View Full Version : O&G rock lobba- base size?

26-01-2009, 02:34
I'm planning to home-make an O&G rock lobba. I've got a pretty good plan worked out for how it's going to look but I'm having trouble deciding on how big the base should be.

I've based my two spear chukkas on 75x75mm bases- a little too big, maybe but I don't mind the minor handicap of having them take up more space.

My first inclination was a 75x125mm base- narrow enough to be playable and not eat too much valuable deployment zone but enough space to put in the crew (3 goblins on 20x20mm and 1 orc bully on 25x25 mm), thrower and little bits of terrain. Any ideas?

26-01-2009, 08:45
Remember that these warmachines don't actually have bases, and if you are short on space, you can even let their bases overlap...

I currently got my lobbers on 80x120 bases, and that also includes slots for the crew. Works fine, and allows for a bit of loose positioning of the crew to create a bit of a scene. 75x125 should work fine too.

On a further note, my chukka's are on 80x80, as is my gobbo cannon, and my doom diver is on 80x120. For the chukka's it could be a bit smaller, but this way it looks nice and they are in line with each other.

26-01-2009, 11:26
While War Machines don't need bases, it may help to keep the paint from getting chipped and it may help during a game for template purposes.

It also looks nice to have a base for it.

The crew already have bases, so you might want to do a base that simply fits the machine model rather then an entire scene the way the previous poster has done.

A 50x100mm chariot base should fit your model with room to spare. A pair of 40mm Ogre bases may be big enough. I suggest you check.