View Full Version : Should the Monolith come with a flying stand?

de Selby
03-12-2005, 13:30
Simple question; should there be a stand in the Monolith box? I bought one half price and it came without. I'm not going to take it back, so if it should be on a stand then I'll make one.

The pics show a stand, but the online store doesn't list one. Am I missing a bit or not?

Thanks for any information you can provide leading to a resolution of this matter :D

03-12-2005, 13:35
Do you really want to balance a monolith on a weedy little stand and hope it doesn't break off? The floating effect is provided by the small thingamajigs that extend out of the bottom of the model, besides, its only supposed to float a foot off the ground anyhow. (Well, generally at least).

It doesn't come with a flying stand at full price anyhow, you don't need it, and I wouldn't trust one, or even 4 to balance the monolith out right without making it look ridiculous.

de Selby
03-12-2005, 13:40
If it doesn't come with a stand then it doesn't come with a stand. That's fine, although thinking about it now I am tempted to mount the thing on a CD base...

Anyway, so long as no-one is going to ask why my monolith is starting the game immobilised, I'll use it without.

03-12-2005, 15:24
Is there a hole in the bottom for a flying stand? Otherwise I'd say it comes without.

03-12-2005, 15:44
I know what you mean, btw. I always felt a little weird about putting a skimmer on the table that doesn't actually hover off the ground.

The Monolith doesn't come with a flying base, sir.

03-12-2005, 16:23
Filed under the "if I had more time category":

I'm planning on building a base for my monolith. The base will hold a blacklight which the 'lith will sit on.

I'll then drill holes in the gun tubes so the light will, hopefully, cause the glow rods to, well, glow. In a pinch I'll just get some fibre and run them to the tubes.

Once that's working nice I'll hook up a pot. and make the light pulse somehow.

As I said...it's filed under the "more time" category. Don't have much of that lately. :(

de Selby
03-12-2005, 16:44
That's a little more involved than I was thinking, but sounds cool. I'm thinking of basing all my necron models walking over a 'carpet' of human skeletons (i'll have to buy myself a skelly regiment box first) and a CD with some gothic ruins and human skeletons scattered over it might make a good basefor the monolith.

Yes, the monolith does come with a little socket on the base, into which I presume a large stand would fit. It would be rather unstable though. I can't check for sure becaus I don't own a suitable stand.

03-12-2005, 17:31
oooh, thats very Terminator isn't it, very cool idea though, don't forget to post some pics when you get them done

03-12-2005, 22:03
i have a monolith and it came with a flying base

04-12-2005, 00:16
Guys, remember the monolith is already floating, look at the bottom of the monolith, see those fins? Thats its clearance above the ground, if you look iun the art you can see its not there. Thats what supposed to give it the floating effect.

04-12-2005, 02:17
Ok, so when it's immobilized you're supposed to saw those fins off or something?

Ivan Stupidor
04-12-2005, 04:05
Ok, so when it's immobilized you're supposed to saw those fins off or something?

Yes. Games Workshop reccomends you purchase a new monolith every time yours is immobilized and you are forced to cut the fins off.

For WYSIWYG purposes, of course.

04-12-2005, 05:39
You'd need a four legged stand for a monolith.
GW was wise not to include a stand with the model.
If you want to take the risk of a knockdown, do it on your terms,don't ask GW to help you along the path of destruction.:D

de Selby
04-12-2005, 12:31
I think some people are mis-interpreting my intent (maybe I didn't title the thread very well, it should probably have been 'should A monolith come with a flying stand'.

These people, for example, have understood the question and given helpful answers;

The Monolith doesn't come with a flying base, sir.

i have a monolith and it came with a flying base

Other people have made helpful or interesting comments about Monolith bases in general. Thanks!

One thing I am NOT doing is asking GW for anything at all. I was merely trying to establish whether the product, as sold, usually contains a particular component or not, for information. On top of this I was musing on the possibility of making my own monolith base. I'm not trying to start a controversial campaign for the universal inclusion of bases in Monolith kits.