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Guy Fawkes
30-01-2009, 01:07
Hello. Came up with this one while browsing through the army book. I've written a few 2k lists for Dark Elves, but this one seems the most competitive, in my mind. It relies on speed - in order to disrupt the opponent early, avoid magic and shooting, and get the charge. Everything has an element of speed, but everything also hits like a ton of bricks, when used in concert.

Army General, Cold One Chariot, Lance, Sea Dragon Cloak, Heavy Armor, Potion of Strength
212 points

Cold One Chariot, Lance, Shield, Heavy Armor
180 points

Battle Standard Bearer, Lance, Shield, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Cold One, Hydra Banner
214 points

5x Dark Riders
85 points

5x Dark Riders
85 points

5x Dark Riders
85 points

5x Harpies
55 points

6x Cold One Knights
Standard Bearer, Dread Knight, War Banner
219 points

6x Cold One Knights
Full Command, Ring of Hotek, Standard of Slaughter
262 points

6x Cold One Knights
162 points

5x Shades
Great Weapons
90 points

War Hydra
175 points

War Hydra
175 points

Total: 1999 points

The basic idea of the list is simple. The BSB joins a unit of Cold Ones, while the two other Masters ride about on their own. The Dark Riders and Harpies try to take out or assault warmachines, take out Wizards, or hold off weaker support units in the turns before the main force can charge. The Shades march block early on and hide in terrain, taking quick shots at 20-strong units and trying to get an early -1 combat resolution by taking out a rank. When melee breaks out, the Shades use their elf speed and skirmisher status to try to get in a flank or rear charge with their great weapons.

The three units of Cold One Knights make up the backbone of the force. The naked unit is the weakest one, but can still break a unit on the charge if backed up by a Chariot or Hydra, or if some Dark Riders charge the flank of the enemy. The other two units can take on stronger things, especially if they get +10 attacks from the BSB. The chariots deliver a horrific number of attacks along a small frontage. A single chariot can charge the very corner of a unit, along with some Cold One Knights, and basically guarantee a victory. This is the only way to deal with crumbling, unbreakable units, as these may outlast a single turn of combat and win after the lances are expended. The characters on the chariots are cheap, but powerful. Each adds 3 S6 attacks that reroll to hit on the charge, and the General can have S9 for a single turn if things get hairy. Combined with the d6+1 impact hits, charioteer's attacks, and the two Cold Ones, these Chariots are very powerful. The Hydras have a bit more staying power and are still strong enough to take out entire units. The big strength of this list is the fact that almost everything is a threat. Units will start reaching combat on turn 2, and subsequently block LOS, limiting shooting and magic potential (Ring of Hotek helps a lot too). Everything is strong enough to generate several kills, but the list will really shine when dual charges occur and individual elements of the army are allowed to work in synergy.

On the flip side, I'm worried about a few things. The army can play points denial, but not too effectively with such a small number of models and lack of monstrous mounts. Magic is a problem - I've only got 2 dispel dice and a Ring of Hotek. The Ring can help with magic missiles in a big radius, and I'll be close enough to disrupt all casting pretty quickly, but I can't stop buff spells, like Invocation of Nehek. I wish I could have fit in the Seal of Ghrond, but I'm not sure how useful it will be in an army without a Sorceress. Granted, I hope to limit the number of turns buff spells are cast, through character assassination/disruption and moving in quickly. Also, the whole army being stupid can put a hole in my plans.

There are some things I've been considering. I wonder if the Shades are worth it. Removing them would free up a special slot and 90 points - enough for a unit of Harpies and some upgrades. I also wonder if paying for a 75 point banner on the BSB is worth it. I could run him naked and just have him generate resolution with a magic weapon, but in my mind gaining 2 attacks per model is combat-winning. I've thought about eliminating the Potion of Strength (my only hope if the General gets stuck in a protracted combat, and a surefire way to eliminate very resilient things) in order to try to fit in the Deathmask for some Terror Causing, some shooting, or adding in some support, such as a Banner on the naked Cold Ones unit or the Seal of Ghrond. Removing either character from the chariot would allow me to field a chariot in a special slot much cheaper, but I only have 4 such slots and gaining a bunch of points for getting rid of characters and the Cold Ones units would take the bite out of my army. I've also been wondering about how best to deal with enemy characters. There are quite a few super-characters out there, and I feel that the best solution is to direct all of my attacks towards the unit, feed the character a champion if necessary, and win through combat resolution. However, my characters have no hope against enemy characters on their own (especially without magical protection or enchanted weapons), so I'm worried about charges from Bloodthirsters, etc...

Any advice?

30-01-2009, 04:39
While I love the speed theme of the list, I have to say that I think 3 units of CoKs is a bit excessive. Don't be surprised to see your opponents eyes roll when you plop down 18 CoKs.

That said, having everything being M7+ sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe drop the naked CoKs, Shades and (regular)Chariot Master. Thats a 432 point saving.
Sticking with the theme of speed, consider replacing them with a lvl2 sorceress scroll caddy on Dark Pegasus and a regular chariot @ 335pts. The remaining 97pts can go to any number of causes. You could bring back the shades if you really want some (admittedly sneaky quick) footsloggers in your mounted army, toss in some command groups, double up on harpies, buy RXBs for the DRs, really anything.

I recommend the Lvl2 on peggy because that gives you a serviceable magic phase (she can cast better than most people give her credit for). She provides an emergency backup for spells cast outside the Ring of Hotek's radius (and remember that not every spell will come up doubles). She's fast enough to march block and tough enough with the peggy's attacks to threaten warmachines. Plus, in a pinch she can give a small boost to the flank of an ongoing combat. In a word, she's versatile, and versatility is what you need with a speedy force like this.

30-01-2009, 12:27
I run a very similar 2000pts list and it's very true that VC are a pain but more a pain will be against Tomb Kings where ur Ring of Hotek and ur 2 dispell dice count as nothing....another scary adversary is Wood Elves....might not be hard on offensive magic but using Tree Singing....he can simply block off ur movement by making u either go through or around terrain again these are 2 dice spells or even 1 dice....

The most important change in my list is Shadowblade...like true u can cut out point's and take a simple sorceress and double scroll - cost u only half shadow blades points but against the three armies mentioned above....2 scrolls is only going to save u for a turn...something like a vanhels....(7+) dodgy as.....or urgency and ur scrolls must come out....i find it more satisfying to silencing for vamps their general turn two and just watch them crumble.....or TK......makes them use dice to constantly heal units which means less movement, curse of years.....again Shadowblade's really ability is silencing gun lines....reveal him in ur opponents combat phase. and on ur turn charge a second cannon.

So personally i'd take out the chariot for ur army general and the second master. Which should be around 300pts.

Now ur 3 units of knights - which ever has the hydra banner will not require a warbanner or standard of slaughter so i'd say drop the standard of slaughter - even though it's so much better than a warbanner the 35pts combined with the musician allows u to take a champion for the bare unit of knights and 2 null talismans or a seal of ghrond for the army general which again helps u against those magic heavy armies....

With the changes u might be a few points over...so change the shades to have additional hand weapons instead of great weapons save u 5 pts and that should make it right. Another possible change would be to take the shades off and replace them with another unit of harpies to screen ur knights....

Btw against other charaters u need the Pendant like it's a must have if u want to fight on par with new Chaos Characters and Vampires.