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30-01-2009, 19:34
After 20 years of skirmish games only I have been broken. Making the decision to play fantasy. My gaming autobiography.

The year is 1989 and I was 13 years old. The game was spacehulk. The paint jobs on the side of the box seemed fake to me because of just how good they looked. It seemed unattainable. I had never played anything like it before. I was hooked.

1991. Necromunda. This one had a tight hold of me and continued to do so until the release of Mordhiem which was in1998 I believe. Their has never been another game like it sense if you ask me. A gaming masterpiece.

1998 to present day. Mordhiem I have in my opinion a very impressive Mordhiem table and warband painted collection at this time. I have over 8 players in my campaign. We play on wednesdays after work at my place. I will be posting screens here of my collection.

So why did I decide to finally cave and give fantasy a try?
Why did I never try it out before?

Two big reasons kept me from playing warhammer before. Hangups so to speak. The biggest reason was the painting. All that painting scared the hell outa me. I considered it quite an undertaking to paint an 15 model warband for mordhiem let alone to paint hundreds of models for a table top game. And I simply must play with nicely painted models.
The second hang up I had...I couldn't get over the idea of no experience. I thought I needed to have the experience and advance system in order to enjoy myself. That said all the loopholes in the rule system for Mordhiem ( a game which was hastily released in my opinion due to the many indescrepencies in the rulebook alone) has left me with a longing for a more solid and respected rule system.

How it happened. There was this small comic book shop in a small mountain town that didn't want to spend the time needed to remain chapter approved. So it decided to give up on all citadel products and sell them off at 50%. With me running a Mordhiem campaign I wanted the source material I felt would be in the fantasy rulebook. So I bought the big hardbound copy of the fatasy rulebook for 25$$$. A STEAL of a price!

Thumbing thrue the rule book I became quite taken with the pictures depicting beautifully painted armies holding the battle lines and routing and charging and what have you. My interest was slowly wakening.
Last week I visited a battle bunker to look for a Middenhiem captain mounted for my warband. However what I ended up doing is staying and watching a game of warhammer for the next 2 hours. It was ogre's against the lizardmen. At that moment weather I realized it or not. I was definately hooked! Two days later I bought a plastic sprue of ghouls and the new codex for the vampire counts army.

I broke the news to my gaming group that I was going to be painting a warhammer army on the side and encouraged all of them to join me. My good friend swore he would never, for the same reasons I never would. However 1 week later he has broken and is decided he will be playing the lizardmen. Whilst two more in the gaming group have decided to join me also. With Orc's and possibly dwarves being their choices.

Here it is again a week later and I have 13 grave guard under coated and assembled. 5 cryt ghouls finished painted with 5 more following this evening. And a big smile of excitement across my face whenever I think of fielding this beautiful Count army I will one day finish.

I have a strict rule though and always have for all my games I play. I do not play until I paint. I never field unpainted units. If I did I would never paint I'm afraid. So I hope to be playing in a month or so with a small 1k army. Despite all the hard work before me I am very enthusiastic and very excited. I will be posting screens of my crypt ghouls here. And through out the painting process of my army and I am looking forward to getting to know this community and learning from all of you.

Excited to come over to the other side...


30-01-2009, 19:49
Congrats, and welcome to the forum! This game is a blast if played with the right people! Vampire Counts are a very very good army to play, although I find them very boring to play against. I hope your group enjoys the game!

30-01-2009, 21:13
A bit of advise: When I started, I also started together with a friend. We already started games before we had a 'legal' army, mainly to get the rules-bit going. Also pointswise, we didn't really count it out yet (but probably was around 200 points), and we could easily play 2 games in an evening like that.

That way, even though you have to read a lot all the time, you can still finish one or two games, and get to grips easier with the rules and progress of the game then when starting with a larger army, and having to break it up halfway all the time because you have to look up to many things.

To back this up a bit, GW also once published rules, named 'warbands' for using small armies of 200 to 500 points, even though currently these rules aren't available since they updated their site. Basicly it consisted of new restrictions for unit sizes: Infantry minimum of 3 models, cavalry minimum 2 and anything on 40x40mm and 50x50mm bases at least one model, and also some other restrictions. I think that's a nice and balanced way to start practicing with small armies before the big stuff can happen.

You could try to find it on the internet, search for 'warhammer warbands' or something like that. I also got a PDF, so if your interested you can contact me via PDF. But you can also just ignore minimum units sizes for the time being.

30-01-2009, 21:40
If you want a 1kish army that will be fast to paint my vote is for Orge Kingdoms.

30-01-2009, 23:18
dude, this game is a blast period. i love it over the alternatives. no disrespect for 40k players, but this game is so awesome. and dont worry about the painting! my first models i painted were horrible! i still have most of them, and they are prized possessions of mine. they sit on my display case in the very center where everyone can see and everyone always asks about them.

the best thing i could tell you is to learn to buy a black primer, and learn how to "drybrush". it is a superquick way to paint models. buy a paintbrush, and cut the hairs with scissors so that you have a "flathead" type of brush. then you dip your paintbrush into the paint and lightly paint just the outer-ridges of everything. from there, you can use your imagination!

if you need advice on army selection look at the army books and pick one you like for their look and their lore. im still in love with my "undead" armies and i play the gothic undead(vamp counts), and egyptian undead(tomb kings).

and congrats on joining the club, warseer is a fun diversion in and of itself.

31-01-2009, 03:37
I have to admit that, after many years of 40k, I swore that I'd never play fantasy because it looked to boring. I reckon that Fantasy is a lot better than 40k, with the only exeption is that it doesn't get to use things that have a really big boom.

I think that Warseer still has a guide to the races of fantasty up, although a lot of them are out dated. Even so, it is useful for people who dont know what armies they might like.

VC are a great army (I play Skaven, but have been tempted to get a VC army. It will never happen, but I can dream, cant I?) and you should have great fun with them. I've seen the new Lizard book, and your friend should be happy with it. It's made them a better army overall, I think, yet some of the good things they had they lost.

But anyway, welcome to WHBF.

31-01-2009, 04:02
I was always put off from fantasy for years because of the amount of models that were needed. I also had trouble finding anyone who played fantasy, 40k easy, necromunda easy.

but then around 2002/2003 I met an old mate who had just bought some high elves and I had some money to burn so I bought an EMPIRE ARMY. Loads and loads of stuff.

An army that was never finished and sold, same as my old dark elf army and my old Hordes of chaos army.

I have since decided to build a new dark elf army, khainite themed that I am building slowly and painting so that I will actually have a fullt painted army for once.

31-01-2009, 09:41
The financial aspect and the number of models seemed to be off-putting.

I've got a small collection of 40K models from when I started out, unfortunately, most of them are cheap-ass Orks and Goblins. Also skirmish tactics are more viable with the smaller number of loosely organized miniatures.

Well, we all have to grow up some time.

31-01-2009, 18:42
I too am a mordheim convert. I share your soft spot for the game. It had a real following back at my old store in pittsburgh, and watching my skaven grow from mere rats into tail-wielding killers was tons of fun.
Graduating from that to playing a full army of Tomb Kings was a real challenge (I lost pretty much every game I played for the first year), but it is that challenge that will keep you playing.
Good luck with WFB and remember, you can always go back and break out the Modheim warbands. I just wish more people played mordheim where I am now.

01-02-2009, 08:02
I started painting around year 1989 ~ 1990 and always wanted to collect a decent army to play. But it never happened. One reason is that there was no one sharing the same hobby at that time. The other reason is that I wanted (and still want) to achieve similar painting standard as those shown in the WD and army books, so it really took me a lot of time even to paint each rank and file model, although the end result is so-so. So after many years till now I only have an Undead army of roughly 500pts without a General. Then it's family and work commitment. I wonder when I can get my VC army done...

01-02-2009, 08:09
I have a strict rule though and always have for all my games I play. I do not play until I paint. I never field unpainted units. If I did I would never paint I'm afraid.

I did the same thing up until one fateful game with my 40k models. Now I have multiple armies for both 40k and Fantasy and other miniature games and a soul crushing amount of painting to get done sometime before I die of old age =P.

01-02-2009, 09:03
Welcome aboard.

I love my Vampires and their cohorts of disinterred subjects. I happen to think that, as a range, the Vampire Counts are one of GW's finest. (Do you plan on making use of the fabulous Mordheim vamps? Marianna Chevaux and the von Carsteins thralls were simply spectacular.) Plus, there are few armies that have the conversion and customization potential that the undead possess.

That said, they are perhaps not ideal as a first army. They are rock hard (perhaps a bit too hard...), but they basically ignore anything psychology related. Playing with an army that fears nothing, scoffs at casualties and will never flee might leave you ill-equipped to deal with those issues when you choose a second army (and you will...).

Again, welcome aboard, and good luck.

01-02-2009, 15:00
Hey vamp - good luck with the project.

I am mainly a Mordheim player, but I have quite enjoyed playing WH when I have the chance.

I have pdfs of the "Warhammer Warbands" rules Braad mentions, if you are interested. The basic idea is you can start playing with a couple hundred points of troops, and build up your forces as you paint more models.

Dead Man Walking
02-02-2009, 03:26
I dont field them unless they are painted because I paint them in pieces and then assemble when completed, that way you can get into tight spaces cleaner and easier. I do however proxy until I know I am going to like using the unit.

02-02-2009, 03:57
Welcome aboard matey, and sooner or later you will be so hooked you will be getting more and more armies like me!!!

03-02-2009, 18:39
Ok it is tuesday and I have finished my 10 ghastly ghouls for my first undead unit. I didn't think I gave the impression I was a new painter did I? I have been painting for 20 years.

The problem Im having Is knowing when to say enough is enough. Because of playing skirmish games you have less models to field. Therefor I always painted each model even the most trivial to the warband in as high a standard I was able to. Learning when to stop painting is my new challenge. I will post the results of my ghouls here as soon as I can figure out how. Can you post pics in these forums? Under this thread?

Next I am finding that 2250 goes FAST. I really want to field Count Mannfred for the model alone ( i'm going to paint the dickens outa him). And all those spells and dice he grants.
I really desire to have him lead my army of varied soldiers. I want to field 2 corpse carts, Cairn Wraiths, Banshee, 40 ghouls, 30 grave guard, skeles galore,vampire bats lead by a flying vampire. I want to use all the undead have to offer.

Now I come back from la la land and realize that 2250 will never allow that to happen. You don't have the points for that. I think the funnest games will be in the upper points. When you have the points to have a very balanced and varied army composed of lots of core and different units. I wan't alot of core. But the army I came up with Count Manfred's unit alone was 903 points!!! Yikes.

I don't wanna be a death star gamer...A term I have picked up here. But I don't think competitively speaking fielding named Lords in 2250 armies is a sane tactic ( hoping i'm wrong).

Btw after reading the new White Dwarf those lizzies look tuff. My friend is picking them and my biggest advantage is practically ruined against them seemingly. 3 die for leadership test and ignoring the highest? Ouch what to do.

Now on to my first noob rule question. What happens when the Lizardmen unit is charged by a an undead unit with the screaming banner? 4 dice rolled and discard lowest?

03-02-2009, 22:35
I to have converted from 40K and swore id never ever play warhammer but here i am with the dark elf armybook(codex in 40K)
leafing through not knowing how this system works so off i go to games workshop to play a noobs course in warhammer!

04-02-2009, 10:07
Now on to my first noob rule question. What happens when the Lizardmen unit is charged by a an undead unit with the screaming banner? 4 dice rolled and discard lowest?

IIRC and I could very well be wrong, the screaming banner forces the charged unit to take it's fear test on 3d6, discarding the lowest result. Therefore, against lizardmen you'd force them to roll their Ld test on 4d6, discarding the lowest as per the banner, then the cold blooded rule would allow them to discard the highest die result as well. (Summary, roll 4d6, discard the highest & lowest results).

BTW, welcome to WFB. I think you'll find it a much entertaining and challenging game. If you want something to listen to while you paint up a storm with your VCs check out the Podhammer podcasts. I find that they're very entertaining to listen to when I'm painting those regiments.

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05-02-2009, 04:39
Tryin to find these podcasts u speak of. Looking i itunes pod casts under games and hobbies...Is it just called podhammer?

06-02-2009, 12:45
here you go, this should help out a lot


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