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04-02-2009, 13:32
Vampire:- lvl2, raise skellies, Helm of Command - 175 pts

2 x 5 dogs - 80
20 Grave Guard - Full Command, Warbanner - 295
10 Skellies - Full Command - 100
Corpse Cart - Balefire - 100
Total - 750

Liche Priest - Cakset, Dispell Scroll, Collar of Shapesh - 330
Prince - Armour of the Ages, Vambraces Of The Sun, Flail, shield - 154

2 Skarab Swarms - 90

Scorpion - 85
Scorpion - 85

Total - 744

So, doubles then. The lists must be 750 points each, each must have a character capable of being the general, each must have at least 1 core, you can have 3 special between the two armies and 1 rare. As were taking TK and VC it means we have to have a vamp, Tomb Prince and Liche Priest. So character wise were kinda fixed, although the equipment they have is wide open.

The idea of the list is that the casket will try to weaken as much of the enemies force as possible on the way in with the scorpions burrowing up into his lines to slow him down and take out enemy wizards. The graveguard act as a big road block with the tomb prince standing in them and the vampire in the skellies behind them casting invocation on them for all he is worth.

Wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to improve it or if they think another list would work better?

Dragon Prince of Caledor
04-02-2009, 19:54
I think the idea of allied undead is awesome. You should try to have two liche priests and a vampire for optimum and if you dont mind me saying so complete abuse of the tomb kings bound spells ;) In contrast, could you not think of something cooler for the tomb kings army....?

19-02-2009, 00:50
Wouldn't you not be able to include the swarms since they don't count towards your minimum core allowance? Or, have they been specifically allowed?

19-02-2009, 01:05
In such small points i would lose the corpse cart, i just think that for what it does it wont be worth it in such a small game.

Put your vampire on a winged nightmare to maximise the helms use. But then again if your likely to fight terradons this could be a mistake. Otherwise drop the helm alltogether and give your vamp a 2+ save with a biting blade, so your units have some punch but still retain your magical ability.

Try to get a warbanner in the skellies, this way they wont lose combats quite as fast.

Put the banner of the dead legion in the wight unit, same points, makes them US 40 with 3+ save in combat and WS6, nasty nasty unit to kill. Much harder than with a warbanner.

D.E.E. Tom
19-02-2009, 11:27
I thought that the Tomb Kings despised the vampire counts. But your build seems fun enough to play. I just don't like the 10 skellie unit with full command even though you can raise it to bigger size.

20-02-2009, 00:31
I dont know why they can ally, doesnt make sense to me either but...yeah. Unfortunately i have to take all the base characters as they are becuase each army must have a character capable of being the general, so vampire and tomb prince, and TK have to have a liche priest....

The corpse cart means an extra bound spell every turn for ASF and it also means that with the casket aswell, enemies are at -2 to cast.

Swarms do count for core....no idea why though