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04-02-2009, 11:37
I got to thinking about Slayers whilst I was finalising my Dwarf list and wondered how to make a Slayer heavy army work, obvioulsy nothing we can do would make it super competative but can we make it viable?

I was thinking something along the lines of;

BSB; Strollaz, 5+ Ward, Standard of 5+ Ward from shooting for all nearby units.
Runesmith; Rune of Balance, Shield.

10 Warriors; Shields. BSB bunker.
10 Crossbows;
10 Crossbows;

Bolt Thrower; Engineer
Bolt Thrower; Engineer

Ok, that is the none slayer bit, I feel that the shooting is necessary in order to try to make the enemy advance on you to somewhat mitigate our poor M6. 2 Bolt Throwers at BS4 and 20 Crossbows should still cause a fair bit of damage, plus the Crossbows should help deal with any pesky flankers. All units are still Dwarfs so can still provide handy flankers of our own to support our Unbreakable Slayers. If we are forced to advance, the Warriors will advance behind the Slayer wall providing a 5+ Ward to the Slayers, the Strollaz rune gives us an extra 6'' of movment, which means we cover the usual 24'' no mans land as quick as M4 Infantry does, without having to worry about March Blocking.

I have avoided Blackpowder as I dont think it really suits the Slayer theme. Plus Crossbows are cheaper and so allow for more Slayers.

Slayer; Swiftness, Fury, Might.

17 Slayers; 2 Giant Slayers, Standard, Musician.
18 Slayers; 2 Ginat Slayers, Standard, Musician.
18 Slayers; 2 Giant Slayers, Standard Musician.

10 Slayer Pirates;
Goblin Hewer;

The Hero is a character killer, quite vulnerable so he has ASF, with 4 S8 against T5 or better.
3 units of Slayers 3x6 all with a 5+ Ward vs shooting [usually] makes the core of our army, all are decent fighters and of course, Unbreakable.

The Goblin Hewer is a Slayer Warmachine, it adds to our firepower so gives us a better shot at making the enemy come to us. The Pirates are a fun choice and usually more effective than regular Slayers, they should be nice on a flank to turn and blast any fast cav sneaking past our lines, they will also get a turn and a stand a shoot to fire with their pistols most of the time.

So about 100 Dwarfs, 65 of which are Slayers!, 4 Different Slayer unit choices and some decent shooting to back them up.

What do you think? Does it stand any chance of working or are Slayers just to flawed to ever work as the basis of an army? after all, they dont actually perform that well in combat.

The Red Scourge
04-02-2009, 12:34
How about using the real slayer army list?

04-02-2009, 12:46
The problem with that is the Storm of Chaos lists are not considered legal in tournaments.

04-02-2009, 13:09
Exactly, if my goal is to make a viable Slayer army, using an illegal list kind of defies the point doesn't it. Thats as unviable as you can get.

04-02-2009, 13:51
I have had several years playing a slayer army. That said, I have to tell you that this is NOT an army you want to run outside of the actual army list for Karak Kadrin. The handicap of not taking slayer skills (which are awesome) or doomseekers (which are epic on a stick) really hurts you. Keep in mind that when an enemy charges you (which they will), especially demons, WoC or Dark Elves, You WILL lose your front rank and not be able to attack back. You have zero armor and your toughness isn't high enough to prevent the wounds. Thats why they made doomseekers, which you can only take in the actual slayer army (unless there is an FAQ I'm unaware of). Doomseekers go ahead of your big infantry blocks and draw the charges, then promptly strike first (no matter what) and everyone is at a -1 to hit a doomseeker.
My advice: Running a slayer army outside of the current slayer army list shouldn't be done. I don't think you'd have fun with it. Run the Karak Kadrin list, don't worry about tournaments, and just worry about having fun with it.