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26-01-2009, 10:43
Hey all, one more list to post for opinions. I've been slowing making a themed Empire army based around a traveling mercenary-esque warband headed by an almighty Arch Lector and (as of today) his trusted wizard companion with a bunch of feverishly devoted Warrior Priest lackeys. I've used a 2250pt version of this list and only won once, but I dont really care about winning with this list, I have it for fun. I just wanted your opinions on the general design and theme (everyone's in bronze armour with red and yellow clothing btw). Once I get it all collected and started painting I may start a log for it.


Arch Lector on War alter with Van Horstmann's Speculum, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Sword of Sigismund (fair amount of conversion)

Lv 4 Wizard Lord with the Grey Staff and Holy Relic (Mordheim Warlock)


Warrior Priest with Great Weapon, Heavy Armour [goes with greatswords]

Warrior Priest with XHW and Heavy Armour, Sigil of Sigmar [goes with spears] (halfling)

Warrior Priest with XHW, Heavy Armour, Ring of Volans [goes with pikes] (what, its not like its really that unfair, and its fluffy)

Warrior Priest on Barded War Horse, Heavy Armour, shield [with knights] (converted as the pic on pg.52)


20 Swordsmen W/FC
9 Halberdier Detachment

12 Flagellents (classic metals)

10 Handgunners, musician

20 Spearmen, FC, shields (tiny marauder halflings)


18 Greatswords w/FC

20 Ricco's Republican Guard

10 Inner Circle Knights w/FC (Gryphon Legion models)

Great Cannon

10 Bearmen of Urslo


Giant (marauder giant)

Halfling Hotpot

26-01-2009, 20:31
That's a lot of warrior priests...

Since you don't want comments on the list I'd say the theme is interesting, but with no real focus in the army (other than warrior priests) it's almost more of a DoW list.

26-01-2009, 22:14
Your army lacks focus, and your theme doesn't make any sense: a travelling arch-lector? Swarms of warrior priests in a mercenary warband?

26-01-2009, 22:30
I guess I figure it more as a traveling band of the Church of Sigmar that will convert you to their ideology through force if necessary.

27-01-2009, 06:44
I guess I figure it more as a traveling band of the Church of Sigmar that will convert you to their ideology through force if necessary.

Sure, and that'd make sense for a list with an Arch-Lector, WPs, and flags as the theme. But why do Ricco or Beorg care? Why would an Arch-Lector hire a giant?

It's a mish-mash list, with a mish-mash theme. If you like playing with lots of fun things, that's fine, but there's little to be said about it if you're not looking for tactical superiority or thematic consistency.

27-01-2009, 18:21
Aside from the thematic confusion, the units are consistently (too) small. An opponent with decent shooting will cut you down to size before you're across the field.