View Full Version : 3k Dark Elves for a Tourny coming up

25-01-2009, 22:39
Hey all, I've got a tournament coming up in a couple months and I'll be taking my Dark Elves to compete. I dont want to bring any magic at all, so dont knock me for a cheesy list. I want power and I feel this list has it and it makes me happy. It'll be a three round event with scenarios for each round. This list is currently 2990 pts, any ideas for changes or thought on my construction? The Dreadlord will go with the Black Guard, along with Lokhir and the BSB (yes, uber unit, I know but dont care). Assassin will likely join Corsairs. I think if I keep the Knights and Hydras near the Black Guard as much as I can to befit from the Ring I should be fine in most parts of the magic phase, I'm not really worried about raising zombies or someone getting more power dice and I'll take any magic that gets through cause I know from experience that I can take it.

One round will have a 6in bubble that no magic of any kind will work int (spells or items). Another will have it so the Lords unit cant gain victory points (he'll join Knights then or run around with shade that game). dont remember the third though, but whatev. Oh and there will be a Lords only battle (hence the souped up lord, I'm praying for no Blade of Realities)

Dreadlord on Cold One with Pendent of Khaeleth, Armour of Eternal Servitude, Crimson Death, Sea Dragon Cloak (2+ Armour, Regen, Reverse Ward)


Lokhir Fellheart

Master on Manticore w/Cloak of Hag Graef, Deathpiercer, Heavy Armour, Shield

BSB, Heavy Armour, Cloak, Hydra Banner


Assassin XHW, Touch of Death, Rune of Khaine

10 Crossbows

10 Crossbows

20 Black Ark Corsairs w/FC, Sea serpent Banner, Reaver w/pair of handbows

5 Dark Riders w/ Crossbows


5 Shades, GW, Bloodshade

5 Shades, GW, Bloodshade

5 Cold One Knights w/FC, Banner of Murder

18 Black Guard w/FC and Standard of Hag Graef and Ring of Hotek


2 Bolt Throwers

War Hydra

War Hydra