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29-01-2009, 00:10
Ok I want this to be a jack of all trades army with some of everything. Dunno if I'm acctually gonna do this maybe yes maybe no. here goes

Arch Lector- 331
Sword of Sigismund, Enchanted Shield, Jade Amulet, Heavy Armour, War Altar

Captain- 125
BSB, Armour of Meteoric Iron. Hammer of Judgement

Warrior Priest- 150
Heavy Armour, Barded Warhorse, Shield, Sword of Power

Battle Wizard-145
Lore of Fire, Level 2, Scroll, Ring of Volans

25x Swordsmen- 235
Fc, 12x Halberdiers

25x Spearmen- 235
Shields, Fc 12x Halberdiers

20x Flagellants- 210
Prophet of Doom

14x Handgunners- 112

5x Knights- 139
Standard, Musician

6x Knights- 158
Standard, Musician, Steel Standard

5x Knights- 164
Standard, Musician, Warbanner


5x Pistoliers- 111
Musician, Outrider w/ Repeater Ristol

5x Pistoliers- 97

Great Cannon- 100

Mortar- 75


Volley Gun- 110

Total- 2497

I ramped it up to 2500 just because I plan to buy my bro's stuff, a Battalion, a Reinforcement Battalion, and a War Altar.

29-01-2009, 02:27
The Holy Relic on the Arch Lector is superfluous, as he already gets a 4+ ward from the war alter. That's 45 points saved, right there.
Use some of those to give a barded steed to your BSB, as he needs all the protection (read, armour save) he can get.
I have never seen the Crystal Ball be worth even half their points - it's generally not that hard to guess where the assassins or fanatics are.

30-01-2009, 00:46
Oh..... But wounldn't 2 ward saves be better than 1...

30-01-2009, 01:09
Oh..... But wounldn't 2 ward saves be better than 1...

Two ward saves WOULD be better than one, however you're only allowed one.

I agree with the above post on putting your BSB on barded warhorse for armor save.

I'm really bothered by your infantry units and their lack of detachments. Frankly detachments make empire infantry work. Without them you're really giving away a huge advantage. You could make the handgunners a detachment. Also decreasing the size of your infantry units to free up points for combat detachments. I'd look at dropping swordsmen to 24 (can rank 5x5 with a character) and dropping spears to 20. The spare points should let you add a 9 man detachment of halbards or free company to all 3 of your main infantry units.

Lord Dan
30-01-2009, 01:11
Drop two spearmen. There, you're not 10 points over anymore.

Guy Fawkes
30-01-2009, 01:47
How did you get two different points costs for the identical units of Pistoliers? The Battle Standard Bearer cannot wear both Heavy Armor and Full Plate. The Arch Lector has no need for 2 ward saves (unless the War Altar is destroyed, but this is unlikely), so you can drop one and save points.

You have no detachments for your infantry units. This means that when they are charged you will lose, generally. Detachments allow you to have meat shields, a cheap flank/rank negate bonus in combat, and gives you at least part of your army that won't panic anything else. They are really useful, so I think you should include them if you want any chance in combat.

First off, I would mount all of your characters, especially your BSB. Being able to move from unit to unit, join cavalry, have a better armor save, and escape combats that will be unfavorable (preemptively, mind you) are all very useful. Second, I would evaluate your list very seriously. Nothing really has synergy. You have 5 mounted units and a General on the equivalent of a chariot, leading to a fast-moving, hard-hitting force, but then you weigh yourself down with two large units of infantry and Greatswords (?). Even your BSB has an obviously infantry-supporting banner. These units won't be able to keep up with most of your army, and S5 Knights won't break anything on the charge unsupported. You take elite infantry in an army that really wants something that moves quickly. Otherwise, support your infantry with detachments and possibly drop one unit of Knights (you'll still have enough for flank charges) in order to fit in some more footsloggers. Second, why take the Wizard? You won't cast much with a mere 4 power dice, since an enemy with a Wizard himself will have 3 dispel dice at least (and likely a scroll or two). Yeah, you have three bound spells and the War Altar, but you really want a second Wizard if you want to play heavy magic offense. If this is unfeasible, at least give him magic items that make him more powerful - give him power stones, bound items, an arcane item, something other than the Crystal Ball! 5 bound spells and 4 power dice should be enough to get about 2 spells through a turn against light-medium magic defense.

What's with the Banner of Valour? Immune to Panic is pretty weak on Knights, more useful on infantry. You won't panic unless there are nearby units fleeing, but Knights generally aren't very close to the heart of the army and get charges early or against preoccupied enemies, so the exposure to units fleeing through them/taking lots of shots, etc... is low. The Steel Standard is the only Standard remotely worth taking on a minimum strength unit of Knights, but I wouldn't bother in this case. Instead, try to conserve points and bulk out/streamline your army.

31-01-2009, 17:50
I'm thinking about dropping the Greatswords for Flagellants. Pistoliers was a typo. Wizard is here for dispel scrolls.