View Full Version : Scylla Light Tank Conversion for the Imperial Guard

04-02-2009, 17:10
Im hoping that someone else has built one of these from the tutorial that was up on the US GW website and that they still have a link to it or know of somewhere else it was posted so I can build me some more of them.

oh and for those who are interested here are the rules I use for it when im NOT using it "counts as" a sentinell with armoured crew compartment.

Scylla Light Tank

11/10/10 BS3 Tank Fast 85p (plus weapon)

Heavy Flamer 5p

Multi-Laser 10p

Autocannon 15p

Lascannon 20p

If BOTH extra armour and track guards are taken the Scylla is no longer a fast vehicle.

May NOT take the Mine Sweeper, Pintle Storm Bolter, Pintle Heavy Stubber upgrades.

Squadron of 1-3 is a fast attack option for the Imperial Guard.

Lord Damocles
04-02-2009, 17:31
This might help. (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=179314&highlight=light+tank)