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Pitalla Crimson
02-02-2009, 01:22
Well I ve got a very solid Easterling Host and with war of the ring comming I was thinking on adding some Khandish Mercs to my force in order to add some muscle and variety to my army.

So far for khand I have:
12 Khand mercs with axes
6 Khand mercs with bows
2 cheiftains on foot that may end up counting as plain warriors with axes.
5 mounted mercs.

as for my easterling force well the models I ve got are:

Khamul on foot and mounted
Easterling captain
Easterling standard bearer
5 x kataphracts
8x easterlings with bows
8x easterlings with shields
8x easterlings with shields and spears

anyhow, could you give me some advice on how to use em or in wath to get or wath not to get etc..?

I play mainly vs gondor and with a little bit of rohan.

02-02-2009, 02:56
Thing with mercs is they have two-handed weapons, and since their entry doesn't specify they are otherwise unarmed, they can fight single or two-handed with their axes.

My suggestion, keep at least one mercenary chieftain, because that fight 5 is huge.

Overall tactics, keep the mercs on the flanks so they can get oppertunistic attacks at the edge of a battleline, and for hunting down bowmen, especially the horsemen. The two-handed axe, combined with two or even three attacks from an easterling phalanx is just ugly to watch.

you can also use the mercs to wrap around a battle line and add some badly needed and powerful attacks combined with fight 4 and to take away some spear attacks.

Or use them as skirmishers, keeping them in reserve behind you phalanx then parting to let them move and muscle in on fights.

Pitalla Crimson
02-02-2009, 16:24
hmmm Sounds interesting. Should I have the chieftain mounted or on foot to accompany the mercs on foot?
Also I am guessing that the khandish horsemen are going to be jucy targets for my foe, should I have a bunch roaming the battlefield? or preferably use the bunch on foot?

02-02-2009, 22:49
I personally think you should have one on foot and one mounted, because that will give you heroes both mounted and leading your infantry. The cavalry should be able to look after themselves, mostly by doing hit and run my diving into bow range, then darting out, or plowing up the rear of a formation or going after siege engines.

You can do either or on foot or mounted. I would say on foot if you wanted the extra wounds the two-handed axe will give you. But another thing is that the horsemen are only 2 pts more expensive. Also, less models on the mounted front will end up with less of your mercenaries abandoning you at an awkward moment.

03-02-2009, 13:07
I never leave without a foot AND a mounted cheiftan.
Problem with mercs is the roll before the game, you might not get your chief... but you might get 1 of 2.
Also unless you plan to bubble them in your easterlings captains' courage zone you might need the chief

Pitalla Crimson
03-02-2009, 15:50
yeah, thats a very good point. The courage thing.

My strategy will work as a big bloke of easterlings advancing on the middle while Ill use the mounted mercs to ravge the flanks.
The foot troops will be ralied by my easterling captain however having a merc cheif here with super F5 and high S carrying a 2 handed weapon would be awesome.

To be honest I dont think that a mounted merc chief will be capable of rallying alot my horsemen. Besides I wont fail he's D6 when it comes to throw it. I bet it has happened already somewhere and it must feel terrile :chrome:

Gotta work on the list to see with wath I can come up with.

03-02-2009, 16:32
The other way you can go is to pay a little bit more in points and make them regular khandish warriors and not mercs; that will eliminate alot of headaches like your chieftains not showing up.

Pitalla Crimson
09-02-2009, 06:23
hmmm, I think Ill stick with the normal Merc horde on foot at the moment.
Just as an experiment in order to see if it works, and I am very excited on doing so because all those HW are going to be very smashy against those warriors of gondor hehehe.

Right now I am trying to figure out a colour scheme for my warriors, I was thinking of Red crimson robe, black belt, gold armour and bleached inner robe.
Or black robe (drybrush with shadowgrey kind of colour) with red inner robe.

09-02-2009, 23:28
Played doubles today with my Khand normal viagra eaters with harad infantry,
King of the hill vs 2 old elf armies, one led by gil galahad, the other by some bloke in heavy armer glorfindel?
I field
1 king with chariot, 1 chariot
1 chief on horse
1 cheif on foot w/ bow
5 horsemen with cc
3 bowmen.

Now horses suck at king of the hill (drawn results meaning they get knocked off their horses) but harad are so cheap my ally just poured men onto the hill and i swiped round to smash the puny elven fools stopping more than half the force even getting on the hill, unfortunately, many draw results on priority(mainly when we had priority last aswell) meant we kept getting all our men knocked to the ground on the hill so many lives were lost in that way.
Minor victory but certainly a good tactic, can't be that often when you draw priority having had priority last turn.

My chariot king and mounted chief was a great combo, sent the chief vs the elven hero at first soaking up might pts, while killing normal elves with my king, then when the elf had no might i brought in the king and smashed his brain.

14-02-2009, 15:13
The two-handed axe, combined with two or even three attacks from an easterling phalanx is just ugly to watch.

But you can't use two-haned weapons/axe's if supported by pikes. They will be forced to use 1 heaned axe with support or 2 heanded without support

Pitalla Crimson
14-02-2009, 15:39
I think that wath he means is to have a varag charging an enemie model while having another model charging aswell but with spear or pike support.

toought that would be to concentrate too much attacks, when it comes to high defence armies like gondor, 2 handed weapons are your best friends.