View Full Version : 2250 7th Edition Lizardmen List

01-02-2009, 04:49
G'day guys,

Without further ado, I present my list (which is for general non-tournament play, though still against rather competent players & some dirty lists).


Saurus Oldblood on Carnosaur w/ Blade of Realities, Talisman of Protection, Light Armour, Shield


Skink Priest on EoTG w/ Level 2, Diadem of Power, Dispel Scroll

Skink Priest w/ 2 x Dispel Scrolls

Shink Chief w/ Sword of Battle, The Maiming Shield, Light Armour, Terradon


15 Saurus Warriors w/ Spears, Full Command

15 Saurus Warriors w/ Spears, Full Command

12 Skinks w/ 1 Kroxigor, Musician

12 Skinks w/ 1 Kroxigor, Musician

15 Skirmishing Skinks


10 Chameleon Skinks

3 Terradon Riders


3 Salamanders w/ 2 extra Skinks

TOTAL: 2250pts

The general idea is to march the Carnosaur, Saurus', Ancient, & Skinks/Krox up the centre to hit his block units (utilising the 5+ ward against shooting) while the skinks redirect for the other units to have a go at. Krox allows a rally check of 8, which is all in all quite a good redirecting unit!
Terradons are primarily there to harass war machines while chameleon skinks to make a nuisance & grab table quarters late in the game. Skink Chief is obviously for mage/warmachine hunting with/without the other terradons, though their unit strength of 8 allows me to negate ranks later in the game if I want. Plus he has 5 S4 attacks every turn, so he can go mage hunting too (except for vempire & daemon mages, of course).
Non-mounted priest can either hide the whole game or join one of the skink blocks depending on what spell he gets.
Salamanders are for flank guarding against knights/fast cav & with their -3AS and auto panic check should prove to be a suitable deterrent for any foolish cav trying to flank me. Not sure if I should go with Salamanders or Razordons here, some advice would be appreciated.
Carnosaur (which I assume will be the most scrutinised) is meant to be anti-general with the blade of realities, with the backup of still causing a large amount of wounds if they pass all their LD tests thanks to the Carnosaur & his own sweetness.

So yeah, comment & criticise as you see fit, I'm looking forward to reading your replies!