View Full Version : Wolf riders taking down death stars.

29-01-2009, 21:44
You take a unit of five to seven wolf riders but deploy them in a single line. You then take a goblin big boss and put him on a wolf in the front of this line and equip them with some decent magic items so if they charge a death star in the flank he can kill some of the models in base contact. He is much harder to kill than a standard wolf rider so alot of combat res is denied from the death star while you have generated about 3 or 4 to their 1 to 3.

I am unsure of this though. Its quite a challenge to kit a big boss out for both defense and offense and the risk of fluffing your attacks will be ever present. The defense is needed due to the high amount of ASF that is going around but their is no guarantee that the boss won't just get smacked to bits. Wolf riders are also very vunerable to anything above strenth 0. On the other hand a unit of seven models has a unit strenth high enough to gain outnumber against your average death star unit after abit of a softening.

It takes abit of work to pull off but it can hold an unbreakable death star up for a good few turns aswell as getting a chance to run down the breakable ones.

Would you say its at least worth a try in my next game against a death star army?

29-01-2009, 21:47
If you're orcs and you're going to hit a death star your 35 point spear chukkas are a good start.

Personally I'd just block and bait them with your fast cav for the whole game.

29-01-2009, 22:03
it also gives your unit a huge flank which will more than likely be charged

or if you face fear causers and fail to wound much you ar'nt looking too happy

it could work but as malorian said spearchukkas and fanatics work wonders

Lord Dan
29-01-2009, 22:04
The entire concept of a Death Star is that it doesn't die from the attention of single units. Feeding it a single unit...well, yeah.

29-01-2009, 22:05
one issue is that with that kind of missile, you are looking at a very large flank which can well prove disastrous to your wolfie missile.

I would much preffer to use the line of Wolf Riders to release the fanatics through, or use a goblin slingshot, basically, if I can land three fanatics smack dab in a deathstar for 6D6 strength 5 hits, I am happy goblin

29-01-2009, 22:48
Dunno about that. 6 wolf riders to rear of 25 longbeards= very unhappy dwarf player. Not exactly a deathstar unit, but it was still pretty funny...

29-01-2009, 23:03
The entire concept of a Death Star is that it doesn't die from the attention of single units. Feeding it a single unit...well, yeah.

If you are able to kill a supposed Death Star with a random unit or even a random unit+hero, its NOT a death star. This isnt SW, you assume you dont have R2-D2 riding shotgun as you strafe the Death Star with that fat Porkins dude as your wingman before you pop your torpedos into the vampire lord's rear or wherever...

avoid deathstars, strand them, make them 700+ points of wasted poo.

Guy Fawkes
30-01-2009, 01:16
Most Deathstars can take a Goblin hero in the flank. When I think Deathstar fighting, you better be able to kill 10 Chaos Knights with 2 characters in the unit - a fighter Lord and a BSB Fighter Hero. A goblin with 50 points of magic items + 1 CR from Flank Attack won't get through something that can possibly generate 4 to 8 attacks, even against a flank attack (and if the enemy thinks about it, he'll move his character to the side of the front rank to destroy you). In addition, he'll get +1 for Outnumber, so you are stuck. Goblins have terrible items in terms of magical protection - you'll have a slightly better than average armor save and a meager ward save at best, something a Deathstar should be able to get through.

Plus, a huge long line will get flank charged and most cavalry can move out of LOS in one 14" march. Most Deathstars are unbreakable, stubborn, or have good leadership, so even if they are beaten in combat, it isn't the end.