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29-01-2009, 18:15
Lord- Slaan w/ BSB, +1 PD, All Spells, Bane Head, Rod of the Storm, 2 Power Stones- 430pts

Hero- Skink Priest w/ Lvl 2 and Dispel Scroll- 125pts
Hero- Skink Priest w/ Lvl 2 and Diadem of Power- 125pts
Hero- Scar-vet w/ LA, GW, Enchanted Shield, CotJW- 136pts

Special- 16 Temple Guard w/ FC, Burning Blade- 311pts
Special- 3 Kroxigor- 165pts

Rare- Salamander w/ Additional Crew- 80pts

Core- 2* 12 Saurus w/ Spears- 144pts ea
Core- 3*10 Skinks- 50pts ea
Core- 10 Skink Skirmishers- 70pts
Core- 11 Skinks w/ Krox and Music- 116pts

Total- 103 models, 10 PD (and two bound spells), 6 DD (w/out items, etc)

The list is one designed to be magic heavy however it uses the relativly good leadership of lizardmen to utilise a multiple small units tactics. For this reason the list is lacking in large creatures such at EoTGs. The temple guard unit and two units of spears will sit in the middle of the battle line on order to accept charges and act as anvils whilst the skink units act to bait and generally harrass the enemy.

Magic comes from the characters, the slaan will go all out offence the lore usually being fire, death or metal depending upon the opponent. The priests will aid the slaan where possible on the offence but if the spells are kind will try and get some augmentive magic off.

Except in dire circumstances (in which case the slaan will go for the lore of life) my main anti war-machine will come from the scar vet and from the mixed skink krox unit who should be able to kill or at least put war machines out of action for a few turns.

Anti-armour comes from kroxigor, the salamander and the slaan.

Any comments and criticisms will be appreciated.

29-01-2009, 18:28
I think it can work but you're going to have trouble against armies with solid ranks.

This unit: "Core- 11 Skinks w/ Krox and Music- 116pts" I don't know what you plan to do with it, but I have a bad feeling it will let you down. Probably better off keeping the krox together in a unit of 4 and downgrade the skinks to be another skirmishing unit.