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29-01-2009, 03:45
Following in the wake of Sriahdcat, almost expecting his failure, Briohmar sent a force of Daemons to clean-up any messes that Sriahdcat might leave behind. Though Sriahdcat had engaged the cavalcade of the Ostland High Priest of Sigmar, the battle was not decisive for either side, and the Steam Tank and High Priest were both still around to cause further problems when the hordes of Slaanesh descended on Ostland.

Disclaimer before I list the armies involved. I went to the club expecting to play either Lionel’s Tournament VC, or Andre’s tournament Daemons. Both are playing in Full Tilt next week, and this tournament is a rankings tourney in Belgium, with 0 comp scores, and no restrictions on armies. That being said, I brought my tourney construct Daemon list, including a level 4 Keeper of Secrets with Siren and Ether Blade. Lionel was, however late, so I ended up playing against the Empire once again. His list was tweaked since the last game, and his tank was fully constructed and painted.


Keeper of Secrets: Lvl 4, Siren Song, Ether Blade

Herald of Slaanesh, Level 1

Herald of Tzeentch, Spell Breaker, Flames

12 Daemonettes, Alluress, Banner of Ecstasy

11 Daemonettes, Alluress, Banner of Ecstasy

11 Horrors, Icon of Sorcery

5 Furies

5 Seekers of Slaanesh, Siren Standard

5 Flesh Hounds

2 Fiends of Slaanesh


High Priest, Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon, Speculum, War Altar

Priest, Icon of Magnus, barded steed, heavy armor, shield

Captain, Pistol, Aldred’s casket, some form of MR 1 item, Pegasis

Battle Wizard, Lvl 2, Heavens, dispel scroll, barded steed

20 Halberdiers, full command, detachment of 7 free co

9 Knights, full command, Banner of MR

5 Knights

10 Hand gunners, Marksman with Hochland

2 Cannons,


Set up: The battlefield was the standard club set-up with five terrain pieces. One hill in the left side of the Empire deployment zone, a forest on the other side of his zone, a set of standing stones in the center, a building on the right side of my deployment zone, and a forest slightly forward of the left side of my zone. I set the Daemons up, from left to right: Furies, Seekers, ‘Nettes with Herald, Horrors with Herald, Fiends, Hounds, Keeper, and ‘Nettes. Arrayed across from me, also left to right: Cannon, 5 Knights, with 9 Knights and mounted Priest behind them, and the Mage on steed behind them, Cannon, Halberds and free co, STank, WAltar, Peg Captain, and Handgunners.

Turn 1: The Daemons began to move forward quickly, but in some cases not too quickly. The Fiends occupied the center of the ruins, the Keeper moved right into the edge of the forest, the Furies moved fast to threaten the left cannon, the seekers as well. The Flesh Hounds moved forward to threaten the WAltar, while the Horrors moved into spell range. Magic was completely uneventful, with a total of 1 spell, glean magic, getting through giving me three re-rolls til the end of my turn less than a minute or so later. The Empire responded with less force than anticipated. The small unit of knights wheeled around to threaten the furies, but also exposing its flank to the seekers. The STank moved forward to the edge of the ruins, the WAltar moved directly towards the Hounds, but also with a charge arc towards the Keeper, and the Peg Cap moved behind the horrors. The Daemons completely shut down the Empire Magic phase, and then came shooting. The left side Cannon fired grape shot at the furies, and killed two of them. The other cannon took a shot at the keeper, which after bouncing for a while, stopped short of the Daemon, and the handgunners shot at the ‘Nettes, killing 1 and the Hochland gunning down the Alluress.

Turn 2: Rather courteously, the Empire Mage gave the furies a line of sight to charge him. The Fleshhounds and Fiends charged the WAltar (front and flank) and the Seekers charged the flank of the small knights. The Keeper moved forward to try to get a line on the STank, the Horrors reformed to give them line of sight to the Peg Capt while the Daemonettes with herald adjusted a bit forward and left and the others continued their march against the gunners. The Keeper succeeded in casting no spells, thanks to a heavy dose of dispel dice, but the Horrors and Herald of Tzeentch blasted the Peg Capt, killing the Peg, and wounding the guy. In CC, the furies wounded the mage and chased him right through the cannon crew, who panicked as well. The Seekers failed to cause a wound, and the knights stayed put, oops. The Fiends and Hounds caused 2 wounds on the WAltar, and the hounds took a wound in return from the priest. The Empire Knights with Priest charged the seekers, the Tank moved forward, the Mage rallied, but the cannon crew continued to run. The Daemons managed to shut down the Empire magic phase, but miscounted the bound spells, and the fiends took five wounds while the hounds took three. The Cannon miss-fired shooting at the Keeper, the Tank steam pressed a couple of Horrors, and the Handgunners killed another 2 ‘Nettes. In CC, the Hounds and Fiends caused another wound on the WAltar taking none in return. The Knights slaughtered the Seekers, and over-ran into the Herald and ‘Nettes.

Turn 3: The Keeper Charged the Mage, who ran in terror, giving her a shot at the cannon crew, who also fled from the battlefield. The Daemonettes weathered one more volley from the Handgunners to get to grips with them. The Herald of Tzeentch broke from his horrors to get a better shot at the Peg Capt (now on foot.) The horrors reformed to face the threat of the tank, and the furies charged the other cannon crew. The magic phase was a dismal failure yet again, and shooting (three shots of Flames of Tzeentch) hit everything but the Capt. In CC, the Herald Challenged the Knights champion, and slaughtered him easily, but the rest of the Nettes only killed one more knight, and lost 4 in return. They lost still more to instability (banner of stubborn notwithstanding,) leaving only the Alluress, the standard, and the Herald. The Furies killed an artillerist, and the rest ran as far away from the battlefield as they could, and the ‘Nettes slaughtered the handgunners and watch the few survivors run for the hills. The Fiend and Hounds failed to wound the WAltar, and the hounds took a single wound in return, but nobody went anywhere. The Halberdiers and Free Co reformed to face the Keeper. The Knights reformed to face the Furies. Magic was completed defeated, The Tank hit the Horrors with a jet of hot air, and misfired with its cannon, causing 3 wounds, and the Capt missed his pistol shot at the Herald of Tzeentch. CC saw the knights and priest finish off the Daemonettes. The Hounds caused a fourth wound on WAltar, and took none in return, thanks to some great ward saves by the remaining 1 wound Fiend.

Turn 4: The Keeper charged the small knights unit in the Flank, and the Tzeentch Herald charged the Capt. The Furies moved over behind the Free Co. Magic saw the Keeper cast Caress killing 1 Knight and three halberdiers. The Horrors hit the other Knights with a low strength blast which failed to penetrate their armor. In CC The Hounds finally destroyed the WAltar, but failed to wound the Priest, who also failed to make a kill, but now, no longer unbreakable, had to leg it, and was run down, bringing the Fiend into contact with the Free Co’s flank. The Keeper chopped up the remaining four Knights, and chose to stay put, and neither the Herald nor Capt could wound the other. The Halberdiers tried to charge the Hounds, but were unable to overcome their fear. The Knights reformed to face the hounds, Fiends, Keepers and Furies. The Tank built up a head of steam, and rammed the Horrors, causing five to pop, and another three to give up to instability. The Fiend killed three Free Co, but they refused to run.

Turn 5: The Hounds charged into the flank of the Halberdiers, the Furies charged the Knights, and the Keeper moved into position to flank the Knights. Magic was a dismal failure for the Keeper, and nobody else could cast at that point. The Fiend slaughtered the remaining four Free Co while the Hounds killed three Halberdiers and chased the rest half way across the battlefield, but they got away. The Knights killed the Furies, predictably, the Herald and Capt failed to hurt each other, and the Tank finished off the Horrors. The Empire Knights charged through the remaining Fiend, and over ran as fast as they could, but not far enough to escape the Keeper and just a little to close to the forest to risk fleeing, or the Daemonettes. The Halberdeirs rallied to face off with the hounds, and the Capt finally killed the Herald of Tzeentch.

Turn 6: The Keeper charged the rear of the Knights while the Hounds charged the Halberdiers. The few remaining Knights fled through the ‘Nettes, with the Keeper chasing 17 inches, however, the Halberdiers stubbornly refused to run away from the Hounds.

End result: The Daemons pull off a solid win. The fight was very even for a while, with the Keeper not being able to get into combat or use Siren. By the same token, the Daemons pretty well kept the Tank from doing any damage. The battle was exceptionally bloody, and really flexible. Charging the Altar with the Fiends and Hounds was probably the deciding move I made in the game, because, even though they took a long time to do it, they finally finished off the Altar itself, and chased off the Sigmarite. I had never before used the Etherblade, and it is strictly nasty, and guaranteed, underpriced for what it does. The Empire equivalent costs twice as much.

29-01-2009, 03:48
OK, I had to add some text to get the last two slides.

29-01-2009, 14:01
That was a bloddy battle. Nice to have the pictures and the diagrams (the pictures won't expand for me for some reason).

I always thought the etherblade was a good buy, but on the herald not the greater deamon.

Good report :)

29-01-2009, 14:46
Nice report...pitty the Empire couldn't protect their mages or cannons as it was their only chance at stopping the KoS.

Quick question, can you have duplicates of the same banner in a Daemon list?
I remember a thread popped up discussing this but it turned into a more of a whine-fest so I didn't follow it, although I never did see any conclusive proof one way or the other. Any help would be appreciated.

29-01-2009, 14:48
This is from another thread that quotes the faq:

"Should icons be treated as magic times

"Yes they are magic items in all respects with the caveats listed on page 92 of the deamon book. Remember that gifts may be taken more than once in an army."

Page 92 states that gifts can be taken more than once in the same army.

Page 92 makes no referance to icons, just gifts.

So we must conclude one of two things

A. The writer is a Zen master seeking to shock our consousness into a higher state of being by refering us to page numbers where caveats on gifts but not icons can be found and specificly spouts irrelevant rules about gifts in response to an icons question.

B. The writer intends that icons be treated as gifts."

29-01-2009, 14:53
Ah, great. Didn't realise that a Faq had addressed the issue.

Thanks @Malorian.

29-01-2009, 15:44
Thanks for covering down on that Mal. I don't know why the graphics won't expand for you. They open for me, even at work, and that's saying something because they lock the computers at work down to nothing. As I said, I think the Etherblade is undercosted, as it really makes the Keeper devastating, but with it, the Keeper is the only thing in the game that can reliably kill a Tank in one turn.

I don't know why he took Heavens on his Mage, other than for the re-roll options, but he had hatred in two of his major fighting units. His one cannon shot well, but fell about two inches short of the Keeper, and the second shot mis-fired. The other cannon grapeshotted the furies, which also didn't do very much damage. Even the STank had a misfire the one time he tried to use the cannon. Just bad luck I guess.

30-01-2009, 16:06
nice rep, and a bloody battle. thanks for posting.