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02-02-2009, 23:10
Is it just me, or are their Special Characters a bit bloated in the points department?

Aside from Oxytol, they're all 200+, with the winner being well over 300 points... for a HERO.

I think the new Lizardmen list is nice and it finally shifts them away from being a chaos army with scales, but I am disappointed with their outrageous special character characters cost.

02-02-2009, 23:29
Only way you'll find out if they're worth their points is to try them out, suitably supported, of course.

02-02-2009, 23:29
Overcompensation for the Daemon SCs. All of them were way underpriced.

02-02-2009, 23:48
I think it's far better to make special characters a bit overpriced. In that way players tend not to look how effective they are, but to see them as what they should be: Special
Using a special character should never be rule or skill motivated. An overpriced character "forces" the player to use them as part of a story.

03-02-2009, 00:03
Yeah, and most of the special characters (Oxyotl included) are probably overpriced for what they do.
I don't mind the fact that there are expensive hero's, but at least make them worth their points. TikTaq'To is one that stands out like a sore thumb, as I don't see any abilities (or combination there of) that make him worth his costed value.

03-02-2009, 04:03
IMHO, from using chakax, mazdamundi, and kroak in games...

The slann characters really deserve to be in the 700-800 pt range. They just don't feel as epic as other characters in the game that they should be moreso.

I find kroak is better..20 pts cheaper and his unique spell does a lot more than mazdamundi's nerfed ruination (only affects 1 unit now, and within only 18 inches). Yes, maz has a stegadon but the same thing that chaos players complained about with archaon, ohh people kill his horse, he gets stuck on foot..so they lowered archaon by 200 pts, made his horse unkillable (just a regular cavalry now)..and made archaon tougher..for less pts..mazdamundi should have been made closer to his 6E trial rules version from WD...combined profile (as he can control the stegadon even when it dies via the powers of his mind), and thus him and has steg have one stat line, the ward save is there for them both (since it's 1 profile), etc and he had all his geomancy spells instead of just 1 (why they got rid of 3 of them, seeing how they weren't game breaking but quite fluffy and fun to use is also an annoyance!!) ....

Considerng mazdamundi is supposed to be the best living slann..it's pretty sad. He has one of the worse disciplines (he should hve the free casting dice one and maybe MR 3)... He can get a lore of spells and ruination but withonly 6 dice max to work with he's a lackluster caster. Face it..it's true. He is survivable due tothe stegadon and cause terror but really... a regular slann upgraded to 600 pts with 4 disciplines is probably much better for overall game effect (since you could cast 4-6 spells/turn, which no other mages in the game can really do unless with kairos you take all the lowest magic missile spells---slann with +1 dice can cast a batch of weak and good spells and still get 4-6 confidently)...I've done fireball, that fire line spell, conflag and wall of fire all in a row confidently (1 dice, 1 dice, 2 dice, 2 dice before the free dice..so 2, 2, 3, 3, the equivalent of 10 PD for the one caster). Kroak isn't much better but his 3+ ward (tied with archaon, kairos (i think), and maque, for best warded characters in the game) and his VERY damaging spell make him better overall IMHO.

That said..in some challenges with a friend with various characters, i beat archaon with mazdamundi in cc, due to maz weapon allowing him to go first and on a hit (a 6 vs archaon), you can destroy the enemy weapon. Then archaon no longer ignores AS and with 5 attacks vs toughness 6 of the steg's 4+ AS or mazdamundi 4+ as and then 4+ ward..i actually beat him..hehe

I am working on my mazdamundi golden demon project and a unit of Eternal Guardians (special everliving temple guard that protect kroak) and lord kroak as 2nd GD project.

I will use kroak again, as being upset that the liz never got their own lores, atleast kroak's spell is unique and quite useful...so will just use him now and then, along with my regular slann and carnosaur lists.

I want to try tictakto, maybe this week.

Kroqgar doesn't seem too good but will have to try him..again, he got more expensive but got worse (IMHO..his ranged attack no longer ignores AS and now can be stopped), and only 1 unit of COR become core now... only used him couple times in 6E but results were less than spectacular...