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Discy Mk II
26-01-2009, 19:40
I will be using it to 'convince' my local club to play.
Inquisitor Gvan von Helvang
Gvan grew up in the slums of Devastation, on the planet Orruvus II, the second planet from the sun in the Orruvus system. Devastation gained its name after its City Guard completely wiped out a strike force of Eldar pirates, intent on stealing from the Governors private collection of archeotech. Gvans father was killed in the action, causing Gvan to foster a burning hatred for all Eldar. He joined the Guard at age eighteen, and served for five years, until he saved Inquisitor Narrasers life when they were cleaning out a Cult of Nurgle in the city. The Inquisitor was impressed with Gvans fighting ability, and recruited him into her growing retinue, which consisted of the insane Navigator Sthia and grizzled Inquisition Ward Henk. Gvan served for another twenty years, before Narraser deemed him ready to become a full fledged Inquisitor. She also gave him the services of Navigator Sthia, saying he had some flaws but was fairly useful. He set up his residence in the astroid field Gartharius, reasoning that any enemies he might make in the future would be mad to attack him in there. Over the years, he became increasingly more paranoid, believing that cult assassins were stalking him. Despite this, he became a potent aid for the Inquisition, destroying no less than twenty different cults, including two Obliterator cults. It was while he was eradicating the Cult of the Golden Man that he met Jak, a failed Space Marine geneseed implantee. He had been condemned to a life of servitude to the fortress-monastery of the Viscarators Space Marines, but Gvan saw a perfect opportunity to study the effects of geneseed on the human body, for he had developed a passion for the various forms of the human race in the galaxy.
Gvan gained his shotgun when he joined the City Guard of Devastation, with whom he still keeps in contact with, and always carries his knives, with which he has become deadly with. He also carries a selection of grenades at all times, for you never know when you might need a handy explosion.
He lost his left eye in a skirmish with some Tzeentchian cultists, and had it replaced with a bionic one by calling in some favours with the Adeptus Mechanicus, for whom he had destroyed an Obliterator cult on the Forge World Galborathus.
He has also kept his armour from the City Guard, distaining the more noticeable power armour worn by some other Inquisitors.
Gvan has remained a Puritan throughout his career, with slight leanings towards Radical views on the different forms of humankind. This has made him
several friends amongst the ranks of the Puritan Inquisitors.
Gvan is average height and size, and wears black robes over his carapace armour.
Over the years, Gvan von Helvang has become known amongst heretics and traitors everywhere as a unstoppable menace, who always achieves his goal.

Equipment: Pump action combat shotgun with 12 shells; 3 knives; 3 frag grenades; 3 smoke grenades; 2 blind grenades; carapace armour on all locations except head; advanced left bionic with implant range finder; gas mask; motion tracker auspex
Special Abilities: Blademaster; Dodge; Feint; Quickload; Rock Steady Aim
WS BS S T I Wp Sg Nv Ld
78 86 60 69 82 83 87 79 86

Will make profiles for the Navigator and Jak later.

26-01-2009, 21:31
Where did his paranoia come from? Was he always that paranoid? And if so, why would his mentor sponsor him to become an Inquisitor? Or did something happen to him? Was he betrayed by someone he trusts?

Navigator Sthia gets a glowing character reference from his old boss doesn't he?! How does his insanity manifest itself?

Being a Chapter serf is an honoured position normally, so how does Jak feel about being recruited by Gvan?

Finally, the big question - what models do you plan to use for your characters?

- Dave

Discy Mk II
26-01-2009, 23:17
Gvan became paranoid after he was nearly killed by a mutant assassin.
The Navigator acts mad all the time, gibbering, shooting randomly(which is why he never carries a gun), and laughing wierdly. He only acts sanely when on a ship doing his job.
Jak didn't want to leave, but Gvan pulled rank and inducted him. The Viscarators were a fledgling Chapter then, and didn't want to annoy the Inquisition over a serf, so they bowed down to his wishes.
I am going to use the Judge as Inquisitor Gvan, with conversions, the Navigator is pretty obvious, but with a resculpted face, and Jak is going to be a converted Mutant. I will be buying the models as soon as I bring my Orks up to 1500 points.

27-01-2009, 17:02
Gvan became paranoid after he was nearly killed by a mutant assassin.Surely as an acolyte there would have been loads of people trying to kill him? What was it about this that made him so paranoid? There must have been something special as someone who gets paranoid the first time someone tries to assasssinate them doesn't sound like great material for the Inquisition.

Jak didn't want to leave, but Gvan pulled rank and inducted him.So how does Jak feel about that? Is he resentful? Or has he embraced his new role? The dynamics between characters can make for some interesting gameplay if roleplayed correctly.

I look forward to seeing your models when you get them.

Discy Mk II
27-01-2009, 18:12
Yeah, the angst between Jak and the Inquisitor will be fun, and add a bit of insane Navigator into the mix...;)
The assassination attempt was the last straw in a line of insedents the made Gvan believe that everyone and a dog where out to get him, which isn't always wrong. And seeing as the assassin had gravely wounded him...