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04-02-2009, 14:44
Hi there. Just building a Dark Elf army, as you may have guessed, and want something themed (extremely fast attack raiding party) and competitive. Alot of the list revolves around what I have/can easily convert, so there might be a couple of oddities in there (the Bolt thrower would be strapped to the Hydra's back, pre-battle, I guess ;)). Comments would be greatly appreciated :)

Lady Vengeance - "Death-strike", "The Black Lady", "Iron-heart".
Dreadlady on Black Dragon with Shield, heavy armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Pendant of Khaleth, Ring of Hotek, Death-Piercer, Repeater Crossbow - 582

Khaleb Deepscar - "The Eye of Vengeance", "Major-domo", "Old Hydra Breath"
Master on Cold one, with shield, sea dragon cloak, BSB - Hydra Banner- 210

The Pursuit of Vengeance
5 Dark Riders with Rep Crossbows - 110
5 Dark Riders with Rep Crossbows - 110
5 Dark Riders With Rep Crossbows - 110

The Beating Heart of Vengeance
5 Cold One Knights with Command - 175

Mordeth - "The Twisted Blade of Vengeance", "Silent-step", "Crouching Tiger"
Assassin with Ad. Hand wep, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Death - 149

The Claws of Vengeance
5 Harpies - 55
5 Harpies - 55

The Ears of Vengeance
5 Shades with Great Weapons - 90
5 Shades With Great Weapons - 90

Vengeance's Righteous Fury
War Hydra - 175

Vengeance's Wordless Whisper
Reaper Bolt Thrower - 100

Points 1999

05-02-2009, 18:17
very competetive indeed, but : the pendant + the ring don't fit, they're both talismans.
You can't have two. It might be smart to change the ring (or the pendant) for the Armour of Darkness.
A null talisman for your CoK's would be nice as well, as you don't have many dispel abilities.
Putting an assassin in a small unit of shades is risky... a 5 man unit panics pretty fast and is easely wiped out.

But I like your list, even though it's what people call "cheesy". Because your army has a story! And I just love armies with some of their "own" background.

05-02-2009, 18:48
It is a good list and even the Bolt Thrower is lucky as it is used by Corsair Raiders to clear ship decks.

As for the list its self you could improve it a little and make it legal. As mentioned you cant have the pendant and the ring.

Personally I would not take either the ring or the pendant. The ring is a great item but the lord is most likely gonna be away from the main force and would be better on the Cold One Knight Champion where it will cover more of your friendly units. The pendant is also great but the item that makes all shooting at -1 is better for your lord and his dragon. And you can always take the armour that gives you regeneration or the armour that gives you +1 armour save. Thus your lord and his mount are harder to kill, while you still bennift from the ring.

The only other problem with the list are the scouts. Once again as mentioned 5 scouts tend to panic rather easily and are easy to kill. Another problem is trying to scout 2 units. Unless you play with alot of terrain finding 2 nice spots out of line of site is gonnna be hard. Rather have 1 large unit of scouts roughly 7-9 big with the assassin.

Other than that its a great list and happy High Elf hunting.