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Col. Tartleton
28-01-2009, 21:42
Since I sort of draw a parallel between the Metathran in M:TG and their fight against the Phyrexians as being reminiscent of the old one minions vs. choas or C'tan minions I was thinking about doing them up as a scratch built conceptual 40k race.

This is primarily due to my lack of praise on my concept of Orc Ogres for fantasy and me wanting to do a unique army. So I return in mind to 40k and then remember the blue skinned white haired geno troopers, the Thran. My thought was perfect, a medium between the physical prowess of orks and the mental ability of the eldar. A sort of more advanced old race of humans.

So really since they'd be coming out of nowhere I want a reason for their "return" (introduction) to the scene and what they aim to achieve.

I've pondered the idea of them being a last creation of the old ones as a fail safe for when the c'tan re emerge. Ordered into stasis at the start of the enslaver plague they pretty much popped back into play when Ventris encountered the Nightbringer. So now they're emerging from stasis only to find themselves lost in a new time period where things have changed (pretty much the hatred eldar have of the usurper humans is nothing in comparison to the passionate rage of the thran as the Eldar at least know how it happened and feel responsible, the thran are just pissed off which is why they are anti eldar as well. They see the creation of Slaanesh as making the eldar forfeit to the old alliance they had. They also see the degeneration of the krork as being forfeit as well.)

They're not going to be neuter like in M:TG though as I think that would be too ork like (not quite since they're asexual but still) and hurt their ability to wage war in the attrition of 40k. It would also make them fixed in number and that would be too "dying race" for a species designed to fight. Since the eldar do reproduce and are "dying." They also can't be repaired like necrons or have similar numbers, so therefore they have to reproduce sexually. They can speak telepathically, though that's where the mind magic ends mentally though they make use of physical warp weapons (this is in order to ignore the confusion of orders in combat, may as well have them sent direct to your head rather than trying to shout).

As a warrior race that's sexual that means female warriors which is no problem as the eldar have them, the humans have them, the tau have them... the list goes on. I'm gonna have try to find a mix between sexual dimorphism and being useful as fighters, which means semi androgynous while still clear enough to tell they're separate genders and make them look lethal. (If they don't they'll just be another smurf race.)

So pretty much they're going to be lanky and tall about 8' wear their hair long and generally intricately braided, with no other hair on their bodies (like the eldar and the totally hairless orks) have long elven ears (as orks do as well) and have have white eyes (to contrast the blue) clothing wise I'm probably going to take inspiration from several early civilizations: Mycenaean, Cretan, Phoenician and probably some others. I almost can see them forgoing armor and using their unnatural reflexes and resilience to avoid or overcome damage while rapped in long skirts and bare chests or ceremonial armor somersaulting through the enemy with the agility of eldar their blades cutting and weapons firing.

I like the idea from the M:TG of them using weapons that actively seek their enemies using the warp (magic) so they would for example throw a spear only for it to guide itself into the enemy as if hungry for blood or their swords pulling themselves into the foe.

But anyhow I'm not quite sure where to put this all since its gonna be a mix of background and hopefully rules. (Ie. Codex) so would that be Rules (I assumed so but was also thinking it may be general as its not rules yet nor truly background.)

Feel free to toss inspiration my way.

Angelus Mortis
28-01-2009, 21:55
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Col. Tartleton
28-01-2009, 22:01
Well that's awkward. ;) Should have notice that in the time I've been here...

Angelus Mortis
28-01-2009, 22:11
Well that's awkward. ;) Should have notice that in the time I've been here...

As if I have never done something similar (or everyone else for that matter lol). ;)

28-01-2009, 22:14
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Simon Sez
29-01-2009, 10:15
To me they sound dangerously close to Eldar Harlequins at the moment, I suppose you could do some neat tricks with the Telepathy (Maybe... Allowed to break Unit Coherency but must take a Perils of the Warp test when they do..?)

I like the idea from the M:TG of them using weapons that actively seek their enemies using the warp (magic) so they would for example throw a spear only for it to guide itself into the enemy as if hungry for blood or their swords pulling themselves into the foe.Interesting (Frag Grenades and -1 to cover saves?) but doesn't really follow the fluff (They are an enemy of the Necrontyr, who have all lost their souls in the process of becoming Necrons, whilst their C'Tan masters are beings of pure matter; having a soul would hurt them!)

My advise is, drop the 'War of Heaven' origin, it's overdone anyway. Allow them the freedom to hate everyone equally. They sound to me like a race that loves to kill (otherwise their weapons wouldn't be psychically attuned to strike true) but are uncommon (truth be told they sound a little like Predator)

Let me throw a sample profile at you and tell me if I'm near the mark (By the way 40k isn't really my game so I don't know many of the changes for 5th Ed)

Thran Kindred
Kin- 22Pts/Model
WS5 BS4 S4 T3 W2 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv6/5+
Elder- +13Pts/Model
WS5 BS4 S4 T3 W2 I5 A2 Ld10 Sv6/5+
Number/Squad: 6-12
Weapons: Psyluminum javelin, Psyluminum blade.
Character: One Kin may be upgraded to an Elder at +13pts. An Elder has access to the Thran War Vaults.
Psyluminum Javelin: Range-12" Str-4 AP-5 Type-Assault 1
Special Rules
Telepathic Bond- Thran do not have to maintain Unit Coherency, however at the beginning of every Thran Movement any models outside Unit Coherency must take a Perils of the Warp test.
Psyluminum- Thran count as carrying Frag Grenades and have Furious Charge. In the Shoot Phase models targeted suffer -1 to their cover save. Psykers are always wounded on a 4+.
A rare Breed-When taking a Break Test Thran Kindreds suffer a -1penalty for each Kin killed that round, they ignore all other modifiers.

Just a very rough first attempt just based on how I read your blurb, names are just there for decoration. Hope it helps.

Col. Tartleton
29-01-2009, 14:36
Thran is just a working name anyway so don't worry about your stand in names. I'm thinking of calling them Undines in their own tongue at least (water spirits in alchemy) due to their blue hue. Though they won't have an affinity with water or anything, its just a cool name (sounds like undying to me which is good.)

The weapons are not so much hunting the soul as mechanical devices powered by warp energy. I'm trying to keep them away from eldar as they are too similar to the Thran (Undines.) They won't have fought in the war in heaven all their known history will be more recent. They're still going to be just emerging from stasis as that's going to be important to the racial consciousness. I'm still keeping them as a mix of the passionate eldar warrior and the brutal ork. They're almost human in that way. I mean eldar look down on humans the way humans distaste orks.

I'm thinking about them not knowing there past, simply waking up from enormous stasis crypts that house millions if not billions of them and then finding the entire world a fortified garrison/armory. They quickly realize that they're soldiers and as time goes on they begin to remember what they are if not why they are. The First Generation (from stasis) begin to find their affinity to certain armaments with leaders and specialists beginning to recognize their roles. Arcane technology provides them with supplies and they find themselves deeply confounded by the scope of their surroundings.

They can't figure out how a whole planet could be geared for war until it clicks to one of them named Ursa (they have names and id numbers tattooed to their faces along the left of the jaw that they can read) that they were meant to conquer somewhere else. He looks up to the night sky and sees his target: Everywhere.

So after that they begin studying the vast systems to try to find a way off world and they come across a sealed vault. It is opened by Ursa who finds within a great library that is filled with all manners of writings and machines. Poetry, paintings, encyclopaedia recounting histories that stretched into times unfathomable to the thran. The mixture of instinctive knowledge and the libraries that they found were the true purpose of Tolara (the world they were on) quickly allowed them to catch up to the people they were meant to be but had forgotten.

They never learned the nature of their creators but they know they were made to counter a dreaded force called the "Machine Masters" or Yogmuth a race of ancient people who became bound in their machines and sought to destroy all life. They learned of the once glorious Eldar and the Krork. They learned of the destruction of the Eldar and the Krork and the degeneration of the universe. They learned of the rise of man, but most importantly they learned of the realm of chaos and the dark lords of the Immaterium.

Simon Sez
29-01-2009, 16:46
Here's a fun GW trick; take out the "failsafe mechanism" aspect of their background and leave their reason for awakening a mystery. This game is built on the things GW hasn't told us and people love it, even if they claim they don't.

Something for you to try; get a notebook, keep it handy and everytime your mind wanders from the drudgery of the day to something Thran-related just jot it down or doodle it in. I find letting the subconscious work alone lets ideas come more easily then hours stewing over a keyboard wracking your brains over every cultural and physical problems you come up with.

Col. Tartleton
29-01-2009, 18:04
And waste a perfectly good notebook? :( :p but yeah i have one.

Well maybe they don't know, I'm just doing the omniscient fluff. They don't know what woke them up and they can't replicate the (old one) tech, but they know how to use it. Its sort of an Imperial feeling of trying to use ancient tech mixed with the way orks understand how to use things.

Most of the stuff in the library goes over their heads. They just read it and get a sort of mythology from it. They don't know if the Yogmuth have returned but they know of them in the legends they read and they know if they're still out there they are supposed to stop them. Its instinct. Its in their psyche, a unhealthy hatred of metal people...

Anyhow, their weapons are going to be high tech low tech. They're going to use long bows. Long bows that out range rifles (part high tech, part having inhuman strength on the draw) and fire arrows that burrow in and can pierce armor. For purposes of 5th edition the bows most effective feature will be ignoring the firing through your own men effect. Bows fire in an arc so the enemy can't get a save off your troops (they can their own though as the thran tend to shoot whoever is closest regardless of who their supposed to hit)

The average warrior has a spear, shield, and hand weapon. The spear is a one shot throwing weapon that is used on the advance after the archers fire and the line charges. Then its down to swords and boards, the rest of the warrior is unarmored (with some exceptions in the specialist troops like the heavy infantry) and they fight semi naked (Its for the whole sexless in their own eyes thing, we however can clearly tell) with a skirt resembling a white linen. The swords and axes that are the most common hand weapons are made of the constant through their tech "powerstone" that is similar in appearance to the soul stones of the eldar.

Its like a magnet that pulls towards the target using the aim of the weilder. its pretty much like a chainsword weilded by a guardsmen strength wise. He swings it into the target and it strikes, latches on and begins tearing its way inwards (though thran "power weapons" have none of the moving parts or 15 foot blood geysers) the wielder legitimately has to pull it out, its not like a dagger thrust the sword has to be torn out, and it often takes parts of the victim with it. But the thran are powerful warriors so its not as tiring for them as it would be to a man.

Well thats enough for the moment.

Col. Tartleton
30-01-2009, 20:07
They're going to be a small and expensive melee oriented super soldier army. Pretty much they can take on marines without armor, so you know they're hard. :evil:

They're armed to the teeth, standing at 8 feet tall the average pikemen wields his lance (a 1 shot ranged weapon that ignores cover his shield (a 6+ invulnerable) an axe, a sword, and a dagger (count as 2 cc weapons that provides the effects of frag grenades and furious charge.

Not to mention their inhuman resilience and durability (they will continue fighting after being cut in half (their nerves don't relay pain as pain, merely as numbness) as a result of which you'd need to vivisect one to kill them. Their tissues are self repairing similar to a marine. They have an anatomy designed to adjust to situations, they can continue fighting with a broken back due to having a nervous center on both ends of their spine so they can continue moving. They have their airway behind their esophagus in order to prevent a slit throat that isn't severely deep. They have a skull reinforced to be used as a ram and a jaw reinforced to bite through bones. Their bodies are made of almost entirely muscle, with organs that produce fresh blood quickly. The only draw back of all their physical ability is the enormous amount of energy they expend. Their muscles don't cramp or tire due to the lack of feeling, but they can become exhausted quickly and must rest and eat whenever they have a chance during pauses in fighting.

Regardless here's your base stat line, with some units being superior.

Thran Pikeman: 20 Pts.
WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A2 Ld9 Sv-/6+

Thran Principle: 35 Pts.
WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I4 A4 Ld9 Sv-/6+

Numbers: 4-8

Powerstone Lance: Assault 1 S4 Ap4 R12 1 Shot Only, Ignores Cover
Powerstone Blades: Two melee weapons (Included in Profile)
Scutum: Provides a 6+ Invulnerable save
Offensive Grenades

Character: One Pikemen may be elevated to a Principle for 15 Pts. Principles may take wargear.

Special Rules:
Feel No Pain: N/A
Furious Charge: N/A

As you can see, the Principle (Sergeant) is definitely worth his points. And additional 2 attacks for less then the cost of another Thran. In combat they're pretty much entirely offensive, standard procedure would be to aim them at an enemy unit in cover, throw your lances, charge, get the bonuses of furious charge and the offensive grenades to up your effectiveness and hope you do some real damage. Then in the case of you getting attacked or counter attacked (by say SW) you have an invulnerable save as standard and feel no pain. Together this is probably as effective as power armor.

Col. Tartleton
24-02-2009, 23:59
I just realized that they're unintentionally fluff wise practically Lizardmen... but not physically.

That means they have a use in 40k!

Eight foot blue humanoids (saurus) who awake from stasis (spawnings) led by superhuman thinkers (slann) and warriors (old bloods.) Armed with magic infused weapons and forgoing armor in favor of their natural abilities aside from ceremonial garb. Their greatest mages (slann) can shape space and touch points in space as well as manipulate the winds of magic and real space. They have even larger shock troops armed with hammers who resemble kroxigors in their niche, archer skirmishers wielding powerful bows that are lighter of build (skinks) and such.

Their pilots are lighter, lithe, and hollow boned like birds with incredible reflexes (a bit air caste) they're going to be very ergonomic for their task.