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04-02-2009, 04:19
so im thinking about making a 2250 pt dark elf list that focuses on anti magic rather than magic superiority. yest the lists i keep making just feel too small and almost too irrelevent. do any of you have any lists for recommendation?

05-02-2009, 00:57
The Dark Elf army has a multitude of magic defense options as well as many anti-magic/magic-hunting options.

As you said anti-magic I will assume you mean to being a bit of both anti-magic and magic-hunters.

Not knowing what kind of units you want to field I will instead list a plethera of different options you might want to include in your list.

Lets start out with some Hero Choices.

Mounted Lords-
Dreadlord- 281
Pegasus, D.Piercer/Crimson Death, Armour of Darkness, Ring of Hotek, 2xHandbow

This lord is good for mage hunting, as well as march blocking. I prefer the Death Piercer as I can use him to smash vampire lords and such. I also prefer a master verion, as I do not see the need for it being a dreadlord, but some people swear by it.

Dreadlord- 566
Black Dragon, Lifetaker, Armour of Darkness, 3xNull Talisman, Halberd

Hard as nails for all shooting and magic, as well as a massive beast in combat. Can snipe lone mages with lifetaker (I prefer this on a master but w/e). Just an amazing beast all around, though largely expensive. I also am not a fan of dragon lists.

Dreadlord- 254
Dark Steed, Lifetaker, 3xNull Talisman, Ha, Shield, SDC, Lance

-I would put this guy in a cavalry unit or in a precious unit you do not want to get magic'd up. Then charge him out at a mage or around a flank for some lifetaker work. I prefer to give this type of setup to a master, but as I said some people swear by the dreadlord.

Master- 346
Manticore, D.Piercer, HA, SDC, Shield, Null Talisman/Ring of Hotek, 2xHandbow

This guy pumps out 7 Killing blow attacks, a 2+ save, has handbows which will pretty much always hit on 2+ or 3+ on a lone character. This is one of my all time favorite monstrous mount to give to my master, He isn't overly expensive, but still flys and causes terror. Only downside is he can go crazy and charge when you don't want him to, but if your lucky he can go frenzy on the turn you want to charge too. :D

Master 206
Dark Pegasus, D.Piercer, 2xHandbow, Ring of Hotek, Ha, SDC, Shield

-Decent hunter, and magic distribution
-Can also take out flankers, or warmachines easily. Sometimes I just give him a lance to save some points, but the killing blow can be essential versus some armies.

Master 136
Dark Steed, Lifetaker, Lance, Ha, Shield, SDC

-Dirt Cheap, snipes lone mages, match blocking, warmachine hunter.

lvl 1 Sorc 150
Dispell Scroll, RoH

-This is an odd one for some people, but it is quite good for its points id say.
-1 DD, 1 Scroll, and a ring holder to boot, and if you are feeling lucky you can take your chances with an odd chillwind or something.


Harpies and dark riders are your main mage hunters here, can usually take out a mage if you can allocate 2-3 models of attacks on them.

Other than adding a null talisman or ring of hotek to a Black guard, or Cold one knight champ I cannot think of anything yo could use against magic here.

Bolt Throwers-

-These guys can take out a mage pretty effectively if you can actually hit one. Usually hitting on 5+.

That about does it for anti-magic and mage hunters. I hope some of these setups have helped you decide on what you will form your list around.

05-02-2009, 06:53
take Crone she is very anti magic ring of hotek is your best friend. Nulltalismens on all champs that can and even one per hero mabey. For anti magic also having frenzy is nice if they do hurt you theres no panic. harpies will be good to you to and huddle the inf by the ring.