View Full Version : 500pt Escalation League

01-02-2009, 22:03
Hi my Local game store is starting a escalation league starting at 500pts. Normal rules 2 core 1 hero Im running my BOC, here's what I'm planning on bringing.

-Great weapon
-Heavy Armour

Beast herd
-8 Gors
-Additional Hand Weapons
-7 Ungors
Wargor goes here

Beast Herd
-8 Gors
-Additional Hand Weapons
-7 Ungors
In Ambush

4 Minotaurs
-Great Weapons

10 warhounds
In Ambush

I know theres going to be quite a few daemon players playing. Im considering dropping the dogs and putting in a chariot. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

01-02-2009, 23:16
Honestly, I think this list is pretty good for 500 points. Keep it as is. The chariot probably won't be needed but if you want to, drop the warhounds and make the ambushing herd has 5 gors. Now you're at 499 points.