View Full Version : The Book Marines army list (take two on Movie Marines)

28-01-2009, 20:19
Hey there.

In my usual insane style, I've spent a couple of days doing
something utterly trivial: creating a vision of a Space Marine
armylist for WH40K that matches the image I've gotten
from them from Black Library stories and the good bits of GW fluff.

I just finished this version of the list, and it hasn't seen (and will likely never see, unless I'm very lucky) playtesting.

The list has been balanced with an eye for Apocalypse games and a if there's issues with pricing, it'll probably be skewed towards the marines than the other way round.
It's meant for laughs and the chance to appreciate what these superhuman warriors are capable of in battlefield conditions when performing a planetary assault using Thunderhawks or Drop Pods. It shouldn't be played with or against lists containing Space Marines in any form. Not only would it not make sense, the balancing assumes this.

Things might seem a bit over-the-top at first glance, but dig in an think about what the units should be worth.

I'll welcome any feedback ("this sucks" or "you're an idiot" don't count as feedback), of course!

Here's hoping one of you will try it out in the same spirit as with Movie Marines (though no dudes or stunt doubles here, beyond marines being tougher than they should be against ID weapons - think of it any way you want, but marines
generally don't get blown to bits by lascannons or krak missiles very often in the stories, rather succumbing heroically etc.!)