discipline 99
Damsel in distress lvl 2, warhorse, potion sacre 125

20 Men at arms, FC 127
14 archers, braziers, musician 108
9 errant knights, FC, errantry banner 221
10 Knights of The Realm, FC 264
3 Pegasus knights, FC 195
5 Grail knights, s.bearer, musician 220

Total 1500

29-04-2009, 13:32
I see your opponent didn't learn much from the last battle ;) (or at least didn't get more models)

My bet is a solid win for the orcs. Just remember to march block him first turn ;)

Edit: Oh lets add some more for fun:

1. Solid win for orcs.
2. Men at arms don't make their points back.
3. Grail knights get crushed by the doom diver.
4. One of his lances (KE or KotR) loses 75% of their number before they hit your lines.
5. His damsel (which he could have gotten 6 KE for) doesn't do anything useful.

29-04-2009, 15:42
OOOh you will have to wait and see Mal, it was a good one to watch :D I believe Selone is writing it up as I type so it will hopefully be up soon!

29-04-2009, 16:11
Nork had enough of the land of the hoomies and their metal horsies. They were too hard to catch and the peasents made as bad eatin' as their stringy livestock. He'd continue to have dreams as bad as an Ogre's appettite about travelling to a far off land full of sand, squigs, sun and squabbles. Gobblit (the night goblin shaman) still clutching his prized staff advised Nork these dreams were sent from Gork or possibly Mork that they had to get travelling on the sea to a far, far away land.

Nork liked the idea of squigs, sand and sun as much as he liked squig beer and hated the hoomie cheese and weak wine they had to loot. Within a few minutes Nork's fearless 'band were using the remants of a brettonian port to make a glorious orcy fleet. Unfortunately they all fell apart minutes after construction and Nork's warband had to use some brettonian gallons they'd cleverly tricked the crew away from by sacrificing the troll to the brettonians. They'd set it loose terrorising a fair maiden and the entirety of the brettonian nobles and knights at arms had formed a queue to slay the troll and earn the hand of the maiden little realising the maiden was actually gobblit in a wig and dress.

Soon they'd crossed the not considerable distance from the lands of fair brettonia only losing a few ships to the seas in record time. Everyone agreed that gork must really be wanting them to do some scrappin' in this far off land for such rapid speed and such few casualties.

They landed and after a days travelling in the desert sands and many attacks of feral sand-squigs they sighted a town in the far distance. Lookin' to do some lootin' Nork saw to his amazement a brettonian force heading his away.
"Zoggin' heck, these hoomies arent so bad after all, they followed us all this way for a scrap."
"No boss, replied gobblit (without the dress and wig now) these be new ones, errant knights on da crusade"
Nork nodded and prepared the ladz for a scrap, wondering how gobblit knew this and how the zog did he get out of the tower they locked him in?

29-04-2009, 17:01
OOOh you will have to wait and see Mal, it was a good one to watch :D I believe Selone is writing it up as I type so it will hopefully be up soon!

Hmmm... it does not bold well for my predictions when the opponent comes out smiling saying "we'll see"... :(

29-04-2009, 18:31
Hello all and welcome to my eleventh game of WFB under 7th ed rules.

I'm playing 'DirtyG' this game the brett player who I've drawn twice with and is the thorn in my side with his heavily armoured, ward saving knights of doom. Our lists haven't changed much since the last game, I've made my characters more hittier and norglor has the banner now whilst he's upped his grail knights and fiddled with his chars. I'm fairly happy with my list now and theres not much I'd change whereas he's a little hamstrung in using the models he has.
Please note that this report will make less sense if you don't read my armylist/background so please check them out. We've being doing some painting which you can see at http://s460.photobucket.com/albums/qq327/hoofit_1/1500%20Orcs%20V%20Bretts/?start=0 - were not the best, but I hope not the worst either.

Pre game effects
Damsel's Spells- Mistress of the marsh, master of stone
Battle brew- Frenzy and hatred

Pre deployment thoughts
- I decided to be more agressive, I'm actually a fairly cautious player and love the flee reaction. My heros were equipped for fighting and my night gobbos even had a standard! I suspected that he would have 2 big units of knights and a few units there to drive off my war machines/smaller units. I planned on shooting the bejesus out of 1 of the units and taking its charge with one of my 3 big blocks and double teaming the other one.
As it transpires he planned to play more agressive perhaps he wants to break the deadlock as much as me and the result of our 2 strategies would see a pretty high kill count :)

I won the roll for the table edge picked the side with the big hill and managed to hold the middle ground with my blocks whilst having my support units around the flanks
He deployed a bit more agressively with both his lances pointed towards the middle supported by his pegaus knights. His grail knights held the far flank.

Overall deployment

Get off your high horse-Turn 1

Nork was a bit fed up of fightin horsie boyz, they're armour was almost too much for his choppa, thankfully he'd picked up a new shiny thing which made him even more relentless. He was going to kill more and so was his ladz he shouted to da godz

For animosity Nork’s ladz lets show em whilst the Wissenhorde Ladz squabble.
The widow makers moved up in front of the grail knights, apart from that theres not much movement except for the wolf riders that get in front of the knights errant to lure them into a charge (hopefully).
My trusty doom diver aims at his knights of the realm and gets 2 hits which both wound and in arare turn of events fails both ward saves (he normally has the luck of the irish). A Spear chukka adds to that and kills another but the resulting panic test is passed. His general gets a few spear chukka shots at him, one hits the Pegasus, wounds and kills it straight off: D His general was now quite literally off his high horse and resigned to being on foot.

A trio of charges marked the start of my opponent's turn
The Grail Knights charged my spider riders (the widow makers) who ran off and the Knight errants charged my wolf riders (the snarlin' howlers) who fled also, both got well away.
Suprisingly his pegasus knights charged Norks ladz who held but he was out of range. The fanatics are still unleashed though and 4d6 S5 hits sees them taken straight off the board and out of my hair on the first turn.

Yes I forgot my fanatics ;)

Magic saw howling wind cast irrestibly.
His shooting was fairly impressive as he fired at Norks ladz and killed 3 in some dead-eye shooting.

I very much enjoyed the pegasus knights meeting an untimely end which was a bit of a strange decision by my opponent I felt. I think he was going for the assasinate on my boss or something. That combioned with the general getting shot off hsi horse meant I'd stopped his aerial superiority immediately.

Feigned flight- Turn 2

Nork managed to stand tall as various projectiles flew over their heads towards the Brettonians. The same could not be said for the lazyeye stabba's (n.goblin spearmen) who were cowering until Norglor kicked them into shape.

Redmountain gits squabble in a fairly animosity free tuurn.
Spiders and wolfs rally and get into positions to misdirect charges again.
My onform doomdiver kills 3 KotR (no panic) and a spearchukka kills 2 more. All the other spear chukka's miss/fail to wound.

Knight Errant's charged again and so I flee again, as did his grail knights with the same results.
His general ran up to and joined the man at arms, to our suprise hes allowed to do that as we thought that would beneath a paladin but apparently not.
His damsel casted a master of stone on the lazyeye stabbas but despite having a potion sacre miscasted with an impressive triple one. Alas the miscast result is a boring s4 hit and magic phase over and shes not wounded.
Shooting sees both arrows from the peasants saved by Norks ladz rickety armour.

Another good turn of shooting for me and his army was looking decidely less threatening.

The doom of the doomdiver- Turn 3

With the horsie boyz having closed the distance nork bellowed at the doom diver to get more grots up in the air, with tremendous enthusiasm they started hamemring the machine to allow faster launch of the grots

My arrer boyz get a lets show em though they hit the squig hoppers and stop after about an inch wheel.
My squigs decide to finally move and they move into the trees ready for some sneaky table quarter grabbing/ errant knight munching.
The widow makers move into their natural habitat - the forest too
The snarlin' howlers move right up in front of the errant knights noses to force a charge and to (hopefully) have the errants pursue into the charge path of my gobbo’s

Humble apologies for the lack of painting !

Shooting starts well with the doomdiver getting a misfire and blowing up, no doubt because of tinkering by the crew!
The Spearchukkas performed magnificently pinchushioning– 1 errant knight, one grail knight and the champion plus damsel of the now very depleted knights of the realm unit.

ANother trio of charges from the Brettonians sees the Knight errants charge the snarlin’ howlers who hold, grail knights charge spear chukka who holds
and the remnants of KotR charge Nork ladz who hold.
There's no magic or shooting so straight onto combat
As expected the knights errant kill 3 of the snarlin’ howlers for no loss pursue catch them but are within the charge range of the lazy eye stabbas. Next up the grail knights spike the spear chukka but don’t overrun. Lastly the combat with Nork in sees his BSB kill my champion in a challenge and a knight do a wound to Nork. I kill his remaining knight and win combat by 4, step forward Dirty G rolling double 2 for his break test.

I was pretty confident now, the game was all but mine unless I majorly screwed up- looked like Nork might die though !


Nork was getting right stuck in barely feeling the lance stuck in his chest by the now headless horseman. Seeing the horsie boyz dwindle away Nork took a big in breath and yelled for the waagh to be redoubled.

I called a WAAGH foolishly
Regular forum readers may have noticed I complained about waagh deaths being way too punitive well in an act of divine retribution I was about to illustrate my point. As more than double of my units squabble on this turn thany other, yes, 3 units squabble hilariously. My squig hoppers losing 4 (thankfully not panicking) and now being under US 5, red mountain gits (when I really needed them to move) losing 4 also and the wissenhorde ladz lost 3. D’oh.

I declare a charge on the knights errant who run away whilst the widow makers stay in the forest enjoying the tasty beetles.
Being as how the errant knights have now lost their ward saves I pepper them with ill-disguised glee the spear chukkas killing 3 and an arrer boy killing another :D
Combat sees Nork and his BSB fight a challenge (I figure its better Nork with his WS 6, t5 and 3+ save taking the hits then a grunt or a gobbo big boss. He scores a wound and his steed another a little luckily but thankfully I make both saves and Nork does a wound in return. He’s lost combat by 6 this turn so he needs snake eyes which he duly rolls on his first time of asking. :eyebrows:

The errant knights rally and in desperation to get some honourable combat in lord phillipe urges the men at arms to charge the red mountain gits
who stand and shoot in response, he’s just out of range but the red mountain gits do no damage on the shooting.
Peasant bowmen shoot and kill the remaining fanatic so it doesn't hit the men at arms
Nork kills the BSB in a challenge finally and thankfully and his unit over-run an impressive 12" excitedly.

I could write a long post about animosity and its deadliness, oh wait I have ;) but that didn't detract from another good turn.

Do squigs like horsemeat? I believe so !- Turn 5

The hoppers could no longer be controlled and charged right into the errants flank, nork thought he should chop up their laeder but their leader was already dead. As his swift moving unit marched towards the far sand dune he watched squigs boing onto terrified horses.

Lazy eye stabbas preparing to charge the errants squabble and Norglor bashes 3 of them into shape, the widow makers lets show em out of the forest but I move the over eager spiders back in.
I have the Squigs boing into KE flank whilst Nork’s ladz move on determindly with but a small wheel towards the peasent bowmen.
Shooting sees my spearchukkas and red mountain gits all open up on the men at arms with 6 dead men at arms the result. He takes a panic test and amazingly fails so runs away with his cowardly general fleeing with the unit.
My squigs managed a less than impressive 1 wound which he saved. He attacked back with his 1 knight in combat killed a squighopper and ran after the fleeing squigs.
Will I ever learn?

Men at arms fail to rally and keep on running but alas not far enough to be in Nork's units line of sight.
His Grail knights charge the red mountain gits who run away but I roll low and they don't don’t quite get far enough away just getting caught, ran down and putting him into charge range of the wissenhorde ladz.
In a similar vein the errant knights charge the squig hoppers and run both the squig hoppers and themselves off the board with their impetous youthfullness.
Desperately the peasents shoot at and kill 1 of Norks lads before their impending charge.

Dirty G was playing for pride now as it was obvious how the game had gone but there would be time for one last charge of the brett's.

Winding down- Turn 6

Nork was about to achieve a rarity, clobber more than 1 group of 'oomies, so excited by this his unit was bound to surge forward at the bowmen, right?

Norks ladz get a lets show em handily and use the free move to propel into a charge (of the peasant bowmen’s flank no less)
I move the spider riders to claim a quarter in case his grail knights kill the wisenhorde ladz and the lazy eye stabbas move to claim a quarter too.
As an anticlimax all my spear chukka’s miss.
Combat is a lot better as Nork goes on a rampage chopping down 4 bowmen whilst darksnit gets another one thus I win combat by a hefty amount, the bowmen turning to flee and getting cut down where they stand

His men at arms rally and the errant knights come back on the table
In a last gasp effort to reagin some honour the grail knights charge into the famed wissenhorde ladz.
They reap a harvest killing 2 orcs plus the challenging boss to no return casualties so they win combat by 1 but I pass my break test and that ends the game.

The result was clear but what would the margin be?

Some end of game photos-

After adding up the VPs it was Orcs 1251 to Dirty G's Bretts 423, so it was a massacre to the orcs ! :cool:

Post game ramblings
I've never been as happy with a win as that after 2 very tense draws. I think we both wanted to get stuck in more than we had and that showed, also the pegasus knights trying to charge the orcs was a pretty bad mistake from Dirty G who admitted that after the game. My shooting I have to admit was probably the best its been for a few games, not that I was that lucky but not as unlucky I have been in the past.
He definetly needs some way of coping with fast cavalry but with the crazy prices on mounted yeomen they'll not be an option for a bit at least. I'm due to play redben again soon and hopefully crazydu will be ready to play in a month or so.

I do think I need to try to play other people though, apparently some ollllld friends of mine play that dirty G sees occasionally so here's hoping.

Thanks for reading as usual,

29-04-2009, 18:31
no crazydu is the photographer i think
dirtyg is the opponent right?

29-04-2009, 18:31
I wasn't the opponent, just the photographer! :)

damn - by the time I wrote this 3 more posts got added!

29-04-2009, 20:57
Congrats on the win. You played those fast cav perfectly. The squig hoppers... well they would have done better if you hadn't rolled so bad.

1. Solid win for orcs. (Pretty much a yes)
2. Men at arms don't make their points back. (yup)
3. Grail knights get crushed by the doom diver. (nope... not even close...)
4. One of his lances (KE or KotR) loses 75% of their number before they hit your lines. (yup)
5. His damsel (which he could have gotten 6 KE for) doesn't do anything useful. (yup)

Well 4/5 isn't bad :)

If your brets player is looking to do better he should:
-forget the silly magic
-get more knights
-drop the peasants except for skirmishing archers
-get more knights
-don't waste points on command on peg knights
-get more knights

I can't remember if I sent you my bret tactica emails... anyway I'll PM them to you and dirtyg.

But good game and good report. Any idea what armies those new players have?

29-04-2009, 22:09
If only you'd kept your "paladin gets shot off his pegasus" and not the grail knights you'd have had a clean sweep" :D
I think the bowmen are pretty good but alas as much as I like the men at arms they suffer from 'marauder syndrome'.

Thanks for the tactica Pm's. The 3 of them are orcs, dwarfs and chaos (no idea which version) so more of the same but one guy has empire and wood elves. I'd love to do orcs v empire :)

29-04-2009, 22:15
If your brets player is looking to do better he should:
-forget the silly magic
-get more knights
-drop the peasants except for skirmishing archers
-get more knights
-don't waste points on command on peg knights
-get more knights

Bretts already have the most boring book. I totally empathize with anyone not wanting to just take a bunch of knights of the realm "CAVALRY SMASH" style.

29-04-2009, 23:14
I called a WAAAGH! foolishly

nice game! one Q:
was it foolish because you whiffed on your tests or because it was a bad time to call it?

29-04-2009, 23:38
I guess because it was unnecessary, you have to be 100 % sure the waagh will definetly benefit you to risk d6 wounds on each testing unit.

30-04-2009, 07:56
I called a WAAGH foolishly

Yes, fool! Well it could have been worse (oh and the hoppers wouldn't panic anyway, they're ItP)

I guess because it was unnecessary, you have to be 100 % sure the waagh will definetly benefit you to risk d6 wounds on each testing unit.

And since you can never be sure unless you only have black orcs left, you should never call for a waaagh, period :p

07-05-2009, 14:37
Oopsies urgat, forget they were ItP, justice saw me pass their panic test though. You count on your generals unit too ;)

As an update folks I will be going along to a games club on sunday with crazydu and redben to check it out, see if its any good. I'm sure you guys want to see some new armies as much as I do :)

Speaking of armies I thought I'd let you know how my painting is going. I have 3 blocks of orcs painted now, most of my characters, a chariot (from warseer) spider riders (finally settled on a bright red colour scheme) and I tried drybrushing night goblins for speed. It err sort of worked.

I will up the points if I find suitable non redben opponents, until then I'm tempted to buy a battalion box of another army before the june prices

08-05-2009, 16:06
This thread is awesome. Nork is a legend!

Great reports mate. Sounds like a fair few decent games.

16-05-2009, 12:39
Thank you Generation terrorist,
I'm going to the games club with my army (that I went with last week) so am taking a 1500 all comer list. I know having an unit of 14 arrer boyz is a bit whacky but I had 29 points spare so adding 4 and a muscian rounded it off. Everyone's favourite gobbo shaman in a dress returns to fend off any nasty magic. it was a choice between that and +DD banner.

Hopefully I'll geta couple of games in and the armies I could be facing will be new.

Nork’s warband(1500 edition)

Nork Sharptooth. Orc big boss, light armour, shield, boar, bigged's kickin boots, collar of zorga, martog's best basha 130
Norglor Bannabasha, Black Orc big boss, heavy armour, boar, bsb, warbanner 155
Gobblit of Dark Mountain, night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealing 100

Nork's Lads. 25 orcs, shields, full command 180 points
Wisenhorde Lads. 25 orcs, shields, full command 180

Nork's Arrer boys. 14 arrer boyz, musician 89 pts
Red mountain gits. 21 night goblins, bows, musician 67, 1 fanatic 92 points
Red mountain stikkas, 21 night goblins, bows, musician 67, 1 fanatic 92 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Snarlin' Howlers. 5 wolf riders, short bows, musician 71 points


2 spear chukka’s 70 points
2 spear chukka’s 70 points
7 squig hoppers 105


1 doom diver 80

Total 1500

9 deployment choices.

16-05-2009, 13:02
i thought you were going up to 1999?

also, what does "9 deployment choices" mean? seems easy enough to interpret, but you have 11 units, or 14 including heroes, and i haven't had my caffeine yet, so i'm easily confused :p

edit: sorry to be a pest, but nork actually costs 140 not 130 with options listed, and your total is actually 1495 not 1500

16-05-2009, 13:05
The tournaments 1999 but thats a 50/50 I can attend with an army of that size. I'd love to go but its a fair hike and I'm not 100 % sure I can make the points/paint the points.
9 deployment choices means theres 9 things I can put on the board before I have to put my heros down. 8 units and the warmachines :)

16-05-2009, 13:21
ah yes, page 3 "all war machines are all deployed at the same time"

17-05-2009, 19:54
Hey there guys and gals,
I arrived to the club in north shields today with my 1500 army just as a goblin player was setting up versus a high elf player. My scheduled opponent turned up a few minutes late with a sheepish look on his face ! He'd only managed to pack up 1K worth of empire so was 500 points down however the high elf player had a 2 k list so it was suggested that we played a 3K On'G horde versus a High elf and empire combined army list.

Normally I'm not a fan of bigger games (but I know some of you guys are) and pick up team games however I decided this would be a fun game and a nice change from my smaller 1 on 1's so was happy to play. My ally was a completly goblin based horde 1500 army with a wolf chariot and wolf riders whilst I was using my 1500 list. It was decided Nork would be the overall general (still just a big boss though) and Norglor the armies BSB. They were a 2 k HE army list (so had a lord) and a 1 k empire army list.

As every grot knows the worst thing that can happen to an aspiring warboss is a long duration without a scrap. Nork didnt know how long they'd been without a scrap and he certainly couldn't spell duration but he knew his warband was getting restless.

They'd been trudging 'round in the sands of araby having seen off the brettonians to wherever they came from but between the harsh sand storms, great sand squig attacks and desertions their numbers were getting low.

So when gobblit suggested that a big group of his relatives were living in great caves in the rocks to the north west and could be 'persuaded' to come along Nork agreed to it faster than gobblit could escape a posse of love struck brettonian knights. All he had to do was bash in their leader Thunderpants and he'd have plenty of sacrifical doomdiv.. worthwhile fighting forces.

To the northwest they marched and they soon came upon the tributary of a river in the distance and hard, sunbaked terrain gave away to hills, forests and water. Where in the zog could this oasis of tranquility be?

As they approached the river two things struck Nork; firstly there were tens upon tens of black hooded gobbo's firing arrows at targets. Big targets, big stony targets, big stony slowly moving targets, big stony slowly moving oblivious to it troll targets! Secondly as his ladz rushed to the river to get their thirst quenched there was an awful racket coming from the river banks, sounded like some demon spawned banging, clattering and assorted with that cursing.

As Nork grew closer several humanoids could be seen in a wide array of uniforms and heraldy. "Get yer choppaz out boyz, there's fightin' to be done" pansiez, hoomeis was all the same to Nork, a proper fight was in the brewin' Thunderpant's bashin' would have to wait for now they would have to work together as equals zog the thought !

Army lists. (Note it transpired my ally didn't have 1500 points but c'est la vie. )

Nork's warband

Nork Sharptooth. Orc big boss, light armour, shield, boar, bigged's kickin boots, collar of zorga, martog's best basha 130
Norglor Bannabasha, Black Orc big boss, heavy armour, boar, bsb, warbanner 155
Gobblit of Dark Mountain, night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealing 100

Nork's Lads. 25 orcs, shields, full command 180 points
Wisenhorde Lads. 25 orcs, shields, full command 180

Nork's Arrer boys. 14 arrer boyz, musician 89 pts
Red mountain gits. 21 night goblins, bows, musician 67, 1 fanatic 92 points
Red mountain stikkas, 21 night goblins, bows, musician 67, 1 fanatic 92 points

Widow Makers. 5 forest goblin spider riders, musician 71 points.
Snarlin' Howlers. 5 wolf riders, short bows, musician 71 points

2 spear chukka’s 70 points
2 spear chukka’s 70 points
7 squig hoppers 105

1 doom diver 80

Thunderpant's Horde (goblin allies)

Bigboss Thunderpants. Night goblin big boss, martogs best basha, biggeds kickin boots, light armour, shield
Ming the night goblin. Level 2 shaman, staff of sorcery, 2 magic mushroom's
Night goblin bigboss, standard bearer, bad moon on a stick, light armour 107.

Alibarbar and his 40 thieves. 40 nightgoblins, spears, nets, FC 220.
Sinbbad's Pike's. 40 nightgoblins, spears, nets, FC 220.
Sting and his stingerz. 20 nightgoblins, bows, FC 80.
Arnold's arrer boyz. 20 nightgoblins, bows FC.
Panda's spears. 40 nightgoblins, spears, nets , FC 220.
6 wolfriders, boss, standard, spear, bow 99

Goblin wolf chariot 60 pts

2 trolls, stone trolls, 120

Empire expedition

Captain, barderd warhorse, full plate armour, sword of power 114
Warrior priest of sigmar, heavy armour 94
Warrior priest of sigmar, heavy armour 94

20 halberdeers, FC
-detachment 10 handgunner's
-detachment 10 free company
5 Knights, FC 155
20 flagellants 200
Cannon 100

High elves from the Tower of Dusk

Alith anar
Level 2 mage, dispell scroll, other item
10 Shadow warriors
20 spearmen, FC
20 swordmasters, FC
20 Swordmasters, FC
10 archers
10 archers
2x RBT

So will the numerous orc and goblin hordes be victorious or the mighty ranks of elves and the empire's finest?

19-05-2009, 14:09
Hello folks and welcome to my 12th game of warhammer in 7th edition, this game was a 3000 point game orcs and goblins versus high elves and empire. For details on why this epic clash see my previous post(s)

I was using my all comers 1500 list and my ally had a well painted goblin horde ! Facing us were what looked suspiciously like an empire battalion box with a few additions and an elite high elf infantry force using lots of lord of the ring figures. It must be noted that we were playing on a big board, we deployed up to 18" from the table edge rather than the normal 12". This game involved a lot of running away!


Gobblit swopped his spell for gaze of gork
Ming got gaze of gork and gork'll fix it.

The high elf mage got curse of arrow attraction and shield of sapphery

So we had 5PD and 5DD and they had 4-1 PD, 2 bound spells a turn and 5DD


We lost the roll to deploy and had to deploy first. It turns out that they play it the one to deploy first has to deploy their entire army! I was surprised at that but being the new guy I decided to go with the flow. It did mean that any thoughts of complicated deployment strategies went right out the window- instead we deployed as much as we could in the centre, units 2 deep in some cases and our faster stuff on the flanks.


They deployed to meet us with most of their forces in the centre, the empire taking their left flank and high elves their right flank


Overall deployment

If you look closely enough you can just see his cannon on the banks of the river protected by the river all the way round! It was a nice cuppa btw.

Don't panic, don't panic- turn 1

Nork made sure not to let Gobblit's relatives out of eyesight he trusted them about as much as he trusted Gobblit and at one sign of trouble they'd be off faster than one of his boyz after too much squig-curry. Still if they were runnin' away that'd be because they were doin' the dyin' and not his ladz.

We'd won the roll for turns and let the allies have the first turn.

The Allies

Cautious of being given the first turn, the empire forces moved slightly up towards the horde. The high elf infantry units moved up a little bit further too, with the shadow warriors reaching the edge of the forest on our left flank.

Before the game steve (the empire general) had bemoaned his luck with cannons after I'd commented about his positioning of the cannon. Cue his cannon misfires although he could shoot it again next turn.
The rest of his shooting saw seven gobbo bowmen die to RBT peppering and al anar (fittingly he was represented by a legolas model), they panic (despite being near to Nork) running through a big unit of spearmen and a big boss who all panic too!

Da horde
Animosity saw two lets show em and a squabble, which wasn’t too bad when we had many tests to make.
Thankfully both units rallied however Thunderpants (his big boss) kept running!
We didn't move with our infantry blocks much to allow the panicked goblins to rejoin our main battle line. Of course the squigs bounced up

and my fast cavalry on the left moved up, the howlin snarlers specifically sent there to threaten the shadow warriors and take pressure off our infantry units from the bowmen.

With the ranges between the forces still being vast (hence a non existant first ally magic phase) magic was very limited though gobblit did cast a spell, to see it dispelled.
Shooting saw the doom diver missing by half an inch but this was more than made up by the spearchukka’s who all hit, 3 hitting the front unit of skewering 9 and causing the survivors to run for it. The other hit the empire knights killing one.

What a crazy first turn! I've never seen so much shooting casualties and failed panic tests, 4 failed panic tests on a 8. Thankfully goblin casualties are much less of a worry than sword master casualties.

If only L/Cpl Jack Jones was here- Turn 2

Seeing the cowardly grots leg it Nork turned round his boar and sped off to the back of his lines shouting at the grots to come back. Seeing a very angry Nork and a just as angry boar they stopped running, however this meant elsewhere other grots were out of sight of Nork...

The empire move up slightly again with the elves doing the same to their right.
All magic is dispelled
Steve's cannon misfires again and we start to get the suspicion that he's wet his gunpowder in the river although it can fire again next turn.
Again the high elf shooting proves better- archers kill 3 goblins, and RBT’s kill 2 more just forcing a panic test which they duly fail and take another unit with them. The tree bound shadow warriors kill 2 Howlin' snarlers (wolf riders) who flee and run to the edge of the board

Da horde
We get 4 lets show em and the Wissenhorde ladz squabble- cue lots of extra movement all round.
All the goblins rally except for the howlin snarlers frustratingly who run off the board to jeers from the other side!
Redmountain git's (night goblin shortbow grots) move towards his shadow warriors, their fanatic comes out and just manages to touch a shadow warrior killing 3 and then coming to a premature end as his ball and chain gets wrapped around a tree stump. Mean whilst our fast stuff sneaks round the corner of the forest

Now in the games gobblit has graced Nork's band in hes only ever successfully cast 1 spell which did no damage, it was a suprise then to see Gobblit successfully cast a spell as he cast gaze of gork on the shadow warriors!Cue 4 pesky strength 2 hits and gork be praised kill 4 dead shadow warriors, panicking them and making them flee further into the woods.
We singled out his empire knights for some punishment and the doom diver went first flingin' a gobbo into them killing 3 knights and a flight of black etched arrows take down the last one. Not wanting to miss out the Spear chukka's open up killing 3 Sword masters and his now on his own empire captain!

More panicking, more heavy shooting casualties, though even more so than last turn the battle of attrition was clearly to our advantage, how would our enemies respond?

Much ado about nothing- Turn 3

Finally Nork had managed to stem the tide of grots running the wrong way by battle field psychology, motivation and shouting, LOTS OF SHOUTING! He could now get back to doing what he liked best choppin' spurring on his mount he headed back towards his Ladz as the distance between the 2 armies grew shorter.

The allies
Concious of the fact they're getting ground down in a battle of attrition the elves and empire move more agressively and march for the first time towards the horde whilst the shadow warriors rally.
For the first (and last) time in the game the elf mage casts drain magic.
Shooting sees the cannon misfire again to much hilarity but again it could shoot next turn, the rest of their shooting is almost as bad only killing a few night goblins.

Da horde
Animosity sees the widow makers (spider riders) squabble annoyingly though we skip the rally phase for the first time in the game.
We move our forces up to try to get a solid battle line for the first time since deployment

whilst theres more sneakin' around on the right flank

Hoping for another great shooting phase we start with the doomdiver who misfires and can't shoot next turn and this puts off the spear chukka's who 'only' kill 3 sword masters. The arrer boyz open up on the same unit and kill another 2 but they hold.

That was a much quieter turn than the last 2 turns which suited us just fine. Got to love all the misfires abounding, perhaps it was raining heavily?

Da boss is gone, I iz in charge- Turn 4

Finally having a solid line of green facin' off towards da pansies and hoomies, Nork sounded the advance. There was nothing to stop them, he thought the puny elf machines didn't make enough noise or mess to be a threat and da cannon was constantly emitting smoke. Get em!

The allies
The combined high elf and empire force continues to move towards us though he forgets to move his shadow warriors to where they can see a target.
His shooting sees a great tide of shooting threaten to wash away Nork''s ladz the cannon actually works and hits them and the RBT@s get many direct hits, when alls said and done 10 of the boyz are dead, and the rest with Nork in turn tail and run for it!

Da horde

Seeing their general seemingly flee the battlefield a whole host of squabblin' breaks out with no less than 5 units squabbling including annoyingly the squighoppers and widow makers missing their chance to escape behind a wall.
Thankfully Nork rallies though-

Magic is dispelled.
Between the fact that the doom diver can't shoot, bad gobbo accuracy and the spear chukka crew obviously distracted by the mass fist fight only 2 flagellants die to spear chukkas, the arrer boyz though kill 2 sword masters not caught up by the squabblin' as they've seen Nork do this 'cunnin' ploy' before.

End of turn 4

Thank gawd Nork rallied ! All these failed panic tests are sure getting annoying though and the mass squabbling outbreak made it harder for us to get close to fighting time.

Unleash the fanatics - Turn 5

Nork's cunnin' ruse had worked they'd pretended to be running away to lure the 'oomeis into running after them and leaving their shooty boyz behind. At least that’s what Nork would say happened afterwards to anyone that asked, and if they asked again they got chopp'd. As dem mad 'oomie boyz advanced Nork told the grots to let go of their fanatics, they'd get their deffs as soon as they wanted.

The alliance
The flagellants make a (failed) charge however this is still enough to have the fanatics come out from two units, the first one from the charged unit splatters 5 and the second one kills 6 gobbos on its way to the flagellants where it causes another 5 deaths!

The sword masters charge my arrer boyz who run away and thankfully get away but they still trigger a fanatic who kills 4!

The shadow warriors move to shoot the widow makers which they do so killing 3, who don't panic. Both units of archers open up on the trolls and do a couple of wounds which are all saved/regenerated. His repeater bolt throwers kill 5 hooded archers and yes you guessed it they panic and run through another unit who panic too.

The horde
An unit of gobbo shortbows squabbles but its otherwise an uneventful animosity phase
The rally phase sees no unit rally and I pose the question do you want my general to come back to help them rally? No, he says they'll be fine....
The compulsory phase takes longer than most armies movement phases with fanatics whizzin' all over the place actually hitting and killing two spearmen. The squig hoppers bounded across the river eyes set on the tasty unarmoured cannon crew.

whilst the chariot charges the halberdeers in the side

Impressively gobblit has to be scrolled as he rolls a 11 for gaze of gork
Shooting sees the doomdiver start up by killing a solitary sword master whilst the massed ranks of shortbows kill 3 flagellants and the spear chukka's kill a few more.
A lack of impact hits and weedy golin crew sees the chariot lose combat by 1 but hold, surprisingly.

Why can't my fanatics do that much damage?

WAAGH - Turn 6

All this running about after da ladz and messin' about had emant that so far Nork ahdn't got into fightin', determined to address this he bellowed a waagh and let out a guttural, deep laugh at the sight and sound of squeaky goblins trying to emulate him

The alliance
A flurry of charges is declared- the swordmasters (all 6 of them) charge my arrer boyz (who choose stand and shoot) the spearmen try to charge the trolls but fail their fear test, the sorry remnants of the flagellants charge the unit of stikka's (3 dying to a fanatic in the way) with the shaman in and the militia charge the chariot.
Now their magic phase has been mostly dormant springs into life, whilst drain magic is dispelled, soul fire is not and the chariot takes 6 S4 hits and collapses into a ramshackle collection of bolts (gobbos don't use nuts) the other warrior priest casts soul fire too and 2 gobbo's die.

The allys shooting sees the cannon trying for 1 last shot, harmlessly bounce over the wolfriders heads, more arrows bounce off thick stony skin and the repeater bolt throwers must have been running out of ammunition as they only kill 2 orcs.
Combat sees the now reduced to 4 swordmasters (killed two with stand and shoot) still chop down 5 orcs, ouch! They unsurprisingly zog off and just escape the vengeful elves running through the doomdiver crew who surprisingly look unperturbed. Flagellants and Warrior priest kill 4 gobbos but the shaman kills one back. Bolstered by both the general and battle standard bearer the gobbo's hold.

Da horde
I declare a waagh!
In an amazing turn of events and one that surely would please theunwantedbeing no one squabbles on a waagh, first time ever! We make up for it for the 3 or 4 units that get a lets show 'em all rolling 1 inch for their extra move.
Rallying sees the arrer boyz rally but both gobbo units fail.

The hopping mad squig hoppers boing into the cannon crew

Now you may be wondering why I haven't mentioned the trolls, well they failed their stupidity tests all 5 turns before, this turn however they pass and my team mate perhaps bravely declares a charge against the spearmen. I declare a charge with Norglor and Nork (BSB and bigboss) against his militia, nork is alas out of range and my team mates wolfriders charge the handgunners.

Our magic phase is eventful- gobblit again casting succesfully but doign no woudns to the swordmasters whilst Ming miscasts and lsoes his spell.
Shooting sees the doomdiver scatter miles away and the rest of our shooting is equally ineffective though we do wipe out the last 2 swordmasters.
Onto combat and the trolls kill a spearmen for no dmage but lose and are predictably driven off

the wolf riders completly fail to do any damage but because of resolution they still win by 2 and run down the handgunner's whilst Norglor kills 3 militia winning combat by 3 though the militia don't run.

The squigs kill all the crew and spike the cannon whilst the gobbos kill the last flagellant for no losses though the warrior priest holds and with that the game was over....

Combat went as planned for us and our last turn went well.

It was fairly obvious to all that the greenskin horde was victorious ! Rather than count up VP's we all agreed that it would be a solid victory to the orc's.

Post game ramblings
That must be a record for failed panic tests, granted goblins awful leadership doesn't help but a lot of our failed tests were on Ld8, as were theirs. Combined team games always have the potential to be pretty whacky and this combined with a big gaming board and some cautious first few turns meant that shooting casualties (and to an extent fanatic) caused the most damage for most of the game until a frenzy of close combat on the last turn.
There was also some of the more unusual options fielded on both sides and I suspect of some learning accomplished, I learnt that you shouldn't fight sword masters in combat with orcs.

Anyways it was an enjoyable game and I plan to go next week and have arranged a 1500 game verus wood elves or empire, and I might get a play test game with everyone's favourite champion of chaos redben!

Thanks for reading, and as always criticisms, comments, etc is welcomed :)

19-05-2009, 14:37
Wow, i'm amazed you got a victory there selone. I thought you were done for after that shooting, and running off. Well done :D

Unusual seeing those LotR figures on 20mm square bases

It does look like a good cuppa, did you take the sugar upgrade for 4 points?

19-05-2009, 14:46
Wow, i'm amazed you got a victory there selone. I thought you were done for after that shooting, and running off. Well done :D

Unusual seeing those LotR figures on 20mm square bases

It does look like a good cuppa, did you take the sugar upgrade for 4 points?

Thank you, it was a rollercoaster of panicking and rallying.
I thought they worked quite well, it transpired the guy played whatever of the ring game it was didn't like it so made them Fantasy battle figures. They looked alright even if I had to keep asking who I was shooting at.

Alas no upgrade for me ! As I was using the crazydu army book which doesn't include sugar as an additional option (she doesn't like sugar)

She took the excellent pictures btw, thats why they were good as I wasn't allowed to take any ;)

19-05-2009, 14:50
That first turn was crazy, but you fought through it and got the win :)

19-05-2009, 15:37
Nork's cunnin' ruse had worked they'd pretended to be running away to lure the 'oomeis into running after them and leaving their shooty boyz behind. At least that’s what Nork would say happened afterwards to anyone that asked, and if they asked again they got chopp'd.

i seriously laughed out loud!!
interesting game, great read~

19-05-2009, 20:33
Any plans for larger games in the future Selone?

19-05-2009, 22:28
Thanks rtunian and heya mal, aye if I can scrape the models together theres a 1999 tourny in a few weeks

19-05-2009, 22:31
gogo tourney :-) I want to see Nork beat more people up!

20-05-2009, 00:42
Thanks rtunian and heya mal, aye if I can scrape the models together theres a 1999 tourny in a few weeks

1999? So no lords? *Grumble grumble* that's what I'm waiting for :cries:

20-05-2009, 13:18
Nice report as always, and nice win.

21-05-2009, 15:37
Thanks for the comments, always nice :) I'm not really looking forward to vampire lords, and flying terror causing gribblies :D
It's wood elves on sunday and the next weekend the tournament, I'm painting like a madman to get anywhere near 1999 done :) I'll probably post my armylist (s) soon

21-05-2009, 15:40
Oh come on... you haven't lived until you've faced a vampire lord on a dragon ;)

27-05-2009, 11:03
Hello all, so I didn't play on sunday in order to get some more painting done for cry havoc. yes the 1999 tournament that at least 5 people from warseer are going to. There's not much rules to this tourny- no soft scores (you get 20 pts for fully painted army is all), 1999 pts and no special characters. Likely we'll see some pretty honed lists.
I may have a problem though only I've managed to get just under 1400 painted so far, anyone got any painted savage orcs I can lend ;) ?

27-05-2009, 11:35
I may have a problem though only I've managed to get just under 1400 painted so far, anyone got any painted savage orcs I can lend ;) ?

Sure. Come and get them ;)

Hope the painting goes ok. It sucks to have to limit your list due to ony having so many models painted...

Once Bitten
27-05-2009, 13:22
Yeah, and it can also suck when your painting suffers because you're in such a rush to get it all done before a tight deadline (ala some of my HE). Good luck with your painting and the tourney.

28-05-2009, 14:38
Cheers guys I'm updating the front page with how much painted models I've got- broke the 1600 barrier last night. Oh and my local GW didn't have any savage orcs yesterday and reckoned they're only mail order now d'oh, looks like I might be using lots of orcs with 2 choppa's instead.

28-05-2009, 14:42
Oh and my local GW didn't have any savage orcs yesterday and reckoned they're only mail order now d'oh, looks like I might be using lots of orcs with 2 choppa's instead.

Who cares about the actual savage orcs models. They are ugly, hard to convert, and expensive.

Just put war paint on regular orcs and you're good to go.

28-05-2009, 15:51
maybe they are being anal about proxying models that are for sale by gw?

28-05-2009, 16:18
Link to the rules pack- http://z11.invisionfree.com/THE_GAMES_CLUB/index.php?showtopic=2570

Quick summary

1999 points (ie no lords, 3 specials, 1 rare) Some of you guys may hate this but I like it

3 games all pitched battle. 50 entrants.

No named or special characters/unit champions etc. I very much approve of this

Can use DoW, SoC armies and Chaos dwarrves. Not sure what to make of this, guess it's good for those that still collect those armies though.

There are no army composition rules/army selection requirements.

Massacre is 60 points, winner, 0 loser, solid victory 50/10 marginal victory 40/20 and draw 30/30. A fully painted army gets 20 points. There are no points for sportsmanship or army composition though they reserve the right to penalise bad sports.

Please also note that the models should be WYSIWYG wherever possible. In the case of “counts as” conversions, please make sure that your opponent is clear as to what the conversion counts as prior to the game beginning.
Is the relavent bit from the rules pack, even if I could convince them I'm probably leaving it too late now to paint up my 15-20 or so orcs lying on a wardrobe.

I'll put a poll up as eveyone else does so you can predict how many points I get ! I'm hoping for at least 20 ;)

28-05-2009, 16:31
A fully painted army gets 20 points.

Well there you go. It doesn't even need to be painted, so you'll be fine :) (although the extra 20 points would be nice.)

Looking at that scoring system, and knowing your track record, I'd say you are going to end with 140 points (not counting painting points).

Not to thread-jack, but I see using war-painted regular orcs as savage orcs on the same level as those that convert dwarf warriors to be long beards rather than using the odd looking metal models.

I mean it's not like using men at arms for sword masters or anything :p

So when you look at the model you see an orc with war paint, and to me that means a savage orc, which would make it WYSIWYG.

28-05-2009, 16:57
Not to thread-jack, but I see using war-painted regular orcs as savage orcs on the same level as those that convert dwarf warriors to be long beards rather than using the odd looking metal models.

I mean it's not like using men at arms for sword masters or anything :p

So when you look at the model you see an orc with cool war paint, and to me that means a savage orc, which would make it WYSIWYG.

I agree with that. Converts your orcs into savage orcs with war paint, they'll be wysiwyg. And if ever anyone want to get mean about it, tell they're Countaz converts in the beginning of the game (what a great religion :D ) because that's what they are anyways.

Good luck with the tourny !

28-05-2009, 20:17
I've emailed the guy to check his position re savage orcs, but alas even if it's okay I'm unlikely to get them finished (1700 painted now)

Thanks for the encouragement but alas playing friendly games with more friendly lists is different from the white hot crucible that is a tournament.

29-05-2009, 08:20
Good luck with the tourney.

You could just go for basic colours for the ones you haven't painted yet, then go back and re-do them after the tournament. Or you could dip them or give the whole lot a brown wash.

29-05-2009, 10:25
The orc models are barely armoured. A scattering of top knots and warpaint should be enough to signify they are savage orcs. If you want to go the whole hog, then hack up their weapons a bit to make them look like stone instead of metal.

29-05-2009, 10:39
Hi Selone,

I’m also going to the cry Havoc tournament

Armies don't have to be fully painted but if you’re trying to win the tourney you will have to have them painted in at least 3 colours.

It should be a laugh with around 50 people playing. Usually use my High elves but also using orcs and goblins for fun this time!

See you there


29-05-2009, 10:51
Cheers Dale and gl with your orcs and goblins !

Army list

Nork Sharptooth. Orc big boss, light armour, shield, boar, warboss um’s big boss ‘at, martog's best basha 135
Norglor Bannabasha, Black Orc big boss, heavy armour, boar, bsb, morks spirit totem 180
Gobblit of Dark Mountain, night goblin shaman, staff of sneaky stealing 100

Nork's Lads. 25orcs, shields, full command 180
Wisenhorde Lads. 25 orcs, shields, full command 180
Wisenhorde Choppa boyz 25 orcs, 2 choppas, full command 205

Nork's Arrer boyz. 10 arrer boyz, musician 65 pts
Shoota boyz 10 arrer boyz, musician 65 points

Lazyeye stabbas. 29 night goblins, musician, standard, nets 167 points (1 fanatic)
Red mountain gits. 21 night goblins, bows, musician, fanatic 92 points
Red mountain stikka’s 21 night goblin archers, musician, fanatic p 92

Widow Makers, 5 spider riders, musician 71 points.
Funnel spiders, 5 spider riders, musician 71 points
Snarlin’ Howlers, 5 wolf riders, spears, musician 71 points


2 spear chukka’s 70 points
2 spear chukka’s 70 points
7 squig hoppers 105


1 doom diver 80

Total 1999

29-05-2009, 11:43
Beware the quick paint you will have to re-do after the tournament ... because you will have to re-do it :D And if you're lazy like me it might be hard to put yourself to repaint orcs that are badly made but that look ok inside the gigantic green wave of your army.

By the way, it might not be the moment, but do you have a painting thread where we can see your orcs ? I'm curious, I would like to see your army :)

Good luck with the painting !

01-06-2009, 12:57
My tournament report

My day started at 5 am (so nice and early) with a 6.30 train to dunfermline via edinburgh. A little over 2 and a hours later I was met off the train by famous haggis and pickled onion eater Brian of the DWARF club (dunfemline wargames and roleplay fellowship) and off we went to the club !

The event was held at DEL FARQUHARSON CENTRE a massive building with a main room capable of having 30 games at the same time, they were originally expecting 56 people which dropped down to 50 a few days before and 1 or 2 people dropped out on the day. Still a very big turnout though and they looked to be good representation of the races. Demons, vampires, dark elves, orcs and skaven looked to be well represented with 5 or so each race.

I only have one army so took my BfsP influenced Orc n' Goblins to a 1999 no composition restrictions (except you couldn't take named SC's) somewhat bravely or perhaps foolishly. Having thought it about the 3 armies in a <2 k tourny that worried me worst were dark elves, demons with multiple attacks (rather than the PB variant) and a gunline. Magic didn't worry me too much as dispel dice I did not lack.

Note- all armylists's are entirely my recolelction not from an armylist so may contain errors ;)

Game 1- Dave Mcilnney Demons of chaos

Dave had a fairly unique demona rmy with no nurgle unit's, a slaanesh and tzeentch core but the 3 units of fleshounds weren't so unique. he was using dryads as horrors which I thought worked quite well and warhounds as fleshounds. All in all a nicely done army and a nice guy playing it to boot!

Slaanesh herald, general, many armed montrosity
Slannesh herald, BSB- great icon of despair, Etherblade
Tzeentch herald, master of sorcery, maybe something else

15 daemonettes, FC
15 daemonettes, FC
10 horrors
10 horrors

6 fleshounds
6 fleshounds
6 fleshounds

6 flamers

I'd talked to a few people about demons and I wasn't too worried about magic at this level, what having 7DD and all and plague bearers I'd just have to avoid, however the inclusion of 2 units of daemonettes, great icon of despair and 3 units of fleshounds somewhat threw a spanner in the works.
He took the lore of beasts on his herald and we were playing on a desert board with a fair bit of ancient egyptian themed difficult terrain, very cool looking.

I strung my army across the battlefield whilst he deployed his 3 units of fleshounds right in the middle with his BSB and general behind them. The flamers secured the end of his left flank with an unit of horrors behind and in front of them.

There was a black library book on the table for the person losing the first turn, I lost the roll and Dave took the first turn. Woohoo, my first and likely only prize!

Turn 1

He zoomed his fleshounds up and the demonettes behind them, his tzeentch forces holding his left flank.
All his magic was dispelled (he had 5 PD to my 7 DD muhahahah) and his flamers had marched so no shooting, so no losses for me.
Alas though his forces were almost on top of me and march blocking was now an irrelevance (as they were within charge range)

Typically I held firm with my centre (reasoning that a unit of 6 fleshounds shouldn't beat my fully ranked up unit's and with characters in the mix I should win and force ld tests) whilst my faster stuff (spider riders, wolf riders and squig hoppers ran round the flanks and enveloped him)
Gobblit never tried to cast a spell bless him as he hid behind a rock however I expected shooting to play more of a part, after a direct doomdiver hit, a bolt thrower hit and lots of pesky bowfire the net result was 1 wound on a fleshound unit after he made 4/5 ward saves !

Drat drat and double drat.

Turn 2

2 of his fleshound unit charged and his demonette unit with his general in charged. His fleshounds charged my orcs and his demonettes the goblins. A fanatic came out and managed to kill a grand total of 1 demonette (2/3 passed ward saves). He seemed amazed there wasn't 3 fanatics in the unit. I managed to pass all my fear tests (we forget to take them then he rememberd before hand to hand and I took them, then)

In magic he attempted to cast a flickering fire versus the fanatic which I was more than happy to let through and it killed him. His flamers killed 6 gobbo's and made them run away through the dismissive orcs.

Combat saw the goblins net the demonettes and despite all sort of demon hi jinkery (the general throwing massive amount of attacks, 6 I think it was) the gobbo's won the combat by 2 as the demonettes on strength 2 found it hard to wound the gobbo's. Norglor banna-basher and his champion were locked in a mighty challenge, him having the gall to put a wound on the black orc! he passed his instability though.
The fleshounds versus Wissenhorde ladz (orc boyz with shields and without Nork my general) won the combat by 1, losing 4 boyz to nasty, biting hounds, whilst Nork's unit won the combat very handily killing 1 and making 2 pop to resolution (he already had one on one wound, and chose to direct a fair few attacks at Nork, but nork is dead 'ard)


Gobbo's rally, left spider riders squabble (was a very uneventful animosity game for the record) my fast right flank speeds off and the snarlin' howlers make it into combat with the horrors, squig hoppers just bouncing out of range.

Shooting is pretty poor again with a wound on a flamer (scattered doomdiver shot), a wound on a fleshound (bolt thrower) and a dead demonette (bow)

Combat sees his demonettes kill a couple of gobbo's and I kill a demonette, I win by 1 and he passes his Ld test. Nork's ladz fairly obliterate the fleshounds killing 1 and with his ld test he loses all but 1 hound stuck on a single wound, frustrating him as he can't charge them with his BSb 'nettes. Combat with the Wissenhorde boyz sees the fleshounds kill 4 again and lose by 1, passing their break test. The snarlin' howlers meanwhilst kill 3 horrors and another 3 pop.

Lots of combat ! Come to think of it I'm unsure how the demonettes were in combat on turn 2, I must have moved forward slightly.

Turn 3


There's not much moving he can do with most of his army locked in combat, he moves his flamers up to shoot, his horrors and other units of 'nettes shuffle up too.

Magic again is all dispelled, whilst his flamers open up on the choppa boyz. He's at -2 to hit (long range, moved) and with his twenty shots he gets... 0 hits :D

Combat sees again a couple of gobbos get killed by the loss of 1 'nette and him pass his break test, Nork's unit kills the last fleshound, and the snarlin' howlers obliterate the horrors. The other unit of 'hounds alas go into overdrive killing 7 boyz, though the champion does a wound back, it's still enough for them to win combat by 2, with everyones favourite icon of despair being there thats a 4 needed on the test. I don't get it and they're run down and destroyed, a nearby unit of gobbo's fleeing too.

I try to envelop his forces one unit of spider riders coming behind his 'nettes whilst on my right my fast cav and hoppers bounce behind his flamers. One failed animosity test and the gobbo's fail their rally and run off the board. Fantic bounces through his BSB 'nettes and kills one.
Shooting sees a couple more 'nettes feleld by spear chukka's but that was all.

More eternal; 'nettes v gobbos sees virtually the same results with the challenge still going on and a couple more gobbo's dying.

I was in a fair bit of trouble here with one unit of hounds having broken through my line on the elft flank, the right flank looked okay for now, though.

Turn 4

His flamers charge my arrer boyz (I hold) whilst one unit of 'hounds reforms to be able to charge my generals unit next turn and the other moves to be able to charge an unit in the flank.
All magic is dispelled and theres no shooting to speak of.

His flamers do awful in combat only killing 1 though I don't do anything, he loses by 1 though (musician) but makes his test. it's the same old story with gobbo's versus 'nettes except slowly and surely the gobbos are getting whittle down and there's a very real chance of them getting flank charged imminently.


My left most spider riders waagh towards his BSB 'nettes. In an effort to break out I charge his BSB 'nettes with my generals unit and spider riders. I know it's a big risk but I have to do it as otherwise my generals unit are going to get flank/rear charged. My choppa boyz also charge the unit of tzeentch horrors with herald in. They all passed their fear checks except the spider riders (testing on the generals LD-2).

Shooting sees me kill 2 fleshounds and a 'nette. I was happy because I thought I'd reduced the 'hounds to less than US 5 forgetting they were 2 US each, classic mistake!

Combat was absolutely awful, whilst Norglor banna basher finally killed the champion in a challenge (after 5 combat phases) so his unit just won combat by 1, my generals unit managed to do nothing to the nettes, Nork himself missing all 3+1 attacks, the nettes struck back killed a few and won combat by 2, thus a ld4 test I needed and duly failed. They outran the 'nettes but ran so far they sped into the fleshounds and were instantly destroyed, not a good turn of events. Meanwhilst the choppa boyz were equally ineffectual killing none, losing 1 to horrors and popping 1 due to combat resolution and were about to be flank charged. To stick the boot in the Flamers killed and ran down the arrer boyz.

What a truly terrible combat phase and turn, whilst I was forced into desperate action (it was charge or die) I couldn't have done any worse and lost my generals unit and was about to get flank charged twice. I knew I'd lost there and then and it was simply try to get as much out of it as I could.

Turn 5


As expected one unit of 'hounds charges the lazy eye stabba's in the flank, whilst another charges the Choppa boyz in the flank. The flamers bounded over to shoot at the 'hoppers.

All magic was dispelled (wasn't much he could do now) and his shooting killed 6 squig hoppers leaving only one alive.

Combat saw the lazy eye stabba's murdered and ran down, with a pursuit into a spear chukka, although the choppa boyz held firm killing a few horrors even.


I basically went into damage limitation mode and tried to eke out some VP's, my other unit of spider riders charged the horrors in the back whilst I shuffled round some table quarters.

Shooting saw some nettes killed from both units, pleasingly reducing them to half amounts each.

Combat went much better than expected killing a few more horrors and reducing them to only 3 left with herald. Spearchukka crew were just killed.

At about this time dinner (ie pizza, doughnuts and iron bru) was served (i.e placed on a big table) and I looked at the food hungrily.

Turn 6

His flamers charged into the massive combat to try to rescue the situation, whilst his hounds charged my doomdiverand with no magic and shooting we skipped straight to the combat.
I wiped out the horror unit sans herald whilst the choppa boyz got a right mauling and were destroyed as they fled into the flamers. The spider riders got away.


I was watching in despair at this time not really because my boyz were getting a kickin but because the food was disapearing faster than my boyz were. A combination of tiredness and hunger combined to me really not doing much this turn and all that was left was to see the margin of demon victory!

The result

Minor victory to the demons! Whilst it wasn't a doubt that I'd lost we were a little suprised it was only a marginal win coming down to me getting 2 table quarters and contesting the other 2 as well as killing all his horrors and getting a lot of 50%'s.

I must admit there were times when I wasn't massively enjoying this game as I felt despite his army I had a fighting chance only to see my shooting fail to whittle his army down and when it came to combat there a few disastrous phases. To his credit though he'd really got an idea what to do with his army, played it flawlessly pinning me down, turning my left flank and he deserved the victory. He probably deserved a better result than a minor victory and I could be pleased with a small loss against a demon army with a lot of attacks.

Still I had 20 points from the result and with my painting score of 40 I was now on for a maximum score of 160.

01-06-2009, 13:42
It games like this where that lord would have been REALLY helpful for the leadership. Although not a true leadership bomb, a fear causing army with a banner the reduces your leadership really hurts :(

Well at least you kept it to a minor loss, and really if some of those dice rolls had gone your way (him not making wards as if it was a 3+ and passing his tests after each lost combat phase) it could have gone a lot better.

01-06-2009, 14:01
Unlucky there selone.

I blame the terrain, your ladz aren't used to fighting on sand :D

You had a good winning streak anyway

01-06-2009, 14:37
Looking forward to reading the rest of the tourney battles. Nork's antics always make me chuckle , though that that could be said of quite a few of the O&G threads in the bat rep section (Is it something to do with being an O&G general?

01-06-2009, 15:15
Game 2 Alex Easson- Vampire counts

Vampire- Infinite hatred, something else
Vampire- Redfury, helm of commandment
Wight King, Drakenhof banner

5 direwolves
6 x 25 zombies

6 black knights, banner of the dread legion
33 Graveguard, banner of the barrows

I'd never played vampire's before but I thought I could handle their magic at this level, as it was Alex had eschewed magic for some good old fashioned beat down and a grave guard bunker TM of doom. Alex's army was nciely painted although he kept moaning about only having so much zombies as it was for some demonstration game and they were going straight up on ebay after the match. He was also trying to make jokes about my nationality but I couldn't understand a word he was saying ;)

For deployment basically we faced each other with opur big infantry blocks whilst as ever my fast cav took to the flanks, as did his hounds and black knights. We had some buildings on the left which were counted as impassable terrain apparently which would come back to snooker me ;) I got the first turn.


Turn 1

Annoyingly both my bow gobbo's squabbled whilst I was paying the price for this terrain in front of me and my deployment with a bit of a log jam. As usual my fast cav swung into action trying to get round his flanks and slow him down.

Shooting saw a handful of zombies on his left flank killed.

What units he could march he did, and he swung off 2 unit's to deal with my fast cav. The black knights advanced behind the zombies.
Magic saw him raise 5 zombies despite the fact that I had 7DD and him only 3 !

That was an awful lot of zombies, for some reason I was still worried about his knights the most and not the grave guard.

Arrer boys squabbled, main battle line held firm whilst on my left the spider riders got round his flank.
Shooting saw another 10 zombies from his left most unit die to shooting whilst I managed to reduce his unit of freshly raised zombies to 1 model annoyingly.


He declared 3 charges- hounds on my unit of choppa boyz (I held) and one unit on each fast cav unit who both fled.

Combat predictably saw the hounds all crumble away to combat res (I fluffed my attacks) leaving me a bit bemused.

I realised now unfortunately most of his points were in the grave guard unit who I probably couldn't touch.

Turn 3

Snarlin' howlers rally, spider riders run off board. Squig hoppers squabble.

I manage to kill yet more zombies removing 5 each from his two left most units and killing the last survivor. A couple of grave guard die to a spear chukka confirming they have regenerate and are cool customers.

Units shuffle up, black knights realign and go through the impassable buildings which suprised me as I knew they could ignore terrain penalties but didn't know they could go through impassable terrain. His heavily depleted left most zombie unit charges the howlin' snarlers who hold.
He manages to raise yet another new unit getting a paltry 5 models again.
Combat sees the wolf riders win (despite hitting on 6's) killing 1 and 2 die to crumbling.

I knew this would be the last turn before we got stuck in, I was pretty much resigned to not being able to compete with the massive gg unit and instead planned to kill as much else as I could.

What does the macro function do again?

Turn 4

I tried to move my gobbos into a house absent mindedly forgetting it was impassible. Oh well, ehy thats what sleep deprivation does to you ! I positioned the spider riders behind the grave guard half tempted to charge them next turn and try to force them to pursue. My squig hoppers bounced towards the black knights but annoyingly bounced only seven inches and were 2" away.

Shooting saw about 10 more zombies die and a black knight was shot off his saddle.

The snarlin' howlers wiped out the zombie unit with contemptous ease.

He declared no less than 6 charges, 4 units of zombies againt my 4 combat unit's, a depleted unit against my arrer boyz and his black knights against my squig hoppers, all held and only 1 unit of orcs failed their fear test, hitting on 6's.

Combat saw the arrer boyz win combat and reduce the zombies to but a few, the black knights spooned their attacks killing only 1 but the damnable steeds killed another 3, my return attacks bouncing off heavy armour and the hoppers fled off the table the black knights just missing them. Elsewhere to paraphrase I won all 4 combats killing between 5-7 zombies per fight.


Turn 5

There really wasn't much shooting possible although gobblit did manage to kill a black knight with his default spell :D Combat can be best summed up with lots of zombies dying, his plan was to try to have one unit get killed quickly whilst granting the others crown of commandment/ topping them up. This worked somewhat as one unit quickly crumbled and I made a classic mistake thinking I went last, I assumed he had only one more turn left!

Vampire counts
His graveguard charged a unit of shield armed boyz. Thinking it was the last turn I just had them hold and not run away (which they should have done anyways to be fair- to avoid giving up 100 vp's for their standard) His black guard moved to charge the gobbo's on my left flank.
Combat saw most of his zombie unit's crumble although the 3 character, gg bunker won combat by a massive amount and cut down the orcs.

What a truly terrible mistake, I couldn't believe I got the turns muddled up, blaming lack of sleep, dehydration and too much taunts from the other side of the table! He was going to be able to charge on his last turn and what might have been a narrow win for me was going pear shaped.

Turn 6

My fast cav swarmed around the battle-field claiming quarters, and I attempted to reform my gobbo's to give them full cr versus the balck knights, then we realised they hadn't taken animosity and I typically rolled a one. So instead of having +4 cr against them and a frontal charge I was showing my flank, oops !

I directed as much as I could do at the black knights needing one casualty for half VP's, gobblit was dispelled and typically my one spear chukka hit on them rolled a one to wound, leaving me with a rueful smile on my face although I wiped out the rest of his zombie unit's in combat.

His graveguard charged my netter unit sans BSB and muellered it, whilst the black knights did the same to the gobbo's (their fanatic doing nothing)

With that done it was time to count up the VP's.

The result

Draw! The boneheaded forgetting I went first combined with the black knight bad luck had turned a minor win for me into a draw. My plan had always been to leave the gg alone, feed em one unit take the quarters and pick away at the black knights which I very nearly succeded in. Still it was a definite learning experience for me and Alex did what he set out to do even if his gg didn't see combat as early as he'd have liked. Alex is a great guy with a very unique sense of humour ;)

70 points so far and a maximum of 130 achievable.

01-06-2009, 15:29
That was an odd list... and odd deployment for him too.

What you could have done is since the GG were blocked by his own zombies is use it to your advantage and simply block them. Even going to a 4 frontage to remove your own ranks and thus also have them crumble slower.

Really too bad with that turn mistake. It seems it's always in the tournaments that the most basic mistakes are made, due most likely to things like you mentioned plus just the general excitement of being in a tournament.

Well I guess my bet is going to be well off... but don't be hard on yourself. Even with the mistakes you are still doing well.

01-06-2009, 16:15
Game 3 - Al campbell, Dwarfs

This battle report will be a bit less detailed than normal ;)

Thane, general (I have no idea what he had as he never got into combat)
Thane, BSB, master rune of grungri
Runesmith, rune of balance,

18 longbeards
25 warriors
25 warriors

10 thunderers
10 quarrelers

2 Bolt throwers
Stone thrower (engineer)
1 flame cannon

So a nice defensive dwarf army, Al was a 'ringer' ie there only to play if they had odd numbers, he'd only played one game where he'd drew with last years winning DoCplayer. A dwarf gunline was probably my least favoured match up being able to outshoot me and beat whatever remnants stumbled onto his lines.

I really wanted to win my last game and I knew I had to be tricky to not be smoldering remains come turn 6. As expected he deployed defending his hill, whilst I was really tempted to stay back and shoot him I thought I could get something taking to the attack and thought it might be a bit unsportsmanlike to hand back and play for a draw, plus his army wasn't that bad.

I decided to face off his hill with my missile units and march them straight up until they were within range and could shoot with 2 ranks at him (assuming any were left alive). Meanwhilst my infantry units would hit the hill from left and right with my fast cav and hoppers taking the extreme flanks and hopefully feastin' on war machine crew.

My battlereport will be fairly truncated as I didn't take many pictures and my memory was a little fuzzy

Turns 1-2

Al won the turn to go first and chose to go first, a mistake I think in hindsight. the first two turns he did very little to me being out of range with a lot of his shorter ranged units. I had slight issues of my own with key units squabbling and meaning that I was very unlikely to get to combat with my infantry blocks (it was a 51 " table too). I managed to kill a couple of troops but his ward save banner made it even more apparent I wasn't going to win a shoot-out.

I have no idea how I managed to get the picture like this

Turns 3-4
With no magic phase of either of us and no movement from him the game went quickly. His war machines started to find its mark and start killing handfuls of my big unit's of orc's or goblins a turn but crucially not reduce them to 50 5 although both units of arrer boyz were reduced to 2 models one turn after another, panicking and being unable to be rallied. An unit of 9 thuderers killed 8 orc's in one turn, pepper-tastic!
My fast cav managed to get into his war machines and the slow process of killing stubborn crew started. Alas my hoppers couldn't help as they squabbled one inch away from them...


Turns 5-6

I threatened his right flank though by this stage of the game I had no real desire to fight dwarf infantry in combat whilst my fast cav and now joined by squigs set about having some tender smoked dwarf crewman and thunderer meat. There was very little shooting he could do and I set about getting table quarters.


The result

Solid victory to the Orcs ! I was very pleased with the result which I managed to get because he only got 166 VP's and I killed his warmachines and an unit. He set up his army expecting a big attack from his right flank which never came, although I threatened it and instead my fast cav was able to sneak round the terrain and approach the warmachines relatively unmolested (a couple did die though)

This meant I got 50 points and ended up with a total of 120, you can give yourself a pat on the back if you guessed 101-120 or 121-140 (with painting). I had a thoroughly enjoyable tourny and I'll go into my thoughts on the tourny, my army and everything else in a bit.

Thanks for reading all

01-06-2009, 16:27
I wouldn't call that dwarf list a gunline, but either way dwarfs are always a tough match up for orcs.

By the sounds of it you played it just right, taking out the warmachines with fast cav and only engaging blocks if you have the numbers (so wise choice to stay out when you didn't).

Good to hear that you ended the tournament better than average :)

01-06-2009, 18:07
well done Selone, all things considering. Nice pics and fine reps

01-06-2009, 18:51
I agree, nice reps and congratulations.

That Vampire army was strange!

I love 1999pt games!

01-06-2009, 19:20
nice tourney selone. maybe i didn't win any money on you, but at least you had fun :p imo game 2 you were kind of screwed over... impassable terrain blocking 1/4 of the field? lame! game 1 was just a bit unlucky :(

you should feed your squig hoppers to nork & norglor

01-06-2009, 21:17
Thanks for all the comments guy's

Ancre- I don't have a painting log the next best thing is to observe the transformation from my army as I went through the games

Regarding game 1 mal- yeah a lord would have helped, at least LD 9 would have. The banner was pretty annoying and responsible for more than one failed break test. On the bright side I was spared a terror causer and the masque by the tourny rules/set up.
There was a bit of luck but that doesn't take it away from my opponent at the end of the day I was set up expecting to fight demon's in the tourny but his army was just way too fast for my usual hi jinx.

Game 2 it was an unusual list, apparently he made it for a demonstration game to teach people how to play (or something) and he was going to sell his zombies off on ebay. At least that was his excuse ;) Although I know know why GW made a rule that you had to attack in combat now, always puzzled me why you wouldn't want to attack until that game :D

Game 3- yeah it was a bit much too call it gunline so I've edited my description a bit, I have faced the fighting dwarf variety though, and apparently there was an in your face dwarf combat army there as well and yes rtunian those squigs proved a right royal squabblin' bunch!

Thanks for the kind words Mal, nuada, kholbourn, sevensins, draconian 77 and rtunian. Nork will be back some time :)

P.S my tourny thoughts will probably come tomorrow now :)

01-06-2009, 22:18
Nork will have to be back to face my high elves now i have my small army, although it will have to wait for a few weeks till i'm back from holiday :D

Once Bitten
01-06-2009, 22:38
Good job at the tourney and nice batreps!

01-06-2009, 22:40
Nice work against those dwarfs selone. I struggle against dwarfs as well, trickey for the orcs.

Sounds like you enjoyed your first tournament though. That's the main thing.

02-06-2009, 13:01
Very cool battle reports, congratulations, it seems you did well ! :)

03-06-2009, 18:05
Cheers guys and now finally my reflection on the weekend!

Tournament Thoughts

Tournament Itself
Well firstly I'd like to thank again Brian of DWARF for making sure I didn't get lost in dunfermline and organising a great tournament with the help of other Brian who did the admin work. The tournament itself seemed to go swimmingly and I (and it appeared everyone else) enjoyed it.

For the cost of £10 what you got was excellent- 3 games of WFB in a great venue, pizza, a drink (of irn Bru no less) and multiple doughnuts as well as 2 dice and raffle tickets and the prize support was great. As well as the prizes for winning, 2nd place and best army there was a prize for wooden spoon, a few raffles and half the people there got a free book. For a tenner it has to be said that was a bargain.

The people there were friendly (I enjoyed all 3 games) and whilst people were there to be competitive were honest, sporting and friendly. It speaks volumes that the tournament didn't even need/have any sporting scores.

The armies people used were fairly competitive there being lots of the top 3, as well as lizards and skaven gunlines with a few more fun armies. I never got to see the best army though, regrettably.

Mine (and Nork's performance)
Well my minor loss, draw and solid victory was enough to see me do better than 'average' finishing 20th out of 48. My total VP's were very low though, 5th lowest or something, one guy got more VP's in a single game than I did in all 3 (mind he tabled someone) but I'll speak more of that later.
I'm fairly happy with my performance for my first tournament my finish was good considering my lack of experience and my army choice/selection.

Army selection
My army (and you could argue orc's as a whole) lacked hittyness and the ability to deal with a deathstar/bunker whilst that may be a problem with the Army rather than the choices I made there's things I could have done.

Hero wise Nork should have been a black orc, there's no game reason nor rules justification otherwise- it was just me clinging onto my army background, but normal orcs are inferior to black orc's all-round and to savage orc's for hittyness. Originally Nork was going to be a savage orc (his original name was Nork frenzytooth) but I decided against it fearing it a bit unpredictable and ofc you really have to run him on foot.
Nork being a black orc would have seen him racking up more hit's (lots of ws 5-6 enemies there) and if I'd had a suitable unit for him as savage version then he'd have been able to spend more points on bashing items and had an extra attack. There's really, alas, no reason to use normal orc heroes and thats a real shame.
My other 2 hero's did there jobs admirably (gobblit never got killed) and I suffered very little magic, because they were defensive I really suffered from having Nork be a normal orc with a mix of defensive and offensive items.

Conclusion- if I did it again Gobblit and banna basha would be exactly the same, Nork however would either be a black orc or savage orc.

War machine's/ shooting
I'm fairly happy with these and they did what they should do, allowing me to fend off the harder unit's. I probably had one more unit of shooting that was appropriate especially as all 3 tables did not lack terrain.

One problem I had is my troop's really lacked raw hitting power, combat res and T4/4+ save is all I had and it really didn't cut the mustard against some armies, or wouldn't of in the case of the dwarfs.

Conclusion- I'd exchange the 2 armed choppa boyz for a unit of savage orcs and possibly drop a unit of shooting.

Army choice- Orc's
Measures words carefully

There's no doubt that you can take Orcs to a tournament and get an above average position, indeed I with better play and a slightly better armylist I could probably have added a few tourny point's. You might even be able to get a high (top 10) position in a field of 50. A lot of the tourny final positions depend on the draw (for those 3 game events) and with the length of most games it seems you need 2 days to do 5-7 games.

I'm honestly not sure what you can do against some of the super hitty unit's out there except avoid them. I didn't have a counter to the graveguard/ longbeards and that would have been the same with BG, etc. By no means will you lose to these armies guaranteed (though DE frighten the pants of me) but you're playing for a draw/small win it seems (as there's so many points in one or 2 unit's)

I guess one of my few complaints with orcs is that it seems that you're playing for a small win against most competive tournament builds and whilst that's no great tragedy (I believe that there's no unbeatable army) it does affect your chance of getting the very high rankings as generally you need very good win's to get there. (I bet I get a flood of people posting Orc massacres now and or linking top 5 finishes in large tournaments. :D)
Please note this is is as much a fault of Warhammer, the direction it's going, the state it's in and of tournament play/structure as it is of the Orc book.

My second complaint has to be about animosity, this is probably old ground for some but my complaint isn't the standard one- that it's too bad/random (of which you can argue it's both) but it's that it's time consuming (5 mins extra a turn- 30 mins a game) and counter intuitive (an unit can squabble as easily if it is within an inch of no enemy than if it can't see one, and the same with 'lets show 'em)
As a related point I never called a waagh in any of the 3 games.

My last complaint is a funny one- the army's too popular. I know this may suprise/bewilder some but for an army that is a fairly average army to me both in its format and ability, boy do you get a lot of people playing them. I can understand this if you like their background or find them fun, but am I the only one who thinks their background was greatly reduced in the army book and the fun, random, whacky part of the army has been greatly watered down. The character and unpredictability of the army seem's to have been replaced by a fairly standard, mediocre army where occasionally a unit doesn't move.

I will still continue to use Orcs and goblins and maybe even take them to more tournaments, Nork shall ride on, but I'm now looking for a second army (which don't worry won't be one of the big 3)

Cry havoc was a great tournament, I had a great time and I'm happy with my finish, I'm likely to go back again, whether it's with Nork at it's head is no guaranteed thing (if he is back he'll have gone feral). Was a great night at the watering hole too ;)

Thanks for reading,

03-06-2009, 18:27
Does it really take you 5 minutes to do animosity?!?!

I'd say mine takes a minute tops (unless there is a close call between which unit is closer). Just roll, roll, roll... oh I got a 1 *leaves it by the unit to mark it*, roll, roll, roll... oh I got a six *moves unit up D6 inches*.

Why do you find it takes so long?

03-06-2009, 19:18
Perhaps a slight exageration but it takes me half a minute to decide what edge to start off on, to describe the order in takes a bit more and when the units/squabble/ lets show 'em etc...

03-06-2009, 19:58
useful analysis. thanks selone.

03-06-2009, 20:10
Which army are you thinking of going to now? (Come on BoC :D)

03-06-2009, 20:24
I'm actually really tempted by BoC, I was speaking to crazydu about this lastnight. If you follow my reports the town of Sollendorf has had several demon infestations and summonings and its not far out to say that the town's inhabitants have been warped into beastmen. That or empire, I'd want the army to tie in with Nork somehow :)

03-06-2009, 20:41
Does it really take you 5 minutes to do animosity?!?!

I'd say mine takes a minute tops (unless there is a close call between which unit is closer). Just roll, roll, roll... oh I got a 1 *leaves it by the unit to mark it*, roll, roll, roll... oh I got a six *moves unit up D6 inches*.

Why do you find it takes so long?

Assuming you have 8 units which test for animosity. It should take you about 1 minute and a half(say 10ish seconds per unit, cause you gotta pick up and roll the dice) if they all roll between 2-5.

But on average, 1 will squabble, 1 will get D6 toward the nearest enemy. Sorting this out(even to just put a token down for the failed animosity) can take another minute.

If your animosity fail was in a unit with a black orc, then figure another minute at least to work out that combat.

So it should take 2 1/2 minutes to 3ish minutes to work out an animosity phase. More the more units you have which are testing.

so yeah, I can buy that it takes up another 20+ minutes per game to work it out over 6 turns.

03-06-2009, 21:07
My army does have 8 units that need to test and it doesn't take long at all.

Even 10 seconds a roll is a LONG time. Just try it... roll a dice, and count to 10 (one one-thousand, two one-thousand...) before you roll again. It's agonizingly slow.

Now try leaving that very dice you rolled by the unit... it will take 0 seconds and not 30. All the extra time that adds is 1 second to grab another dice.

If the unit moves forward it takes another second to tell your opponent they are running up (I personally just say waaagh!), and one more second to reroll the dice. Then in most case the closest unit is obvious and moving your unit up should take 5 seconds max.

(I'm actually counting it out to myself and doing the actions as I write this to confirm.)

Horde orc armies can take more time, but it's in the longer movement phase and extended/complicated combat, and not the animosity, that does it. So this will be true for any horde army and the addition of animosity should mean little more than maybe 10 minutes over an entire game at 2250.

05-06-2009, 16:12
Congrats Selone. Sounded like a real fun tournament to play in. Fun is the primary objective of this game, as far as I am concerned.

I think your Norks Boyz did well against the armies (especially the Daemons with the low O&G leadership issues) you did face.

As for you looking for another army to start up, if you wanted something totally different end of the play-style from O&G, then maybe High Elves or Wood Elves would be a decent choice. If you like the Close Combat aspect of O&G, but want an army with a pretty unique way of units working, then what about Beasts of Chaos with all their Skirmishers and Ambushing? Although they are due a new book soon, so I hear, so maybe you should wait a while with them.

Well played, and great reports/pics.

08-06-2009, 14:16
Congradulations on doing so well with your orcs. The pictures really help give a feel to the battle reports. Have you ever had any problems with people objecting to you taking the pictures (especially when the game goes against them)?

08-06-2009, 18:11
Some replies-

People roll a dice faster than 10 seconds but sometimes between picking up rolling it and resolving what happens its far far longer than 10 secs ;)

Generation terrorist- thanks and I sure did have fun, money well spent.

Grumbaki- I always ask before the game if I can take pictures and I've always got a yes answer so it's never been an issue :)

2nd Army selection
The big 3 are out (Doc, DE, VC) Redben plays WoC so they're out. Similarly High elves (which I do like) and dwarfs (which I did play)are out, I have reservations about playing WElves in a one v one as I reckon if I play them right I'll annoy the hell out my opponent's but I do like their background and reckon they'd be great for duo play.

I have no love for the shallowness of how the Brett list plays (more knights sir)and Skaven I have to admit I detest their background, I couldn't write background, history and reports for them even if I could play their list.

I do like ogre's but I wouldn't want my 2 armies (bear in mind likely 2 armies will be all that I ever collect) to be OK and On'G as that really is taking the underdog them too far. If I didn't have Orcs they'd be a big consideration.

I love the background of empire but their army seems too mundane, to be too like Orcs army structure wise with average troops nothing special (by that I don't mean BG special just novel or unique). I'd love writing up the battle reports with empire but I'm not sure I would want to be again playing them and orcs at the same time.

Lizardmen seem a decent choice- decent background, decent book and a few different styles of play. Tombkings and beastmen I could see myself playing, beastmen especially I have a good background for but I would need to know that they're coming before I took the plunge and spent the money.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I have no idea what army to play ;) Time to break out the chaos dwarfs then ?!

08-06-2009, 18:35
Well done selone. Sounds similar to my conclusions with O&Gs as well. BlOrc characters, and savage orcs with add choppas. All i do is add is big waaagh magic to make all those units more effective, and get them in combat on turn 2.

I wouldn't discount an army just because someone else in your group has them. If Crazydu gets high elves, you could say "i'll only use my orcs against your elves" But it is nice to have variety

09-06-2009, 03:31
Tomb Kings are a wonderful break from Orcs and Goblins.
It is also an army that relies on tactics and the synchronization of the Characters and units.
Also, Fear is fun.

Well, thats just my two cents...

13-06-2009, 13:16
Well done to place above midway at your first tournament and I really like your background makes the reports much more fun to read.

I'm painting up an army for my first ever tournament in August and was wondering if anyone's ever had a problem with you taking 4 spear chukkas? My current list at 1500 points has a boar chariot as well as 2 spear chukkas but I think the 2 extra spear chukkas would be much more effective. I didn't write them into my list as I felt it would seem a bit cheesy doubling up and already doubled special choice (and a very good one to boot).

13-06-2009, 13:32
Thanks for the comments guys and some more background coming soon glad you enjoy it, I am fairly tempted by Tomb kings I like the whole ancient egyptian undead with warmachines theme :)

As for the four spear chukka's nope no one even batted an eye lid. For one I was facing people that used all their special slots on fleshounds but really orcs are a friendly army so you'd have to do something like take all your slots up with them for people to start to notice and take umbrage.

Can I ask which tournament this is btw, I might be tempted if its open to all :) 4 spear chukkas and 1x chariot is a very good set up. I have a chariot myself but squig hoppers are just too good V fear causing enemies though they kinda die to high elves where chariots excel.

13-06-2009, 14:54
My special choices at the minute are a squig herd, 2 spear chukkas and the chariot but as I say I'm thinking of dropping the chariot for another 2 chukkas.

The tournament is down in Nottingham at Warhammer world and has sold out so unless someone drops out there's no spaces, it's AGOM III, I just thought it would be nice to go back to Warhammer world for my first tournament.

I could do with someone to heavily beat me as I've only actually played twice and need the practice if you'd fancy a game some time though. My friend who got me back into this has moved away and pretty much stopped playing. I'm in Durham but work in Newcastle so I'm fairly local. I'm not a fan of my local GW gaming night everyone seems much younger than me and there's not much else nearby.

13-06-2009, 15:30
I'm not the biggest fan of squig herds mind I never used mine I just *gasp* ebayed it off. I can see the attraction - ItP, 2 S5 attacks is very handy just for me they're a little too slow to get the charge, though I use squig hoppers and not everyone likes them.

As for playing you have a few different options

-Play at GW newcastle. It has a very good upstairs out of the way of the customers gaming room and decent scenery. We used to play there a lot. Only problem is if you work normal hours then you're reduced to a tues night (veterans night) which can be busy unless you get someone to get a table. It's great if you work whacky shift work like redben as its extremely quiet and serene other times (you can game upstairs on any day at any time- I'd advise against sat/sun though). If you don't like a packed atmosphere it may not be for you, the average age varies between 15-35 putting us alas firmly on the older side :o

-Play at North tyneside gaming club (sundays 1-7) loads of tables, scenery and you can do what you want with an older age range 30-45 they do historical gaming but they have a fair few WFB players and you can be sure of a game if you let people know before you turn up. It's a fiver but you get your first two days free. Nice people.

-Play at durham, there is a wargaming club there but it appears to be an annual charge and mostly historical, great premises though.

There may well be other clubs in the NE, I hear theres a decent one in Blyth but thats probably too far north for you.

Is it 1500 you'd want to play? The group of us could all do that sort of point range and upwards except Crazydu who's just started. Alas we don't have a board so we'd have to play at a club if you want a practice match.

13-06-2009, 22:56
Yeah the Durham club looks a no go, doesn't even mention Warhammer in it's list of rulesets used. I work 9-5 so GW Newcastle would be out bar veterens night as well. The North Tyneside gaming club might be worth a look but I don't drive and as it's a Sunday not a weeknight I'd be in Durham rather than Newcastle. It's possible though.

I have the models to probably field about 2250 points but that would be everything I own pretty much. I'd prefer to play 1500 to get in practice with a similar list to that which I'll be taking to Nottingham but I'd be up for pretty much any game at all as I haven't played in ages!

14-06-2009, 09:37
Alas we don't have a board so we'd have to play at a club if you want a practice match.
Whoa , whoa! Bro-you need to get a board! No matter what the size, shape, material or form, you GOTTA get a board. (mine is a simple vine green piece of cloth I bought for less than $5 at walmart laid over one or two tables-you've seen pics of it since you've been to my batrep pg...) For just these situations.

@nkicik what army will you be using again? ORKS? Orks are fun, and I find killers iin smaller battles. Its when you move up to 2250 where they struggle. I just did the same thing you are about to-I had 1500 points of Lizardmen in a cardboard box for ten years-I recently just took them out, upgraded them to 2250-and had a blast in my first tourney. Make sure you post your first batrep here!

14-06-2009, 09:44
Yeah I second that, besides you can always have a nice fight on a table, with a green piece of cloth (optional), books to represent hills, and things like green paper folded in cones (fixed with tape inside) to figure trees. It ain't the best looking board of the world, but it let you play warhammer - and that's the most important thing ! No ?

14-06-2009, 10:09
Yeah Dungeon_Lawyer it's orcs, i wouldn't mind playing at 2k or above as it lets me use my Wyvern but I need the practice at 1.5k for August really.

I'll make sure I post reports, though don't expect much, my first two games were massacres against! Against VC and a tournament optimised Lizardman list mind.

14-06-2009, 12:52
A board won't be an option for a bit, for now I'm happy playing at clubs :p nkicik sending you a PM.

14-06-2009, 16:20
You can play any ruleset you want at Durham. Their website just lists the games most commonly played. As long as you've got an army, an opponent and a copy of the rules then you're good to go. They do have a £60 annual fee, they may let you go down the first time for free. The club runs Thursday evenings but other days can be done by arrangement.

15-06-2009, 14:32
Days, weeks had passed since Nork had given dem stunties a right good crushin'. How long exactly had passed is hard to say orc's having difficulties as we all know counting past 3 (wun, too, free, more, some more etc). They had trekked through deserts, over hills and marsh back to the place they knew best, the land of the 'orsey 'oomies (brettonia).

Alas for Nork he had not quite been able to replenish his losses chased as he was by several packs of devilish hounds snapping at the gobbo's heels, unflappable armoured wights bashing in choppa boyz and dwarven marksman picking off spider riders!

As he entered a dark and mystical forest (that we know as athel loren) mysteriously all his pursuers seemed to no longer give chase and Nork and his boyz trumped through the foreboding, alien, hostile forest.

Nork knew these forests weren't the ones he could find more spider riding gobbo's so he pressed on eager to get some more gobbo sacri err forces stopping only when eagle eyed gobblit announced he'd seen some movement ahead !

"Boss dems tree huggin' elves in the distance" squeaked eagle eyed gobblit, hundreds of dem". Nork looked at the sorry remnants of his army but before he could reply Gobblit continued "dey don't be appear to be moving towards of us boss, dey are playing some sort of game with a ball".

"HAr har, laughed Nork, then we can maneou.. maneuv.. manoue.. go around them get some boyz and crump dem later"

As Nork's band moved out they were blissfuly unaware well just plain unaware that even as they spoke several eyes were watching their every move with intent!"

What does this all mean for Nork and his ladz?

15-06-2009, 14:42
Hmmm wood elves could be a nasty fight depending on the list...

Best of luck :)

15-06-2009, 15:59
I take it Nork will have to learn bloodbowl? or.... possibly a battle with Greenpeace? err... wood elves...

15-06-2009, 18:11
sounds like a setup for a small game, 750-1000? 500? maybe a surrounded scenario? anyway quite an enticing prelude~

17-06-2009, 18:09
There's truth to what all of you suggest. I'm going to start playing Blood bowl as the imminent release of the computer game has enthused me. I have 2 games pencilled in for this week which should be fun.

I'm also keen to play more of a narrative campaign type style of WFB and possibly at lesser points as crazydu is due to get her first game in in a week on sunday.
The orc army is very characterful and suited to narrative campaigns. I think that 1999 tourny games are way too much models on the table for me as an orc player- I'd rather do smaller games (1500ish) or 2 k points where the lord, extra rare and special actually mean you have less models. I'm also eager to try out some of the new battle mission types.

This sunday I'm taking nkicik to the north shields gaming club where dastardly wood elf player Steve 'tactical genius' waits. Friday sees redben visit chez selone with his wood elves, when Nork has to teach his battle weary bunch to play ball against lithe elves with the fate of his warband at stake!

17-06-2009, 21:45
sounds good, BB is indeed great fun :)

17-06-2009, 22:16
Sounds good selone, are you trying out one of the scenarios i sent you? Or have you done some other rules for a narrative game? :)

17-06-2009, 23:16
I don't like the sounds of Steve's moniker!

Also going back to the previous point about a new army for you I'd second the tomb king vote they look to have a really interesting and complex play style which would make a major change from the Orcs.

18-06-2009, 20:22
Played my first game of Bloodbowl and loved it, technically lost 0-1 but I won casualties 3-1 :D Nuada We'll probably adopt those scenarios when we play, unless we're practising pitched battle or I have cooked up another scenario. I like the idea of the ambush scenario in the wood elf book but they "If you make your opponent panic you get 50 extra VP's" is alas very outdated in this climate (ItP > that scenario). Mind you well may see Nork's warband get ambushed depending on what happens in the bloodbowl game against Redben!

18-06-2009, 21:26
Cool, i shall look forward to reading it. I like to see something other than a pitched battle for WH battles.

Yeah bloodbowl is a great game.

Golden Lion
19-06-2009, 14:11
Hey Selone,

I stopped visiting the forum for a while, but I caught up now with your thread (followed it eagerly in its first stages). Loved Nork's waaagh, all the way up to and including the tournament. You depicted him full of character and the battles were always fun to read up on.

Also, I must say, I think you did very well on that tournament. Having had some tourney experience (maybe 10+ events), I am glad if I make it to the top half.

With regard to a possible new army, all your choices look nice! Empire I play myself, and I can genuinely recommend them. I can imagine though that you believe them somewhat similar to O&G (in lacking really stand-out rules and units). Tomb kings I would find very interesting as well, would be a complete reverse to orcs in terms of reliability. Beasts sound cool too!

Scenario/narrative/campaign games are lots of fun! I started a campaign with my empire vs. a friend's O&G and although we don't get many games in (both working etc.) inventing a story and special rules is a blast. His skill in making scenery elevates games to a whole new level too.

Bloow bowl sounds fun - the trailer of that PC game looks sweet, I admit.

Happy gaming man! Thanks for the enjoyable posts. Hope to hear/see/read more soon.

21-06-2009, 20:51
Thanks for the kind words lion :) I managed to beat redben's wood elves so Nork has avoided the wood elves for another week, however he hasn't managed to avoid elves entirely !

After 'giving dah birch elves a right good crumpin' (in his own words) Nork was (relatively) free to continue his journey northwards towards Brettonia, little aware that the wood elves were still tracking him.
As he headed up the grey mountains Nork met several orc tribes not all that were friendly! Finally he reached Brettonia and moved north westwards for no real reason other than that way was the best fights!

Meanwhilst high elves commanded by korhil had landed in Brettonia to assist halpless brettonian noble Sir Maurice Degale in his struggles against the forces of Chaos. Amongst them was renowned wizard Lady Craze of Du!
Would the elves manage to bring Nork to battle or would Nork be free to sack, loot pillage and crush and what is Gobblit doing telling another rival Ork warband where Nork's Ladz are???

So I will could be facing elves and orcs soon! One thing though Crazydu wants to play me at 1,000 points. As I helped her build her high elf force I know whats in the army and therefor is probably slightly unfair me building an army knowing what she has. Can you suggest a 1,000 point army using the models I have on the following thread-


Golden Lion
23-06-2009, 07:49
Hey Selone,

I tried making a list for your HE game, just from the top of my head - no book - so you may wish to check it. Mainly the character pts. that I am uncertain of. Tried to make a list that has some combat, movement, shooting and magic to have a bit in all phases. A bit character light:

(Nork) orc big boss + lt.arm/sh/boar + martog's best basha 105?
(Gobblit) night goblin shaman + lvl 2 + shrooms 100?

23 boyz w/sh + FC (Nork here) 168
25 boyz w/sh + FC 180
20 n.goblin archers + mus/1 fanatic (Gobblit here) 89
10 error boyz 60

1*5 wolf riders + bows/mus 71
1*5 spider riders + mus 71

2*spear chucka 70
1*5 squig hoppers 75

So nothing too surprising I guess, though it has quite a few units for 1000pts, which I think depicts the O&G nicely. What do you think?

EDIT: I believe this leaves you with a few points (11?) to spare, so you may take Ancre's advice and put in some more gobbo's!

--> Ancre: yeah it is a funny name is it not, it's not my idea however, it might be 'Atchman' from the warhammer-empire and warhammer.org.uk forums that is responsible for the moniker.

23-06-2009, 08:19
Error Boys ha ha I love it :) Apart from that, it is quite a nice list, try to put an additional goblin archer if you can, just for the panic test. Edit : Except if you want to put the chaman in this unit, in which case he's not needed as you already have a 21 strong unit. Still, one more goblin allows more flexibility. And it's only a goblin ;)

25-06-2009, 06:11
Well done at the tournament, your list is hardly as tailored as the other ones, and they are orcs. How come no waagh though? Because of your shooting troops?

I'd suggest beasts or tomb kings. Probably beasts since they will get an update this year and the beasts forum is the best WH forum I've been to on the internet.

25-06-2009, 18:32
The list!

(Nork) orc big boss + lt.arm/sh/boar + martog's best basha 105
(Gobblit) night goblin shaman + lvl 2 + shrooms 95

23 boyz w/sh + FC (Nork here) 168
25 boyz w/sh + FC 180
22 n.goblin archers + mus/1 fanatic (Gobblit here) 95
10 error boyz, musician 65

5 wolf riders + bows/mus 71
5 spider riders + mus 71

2 spear chucka 70
Chariot 80

25-06-2009, 20:41
Option 1 or 4 I reckon :evilgrin:

25-06-2009, 21:09
switch the squighoppers for a chariot and use the left over points on one of the following 2- a musician for arrer boyz.

This is my favourite ;) squig hoppers will be gunned down by RBTs or archers

Golden Lion
26-06-2009, 08:16
Roll a dice :)