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Nimrod Rimshot
27-01-2009, 06:44
Hi guys,

while reading treads postet on warseer, I often come across the term bunker-unit .

Now what's that exactly?

Saying, I put my fragile necromancer in a unit of 20 grave guards, would that be considered beeing a bunker for him?
Sure, he can no longer be targeted by shooting (except "look out sir"-fail) or most magic, and he has some passive combat resolution bonuses because of the ranks and the standart;
But if his unit got charged, all the enemy would have to do is locating a couple attacks on my nerco in order to finish him off.

I cant even avoid this by putting him in the last rank of the unit, as characters have to be placed in the front rank, right?

So, all a bunker unit does is protecting a single, vulnerable char from beeing shot/killed through magic, but if your opponent is willing to sacrifice, let's say a unit of hounds by charging your big-bad-bunker-unit, they will kill your char in close combat before getting (hopefully) killed them selves?

Did I miss some rules or tactical aspects of bunker units?

27-01-2009, 07:06
In a challenge, your unit champion has the same privileges as a character, and can declare as well as accept them, so its a good idea to have one to prevent your wizard from having to accept them.

Sometimes, a cheap hero is placed next to the wizard, and the champion on the other side, so that they can take out most of the attacks that would be aimed at the wizard. ASF units have an easier time with this, as well as wizards with a higher toughness and/or protection/armour.

One method, in case you feel that the bunker unit is about to be charged, is to move the wizard to an adjacent one not in range of the enemy.

27-01-2009, 07:16
In the days of the older VC book, the bunker was as cheap as possible zombie unit, held _behind_ the whole battle line, safe from chargers. It is the same now too, but the bunker unit must be something else, ghouls or skeletons preferably. Front-line unit like GG, that is expensive too, is not a "bunker". It could be a "deathstar" though, just pour all your characters and banners of drakenhof and say, strigos or barrows in there...