View Full Version : Which starting army with VC and Dwarves as enemies?

30-01-2009, 09:44
Hi all.

I have decided to come back to Fantasy after getting my HoC army splitted in three. Considering the paint job on the models that I still have I might as well start from scratch.

My main enemies at the club are VC and Dwarves, and they are both quite competitive. The VC are usually very magic heavy so I need a good magic defense, and the Dwarves like their cannons.

What army should I pick? I'd prefer a range that is mostly plastic, but I think that is most armies nowadays. And I'd also like to win every once in a while.

WoC seems a bit boring and are very weak against Dwarves. The new Lizzies seem like a fun army. How do they fare against VC? Empire gunline? Something else? (I will not play Deamons)


Napoleon Blownapart
30-01-2009, 10:21
Empire gunline? No Empire is just fine, the gunline= lose. Take lots of warriors priests and you have magic covered(and a very strong magic phase because you don't roll to cast). Take lots of troops (swordsmen and flaggies, maybe greatswords), some gunners, cannons and maybe a hellblaster/helstorm. Oh and don;t forget the empires superb Calvary. Seriously though, gunlines in general are a bad idea, especially against a VC army that may be regenerating guys every turn, or even more likely GROWING his army every turn. Now, a balanced empire army can may come off a gunline-ish anyway, but you don't need to start sacrificing to have a powerful ranged game. Most importantly, if you go empire you take the "higher road" and will become a better player then if you were playing VC or daemons. That is, if you stay away from all that Dragon, stank crap. 1 stank is fine in larger armies, although I still would not take it.

30-01-2009, 23:23
Good advice on the gunline. So no gunline then.

Will the antimagic of Empire really stand up to the one dice spam of VC? My HoC really really had problems with that, and all the mock up lists I have made with Empire have had too few dispel dice.

Would the Stegadon heavy Lizzies have a shot. Thinking about something in the way of 1 Slann, 2 engine of the gods, and one skink priest on foot. Add three or four stegadons as Special/Rare, and it would at least make a good looking army. Hmm. Maybe I should ask the specific questions in the Lizzie thread.

Anyway. What armies would fare well against VC and Dwarves?

30-01-2009, 23:29
Decked out Slann with Becalming Cogitation is the way to go vs. VC. People will start realizing this once the new Lizardmen lists start poping out.

Napoleon Blownapart
31-01-2009, 02:53
Allow me to explain. No army will be able to fight one dice spam invocation to build skelly units because he's got the plus 1. Don't bother. Fight Vanhels, and ignore those skelly units at all cost. Find the vampire; kill it. Those skelly units probably started at 10 men so you are putting all your resources into killing a worthless unit.