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The Red Scourge
29-01-2009, 16:37
So I wanted to start out a VC army, as I fell in love with the idea of a ghostly, bone rattling, chain clinking horde of undeath.

I wanted the army low on cheese, as the bloodsuckers have a reputation for being a rather unfriendly army (as I'm a friendly guy, and would prefer to believe that I can win despite of, and not because of my army). But I also wanted a large ethereal presence, as this is the aspect of the VC imagery I fell for.

And I liked the variety of the VC hero options, so I decided to go for the variation here.

So here it is any suggestions will gladly be considered :

Lvl 3, Hellsteed
Master of the Black Arts, Forbidden Lore, Lord of the Dead
Helm of Commandment, Wristbands of Black Gold, Book of Arkhan

Wight King
Barded skeletal steed, BSB
The Accursed Armor, Sword of Kings

Lord of the Dead, Dark Acolyte
Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Lycni, Black Periapt

Cart + lodestone, extra spell

Character Total 1020

11 Skeletons Full command + Banner

11 Skeletons Full command

11 Skeletons Full command

1 x 3 Spirit Hosts

5 x Black Knights + FC + Barding + Banner
Banner of the Dead Legion

5 x Cairn Wraiths + Banshee

1 x Black Coach

Troop Total 1224

Army Total 2244

11 PD 6 DD

So what do you say?

29-01-2009, 16:43
Having a lord on a hellsteed is pretty risky. If anything I'd just put him on a regular steed so he can escape when needed. As it is you'll be too tempted to fly around and risk you opponent shooting you down.

Starting with 11 skeletons is risky and since you aren't exactly magic heavy you might have trouble raising them large enough before they are wiped out.

Full command on the knights is kind of a waste. I'd drop the champ at least and at that size maybe even the banner/magic banner. If you made them 6+ then I'd see the banner being worth it.

The blackcoach is a real risk... but I guess it's here for the ethereal thing.

In the end I think it's that theme you'll have to watch. 14 PD make people hate VC, but units they can only hurt with magic make them even more mad.

The Red Scourge
29-01-2009, 16:55
Champ and musician might get dumped on the knights, points will go to more skellies.. But the magic banner of US 24 on a fear causing unit, I believe it will stay.

I am not all set on the hellsteed either, but something flying would be nice, and it should be able to keep my lord out of harms way, while still placing him where he can do some good.

And the coach will stay – this is probably the reason I decided for VC and not skaven ;)

29-01-2009, 17:37
Ever thought of running 2 coaches?

The Red Scourge
29-01-2009, 17:50
Two coaches?

Never crossed my mind. As mentioned in the OP I like some variety in my armies – or rather I like my core to be somewhat uniform, so my specials and rares can seem special and rare.

And 'Vampire Car Park' – esh, seems a little silly in my mind ;)