View Full Version : Our ranks swell, our Will hardens

Dooks Dizzo
01-02-2009, 19:06
Just goofing around a bit with a Vampires army idea. The army is centered on 'soldier' units as opposed to 'monster' units. I'll use a unit of Dire Wolves to represent the Lords personal hunting hounds.

I like the idea of slaughtered enemy soldiers being raised and added to the ranks of the army. I will probably keep something like 20 zombie models on hand to be raised during the game, but they won't stay on the table.

Vampire Lord (425)
Sword of Might (+1S)
Flayed Hauberk (2+ Armor save)
Black Periphat (Save a Magic Dice)
Wristbands of Black Gold (3+ ward vs. shooting)
Talisman of Lychi (Mv 9)
Infinite Hatred (Hates everyone, every round)
Red Fury (Extra attack for each unsaved wound))

Lord of the Barrows (140)
Wight King
Sword of Kings (Killing Blow on 5+)
Gem of Blood (5 in 6 chance of refecting a wound)
Skeletal Steed

Vampire (215)
Dispel Scroll x 2
Dark Acolyte (level 2 wizard)
Lord of the Dead (+1 Neheks on Skeletons, can raise beyond starting)

Skeletons x 40 (365)
Hand Weapon / Shield
Banner of the Endless Nightmare (rank bonus up to 4)

Skeletons x 10 (90)
Shield / Spear

Skeletons x 10 (90)
Shield / Spear

Dire Wolves x 5
Doom Hound

Black Knights x 5 (217)
Banner of the Barrows (+1 to hit for Wights)

Black Knights x 5
Standard of Hellish Vigor (unit may march)

Grave Guard x 16 (251)
Royal Standard of Styrgios (Hate all enemies)

Cairn Wriaths x 4 (225)

Power Dice: 7
Dispel Dice: 5
Dispel Scrolls x 2

Starting Models: 99

The army is very 'middle of the road'. Not focuing hugely on combat or magic, but bringing something of a balanced approach.

The Wight King is my Lords lieutenant, representing his most trusted officer when they were alive.

The 'little' vampire is magical support. He will raise the small units of skeletons beyond their starting numbers as quickly as possible.

The heavy unit of black Knights will be joined by the Wight King and provide the heavy punch while the non barded unit will provide some speed and flanking attacks.

The Cairn Wraiths will be all female models and represent the Lords former wives and mistresses who displeased him.