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31-01-2009, 14:27
Hello, all.
I have quite a few SM, mostly SW and preheresy Death Guard. I've been using C:SM and have been trying to field a somewhat fluffy force. At the same time I also have some other models that don't really fit in with Death Guard or Space Wolves that I'd like to use. These are almost all unpainted and I'm actually getting a little tired of painting the same colors.
Anyway I was reading C:SM and a few of the stories with Raven Guard work with White Scars and the story with UM 2nd Co. going to war and pulling in units from all sorts of chapters, terminators from Eagle Warriors, tacticals from Halo Dragons, and the like. I've read plenty more fluff where chapters come together in less than full force or even companies to unite under one banner.
Anyway the thing I was wondering was how would you all feel playing against another player with units from all over. I'm thinking the Raven Guard assault marines and Whites Scars bikes, and mayhaps Mentors Sternguard (as their fluff is generally that they loan out units). I thought it might be pretty cool to have all these different units and it could keep things interesting painting. Of course, tournaments people wouldn't much care for a force that is not unified in color, but I'm not a tourney type of fella.
Thanks for the opinions. Also could be a reason to use Captain Sicarius of the UM not uh...Captain...Phil...of the Astral Claws (but he counts as)!

A note, I don't plan on trying to mix my Wolves with the C:SM, unless I put a unit there and had it count as an assault squad in a rhino or something, I'm not doing this to cheat.

31-01-2009, 14:35
It does happen that a crusade army will consist of units from several chapters, or a major conflict like Armageddon will bring in numerous chapters.

Personally, I wouldn't do it myself, as the disparity of the painting doesn't appeal to me, but I would have no problems playing against it (indeed, I have a friend who has just started in 40k with Black Templars, and he has a single Ultramarine Missile Launcher in one squad).

31-01-2009, 14:36
i think for what your sugesting then apoc games would be perfect and you can with apoc as for smaller games thats down to you and your oppenent

31-01-2009, 14:38
I do understand that generally an army with that unified color scheme looks a lot better, thank you though. There wouldn't be singular space marines in different squads, each unit would be from the same chapter so it wouldn't look perhaps as motley. Thanks though.

31-01-2009, 14:40
Rules wise, as long as everything comes from the same codex, I can't imagine anyone having a complaint, although that's down to how relaxed or crazy your opponents are.

You could consider painting a crusade badge on every model to tie them together. Make up some big battle or crusade they've all gotten involved with, come up with a symbol for it, and paint it on every mini so that although they look like a mixed force, there's something that ties them all together as being on the same side.

31-01-2009, 14:41
it would be cool, though you could do a massive death watch army i suppose again down to what the other players would say but we all play the game for fun axcept some over serious people who live there lives by it

31-01-2009, 14:42
I wouldn't have a problem at all with it. It's not hard to imagine multiple chapters working together on a smaller scale as part of a larger conflict so you wouldn't necessarily need to be playing apocalypse (although it would be cool). I also think it would be interesting to see such a force kinda like how the old imperial guard armies used to be like.

I don't see why it wouldn't be ok to use in tournaments either. Though I haven't played in many myself, the few I have participated in never had anything against an army that didn't have a unified color scheme. So long as you keep it legal it should be fine.

31-01-2009, 15:08
Thanks for the idea of a crusade badge or something, I could paint of something simple and perhaps have those on the banners also.
The only thing I was thinking about with tournaments was that the ones I have been in also had spot for paint score and unity was part of that.
The opponents that might have a problem I doubt I will want to play against anyway...

Thanks all.

The Orange
31-01-2009, 15:36
I would be fine with it. Their is nothing in the rules saying how you have to paint your miniatures, they are your miniatures after all. Rules wise it has no effect on the game whatsoever and IMO a painted army is a painted army. Nothing against those with unpainted armies, but you can't knock someone for actually getting their army fully painted. It should be fine in a tournament too there's nothing really wrong with that fluff wise. Have you read the latests HH book? Ultras basically call on their brother chapters for support so the revolves around a rag tag group encompasing Ultras, World Eaters, Space Wolves, and one Thousand Sons (though he did have his own battle barge or whatever it was). Nope, you really should have to feel that you have to justify the color of your army.

31-01-2009, 15:46
The only rule for doing this would be that all the units have to be purchased and follow the rules from one codex. Your sample of Raven Guard assault marines and Whites Scars bikes, and Mentors Sternguard would be fine since they can all be bought using the SM codex.

If you wanted to take Belial and deathwing termies, your would have use the Dark Angels codex for the whole army. So you could not use anything that is in the SM codex but not in the DA codex.

31-01-2009, 15:56
They are your models, Paint them as you wish. Personally, I would not like the looks of it as it would look like you didnt have an army of your own and just borrowed units from buddies and slopped them together to make an army on the spot. The lack of visual cohesion would not appeal to me.
Wouldnt stop me from playing against you though.

31-01-2009, 16:01
I find it characterful. I've always imagines the little skirmishes played are just a section of a wider battle, makes me feel better about outflanking too. I'm currently making an 'Unforgiven coalition.' Back to the point, I'd be fine with it and actively like it.

Col. Dash
31-01-2009, 16:03
Yeah, there are many cases of squads from different chapters working together. I have never seen it pulled off visually on the tabletop though. The mixed armor generally looks crappy and newbish. But hey whatever works for you, I get tired of painting the same paint scheme too.

31-01-2009, 16:23
This is basically the concept behind my Deathwatch army: a battle force made up of whole units tithed from different chapters (Whitescar bike squadrons, --Fists and Ultramarines tactical squads, Iron Hands ven dread etc) The only difference would be that my army is painted in deathwatch colours with the chapter badges as small details, your army would have units in chapter colours with a crusade or campaign badge as the detail.

Obviously, you would need to steer clear of linking units that would not work together (either fluff wise or visually) but I see no reason why it can't work - I personally wouldn't do it, but that's because I'm not confident enough in my painting skills to pull it off. If you think you can make it work go for it - there's absolutely no reason fluff- or rules-wise not to.

31-01-2009, 16:32
It's called a "Crusade"... :)

I plan to do many different chapters also. My "bikers" are going to be White Scars, I already have a DIY company. My 1st company may be either all Ultramarines or it might be a combination of them all. My 10th company will be a mix of the various chapters. I also plan to do Imperial Fists at some point.

31-01-2009, 16:50
As has been said already, as long as the units are from the same codex then it should be 100% tournament legal, the mixure of miniatures might be a little visually distracting, but you could do the same thing i'm doing with my Crusade force, mixing in a squad (or combat squad as part of a mix 10 man tac/vet squad) or 2 for every Captain or Chapter Master you have a model to represent (in my case, half of my 10 man Sternguard Squad and a couple of Tac squads are being prepared as Crimson Fists to accompany Pedro Kantor, alongside my Ultramarines 2nd Company and characters)

31-01-2009, 16:56
Strongly themed bases would also help pull this sort of army together. Like a proper urban conflict theme with the models also carrying the same weathering/dirt patterns.

31-01-2009, 20:31
what about black templars-imperial fists-crimson fists? all from the black templars?

31-01-2009, 21:13
A note, I don't plan on trying to mix my Wolves with the C:SM, unless I put a unit there and had it count as an assault squad in a rhino or something, I'm not doing this to cheat.

It's not really cheating, just play multiple detachments (in friendly games, of course).

31-01-2009, 21:28
I think it's a great idea, come up with a nice campaign badge, and go for it!

01-02-2009, 01:53
It's called a "Crusade"... :)

I plan to do many different chapters also. My "bikers" are going to be White Scars, I already have a DIY company. My 1st company may be either all Ultramarines or it might be a combination of them all. My 10th company will be a mix of the various chapters. I also plan to do Imperial Fists at some point.

I am considering doing this so I can have a squad from each of the first founding chapters. I would second a squad from each of the first founding chapters I have entire armies of, of course. As long as you only use the rules from one book and that book is clearly stated to the opponent I don't see how anyone even has the right to complain.

It's not like you're trying to use, for example, the rules for Wolf Guard Terminators for one squad, and Death company for a second, and the force is lead by Belial so Deathwing Terminators are scoring Troops as well. One codex for all no matter what chapter they are from. ie Codex Space Marines for the force as a whole.

01-02-2009, 18:30
I don't have any problem with this concept, but I would be ticked off by the sheer variety...so yeah. Bring them together. A Deathwatch shoulderpad, or crusade, why not? a badge and similar base, only to make them somewhat unified and not only ''I emptied my fig box on the table!":eyebrows: