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03-02-2009, 01:51
For those of you that have heard that he lizardmen are finally going to put everyon in their place what do you think is going to be the reaction of the other races/factions of warhammer?

03-02-2009, 01:56
Well personally looking at the new Lizardmen, what strikes my eyes is the Slan.
The other stuff sound pretty standard with the normal ups and downs.

An ethereal General with a 2+ ward save, discarding my 6's when casting magic and having several wounds...(likely with even more nasty stuff)

Now that could bring you a headache oh yeah Is the Slan T4,5 or 6 in this edition?

03-02-2009, 02:02
I belive it is 4 but im not sure.

03-02-2009, 02:25
I'm 1 and 1 against them, so I'm not really too worried.

03-02-2009, 02:43
Lizardmen...don't worry me *shrugs*. Not much does worry me, however.

03-02-2009, 07:49
If the LM were going to put everyone in their place, it would be the ideal opening move of a Summer Campaign.

03-02-2009, 09:29
Slann ethereal? That will cause me quite some headaches, with orcs having very little magical attacks.

03-02-2009, 09:51
Slann ethereal? That will cause me quite some headaches, with orcs having very little magical attacks. Da shamans IZ good and just think what a hand of gork does to a Slann, unfortunately they can have magic resistance as well.

Edit: Got the spell wrong didnīt I, that spell moves my unit, I meant the one that picks up a character and crushs it.

03-02-2009, 10:58
In theory Mork Wants Ya would be very effective against a Slann. Take an initiative test or die mr toad, don't matter i can't see you in that unit of stubborn, immune to psychology, LD8 rerollable, 2+ armour save, T4, S4, A2, WS4 monsters.

However, such a spell getting off would be akin to Pit of Shades. Awesome in principle, but no sane general would let it be cast, even if he had to lob all his dispel dice at it. And expect the wizard that tries that to get assassinated next turn :D

On the other hand, be happy. Whilst you can in theory have an Etheral, Magic Res 3, Terror causing toad of doom with a 2+ ward save, don't really worry about it. Most builds are going to go for the 'cheaper' option of +1 dice per cast, know all spells, Bounce miscast item (otherwise known as Cupped Hands) and BSB. Keeps him under 400 points and he's going to be as effective as he's ever gonna be. Maybe go for MR3 if you really want an anvil unit of unkillyness.

Chicago Slim
03-02-2009, 12:24
Meh-- Orcs get about as many magical attacks as many other armies (Beasts, High Elves, Empire, Dwarfs, Brettonians, off the top of my head). Many armies have magic attacks only from their characters. Why single out Orcs in this discussion?

Just think of it this way: it gives the High Elves a reason to take something other than great weapons on their characters...

03-02-2009, 12:47
To the OP:
Was this a rules/gameplay question or fluff question? Everyone seems to be answering it as if they are not worried to face them, but I felt your question in its wording meant what are the other races' reactions going to be to them going on the offensive.
Fluffwise it'll mean destroying and genocide, probably giving GW the option, to cut out whole armies (ala Chaos Dwarves) due to financial concerns (later Ogres!) and because "the fluff states Lizardmen hunted them to extinction". Oh, also it'll introduce a new army of hot half lizard half elf beings with the best magic powers in the game that ASF with their poisoned weapons.........mounted on stegadons.

03-02-2009, 13:15
In that case, I fear that Tilea is about to get an acute and severe case of the Venetian dilemma - you know, that sinking feeling.

The SkaerKrow
03-02-2009, 14:05
From a rules perspective, I'm not overly concerned. They haven't changed that much, and they've always been marginal performers in my gaming group.

In the lore, I don't think anyone is particularly concerned about it, because nobody cares about Lizardmen. They're in Lustria, and the things that matter in Warhammer take place either in the Old World or Ulthuan. So unless they really start playing up the fact that the Lizardmen have a presence in Albion and are therefore relevant (which would be great), they'll just get some bits of fiction that aren't supported by any other army book, and therefore don't matter (for an example of this, please see 80% of the lore in the Daemons of Chaos book).

03-02-2009, 14:08
It was a fluff question lol and in the new book it states they are going to commit genocide to all races not created by them and the old ones and that they are going to put the elves dwarves and men where they were meant to be even if it means fightin them.

The SkaerKrow
03-02-2009, 14:09
Ah, so what you're saying is that the Lizardmen are finally going to get grimndark, and do something? In that case, I say welcome to Warhammer.

03-02-2009, 14:13
Please notice that there is a separate section for background topics round here...

Captain Marius
03-02-2009, 14:18
The updated background basically puts them on an equal footing with most other races set c2520, generally able to battle any other race with a minimum of fuss about why such a battle would take place. As to whether the Lizardmen going on the offensive is anything to worry about, they're not really going to be any different to the threat of Daemons (ie, an alien force that appears, causes carnage and then naffs off to cause carnage elsewhere) and most races will be content to continue fighting their pet nemeses (Chaos Warriors/Empire, High Elves/Dark Elves etc). The best part of this development is that it is a good starting point for any Lizardmen player to launch their own campaign of genocide in the name of Lord Mazdamundi and the Old Ones! :D