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27-01-2009, 16:10
ok i left a thread on here a while ago and got some great responces but im a IG player with some GKs to help with the CC, so as i was reading through me bible (codex) i seen something that i was totally unsure of and wanting to know how other people have found them for use, im mainly fighting against SM or CSM, i got the fight under my control now well starting to but i seen the power of the hell hound and thought to meself maybe it could come in handy to rub it in a bit, anyone with some experiance to guild me?????

27-01-2009, 17:49
I'll be honest, your post is rather difficult to read so I'm not entirely sure what you're asking about. I think you're asking for tactics and such regarding Hellhounds, so I'll operate under that assumption.

When I run Hellhounds I usually operate them in pairs, two templates are better than one. I also usually run my pair of Hellhounds with a Demolisher and use it as an armoured spearhead to bully my opponent a bit as anything within 24" will be suffering some serious hurt. Of course, with CC now hitting rear armour automatically that tactic doesn't work quite as well, but I've tried escorting this spearhead with several squads of infantry as well and it's worked thus far.

27-01-2009, 18:54
Hellhounds are a great unit, running them in pairs is a definite must. I used to run with just one, but once my opponents realized just how deadly they could be to them it was always the first thing to be targeted.

That said the Hellhound is generally an anti-light infantry weapon, it's main weapon has an AP of 4 so will easily take down things with a 4+ save or worse and not allow cover saves. Power armour, terminator armour and their equivalents will be tougher to shift, the inferno cannon's strength will generally wound them easily enough (on a 2+ vs a marine) but they still get their armour saves.

In 5th editions world of cover saves everywhere they have become much more important for the guard as they can sit back and ignore those precious 4+ cover saves, shoot some Eldar pathfinders and laugh as you deny them their 2+ cover save! Or not, it's up to you :D

27-01-2009, 19:04
If you're in an advancing mood you could do worse than a pair of hell hounds escorting a demolisher. Nothing says these are my 24" like a demolisher.

27-01-2009, 19:06
Or better yet, 3 HH's (no, I don't do 'small' :P ), a demo-russ, and 2 basies. 'My board! :P'

27-01-2009, 19:09
get a lot of ogryns.

28-01-2009, 22:54
Use periods to separate different ideas into sentences. The less our heads hurt the more helpful we will be.

That said, always use multiple light tanks, and always in conjunction with heavy armour (That would be your Leman Russ variants). Try throwing a couple hellhounds in with a pack of Chimeras, that way the enemy is going to be less likely to destroy them all.

28-01-2009, 23:36
To make hell hounds effective, they need to survive. The best way to do this is to run them with 3 Leman Russes for company, as most people will shoot for the Russes first. This should get you to 850ish points.

If you have 3000pts to play with, they you can have an effective infantry element as well.In normal sized games, fill your remaining points with some grunts in transports, to meet the FOC...

HQ:Command squad, special weapons, chimera
T:2 x grenadiers squads, special weapons, chimeras
FA:3 x hell hounds
HS:3 x Russ/Demolisher
little under 1500pts

If your opponent allows forge world, then swap the chimeras for centaurs, (Fast, open topped transports) and you can get another mechanised grenadier squad in.

It's not the worlds strongest army, but it's fun to use. At least it was in 4th ed, it might not be quite so now with stupid %&*!ing S4 defensive weapons...