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02-12-2005, 21:22
Hello all.

My next plan for an army is the force that defended Ultramar from the Tyuranid invasion. For those who are unclear with the background the battle took place on the polar ice caps and the defending force consisted of the Ultramarines first company and the Ultramar PDF. Basicaly the army will involve Terminators, Veteran marine squads and Imperial Guard squads but I am not sure how to go about constructing the army.
Basicaly I want a strong defencive infantry formation that is backed up by elite troops. The PDF need to show the fact that they are well disciplined and benefit from the large amounts of training that is required by Ultramar. Any sugestions would help a lot.



02-12-2005, 21:28
Id do a space marine force with the trust your battle brothers and take the fight to them doctrines to show the veteran marines and take inquisitorial stormtroopers as the pdf. Just a thought

02-12-2005, 22:25
Do two seperate armies and run them together in seperate FOC's (one or the other OR in a very big battle, both)

Strongly defencive IG:
Carapace Armour OR Camelioline (improved armour or cover save)
Heavy Weapon platoons, tanks are wasted if you are using an army that doesn't move, the heavy weapons squads are far more cost effective.
Sharp shooters. I know it's practically de rigeur, but anything that drops a few more baddies before they hit the trenches is a good thing.
Close order drill When they DO hit the trenches make them pay for it as much as you can.
Iron Dicipline There is nowhere to retreat to, HOLD THE LINE!!!!!

You get the idea.

Don't include the Tyranid veterans ;) but keep the Marine squads as Veteran as possible, two Commanders (Chaplain and Commander would be my personal choice) give each a command squad (personally leading a Veteran/terminator squad into battle) and take the full complement of veteran/terminator squads allowed. Two normal tacical squads will have to "act up" as veterans and fill out the heavy support section with whatever you fancy as any tank could be assigned to the first.

02-12-2005, 23:24
That was the way I was thinking of doing it. My Ultramarine elites will probably be taken up with Terminators so I will probably use normal marines to represent the Power armoured members of the first company. Not sure yet about tanks and suchlike. They will probably be marine over guard though.


03-12-2005, 02:39
How large a force are you building? Also there was Titans of the Legio Preator there as well, and lance stikes would be fluffy to include.

03-12-2005, 08:45
Why not just use the Lost and the Damned list??

Khaine's Messenger
03-12-2005, 08:50
If you can still use the "Allies" rules from the Cursed Founding list, you can go barking up that tree if you like. If you can find them. The UK site has all the flavor text but none of the rules in their Cursed Founding article. Of course, they lost ATSKNF and such for some pretty bizarre alternate rules, so I dunno how helpful that would be.

Really, LatD might be okay, although with its disadvantages (lack of Guard formations, no ATSKNF, etc.).