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30-01-2009, 14:29
I am looking at collecting a Bretonnian army and came across this picture which really inspired me: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/Cain2/web_RichardTheLionheart.jpg
Not only do I think that the images of the cowled and robed warrior monks on Richard's left are amazing, but I also feel that this picture of the Knights' destriers (horses) are spot on and really capture the raw energy and power of these amazing mounts.
So how to do it? My initial thought was that I could use the Dark Angel torso with normal knight legs and arms, but do GW produce a suitable horse? I have to say that I was very disappointed with the most recent unicorn and stag! Archaeon's demonic mount was great, but I can't afford units made up of these. The closest I have found so far has been the horses of the Gamezone squires: http://www.artemisblacks.com/gamezone/images/feudal/11-54%20Mounted%20Squire%201a.jpg and they are 6 a go.
Is there anyone out there with any ideas that might help this project, for either the riders or the horses? All help gratefully received.

30-01-2009, 17:26
Green stuff plus Knights Errant.

30-01-2009, 18:54
I think you could get away with more average horses for the units of knights (like stick with normal bretonnian knights) and then use special horses for the characters. imo you could use archaon's horse and kurt helborg's horse these are both big muscly and destriery? these more impressive mounts would stick out to give an overall feel for the army and to make the normal horses 'bigger and better' you could raise them on their bases with rock slabs or other scenery or whatever. Raising normal bret kinghts by a few milimetres and filling out the unit with scenic movement trays and details on the base makes them look much better. Do an internet search for a bret army by Chris Oliver, you'll see how normal brets can be made to look better and how focus is taken to the models that more posed or animated. hope this helps

30-01-2009, 18:59
Not only should you build this army, you should reform the Knights Templar in the UK, I would join you!

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Lord Dan
30-01-2009, 19:02
Empire pistolier horses with Bretonnian knights on top would work well.

30-01-2009, 20:16
I'd go for the raised scenic base for starters.

31-01-2009, 10:38
Thanks for taking the trouble to reply and all the ideas. Raising the bases is a good one and I like the idea of using the mounts from the Empire special characters. I still don't feel comfortable with the GW pistolier horses, their heads are so pony like, but I have been looking again at the plastic pegasi and they might be another possibility (without the wings) as could Balthazar Gelt's mount.
I found quite a bit of writing about Chris Oliver, but no decent pics yet.
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31-01-2009, 19:21
yeah there used to be an article on the GW site about chris olivers army and loads of good expandable pics but then they made the site crappy and got rid of anything of interest..... mercenary b*******s. Pegasi are nice and big, using bigger shields on knights of the realm would really buff them out as well as slightly raised and filled out bases.