View Full Version : Partners in Slaanesh, DOC and WOC team up for Tourney

04-02-2009, 15:10
OK, I haven't posted a list in a long time, so this is sort of retro for me. My son and I will be playing in a doubles tournament. He wants to use one of the "Good Armies" so I am letting him play my Warriors, and I will be playing my Daemons. See below for both lists. I want him to have at least a bit of Infantry, so he gets 20 Marauders. The dual force becomes extremely quick, and does have some hard hitting elements, as such I'll be coaching him a bit (well more than a bit) on how to use the force he will have.

DOC List:

Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 1, Siren Song

Herald of Slaanesh, Lvl 1, BSB, Steed of Slaanesh

11 Daemonettes, Aluress and Standard

12 Daemonettes, Aluress and Standard

5 Furies

5 Seekers, Banner, Siren Standard

2 Fiends

WOC List:

Exalted Hero, Barded Steed, Shield, Sword of Might, MoS

Sorceror, Lvl 2, Humonculous, MoS

20 Marauders, Full Command, Flails, MoS

5 Marauder Horse, Musician, Flails

5 Marauder Horse, Musician, Spears and shields

6 Hounds

5 Knights, Full Command, MoS

1 Spawn

OK, so there it is, two 1000 point pure Slaanesh lists. Let me say that the spear using horsewomen stay, because the models are too cool, so forget the flail comments, I haven't finished painting the third horsemen unit (they do have flails.) I think Chris should do well with the warriors as nothing in the list has any Psych worries, and some hard hitters. The Daemons list is a bit of a mixed thing. With all Slaanesh Daemons, I have the speed, but not the hitting power I am used to, so I will be doing the dancing while Chris does the hitting (I hope.)